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Horse’s Mouth

December 22, 2012

Horse's Mouth (Issue #138 13 Dec 2012)

Hey! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year you lot!!

I don’t know if this lot is in the right order. When the site was spruced up it somehow made the Horse’s Mouth a little bit awkward to retrieve. Anyway, here goes.

Mark Hughes wants the West Coast – we’re coming in the New Year. Bit of sun in January/February can’t be bad.

Liz is commiserating with James on the loss of his studio. Boschy had to walk 30 blocks to get a coffee. We had a couple of trees down and a power outage, but we weren’t here. Fortunately, we’re all OK so the Rant band continues!!!

Mike N: ‘W.I.P. inspiring – any chance of Florida?’ There’s always a chance, but nothing definite.

Jim Barton hates my politics. What politics? I’ve continually said that I admire republicanism. I’m all for small government but what I don’t like are the Republican media people (radio/TV etc) who try to sell me a bill of goods ala 50’s second hand car dealers. It’s an insult to the intelligence. All the Republicans have to do is stop treating the public like idiots. Chris Christie is a straight shooter. Get him to lose a couple of pounds and he’s your man.

Dave Baldry: ‘Brilliant London show. I notice ‘Life’ mixed up with ‘Saturday Gigs’. Please say this is not a goodbye song. Are you proud of this album? You should be; ‘Black Tears’ up there with your best. Do you think the same?’ Who knows when I’ll pack it in. So far, so good – at my age one can’t plan too far ahead! Yeah I’m proud of the album and the band (when I can hear myself). Glad you like ‘Black Tears’.

Peter Papadopoulo: Graham opened – I closed. Great night out.

John Council: ‘You didn’t tell me – new album? Fan since the 70’s.’ Big country – small label.

Geoff Bryant: ‘Love the new album and the UK tour was fantastic; especially enjoyed London and Brighton. The new year UK tour acoustic? If so bring Shannon McNally as support. Really enjoyed Amy Speace on last acoustic tour.’ The acoustic tour is Andy York, Dave Roe and moi. I don’t know at this time who – if anyone’s opening. Totally different approach.

John Foxx: John Cale was doing an album with Bobby Neuwirth in New York and for some reason Bobby got stuck on the West Coast. The studio was empty so John invited Mick, Corky Laing and me down for a session. As far as I can remember we did a couple of days down there – free form – nothing written down -stream of consciousness and all that. Some of it’s pretty good if my memory serves me well.

Georg Mulder: Play Germany? We’ll see.

Steve Baratta: It’s not one leg in a tin it’s ‘one leg and a tin.

Jack Von Thaer: ‘Town Ballroom, Buffalo? Rats! Rock it, Ian. Almost as sweet as the Cleveland show. I’m in Alaska (22 yrs) and will catch you again in Ohio. Biggest fan (and wife) Glennallen AK.’ Nice gig that Buffalo Ballroom. Good stage; good people.

Steve Easton: ‘Thanks for the sound track of my life!!’ No prob.

Ole: ‘No Norway on the acoustic tour?’ No, apparently we’re not doing Scandi where I have fans; we’re doing Italy – where I have no fans (well, one or two) – go figure!

Howard: ‘Well, Col Ford made it with his chemo bottle to Manchester and London. He was a bit didgy after Manchester (great gig by the way) – but he was glad he went. Hopefully back on track this week.’ This guy’s got to be some kind of hero. Unbelievable. Give him my best.

Recalculating Bob: Good on yuh; best of luck.

Kurt Stromquist: Came from upper Michigan to Chicago. ‘MY wife’s birthday present was the ticket. Best show I’ve seen since ’79 when I saw you at Cobo with Ronno (and the Kinks). Did my best to soak everything in. Play list outstanding – Nick was great too.’ Thank you, Kurt.

Jay Tashjian: ‘New CD real good – try to make Boston.’

Kirk: ‘Ian, please tell me the concert in Sheffield is NOT an acoustic date!’ It IS an acoustic date. The venue should have made that clear. They know it’s acoustic, but sometimes they don’t advertise that fact.

Steve is going to Mount Tabor. I guess you’ve been – hope you enjoyed it.

Rick Graves: ‘Any chance of U.S. dates with the acoustic trio?’ Maybe down the line, but this was a small window and we thought it would be something different. Pity you don’t live in Sheffield!

