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Do you want to be notified about upcoming events, tour dates, CD releases, and other important news about Ian Hunter? If so, you should join our new announcement group hosted at Yahoo! groups. After joining the Ian Hunter Announcement Group, you will automatically begin receiving announcements by email from Click the link below to visit the Ian Hunter Announcement Group on Yahoo!. On this page, you can see all the past announcements, and you can use the link below to sign up and receive future annoucements by email. The Ian Hunter Announcements group is a one-way mailing list, which is used only by to send announcements to the group members. It not a discussion forum, so you do not have to worry about being flooded by emails from other group members.

The Horse’s Mouth

Ian Hunter writes a monthly column called the Horse’s Mouth, where he answers questions asked by fans. If you would like to hear it “straight from the Horse’s Mouth”, you can ask your question here.

PR/Press Inquiries and Promotion

Please direct PR/press inquiries for Ian Hunter to:
Fran DeFeo
Fran DeFeo PR
frandefeopr ‘@’ (917-767-5255)

Record Label

Ian’s latest album is ‘Fingers Crossed’, released in the USA by JJM Records and in the UK and Europe by Proper Records.

Press Material

Press Photo (1) (Credit: Ross Halfin)
Press Photo (2) (Credit: Ross Halfin)
Fingers Cross album cover
Fingers Crossed press release
Ian Hunter biography

Booking Agent

NOTE: This contact information is for serious booking enquiries only. This is not a wish list, so please do not send messages suggesting cities or venues for Ian Hunter to play. Messages to this address will not be read by Ian Hunter.

Ian Hunter’s booking agent in the USA is High Road Touring. Please direct inquiries to Frank Riley (info ‘@’

Ian Hunter’s booking agent for UK/Europe is Jerkin’ Crocus Promotions Ltd. Please direct inquiries to Mick Brown ( mick.jerkincrocus ‘@’

Any other inquiries about booking Ian Hunter for performances should be directed to booking ‘@’

Artist Management

Please limit management correspondence to PROFESSIONAL INQUIRIES only. Direct your inquiry to management ‘@’


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