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Horse’s Mouth

August 12, 2012

Horse's Mouth (Issue #135 – 5 Aug 2012)

Issue #135 – 5 Aug, 2012

First off it’s my sad duty to inform you that Pat Caamano (known to some as Pat Jones) passed away last week. Pat was an original ‘Hot Mott’ and will be sorely missed. Condolences to her nearest and dearest and her beloved dogs.

We’d like to thank, Mark Hughes, for helping us out by giving us the Ian Hunter Facebook page. This is now the ‘official’ Facebook page.

Harry Gregory: ‘Could you send me the chords to ‘Man Overboard’? No – detune your guitar a semitone and play in G along with the CD. You’ll get it.

Mike: ‘Lines in songs about hotel rooms.’ Probably – nothing comes to mind.

Matt Giarrizzo: See you in Portland.

Phil Grant: After great shows in Atlanta you rarely returned. Any chance of a Saturday Gig?’ Up to Atlanta promoters.

Francesco Pincione wants me in the Songwriters Hall of Fame. I don’t think I know the right people.

Jalopy: ‘Any more NY shows besides the ‘Highline’? Being worked on – nothing confirmed as yet.

Oor Wullie has sent me a list of songs I may not do in the fall on purpose!!

Nathan: ‘How did Hop Farm go? Did you leave fired up?’ The monitors were bad, but I think we did OK.

Patty Waltz: Thanks and say hello to Chip.

Barry: A lot of promoters aren’t familiar with what’s been happening over the last ten years – so I guess they think we’re beer bellied, hairless glitter has -beens maybe that’s why they get in so much trouble.

Oor Wulle (2) moaning about unlicensed stuff on e-Bay. These people must sleep well knowing their net contribution to this world is minus nothing.

Jim Zemba: ‘I’ll be the old fat man right in front of your mike stand in Cleveland.’ Spurring me on to greater heights?

Buck Stanley: California!? We’re trying to lock in the West Coast dates early next year on the way to Japan. Still being worked on.

Irina: Sorry, I don’t.

Paul Hudak: It’s not easy giving away guitars. You’d think it would be, but it’s not.

Birney K Brown says ‘Philadelphia Enquirer’ sportswriter, Les Bowen, is a Mott fan. Thanks for your offer, but we are doing World Café the same day and time is an issue.

Ed Martin: As far as I can remember, Chrysalis came up with it.

Rich Michi: 1) Remember, I have a new record coming out 2) AAAB was only a problem business wise and that is what I man by career ending. I was very happy with it personally – and still am.

Steve O: Thanks, try to get them to me at the Highline ask for James or Trudi.

Bucks Burnett: ‘Just heard ‘President’. Best new song by anybody in years.’

John Huffman: ‘South Cal?’ Can promoters be that brain dead?’

Jeffrey: ‘President – kickin’!’

Francis L: Probably AAAB.

Liz: Short ‘n’ sweet.

Richie Cornacchio: ‘The biggest difference and the biggest similarities between the US and UK culture?’ Well, the English are quintessentially eccentric by and large. The US more on the money (especially the right!). Points for and against both places. Too much to get into – I would need a daily column! A lot of differences – kinda small in most cases, but hey – we all speak the mother tongue. Maybe mail ’em c/o Jesse John Music, P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752. OR get hold of James (or Trudi) at a gig.

Matt Parish: ‘Patience is annoying.’ Title of the next release.

Lou Patterson: ‘Prez is kicking – look forward to Chicago.’

Keith Johnson: ‘Looking at Bumbershoot line up – saw your picture – ordered my ticket.’ See you there.

David Rowe was also at ‘Hop Farm’ and said he was approached by people during Suede’s set as he was wearing an IH T-shirt. All good.

Dee Byrne: ‘Still alive and kicking – close call but I’m as strong as an ox. Just wanted to say ‘President’ a great song – lovely melody – amazing lyrics. Looking forward to September. Still in hospital most of the time.’ Encouraging though Kick ass!!

John Dalton: ‘Did you ever consider acting?’ I use to think it would be cool, but I’m too normal for that stuff.

Walt B sys Mick DID perform ‘Moonage Daydream’ at Syria Mosque in Pittsburgh on 5/14/75. He sang it – perhaps you left the stage.’ Too far back.

Graham Stark: You did perform ‘I Can Feel’. It was at the Roundhouse in ’69 (before it was recorded). News to me!

Mike Ward: ‘Hi Ian, I’m 8 years old and my favourite song is ‘One Bitten Twice Shy.’ Nice one.

Peter Jordan wants to know if the new one ends on an up or a down song? It ends on a good note. One of the best songs on the record is, ‘Life’. Will my voice hold up until Harrogate? Who knows. I won’t do more than three in a row, because of it, but sometimes you do run out. I was pretty shot by Bristol last time out. I look after it as best I can, but you can only do so much. Here’s hoping.

Kevin Quinn notes the resemblance between ‘Standin’ in My Light’ and ‘Purple Rain’. The chord sequences are similar, as is the vocal line, but I think it’s purely coincidental.

Dave picked up ‘Diary’ after 35 years. ‘Still a great read and still finding bits I missed.’

Iain Hunter: ‘Disappointed you are not coming north of Glasgow.’ Any plans in the future depend on promoters. We tried Aberdeen a couple of times but didn’t draw enough. The people who came were great, but – not enough of them.

Billy Kane wants us to come to Tampa or Ft. Lauderdale.

John McMillan can’t wait for the new one.

Simon Williams: ‘How about ‘Jerkin’ Crocus’ on the next tour?’ We’ll see.

Paul Cavani: Rory was great. I toured Ireland with him once with Fred. I think they were called ‘Trash’ then.

Rob Taylor: Noted

Mark F: The home page is ‘sort of’ showing it.

