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Horse’s Mouth

July 10, 2012

Horse's Mouth (Issue #134 – 9 July 2012)

Issue #134 – 9 July, 2012

We nipped into the UK for Hop Farm and assorted promo for ‘When I’m President; it was OK. Plenty of the usual monitor feedback; no idea what the guy was doing. Chaos reigned, but we survived. I did assorted interviews for the UK label – Proper Records including Classic Rock, the Scottish Daily Express, and the cultural section of the Sunday Times (who’d ‘v’ thought!). I was told they were saving it for the record release (September 4th). Other interviews included ‘Johnny Walker – an old mate of mine. All in all busy but fun. We saw Tracie and her chap,Andy most nights and had an evening out with Mick Ralphs and his lady, Lottie the last evening before getting back on a plane home. Enjoyed the cool, damp English weather – makes a change from the sweltering heat over here. They say it eases off next week. Jeffrey?

And on to business…..

Jan-Sverre: Yes, Oslo on the 8th of October. Check the tour link for details.

Kellianne: Album out the first week in September – NY gig at the Highline on September 14th.

Lots of Happy Birthdays – thank you much. By the way, I don’t get as far as Face Book, but thanks to all of you as well. Terry Greenhalf says it’s raining over there. I know – I was in it. Sooooo many BD greeting from all over the globe!!! Appreciated.

Guilherme Costa: The Mott album was released before CD’s so they are only on vinyl. There have been numerous re-releases. Your English is very good.

Brian McGuiness: Cleveland’s in – Beachland Ballroom on September 27th I believe.

Mark F: The Shadows were not an influence although Ronno was a big Hank Marvin fan as many English guitarists are. My influences were from the late 50’s – Little Richard, Jerry Lee, Chuck Berry etc.

Keith: Never listened to Steve. Had the same manager for a while so that put me off.

Phil: ‘Come to Germany!!’ I would if I could find the right promoter and the right venue. A jamming blues guy I ain’t!

Wayne Hall: ‘Nashville or Louisville?’ Don’t see it yet.

TS: My memory is not great. Some lyrics I don’t forget – others – if I haven’t looked at them in a while – I have to relearn. I’m known to cock up now and again on stage (but I don’t use a teleprompter) – and the front rows help out!!!

Dave H: There’s always a chance of a signing, but I can’t guarantee it.

Matt Parish says Ray Bradbury passed. Good author; very good.

Bart’s Dad passed. Sorry to hear that mate – condolences.

Stewart L: ‘How come you have to join the yahoo group to get email announcements from’ Beats me – Justin?

Justin says: We use Yahoo because it is free, reliable, and you as the subscriber control your registration. We also use it because the messages get through – most email systems limit the volume of mail that can be sent out at one time, and many also flag email as spam if they see a lot of duplicates coming from one location. All that being said, I can add you to the list manually if you’d rather not register with Yahoo.

Richie Cornacchio: ‘Read any books about The Knights of Templar and the Illuminati? Any thoughts on whether the Illuminati still exists and controls all of the governments and banking?’ Whoever is running whatever – needs a crash course vocation. Ever since the 80’s life’s been dodgy. Call them what you like – I call them corporations. Big ones.

Pat: ‘Any opinion on cell phones?’ Yes, use them when actually needed.

Hank Gilman: ‘Did Andy McKay ever play ‘Memphis’ live with you?’ I don’t think so.

Callmeafan3: ‘Ever thought of doing a theme music cruise?’ Nope.
‘Casinos?’ I’ve done a couple plus a few with Ringo. They treat you well; why not!

Seth Purvin: ‘Did you see Jagger on SNL?’ Yes. I really don’t think he’s had anything done, but he does look suspiciously great doesn’t he. You’ve got to keep fit. ‘Why not the House of Blues?’ Dunno. ‘Do I have to fly to London?’ You need a holiday.

Steve Baratta is going to both shows in Chicago. Do I know any good hotels? I don’t even know where I’m staying.

Jeffrey: Why would I hire you? You’re already doing it for nothing!

Chris Semal has a blog on ‘Becoming a Hoopleholic.’

Ian Mack: ‘What was the first song you ever wrote?’ ‘Lucinda Brown’ – messed with it for months; never recorded it. ‘The earliest song you still play live?’ Varies, ‘Saturday Gigs’ is usually there.

