All American Alien Boy


1976 Studio Album

Original Album Tracks: Letter to Britannia From the Union Jack (Hunter); All American Alien Boy (Hunter); Irene Wilde (Hunter); Restless Youth (Hunter); Rape (Hunter); You Nearly Did Me In (Hunter); Apathy 83 (Hunter); God (Take 1) (Hunter)

30th Anniversary Reissue Bonus Tracks: To Rule Brittania From Union Jack (Hunter) [outtake]; All American Alien Boy (Hunter) [single version]; Irene Wilde (Hunter) [outtake]; Weary Anger (Hunter) [outtake]; Apathy (Hunter) [outtake]; (God) Advice To A Friend (Hunter) [outtake]

'Rape' originally had a short intro from 'Singing In The Rain', a reference to Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. CBS withdrew the intro due to licensing concerns, but not before it slipped out on the initial pressings in Holland.