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Horse’s Mouth

November 20, 2012

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #137 – 9 Nov 2012)

Sorry about the delay – been busy!

Char Falco enjoyed Chicago – so did we.

Rick Graves also at Chicago – thinks ‘President’ brilliant.

Dominique: ‘Is there a song you would change the words to as they would have more meaning today?’ Good question, but once they’re done – they’re done.

Rick Goward: It looks like California’s on for January.

John Norbury went to Shepherds Bush: ‘New album ‘a cracker.’

Chris Semal: The sequenced bit at the beginning of ‘President’ was originally only in the guitar solo area. Andy and I liked it so much we spread it throughout the track (a Bosch idea).

Juni Marie Tonning loves ‘President – she is 18 and new – so welcome!

Deryck Lingard: Sorry, I don’t do meet and greets. I will say hello if you happen to bum into me.

John Dalton: Sometimes it’s good to get stuff off your chest.

Willie Ahnberg: I saw Fred. He could lose a couple! Best to Sven and Per. I’m fine with ‘Angel’. I enjoyed Stockholm.

Sean D: Did you?

Adam Hammond: Nice one.

Andrew: ‘Literary heroes?’ I liked Robert L. Stevenson when I was a child. Now I read a lot but it’s mainly non-fiction. Some are good – some are bad. I just like information.

Steve Baratta: Hey Steve, glad you enjoyed.

Owen Blackwelder (10) It’s leg and a tin. They guy’s begging. You’re right; I’m a bit busy at the moment.

Kellianne Flynn: Nice one!

Paul Hyde thinks I should be president!! Thanks Paul – appreciated. Nice to hear from you.

Tom Kaminski (‘Chopper 880’ traffic reporter from WCBS) -and two long lost mates are coming to the Tabernacle to make up for 30 lost years.

Rick Lake: 1) ‘What do you want as a 28th amendment?’ Well, I don’t believe a President can do this – it’s down to Congress – but if I could, I’d harden up the monopoly commission. 2) I believe we are going to California the end of January (if I can out of the driveway).

Howard: Hope it all worked out with Col. Enjoyed Manchester.

Phil Wood: ‘Possibly the best album you’ve ever done – fantastic production.’

Tom Willis: ‘Why Flying Scotsman?’ Well, I’m half Scottish and I’m flying about a bit, so why not?

Martin Jackson: ‘Did you get on with Free?’ We got along OK. Said hello, etc.

Tony Grist: ‘Best album since ‘Rant’. Read an interview with Allen where he said the lawyers were in contact – care to comment?’ Nah.

Andrea: ‘Describe the chair or sofa on which you watch the tele at home.’ It’s a sofa – dark red denim – long and saggy.

Dennis Goodwin: September most gratifying – Hiatts ‘Magic Pinball’ – Dylan’s ‘Tempest’ and I.H.’s ‘When I’m President’. Good company that.

Steve Green: ‘Chicago – great shows.’

Colin Moore: ‘Foxy Foxy’ was our attempt at the Phil Spector sound. It actually sounds great but the song isn’t quite there. I was hoping for a Ronnie Spector cover! Just something I wanted to do at the time.

Tamara: Cheers for converting.

Glenn Shane: ‘How come Florida or Georgia are not part of your tours?’ Because no Florida or Georgia promoters ring up and ask for us.

Marie: ‘Come back to Cleveland – please!!’ But we only just left!

Dana Basich: ‘New album OUTSTANDING!!! Bring it to Orlando.’

Adam Ball: Yup – a bit of songwriting always perks you up!

Viny C: ‘new record – wow!’

John Channing: ‘New release amazing – all killer – no filler. Kudos to the Rant Band – tremendous playing from all involved. Bosch’s solo on ‘Black Tears’ is fantastic. Special mention of ‘What you Want’ – great groove and superb vocal by your son, Jesse. What’s your three greatest highs and your three greatest lows?’ Highs would be the MTH reunion/The Ronson band and the Rant Band. Lows – My mate, Mick popping off, the reception AAAB got at the time of release and I can’t really think of anything else.

