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October 1, 2021

Darrell Bath

Ian Hunter

You had to love this guy – the humor between him and Paul Cuddeford (Cuddles) and Ian Gibbons (Gibbo) was fantastic.

I’ve always loved ‘characters’ in the bands I’ve been in. I never liked the ‘muso’ atmosphere – much preferred camaraderie. I think that’s what’s kept me touring for so long – and, of course, character-wise – Darrell was right up there!

If the Stones had ever lost Keef – Darrell would have fitted like a glove. Condolences to all involved.

– IH

From Paul Cudderford: “The morning after a gig in Plymouth, our hotel was at the top of a long hill. It was the Plymouth marathon that morning and every so often a wretched athlete in full running kit would stagger past our bus. Darrell, on some sort of mission for ignition – tumbles out of the bus and promptly addresses the nearest runner – “Ere mate, got a light?”

And from me: A German Bed ’n’ Sit Haus Frau running out screaming at us that towels were missing. After an uneasy silence of around ten minutes, Darrell fishes a couple of the lady’s towels out of his bag (they were surrounding his ‘used’ underwear) and says, “I wash my hands on the whole thing.”

Another one was when his landlord flattened him on the way to a rehearsal for not paying rent (persistently!) A bloodied Darrell was not impressed, “I mean – there was no call for that, was there.”

R.I.P. Artful Dodger.