Keith Nickless: It’s been a bit of a roller coaster really. I can’t remember hearing ‘Dudes’ on the radio, but I remember Pete and me listening to Tony Blackburn the first time we heard ‘Memphis’. ‘What can I say,’ quoth the bard of stupidity, ‘if I had a party and I wanted to clear the room – I’d put this on.’ Waste of skin.

Sue Jay: I was nervous before Hop Farm. Festivals are always dodgy. We rehearsed once on the Tuesday and we hadn’t played since January. The monitors were bloody awful, but we made it through. And at least I never got kicked off!! So how are you, girl! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Bill Huseth: Haven’t even thought of the set list.

Rick Graves: ‘Did you ever think ‘Death ‘n’ Glory Boys’ would be so poignant 30 years later?’ It’ll be poignant until we’re extinct.

John Hess wants us to play Detroit. Same here.

Bryan: Big vote for ‘Rose’ on upcoming tour. We’ll see.

Bob Barnes: It was mentioned to me a while back, but I can’t remember who. I’m not adverse! Not heard Amy McDonald, but trust your judgement.

Bryan McGowan: Noted.

Lar: ‘Go to Austin’. I like Austin a lot. We’ll see.

GAZ T: No UK warm up show this time.

Gary Aston brings up an interesting point. How do I do the new record plus all the other older stuff? It’s always difficult.

Mark the Mott: Never done ‘When My Mind’s Gone’; never done, ‘I Can Feel’; MTH used to do ‘At the Crossroads’; and Phally does, ‘Second Love.’

Greg LeValley: Please come to Denver.

Jim Lutz says to do the Paramount on Long Island.

Phil Heidemann: Mini’s are great; tough little buggers and surprisingly big inside.

Robert Schipits: In the current scheme of things I wouldn’t hold up much hope for ‘Henry and the H Bomb’!

Pasquale Truglia is very happy about Italy!

Mark F: ‘I’m told they play ‘Cleveland Rocks’ after every Indian’s win – do you get royalties?’ No, and they’re not the only Cleveland team. ‘Did you know the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame identifies you as ‘the Patron Saint of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ No, I didn’t (bit over the top!).

John Dalton likes ‘God’. ‘Can you play it in NY?’ Probably not, as there are two or three new slow songs I’m hot on at the moment. I do like the song, but I only get so much time.

Michael wolf: ‘Looks like an ambitious tour schedule that’s loading up – do you exercise to get in shape prior to something as this?’ Well, I can’t go mad at my age, but I do get out and about – always did.

Joejo: ‘What are your favourites and your least favourites to perform live?’ It’s ever changing – a rough guide would be 1/3 new; 1/3 solo – and 1/3 MTH. That’s the nearest you can come to keeping everybody happy. It’s good to have a few spares – keeps me and the band from getting bored.

Liz on how she get to gigs and politics. Knows her stuff, but we have a democracy (I think). Feel like an alien.

Roberto: ‘Spain!’

Rev. Mark Williams: ‘Awaiting your next album.’ There’s no swearing on it.

Kevin: Ronno and I got together because we were mates – that’s it.

Peejay: ‘How come Bowie’s knackered, and you’re not?’ Dunno.

Mike Pecucci: (i) They’ll let you in – they’re letting me in! (ii) Forget it.

Richard Ward: I get a lot from Canada, but I don’t see any gigs as of yet. Welcome aboard!

Greg B: A lot of you guys going to the Chicago gigs. Looking forward to it. The Winery in New York is fun and both are owned by the same people. ‘Is it true that there will be a vinyl version of WIP?’ The last time I spoke to them it was on the cards.

Ian Mack: ‘When you look back on your career, what artistic achievement gives you the most satisfaction?’ Never thought I’d have my music set to strings and if anybody had told me when I was bumming around the streets of Northampton they’d be interviewing me for the cultural section of the London times I’d have fallen over. Just did it. It’s what’s ahead though, isn’t it. The past is the past. All that’s been discovered – tomorrow hasn’t.

Bertie McSpadden: ‘Any professional regrets?’ The only regrets I’ve had professionally were somebody else’s fault – not mine!!

Lynne: Bring ’em on. Nothing like a bit of fresh veg in NYC.

Sue Vaughn: We didn’t miss LA – we’re still working on it.

Dave Grant: ‘Which comes first, music or lyrics?’ Usually, for me, it’s the music. Ideally, they come together.

Owen Kelley: I’m not up on any pre-release sales as I only got back from the UK and the release date is not until September. These people seem pretty together and fired up, so I’m sure they won’t miss any possible opportunity. Having said that – this isn’t my department. As far as signing stuff goes – if you see me – grab me!