Tom Crolly: ‘How did you come up with ‘Ta Shunka Witco’?’ I read a lot of stuff on Crazy Horse – pretty inspirational. The mystique didn’t hurt. When I was in Cleveland I bought a second hand book signed by his nephew (who was 101 in 1971!).

Lee Ann: ‘OıTS was part of a question on ‘Jeopardy’ have any other songs been on game shows?’ Dunno

Wayne Grenier: ‘Always under the radar – always great.’

Yucca Flats: ‘Love the new record. Looking forward to Boston. Any plans for a meet and greet?’ Nah.

Matt: Looking forward to the Paramount. Will you do your old stuff?’ Why?

Paul Rivers: ‘Err – what’s gone wrong – your previous marketing strategy of zero publicity has been blown out of the water by appearances on BBC One TV and radio. Who is to blame for this determined attempt to raise your profile (although you did look half dead on breakfast TV). Don’t blame me – blame ‘Proper’ our new UK label. I went from Stockholm to London – London to Manchester- Manchester to London and then to Newcastle – in two days. I was actually ¾’s dead. I’m always moaning about lousy labels – what do I do now? This label is great but they work me hard. They’re selling lots of records too – pretty cool in this day and age. Think I’ve found a home. Records are actually in the shops!!! Unheard of.

Dave Drew: ‘Going to the Paramount. CD GREAT. Played ‘Standing in my Light’ at our recent 35th H.S. reunion. We killed!!’ Goodho!

Cait Bleakley: Hey Shaun – you’ve got a lovely daughter who has written to us to say hello to you!

Bob Kleb: Lovely stuff.

Ike Pecucci: ‘Why acoustic – not electric?’ Because I’ve already got two excellent electric guitarists in the band. Too many cooks spoil the broth.

Oyvind Kristoffersen: ‘Fantastic show in Olso – you make us look forward to being grandparents!!’ Gee thanks.

Marty G: ‘Known Graham Parker long?’ No, our paths never crossed until recently. Lovely man – it’s a pleasure to be working with him and his great band. Looking forward to it. He’s played with us a couple of times acoustically and he’s red hot.

Fiona (Glasgow): ‘OMG, Ian!! You and the guys awesome tonight in Glasgow.’ Thanks, Fiona.

Michael Murphy: ‘Not really one to do these things, but in this point of your life to put out one of your best pieces of music ever is amazing. Please bring it West and keep some of theses songs in the set list.’ Deal.

William Robinson: I just work with an acoustic guitar or piano and a groove from a sequencer. I need a groove or I go off it. Get a reasonable take down on one of my old cassette players, then let Andy York and the band take over. Sometimes it changes as it goes and adjustments are made. I’ve got a studio but it’s all in boxes. Can’t be bothered!

Dale: ‘Are you happy with the present line up?’ Yup and some.

Peter Holmes: Really chuffed with Newcastle. I was just glad to be back with the band doing what we do.

Kenny Mac: ‘Top notch gig in Glasgow -band on fire and you all looked amazed at the reaction. Your bass player is someone I can watch all night – his enthusiasm unquestionable. A few surprises in the set, but the highlight was your starter. Yes – it was mobbed – a great turn out.

Matt Bessell: ‘Grace Huntington!’

Julian Richards: ‘It seems every interview I see/hear asks ‘so David Bowie saved you’. Do you not get sick of that as MTH only lasted three years and you’ve been going another 37?’ I guess they’re easy questions that your average interviewer can ask for the masses. ‘All the Young Dudes’ was and is a great song – MTH lasted six years not three and without either having happened I’d probably be still in the factory – if I could find a job. So, happy crosses to hear.

