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June 6, 2019

Thank You!

Ian Hunter

Well, that was a bit of a do, wasn’t it!!

Thank you all for the gifts you sent me – and there were a lot – and some got mixed up – so I’m not entirely sure who sent what – but thank you all from the bottom of this 80 year old heart!!

How great to have all my immediate family around me. We’re so spread out it doesn’t happen all that often.

And my other family – the great musicians who play and have played with me over the years. And all the unseen people who looked after us and probably made us sound and look better than we actually are!!

All these years with the web site and social media – Justin and Mark – all the work they put in and would never take a dime (we have tried). And you lot – Still turning up!!

And of course, Trudles – without whom I would not have been able to enjoy such a fabulous birthday – I’d have been long gone!!

And so on we go!!!

Ian Hunter
Connecticut, June 2019