Tony Day: ‘Is there anything left over from recent albums, out takes etc.?’ Not to my knowledge.

Ronald Capko: ‘Loved ‘World Café’ – can’t wait for Havana. Do Jersey – we could do with a bit of you after ‘Sandy’.’ That was a hell of a concert at MSG last night. I would have done a gig!

Ken Grady: ‘Congrats on WIP, another worthy addition to the cannon. Would Australia follow Japan?’ It’s down to promoters. We have to find the right promoters.

Scott Purvin: ‘How about ‘Silver Needles’ at the Paramount?’ Sorry about that – as the catalog gets longer – it becomes more difficult to please everybody. Right now we’re on W.I.P.

Pat Beirpe: ‘Shamefully just discovered your solo output and think it wonderful. Do you still keep in touch with Bowie?’ Nope.

David Moore wants me to mention Sheena’s birthday and their 34th wedding anniversary on March 17, 2013 at Stamford on the UK acoustic tour. Well, if I forget – I’ve announced it here – OK?

Dave Genoa: ‘Can’t wait for Toronto!’ How was it?

Mickey Boyle: ‘Ever thought of story telling along with the music on acoustic gigs?’ Yes, I have actually. I used to talk a lot on stage back in the day, but lately we’ve just been playing the songs and letting them do the talking. I’ll think about it more nearer the dates.

John Shiefer: Alternate dates are on the tour section of this site.

Greg Hallidy: ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’

Ray Waters: ‘Any chance of ‘Your Own Backyard’? A couple of my guys play with Dion. I’ll get them to ask his permission!

Pip Howard: ‘Australia?’ Nothing planned at the moment.

Andy Cowin: ‘THANK YOU – that’s all.’ Thank you.

Dave Drew: Only just seeing this stuff – I was out when this was going on.

Dave Rowe: Dennis is now a permanent member.

Mike Z: ‘CD great – come to Detroit.’

Wazza: ‘Australia – one day?’ We need a guy.

Pat: ‘How do you rate yourself as a bass player?’ I could get by, but I’m not a real bass player.

PasqualeTruglia (Catanzaro). Wife wants, ‘Old Records Never Die’ in Italy. Mmmmmmmm.

John Cook: ‘New album – fantastic. Title track best I’ve heard ever. Looking forward to your return to Bristol.’

Matt Nojonen: Boy this is tempting; may take you up on this one day. I just think this whole thing was a tragedy of epic proportion, but also that it also was inevitable. Sad, horrible, but nevertheless inevitable. That’s why I sometimes write about it.

Rob: ‘Call me crazy, but I’d rather hear your new stuff in concert.’ This is the problem – I get a bum live review in the UK Record Collector because I don’t play more of the old stuff. If I play more of the old stuff – I’m a parody.

Bill Nygen: ‘Spinning W.I.P. non stop since grabbing it on i-tunes. No surprise – great as usual. The last four albums have been revelations, but WIP knocks ‘Rant’ off the pedestal for me. Going to Lee’s.’ Lee’s has got to be the sweatiest club ever. My clothes were still wet when I got home three days later. I actually ran out of air toward the end of the set. Get some fans!!!’

Carmela: Trudi said you were there; sorry I missed you. It was just so hot in there.

Dennis: This is too far back. My memory isn’t that great.

Loyd Atwood: None at the moment.

Marty G: ‘WIP truly amazing.’

Glenn Forsythe: ‘Did you read the music press in the early days and did negative press have an effect on your writing with regards to singles?’ Oh yes, – we all read the press, but you slowly find out they have their friends and they have their enemies. Tended to read valid writers – whether they liked us or not. In general, they’ve been very good to me and I’m grateful, but I don’t think they ever influenced my writing back in the day. I remember John Lennon used to get pissed at them and he’d send them letters if he disagreed. There was good and bad press. Ignorant press is the worst. They could make you livid, but a couple of days later – all was forgotten.

Patrick Harwood: Pete Watts had the ‘Jupiter’ intro idea. That’s Pete’s crashing guitar on the end. This was a great idea.

Paul Rivers: ‘Almost lost the will to live getting to the Mick Jagger Center – do one in Central London.’ I don’t book or offer these dates – I just play ’em.

Julian Richards: Mea Culpa!