Martin Jackson: Otis Gibb opened for us on the UK tour and did extremely well. Sold barrow loads of his CD. Lovely man. I told James to threaten him, but he ignored us. Great stuff.

Alan: ‘Glasgow – great gig -band rocking – ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ haunting – it’s going to be become a classic. Haste ye back.’

Pat Elliott: Newcastle awesome – title track best song I’ve heard in years.

Gav Black: Still buzzin/ from Newcastle last week.

Martin Sheard: ‘Fantastic night in Holmfirth. Think you enjoyed it just as much as we did. Otis Gibb was a great choice as support. CD fantastic too. When’s the next one due?’ When I get a day off.

Paul Cavani: Great gig in Glasgow. Steve should be called Mr. Rolex – his timing is impeccable. CD’s not half bad either.

Nick Viest: ‘What civil War books did you find most interesting?’ Everyone one of them; I devoured everything I could find and still do.

Derek Sargeant: You never know.

Valerie Watzlaf: ‘Wash Us Away’ is really the life cycle. Glad it helped.

John McCarthy: We are coming to Toronto. Be quick – tickets are selling fast.

Dave Pickard: ‘Day after Holmfirth – you get better and better.’

David Parry: ‘Many people are saying the new record is the best one yet. Do you agree? If not – which is better?’ It’s not as easy as that is it. The one’s new. Some of the older ones have been around forever and belong to a different time. They’re all my babies – the good ones and the not so good ones – it’s life. Who knows; not me. I’m just glad this one’s clicking.

Gerry Fae Glasga: Took the kids and they still haven’t paid him for the tickets. Typical.

Keith R. Smith: ‘It looks like you and James have a great relationship on stage – he looks out for you.’ Sometimes I go blank on words and he helps out (apart from other duties!). ‘It also looks like you have to keep Mark Bosch in check at times.’ Boschy’s a true blue rocker. He lives and breathes it 24/7. Sometimes late in the set the volume can grow – it’s natural – but I’ve got to hear myself. Mark’s sensitive though; a clever chap and a brilliant musician.

Dale Haskell: ‘President’s a killer.’

M. Dery: This has come up before. In MTH we used to have what we called a ‘hecklers ten seconds’. They were allowed to scream obscenities at us and then we’d get the main offender down to the front (usually dragged by his mates) and douse him with a bottle of beer. Not one of my finer moments – but we were young and foolish. That’s the rap on ‘Dudes’.

Andy Baker lived Holmfirth and the CD.

John Clark: ‘Phenomenal show in Glasgow.’ I was knackered after it.
‘Goodnight Irene’ a great way to finish. Was it planned? You have the second best rhythm section on the planet.’ Sometimes ‘Goodnight Irene’ comes to mind; sometimes it doesn’t. ‘Blinding band behind you.’ Ta.

David: Glasgow excellent – one of your best ‘Saturday Gigs’.

Bill Milks is excited about Toronto.

Scott Weatherup: ‘How are tickets going for Toronto?’ The promoter says,’amazing’.

Rick Black: ‘Is Mick Ralphs on the Toronto show?’ Nope. Mick’s doing his Blues Band gigs in England. He’s in fine form. He got up with Phally and Joe Elliott in Northampton.

Kirk: I couldn’t see the balcony – sorry about that.

John Hallam thanking me for signing in Leicester.

John Bird: Back in the fold!!

Charlie: ‘Did I hear extra lyrics at the end of ‘Saturday Gigs’? You heard a section of ‘Life’ – which is on the new CD ‘When I’m President’.

Brit Fan: The band are approachable – just be nice – they’re working!!

Dan Hartman: That’s no siren on ‘Fatally Flawed’, that’s Christine Ohlman screaming!!

Catherine: You got ‘Just the Way You Look Tonight’ in Northampton.

Pete Kitching: ‘Girlfriend converted (good show!). Thanks for ‘Alice’ (Holmfirth).

