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Horse’s Mouth

January 18, 2013

Horse's Mouth (Issue #139 15 Jan 2013)

So I’m in bed with the flu. Don’t expect too much wit and savant!

Steve: ‘Great show at Toronto – no ‘Cleveland Rocks’? Forgot.

Rich W: ‘Toronto was the best show I’ve seen in years. Thanks for coming.’

Joe Marn: ‘Set list awesome.’ Cheers.

Jeff Pavlock: ‘Thanks for a great show in Buffalo. Knocking one out of the park was ‘What For’ ‘.

Jack: You said it!

Griffiths MBE: ‘You got a mention on Danny Baker’s show on BBC. He said the book was the greatest book about being in a band ever written.’ I don’t know – I liked John Lydon’s book.

Chris and Andrea Miller: ‘Two of the best shows we’ve seen. See you in March at Milton Keynes.’ Good oh.

Andrea: ‘World need a good Christmas song – are you up for it?’ You never know.

Keith Marron wants to know who wrote the intro music for the Long Island gig. I can’t move – ask Mastro!!

Jeffrey: Everything is fine, thanks.

Richie Cornacchio: ‘Do you dress a 40 year old guy up in an I.H. mask when you go out there?’ Yup.

Irina: You are right – it’s Mick Ronson’s guitar that Rick Tedesco plays on ‘I Don’t Know’.

Ray Banks: ‘Come to Australia!!’ Well – you have to be offered something.

Johnny Boy is on about AAAB standing the test of time. Joe Elliott said that – at that time – a lot of fans were still in their mid-teens and just didn’t get it. Now they do.

Thom: Do I miss Mick Ronson? Of course, but it doesn’t do to dwell on it.

Tom Cochran: ‘ The Who are doing Oakland the same night as you’re doing the Fillmore (oh great!). What time are you on?’ (I think it’s 9 ish.) ‘Tell Roger to keep his shirt buttoned up.’

Bill Milks: ‘I was at the Ryerson Theater in ’79 for the gig that my friends and I called a religious experience. Last Friday at Lee’s Palace was like a class reunion – I was mezmorized. Love to hear a live release of the tour somewhere down the road.’ Actually, I think live CDs are being blown out of the water by U-tube.

Kirk: ‘How was Christmas?’ 15 of us sat down to dinner on Christmas Day. ‘What do you buy a rock star nowadays?’ Books.

Paul Ockenden is on about Shoreham in March. ‘The venue isn’t exactly huge.’ Well, there’s a reason for that. All the March dates are with a three piece. Andy York, Dave Roe and myself are doing an acoustic evening with. These promoters should be advertising these gigs properly, not leading people to believe it’s a full band when it’s not. ‘Gun Control’ won’t be in the set, but something else will.

Chris H: ‘Do ‘Hymn for the Dudes’ at the Winery once more for old times sake.’ Nah.

Bob Vondruska: Ain’t no laces in these shoes.

Steve: ‘Come to Montreal! Did you ever tour with Slade?’ We never toured with Slade, but we did an occasional gig with them.

Wombat: ‘Will you play ‘Ships’ on the acoustic March gigs?’ It’s in the mix.

Nigel: We try to keep it down, but touring can be expensive – especially abroad with tall these withholding taxes now a days.

Frank Mascetti: ‘Do you ever tour Florida?’ Once in a while. I’m not that popular down there.

Paul Rivers: ‘I remember ‘Resurrection Mary’ from the first UK tour and thought it sounded superb. Are you ware you cannot buy it, so please, play it at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Also cut the covers (except for ‘Sweet Jane’). All I need – another manager!

Chris Semal: ‘Was the slinky bass line idea for ‘Overnight Angels’ Rob Rawlinson’s idea? Roy Thomas Baker’s idea? Or yours?’ I can’t remember that far back, but I would imagine it was Rob’s idea. P.S. Chris Semal’s novel ‘Trial of Tears’ with all the MTH characters and song titles has now topped 10,000 kindle downloads. Congratulations to Chris!

Alan from Kent, WA: ‘What is your most treasured possession?’ My bed right now!!!

Ian Mack: ‘At heart – where is home, England or the US? Where would you eventually like to be laid to rest?’ I don’t really give stuff like this much thought at all. We’re all on the same little planet. I love playing the UK and the U.S. – always have. Bit of both is always nice. As to when I’m gone? I’m gone! What do I care.

Matt Nojonen: I would print this letter because its great, but I haven’t got the strength at the moment!!!

Kirk: No string section – just Andy York (co-producer of my last four CDs and Dave Roe (who played double bass for Johnny Cash). Should be interesting.

Jim K: At Hammersmith you thanked Jimi Page and Mick Jones. Any other people there we might know?’ I remember the Queenies were there – Brian and Roger.

Scott Purvin: ‘Do you have a flat in the UK? No, not anymore.

Ian Mack: ‘What drives you on? Why do you put yourself unnecessarily on the line and in the line of fire, in a ruthless, uncaring business, often bent on personal and professional destruction, rather than opt for a financially comfortable, low stress, secure retirement with your legacy and reputation guaranteed.’ Because I can.

Sam Stephenson: ‘Where did the idea for ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ come from?’ I’d read up on him quite a lot. One day I had this tune running round in my head and the two merged. ‘Used to call me Curly, now I’m Crazy Horse.’ That line is for real. His name was Curly – his father’s name was Crazy Horse – after his first major punch up his father re-named himself ‘Worm’ and renamed Curly, ‘Crazy

Steve (Tulsa) – Enjoy!

