Missing In Action


2000 Live Album

Missing In Action tracks: Life After Death; Ships; Letter To Brittania From The Union Jack; We Gotta Get Out Of Here; While You Were Looking At Me; (I'm The) Teacher; American Music; Day Tripper; Tell It Like It Is; Pain; Women's Intuition; Wild East; Na Na Na.

Collateral Damage (limited bonus disc): FBI; Once Bitten Twice Shy; When The Daylight Comes; Laugh At Me; I Wish I Was Your Mother; Cleveland Rocks; Bastard; Standin' In My Light; Angeline; All The Way From Memphis; Walking With A Moutain/Rock 'n' Roll Queen; All The Young Dudes; Slaughter On 10th Avenue.

This album is a compilation of previously unreleased live material from various periods in Ian's solo career (Long Island NY 1979; Chicago IL 1979; Essen Germany 1980; San Jose CA 1989; Toronto Canada 1987/88). The bonus disc, Collateral Damage, contains more live material from those shows, and was included with the first 5000 copies.