Once Bitten Twice Shy


2000 Compilation Album

Rockers (disc one): Once Bitten Twice Shy; Who Do You Love; Coldwater High; One Fine Day; The Truth; the Whole Truth; Nuthin' But the Truth; All American Alien Boy; Common Disease; Justice Of The Peace; When The Daylight Comes; Cleveland Rocks; Bastard; Gun Control; Speechless; Traitor; (I'm The) Teacher; Great Expectations (You Never Know What to Expect); Good Man In A Bad Time; Women's Intuition; Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady; All The Young Dudes (live with Def Leppard)

Ballads (disc two): Shades Off (Poem); Boy; Letter To Britannia From The Union Jack; You Nearly Did Me In; (God) Advice To A Friend; Shallow Crystals; Ships; Standing In My Light; The Outsider; Junkman (with Genya Ravan); Old Records Never Die; All Of The Good Ones Are Taken; Seeing Double; Bluebirds; Sunshine Eyes; Ill Wind; All Is Forgiven; Michael Picasso (live)