James Cunningham: San Francisco (along with LA) is being worked on.

Mark R: The U.S. label is ‘Slimstyle’ – part of Comedy Central – so I’ll fit right in!!! Jack Vaughn and company are extremely keen and they’ve brought in marketing. In the UK we’ve signed with Proper Records who have won awards for their distribution. Alan Price and Drew Hill are the fab team over there. In Scandinavia, the record is on Universal with the man responsible for the ‘Strings Attached’ DVD – Petter Singsaas. Other labels were interested, but we went with what we thought suited us best.

Tony Day: Never did ‘Moonage Daydream’.

Greg Walsh: ‘Came upon Tracie’s version of ‘3,000 miles from Here’ on U-Tube. She does a really nice job. Must be a great feeling to see her sing one of yours.’ She’s also done a great version of ‘Junkman’ with Joe Elliott. She’s great but it’s all so difficult these days.

Sheryl Molnar: ‘Buffalo, NY?’ Not so far.

Lee Martin: ‘Milwaukee?’ Not so far.

Ian Mack: ‘Best lyric you’ve ever written?’ Dunno. ‘Best lyric anybody’s written?’ I’d say it would have to be Bob – he’s the yardstick.

McClenaghan: ‘Although your music will live on – when you eventually turn your toes up – what one thing do you want people to have taken from your musical career?’ I’d like to think people felt good about my stuff – not bad.

Jim S: Glad you enjoy.

Geoff Bryant: Forget about it. I wanted the same night as Dylan, but that’s not what I was offered.

John Caswell: ‘Do you sling songs that are not recorded?’ By and large, yes. There’s a reason why you didn’t record them! There are, however, a couple of exceptions, one of which is ‘Salvation’. I’m saving that for the very last CD.

Jeffrey Zozbar: I’m fine with Milwaukee – don’t know what’s happening there. I don’t book ’em – I just play.

Walt: ‘American Music’s been in the set for a while. Don’t know if it will still be in it in D.C..

Bertie McSpadden: ‘What’s your earliest musical memory?’ 1947. The police force in Market Drayton (in Shropshire) had a Christmas get together and a guy played piano accordion all evening. I sat at his feet totally enraptured; it looked and sounded – very cool. ”What’s the most important lesson life has taught you?’ Stay away from institutions.

Rick Graves: ‘Do you have a particular moment in your career that you are especially proud of?’ I get a buzz from something now and again, but it passes!

Pasquale Truglia says he can’t wait for September 7th!! He says to tell the Rant Band to pay attention to their hats. ‘You’re coming to the Italian windy city!’

Tom Flynn: ‘Pleasantly surprised to hear ‘Memphis’ as one of the tunes on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ (July 2nd).

Larry Sass: ‘Only one date in New York. You must be kidding – I need more.’ That’s the first one – but not the last.

Tony: ‘There’s a chance of ‘Alice’.

Dirk: Welcome back.

Oooer Wullie says Hop Farm ‘was magnificent.’ People surrounding him asking him questions about October, because he had the t-shirt on. Willie says they seemed genuinely converted and that’s nice to know because that’s one of the main reasons we did it. Nice one, Willie!

Russell Bush: ‘Who’s ‘Silver Needles’ about?’ I think it was Sid of the Pistols.

Larry Woodside: ‘I’ll never retire – wouldn’t know what to do with myself.’ Here – here!

Chris Steele: ‘Been listening to ‘The Artful Dodge’ and ‘Dirty Laundry’ recently – both great albums and in my opinion much overlooked. Would love to hear ‘Resurrection Mary’ or ‘My revolution’ on the next tour. ‘Revolution’ sounds like it could have been a MTH song (kudos to Casino Steele) – almost a sequel to ‘Saturday Gigs’ – was it written at that time?’ Those two records were both important to me. Even though they were on European labels (I think the Laundry label went bust). I’d met Bjorn Nessjo and was finding my legitimate feet again after a few years of indifference. Played with some great people and had some good times. Like I said before, My Revolution was Casino Steele’s idea and Casino was a Mott fan. People say he’s still doing well – good on him!

That’s it for now, folks. Apologies to the missed and sorry if we were a bit late this month. I’ve been busy.


The Horse’s Mouth

P.S. People who are hearing ‘President’ are liking it big time. I’m a bit itchy waiting to find out what you lot think. Patience is annoying.

P.P.S. If all the world were like Andy Murray – we’d be alright.

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