Dovy: ‘Brighton – not the best show I’ve seen you do. I think we were short changed a few songs judging by the set list form other gigs on the tour (set list is a guide). Anyway – going to to Shoreham, so I must still luv yah. I notice you playing with Willie Nile Stateside – any chance of him supporting you’ Willie’s a great chap. It’s a question of logistics and money!!

Buck Stanley: ‘Glad ou’re coming to the Couach House – really wanna hear the new stuff live – especially ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ Do you do meet ‘n’ greet?’ I like the Coachhouse. We don’t do meet and greets as such – it just feels funny. If you bump into me, I usually oblige.

Constance Van Beek says she had a great time on the U.S. dates.

Fiona Lamb: ‘Havana awesome – come to Denver.’

Ted Byran: Coming to the Coach House. Trying to get his album autographed. How do I gethis done at the show? Send it up to the dressing room – if I see it – I’ll sign it.

Bill Kuecher: ‘When are you going to follow up on AAAB. Your selection of Jazz/Rock/Fusion all star band was genius.’ Well I’m glad someone noticed!!

Tamara: I don’t do it on purpose – it’s just how it is at the moment.

Twmas: Nothing in Wales, sorry.

Dave Hancox: To me, W.I.P. naturally led on from ‘Man Overboard’. The Rant Band was working more often and so they played more of a part in the creative process – we came together as a band – so it became less singer-songwriter – more band oriented. I wrote what I wrote – that’s what came at the time. The next one could be different again. Yes, songwriting is cathartic for me. Makes me feel better – even if I come up empty handed.

Kevin Dennis: ‘two of my cornerstones in music – I. H. and Neil Young have both released terrific new albums and are blowing away audiences on current tours. At 67 (Neil) and 73 (Ian) it truly speaks for the energizing power of Rock ‘n’ Roll. MTH recorded a couple of Neil Young songs back in the day. How did that come about? Are you a Neil Young fan? And Colorado’s on the way to the West Coast!!’ Well, Mick Ralphs (when he was a spritely young lad had a voice that sounded exactly the same as Neil Young. Mick liked Buffalo Springfield so I guess that’s why we did a Neil song. I wouldn’t say I’m a Neil Young fan, but I know millions are and they are for a reason. He’s just somehow in a different neck of the woods.

Mike Escalante: ‘Phoenix or Tucson?’ Would love to, but nobody’s offering.

Nick Malcolm: I know Canada kept the buggers out! Can you imagine Canada in those days? Bit nippy. I’m going to look up United Empire Loyalists – thanks.

John Dalton: I’ve produced in the past, but I don’t really like it. You don’t get to play.

Colm Thornton: Have you ever met Jagger/Richards (yup). Did Mick attend Mott’s famous Hammersmith show with Queen opening? Both Jagger and Bowie attended that show.

Larry Butti: ‘ ‘President’ gets better with every listen. Any recollection of the ’48 Olympic Games?’ The only thing I remember from that period was Blackpool versus Bolton in the FA Cup Final. Stanley Mathews was unbelievable.

Denise Cadigan: I’m in New Zealand and I can’t get ‘President’ . Anybody know the problem getting it to NZ? It’s the record of the year as far as I’m concerned.’ We’ve just licensed WIP to Proper for Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Let us know when you see it.

Rob Clayton. We started doing ‘It Aint Easy When You Fall’ in the UK and then the poem fell into place. A bit of an accident, but it works nicely. Lot of words thought. The inspiration for ‘Crazy Horse’ was Crazy Horse’ – incredibly moving life. Rob’s a ‘Shrunken Heads’ fan.

Bonnie: ‘A million thanks for the big Thanksgiving Feast of tunes last night athe Tabernacle. George mentioned this may become a tradition – what do you think? We’d be there every year AND Willie would be a tasty appetizer. By the way – your son tore it up on the vocals last night – outstanding!’ Yeah George mentioned that to me and we love the place, the audience and the hospitality. Great sound in there. So if I’m still in one piece – why not.

Al Trombetta: I know, Al. I’ve been saying it for years!

Gary Aston: Happy in the UK.

Jeffrey on about a Noreaster. It was fine.

Bill Adair: ‘Lee’s Palace awesome, band incredible. Love the album – especially ‘Crazy Horse’ and ‘Life’.’

Pete Dunn loved Manchester and London.