Johnnyboy: ‘Just heard ‘President’ on U-tube. Genius, first time I’ve ever looked forward to September. Hope the record goes gangbusters.’ Cheers.

Bill Seyl: ‘Repeat stories from the night before in case us second nighters haven’t heard them.’ Right-o.

Howard Rigby: Hey Colin – I get a lot of this on the site and people are doing great so keep your pecker up and we’ll see you in Manchester. Good luck in August.

Wayne: ‘Do any of the other members of MTH have kids?’ I believe Mick Ralphs has three – two boys and a girl (same as me). The others have none as far as I/they know!

Midge: ‘Who/what/where is Honaloochie?’ No idea.

Dirk Verelst just heard ‘President’ and likes it.

Max: ‘At 21, I’m younger than the majority of your fans; however, my taste is the same as my father’s. We bonded to your stuff. Play ‘Babylon Blues’ in New York!’

Geoff Byrant: ‘Just listened to the track on ‘Proper’ website and it’s fantastic! If the rest of the album is of the same standard it will be a classic. Already pre-ordered.’ Not a bad track on there. ‘Our thoughts are with the families who suffered in Colorado. All those years ago you wrote ‘gun control’ and still nothing changes.’ Cowardice on the hill. Common knowledge.

Ed Musiak: ‘When I’m President is a damn fine song that continues a string of damn fine music from you.’ (blush)

Jimi Dickson: ‘Lyrics for ‘When I’m President’. I think they’re clear enough, but they are on the artwork.

Steve: ‘ ‘When I’m President’- thoughts of ‘Swan Hill’ and ‘Picasso’ come to mind.’ People always thinking I nick from one song or another. Truth is, I don’t hand have never done so. Any similarity is totally accidental!

Joejo: ‘New song – fantastic!’

Michael Wolf: ‘Since the tour looks ambitious, how do you relax between shows? I imagine you need to rest ‘the Pipes’. Are you silent off stage to keep the voice in good shape? Can Trudi read your mind?’ Well you’ve got to get from A to B which takes time, but generally I let the band and Trudi do the talking when we’re on the road.

Pat: ‘Looking forward to the Highline. How was Dylan at the festival: Did you speak?’ I wasn’t there. He played the Saturday and we played the Sunday.

Bart: ” ‘President’ AWESOME IAN!!’ (Blush squared)

Nigel: ‘What did you think of Jim Morrison? Genius or Jackass?’ Never gave it much thought, but no – I never really got him.

Glenn Forsyth: Was the pressure o f trying to write hit singles every 3 or 4 months in the 70’s a contributing factor in MTH’s demise?’ Pretty much. We really thought we had a smash with ‘Saturday Gigs’ and it only got in the 30’s chart wise. Punk was taking off; writing was on the wall.

Darrin Rosebrook: We got offered Portland (with Seattle) and the money offered let us do it so- why not! See you there.

Bart: ‘You and Dylan have new records out the beginning of September. There is a God!’ He’s the yardstick.

Frank Kovacic: ‘Keep Rockin”

Jim S: ‘ ‘Artful Dodger;’ ‘Rant’ and ‘Brain Washed’ by George Harrison are the three CD’s I would never be caught without.’ ‘Resurrection Mary’ – greatest song ever!’

Giglio: Proper Records is a good label – they represent a strong list of artists and have done good promotion for them – especially Bonnie Raitt and Nancy Griffin. Much better than any label you’ve had in a while. They’re on the ball and I’m glad to see you on the right track label wise. The clothes you wore at Hop Farm were too pretty.’ And I thought I looked lovely.

Big Walt: ‘Just heard ‘President’ on the U-Tube. Superb. Hope the rest of the album is as good.’ It is.

Phil Monaghan: We once did a festival up north (MTH) and it was knee deep in mud – rain lashing down and the stage not that well protected. I was just about to tell the promoters we couldn’t do the gig for safety reasons when Charles Shaar Murray sauntered up to me and said, ‘that’s what I love about you guys – you don’t care about mere elements.’ Confound the man!!! We donned our finery and survived it.

Paul Terry: ‘Stay off the fags.’ I know – I know.

Joejo: That would have been too obvious.

John Macko: ‘Any chance of ‘It Aint Easy When You Fall’?’ It’s in the mix.

Alan Keinch: ‘Just noticed you’re in the Nationals – Sunday Mirror – as an ad in the entertainments section for your UK tour.’ Check the Sunday Times (UK) on August 12th. I think there’s an interview in there – Cultural section.

Dave 61: ‘Can’t wait for Roadmenders; Northampton is the same but worse. Any chance of ‘Junkman’? You’ve got the wrong Hunter!

R.E. Meir says I’m coming to LA – am I?

Moffs just heard ‘President’ – says it’s sheer class.

Bucks Burnett: ‘Hey Ian, will you sign my autograph?’ Nah, but I’ll sign mine.

Tom Esselstrom: Don’t think I’ve ever had a song book published as of yet.

Steve Curtis: I’ll keep ’em coming!

Michael: What you smell and what is actual couldn’t be further from the truth. Get a nose job kid.

Tamara: You – we’re going back to the ‘Tabernacle’ – such a wonderful sound there. I like the people at New Hope too. Both confirmed in the last few days.

Joe Saul: ‘Any chance you’ll work with Wilco? I know they’re big fans of yours – see you in Philly.’ I’ve worked with Jeff Tweedy a couple of time. I love Jeff’s voice. Sue, I’d be up for it. ‘P.S. What musical interests do you and your kids share?’ We all like different stuff.

Marty Frydlewicz: ‘Detroit?’ Working on it.

That’s it for now. Sorry I was a tad late but we are knee deep in business. Getting close!! Sorry if I missed you.


The Horse’s Mouth

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