Lee Ann wants us in Colorado.

Andy Allison: ‘Why no Glasgow or Edinburgh?’ Too big for a little acoustic trio.

Ross: ‘Union Chapel’ superb.’ I thought it was bloody awful.

Twmas: ‘Been going to gigs for 40 years. You and the Rant band up there with the best of them.’ Cheers.

Scott: ‘I see you’re basically singing for a month straight in March. How do you do this?’ You have to learn how to use your voice – it’s a muscle – and it took me a long time. No, I don’t do Fisherman’s Friends, but I do do ‘VocalZones – have for years. Usually, I can handle two or three in a row and then have day off to rest it – and so it goes. You just hope you don’t get sick.

Tommy Mandel is wishing us a Happy New Year. Same to you, Tommy!

Nick Malcolm: ‘How cold was it the night the studio burned in Quebec?’ It wasn’t actually at night – it occurred around 6-7 in the morning. Snow was 6′ deep – that’s how RTB survived – he jumped from the attic window. It wasn’t that cold due to the fact the house (not the studio) was burning down right in front of our eyes. Close one that.

Iona Elliott: Hey Iona – love to Dennis. In bed – with the flu – drinking marmite.

Matt Hayes: ‘Any chance of a live release with the Rant Band? We haven’t got round to it yet, but you never know.

Larry Butti: ‘What’s so special about ‘Saturday Gigs’ and why Croyden?’ There was a pub in Croyden, opposite the Fairfield Hall and we must have played that pub half a dozen times. We were always thinkin’ – we’ll play the Fairfield Hall one day; and one day we did. We crossed the road, the fans crossed with us, and that was very special.

Beth Khoury: If I remember.

Manfred Koehler: ‘Thanks for being busy with the Rant Band. May it grow and grow.’ I’ll drink to that!! (Not now, but eventually.)

Bertie McSpadden: ‘Your favourite Christmas song?’ ‘I’m Getting’ Nuttin’ for Christmas.’

Terry in Piano (Dallas, TX) ‘When was the last time you made your way through Texas?’ God knows – it’s been ages. ‘How did you come to write ‘Goin’ Thru the Motions’ with the great Eric Bloom from BOC?’ We played on the same bill way, way back and then I met him at a NYC gig. He came out of the shadows backstage and said, ‘Remember me – I’m Eric the Oyster!’ He’s got a place on Long Island and we wrote ‘Motions’ in his studio there.

Madeleine Hague: ‘Spring in my walk after Lee’s Palace.’ Glad you did.

Doug Lighthall: ‘Lee’s Palace – best concert of the year.’

Marty G: The Jagger tale is true.

Keith Storey: Do Gene Vincent or Eddie Cochran at the Fillmore.’ Nah.

David Hughes: Where we play is based on what offers we get – plus routing can be a problem. So – it is really up to logistics.

Moke Walton: Come to Norwich!!

Fred Burkhardt: ‘Florida 2013?’ No idea at the moment.

Bruce Kilgour: ‘Hello from Rancho Cucamonga – looking forward to your 2013 visit.’ We’ll be there.

John Caswell: ‘How did you hook up with Christine Ohlman?’ Through Andy York – great voice.

Paul: ‘Why is the new album not available on i-tunes in Australia? Dunno.

Bill Kuecher: ‘Most Rockers reach their creative peak in their late teens and early twenties. How do you explain half a century of writing and performing?’ I’m a retard.

Keith Nickless: ‘Have you heard the new D.B. single yet?’ Yup. ‘What do you think of it?’ It’s good; great vocal.

Liz Krin: Reading a great book about President Garfield at the moment. What guy.

Mike Pecucci: When they first started putting MTH and me in boks I was a tad worried. It’s all over etc., but now I take it as a compliment.

Kellianne Flynn: ‘Kevin Anzoletti (not sure of the spelling) is the Head Custodian of Sandy Hook Elementary School. He’s been extremely busy working 16 hour days getting the children and co-workers back to school there. Yesterday, he ‘received’ two tickets for your February 8th show in Norfolk. As a mother and a deeply appreciative fan of yours – I was SO incredibly happy for him. I hope you see him in your crowd that night.’ If he makes himself known – we might be able to arrange that.

Scott McCrumb: This simply didn’t happen the way Tom describes it. I was there and Stan sold the TV. Who’s proud of this anyway? Some people just want to be bad so bad.

Gerard Thomas York: I can’t be bothered re-releasing old stuff. I know old stuff comes out, especially MTH, but for me it’s on to the next.

Ian Mack: ‘Where was I when Elvis died?’ Sounds like a song. My then manager, Fred Heller, met him just before he died and said he was unrecognizable. I preferred the real rockers – Fats, Chuck, Jerry Lee, Little Richard.

Jalopy Liz: I wasn’t a fan of their music – plus – look at him!!!

Liz: And so it goes.

K. Lucas: Met the drummer in LA a couple of years ago. Great drummer; great attitude.

All righty then – don’t know how I got through this. Handwritings bizarre – I hope Tru figures it out.

Thanks for all the seasonal greetings. Humble apologies to those I missed.

Yours shudderingly,


The Horse’s Mouth

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