Suzanne: ‘Ian – you’re a legend – Manchester was fantastic.’ Awe shucks.

Ian Barnes: Sorry I missed you in Brighton. Chaotic with the long drive down from Harrogate.

Seth Purvin: ‘Who did you piss off at Rolling Stone – not even a whimper of a review.’ Frankly, I’ve no idea.

Frank Eff: The right just lost the election because they’ve consistently chosen the wrong people to represent them. I’ve said this all along – they need a new personnel officer.

Tomas: Really enjoyed Stockholm.

Matt Hayes: What I said was ‘they might not have heard of some of the songs because they were new. Boy was I wrong!!

Whily: ‘I thought your best albums were always Ronson related – this album challenges that belief.’

Paul: ‘In 1973 during MTH’s tour of the UK – Queen was your support act. What did you think of Freddie’s stage manner in working a crown?’ I thought he was learning. Fred was a quick learner.

Charlie: ‘Great in Birmingham last night. Great set – non stop and brilliant. Hope to see you in March at the Wulfrun.’

Malcolm George: ‘Still buzzing from Birmingham. ‘WIP’ – best this century. Bosch on top form. Vocal didn’t kick in until end of OBTS. Is the spring tour full band or acoustic?’ March is Andy York (my co-producer) on various stringed instruments and Dave Roe (Double bassist with Johnny Cash among others) and me. Totally different look at things. I like to do something a bit different now and again.

Kevin Smythe: Glad you enjoyed us. We’ll be around.

Nick Malcolm: Thanks for that.

Steve Fisher: ‘The last rock star left with credibility.’ I know I shouldn’t have put this in – just heard the Stones single. It’s still there!!!!

Alan Lloyd: ‘Good Man In a Bad Time’ – there’s one for the ages.

Jim Huebner is going to Boston.

Andrew Field: Ta.

Steve Hynds: Dear Mr. Hunter – in 1971 when I was 16 I saw MTH at Birmingham Town Hall. Full circle? It was brilliant and it was emotional. Thank you.’ My pleasure.

Peter and wife loved Bath.

Bill Martino: ‘Hey Ian – come visit us in Amish country in Ohio. We can get lit and go cow tipping. Trust me, you’ll have a blast.’ Those days are over young man.

Dave Griffiths MBE: ‘Well, you’ve done it again; Birmingham a triumph. How come you kept your best work until the ripe old age of 73?’ Late bloomer.

Shugster: To tell you the truth, it was a blur; I knew we had a great time. I remembered everything on the night – until we’d do the next one – and on we go. Great times.

James Reid: The chords are simple but the piano is tuned down a semi tone.

Colin Thayer: ‘What a delight Otis Gibbs was.’

Jeffrey: I wasn’t here for Sandy, although the band just made it back in time. The old jet stream pattern ain’t what it used to be. I live in fear of being snowed in when we out later on.

Howie Rose: ‘Ian, Howie Rose here – Mets broadcaster – you’ve still got it!’ Hi Howie!! I don’t think I’m really that kind of singer. Let me try it out in the basement!

Jerry Murphy: No problem

Martin Drury loves ‘Black Tears’. How long did it take to come up with the lyric?’ It’s the idea really – not the lyric. Once you’re focused on the idea it doesn’t take long.

Kevsta: ‘Harrogate last night – VERY happy!!!!!’

Peter Mason: Glad you got it.

K Lucas: Nothing to do with me mate – I just play ’em.

Carol Thomson: We can’t do anything about this on this site, Carol. Better luck next time -Shoreham in March? (Check the gig guide on this site).

Paul D: I’d like to tell you I do throat exercises etc, but I don’t. I use Vocalzones to keep the throat open and that’s about it.

Tim Reffold: ‘Will ‘WIP’ be released on vinyl?’ Truthfully, I don’t know. I was told by our American label that it was and there was an offer from England, but we’ve been so busy we haven’t had a chance to follow up.