Torsten Knoelke: We’re having difficulty finding the right venues in Germany.

Tim Shantler: ‘The Buffalo show was just unforgettable! The new album sounded great and you are looking good (blush). We can’t thank you enough for the memorable night – please come back soon.’ Great room, stage and audience – mutual.

Tamara: ‘Uber thanks to you Ian and Trudi and all the Ranters for a spectacular 2012 US tour. Enjoyed every minute of it. P.S. Add some ladies T-shirts to the merch.

Keith Nickless: ‘Happy Christmas to you and your family and all who make music with you.’ Ta and same to you.

Steve Council enjoyed Buffalo.

David Turk: ‘How did the Uris come about?’ Ron Delsner (brilliant New York promoter – still is) suggested it. We were OK with it because it reminded us of Fairfield Hall in Croyden. Sammy Davis played it the week before us.

Dan Mcallister: ‘Kudos to Dennis for his quick help at the Paradise.’ Yeah – I must have hit something by mistake.

Shirl R. Pilote: Steve Holley (drums); James Mastro (guitar, mandolin, bari); Mark Bosch (lead guitar); Paulie Page (bass); and Dennis DiBrizzi (keys).

Brent Coursey: Sorry, I’ve forgotten all of this stuff.

David Long: I’m easy – I kind of like doing things my own way.

Derek loves the Hunter/Ronson German ‘Rock Palast’ show.

Tim + Ron Shantler: So we met again!!!

Phil Huband: ‘You still make an effort to look smart on stage – is managing your stage slothes a hassle when touring? Is it something Trudi does? Do you have multiple Jackets etc? Have you ever ironed prior to a show?’ I’ve developed a cunning paln for clothes when touring and it works reasonable successfully. Have I ironed – you bet – Trudi hates ironing. I’m OK with it. ‘Another CD I picked up was Billy Fury’s compilation (His Wondrous Story) and you a re quoted on the liner notes (a class act). How would you rate Billy agaist Cliff, Tommy Steele, Adam Faith etc?’ Tommy Steele was good but I’d put Billy Fury at No. 1.

Matt Slide: ‘Hi.’ Hi.

Peter Jordan: ‘Purgatory’? We’ve done it in the past.

Jim Frauel: ‘High Line – outstanding.’

Matt Parish: ‘Second Row center – killer show, Hintington. When you did ‘Picasso’ spot light came out of nowhere over your shoulder – looked quite spiritual.’

Frank Lima knows all my ex keyboard players!! Gibbo and AB both great musicians. Mark Bosch (guitar).

Shaun: Mick Jagger Center (acoustic trio) March 2013. They only recorded the first night of the MTH shows. Why? Bad management.

Dave Drew: I’m not into prat boxes – if you’re reading – you’re not feeling .Having said this – there are people out there who have lost the ability to memorize. Comes with aging or other stuff, so they have to do it this way. I’m the first to admit I mess up on lyrics now and then, but I’d rather mess up than read. My two cents only!

Frank Ciro: Not alone in complaining about the lack of ‘Shrunken Heads’ material on the recent set list. I hadn’t noticed, but you can’t get everything in – sorry about that. I’ll try and rectify.

Jim Scully enjoyed ‘Picasso’ at Huntington.

Ian Hamilton: ‘Love the new record – need a drummer?’ One Ian’s enough!

Doug Taylor: Yes, I loved those flying pigs!! Doug thinks ‘Dudes’ has run it’s course and he might have a point. I’d thought of finishing with ‘Life’ but there’s still people who come mainly to hear ‘Dudes’ – what can one do?

Greg Giorgio: ‘What did you think of ‘Lincoln’? Haven’t seen it yet, but Andy York rates it extremely highly.

Brandon Iron: We’ll see.

Nancy enjoyed the Paramount show. ‘Mott the Hoople’ was the title of a book by Willard Manus.

Jeff Williams: ‘Thank you for getting off your arse and rocking harder than you’ve done in years!’

Mark: ‘It’s in your bones.’

Geoff: ‘ ‘President’ – all killer; no filler.’

Al Moore: Let’s see when we get there. Hope you’re feeling better.

Colin: Give ’em up!!

Dave Ramshaw: Add my name. had some great nights at Newcastle City Hall.

That’s it. Happy Christmas and New Year.


The Horse’s Mouth

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