Tim Harding: ‘Seen you a few times over the past 40 years at the Roadmender; Friday was brilliant – and getting better. Another 10 years and you’ll have cracked this business.’ Can’t wait.

Phil: ‘Why does James Mastro play guitar on left channel on the new album, yet on stage stands right – is it just personal preference? Saw you in Brighton on Friday – BRILLIANT. THANKS.’ Whatever works.

Kelly/Kimberly: ‘Northampton was wonderful – what a great way to spend your 40th Anniversary!’ I was gigging the day we got married and 40 years later -still gigging.

Jim K: ‘Flyin’ Scotsman is the best Stones song in 30 years – of course you play it better than they do.’

Michael Wolf: ‘After all these years, do you have to pump yourself up to get out there sometimes? Nah – it’s pretty easy with the band I’ve got and the audiences we get. It’s just the travelling and the promo that’s a chore.

Emily and Liz (15 and 13: We all got home safe – thanks for thinking of us.

Twmas: Mark’s a really good promoter. Bath was hot, (I was soaked to the skin) but enjoyable.

Joey Porter: Appreciated.

Kelly: I’m a habit!

Bill P: A couple of trees came down – fortunately no harm to anything – except my wallet. Power was out, but came back on before we got home. Nothing in Detroit as of yet.

Peter Jordan: I thought Saville was like a cheapo fairground tout. Never met him, but his taste in clothes and hair was pretty atrocious. Never could figure out how he got big, but he was on the tele and I suppose that’s all that matters.

Keith Nickless: All is well.

Stephen Reid: We’ll have to wait and see.

Stuart Woodward: We’re all fine, thanks.

Bill C: I remember passing out after tripping over a lighting rig on a MTH show. Came to in the car.

Richard Mills: I wouldn’t count it out just yet.

Catherine Lyons: The rooms are very small there; it’s OK for business but we carry a lot of luggage over the five week tour so it gets a bit tight. They’ve tarted it up a bit, but it’s still tight.

Jeffrey Pogue: Sutch was an interesting character; he was a past master at showmanship. He packed them in seven nights a week. Because he worked constantly, he had really good musicians backing him. I remember Pussy Mew who was a great guitar player but studied Russian in the dressing room. He became a pilot. Ritchie Blackmore was another one. The Savages were great. Freddy Fingers Lee was with him on piano for a while and later on I played bass with Fred along with Miller Anderson on guitar. So, no, I never played with David, but I was a fan and I played with Fred.

Mike Ollier: Noted.

Larry Ciolino: ‘Play Toad’s Place.’ When they offer what we’re worth.

Bucks Burneett: ‘Thanks for your support of Obama.’ We shall see.

Thomas Clifford: I’ve said it again and again – it’s not up to me – it’s up to your local promoter.

Hoppoh: Can’t remember, sorry.

Geoff: Why no ‘What For’? We do it – we just didn’t do it all the time.

Paul Wood: Already dealt with this one.

Neil Jeffries: ‘Brighton – band stunning.’ Trudi says thanks!!

Megan Tenzer: I remember you girl!! Get a grip!! It was fun.

Gary Pattinson: Tracie was there but it was crowded so she didn’t get up.

Paul D. I’m up for it if he’s up for it. He was in Germany this time, but his wife, Fiona and daughter, Blane came for a look.

Janet: Clever little buggers those dolphins.

Bryan: January.

Dave Hancox: I really don’t think you can compare WIP to MO or SH. Those two albums were very much singer/songwriter albums whereas WIP is very much a band album. Some are going to like singer/songwriter albums and some are gonna like a band album. To me, they’re coming from two different places. Depends on your individual taste.

Brit Fan: Haven’t heard Mick’s band, but I met them at Hop Farm. Very nice guys – Mick has a great time with them.

Arthur Temlett: ‘Band gets better every time.’

OK – that’s it.

The Horse’s Mouth

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