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Horse’s Mouth

February 17, 2013

Horse's Mouth (Issue #140 10 Feb 2013)

Just did the Winery last night; doing it again tonight. We made it by the skin of our teeth. Sorry for those who couldn’t get in due to Nemo. Here goes!

Tore Brynjulfsen: ‘Do you think ‘Shrunken Heads’ and ‘Man Overboard’ better suited to acoustic?’ You just approach it differently. The Rant Band’s got their version and the trio’s got theirs. Really, it’s in the ears of the beholder.

Julian Richards: ‘What’s the story behind ‘Win It All’?’ People get down and out – got to remind them all is not lost.

Don + June have been traveling around with us – Boston – West Coast – NYC – and Brighton. Much appreciated.

Jack Benson: ‘Come back to Phoenixville!!’

Oor Wullie on about an acoustic ‘Nae Wheels ti Ride’. No.

Jim Hardy: Getting the whole family involved. Chicago based. Nice one.

Patty Woltz: Yup – up and moved. Trudi will let you know.

Thomas: ‘Is there a DVD release from the Union Chapel planned?’ No.

Pat Beirne: ‘Which critics do you have respect for?’ People who know what they’re talking about. I can smell a phony sod a mile away.

Mark Trude: ‘Thanks for Washington D.C. Graham Parker just had his star turn in ‘This is 40′. Have you ever been offered a film role, and if you were, would you be interested?’ I’m happy for Graham – he’s very excited about the movie. For myself – it would depend on the script. I use to fancy doing it, but now I’m not so sure. It has been suggested from time to time, but it’s never materialized for various reasons – mainly financial.

Kevin Brooks: I think Miller’s in Germany when I’m over there. We’ve been offered to do the Iridium in NYC, but haven’t been able to do it yet.

Paul D says Miller’s in Austria when we get to Shoreham, so there you have it. Paul wants ‘Henry ‘n’ the H. Bomb.’

Greg Becker says I’m rocking harder now – is age creeping in? Yup!!

Sam: ‘When can we grab a quick pint and talk about the olden days?’ (Sam is 26). Hey – I can bore with the best of them – ask the band!!

Jim Porter: ‘Got the acoustic set list yet?’ Working on it with Andy.

Mark Tomlinson re: Ronno. That’s Defries territory.

Pul Palladino wanted ‘Irene Wilde’ last night. Sorry! Lots of you commenting on Dennis (our new keyboardist) favorably. He’s a great fit. We still love AB, but it’s Dennis’ gig – he’s earned it.

Carsten Linde: I like Denmark, but we don’t do well there so what’s the point.

John Bird: I’m working solid through March.

Dave Iozzia: Typical David.

Brian: ‘If you were a new act with a decent product entering the market now – how would you approach things?’ I’d get the web site up and running as soon as possible. It’s the wild west out there. One of the band needs to network non-stop. * The ‘decent product’ – probably needs an upgrade.

Mo: ‘One of my favourite tracks of yours is ‘Now is the Time’. (Same here.) What is it about?’ ‘Now is the Time’ was the first decent song I’d written in a while after the 80’s. I know I had it when I did the Freddie Mercury show in ’92.
I really like the song a lot and I’ve recently reintroduced it into the current set. Changed the lyrics slightly – now it’s aimed at that idiot who runs the NRA. Steve and Paul giving it a real slinky groove. Definitely fun to play.

Emma: ‘Are you coming back to Sweden?’ Yup. ‘Do you play ‘Man Overboard’ often?’ Currently it’s not in the Rant Band set, but it’ll probably be in the acoustic set. Thanks for the genius bit!

Seth Purvin: Actually, I preferred Stan and Ollie.

Steve (Tulsa) is very fond of ‘Black Tears’ and Boschy’s solo therein. Nice bumping into you.

Russ Sulich: Good albums are fluky. ‘Schitzo’ was a combination of good musicians, good studio, a good engineer good co-producer and a few songs I’d put together while Mick was away. Good label, good manager etc. etc. etc. – fluky.

Dave Hancox: Too personal.

Dan Baker: ‘Danny Goldberg was very complimentary to you in the book he’s just released.’ Didn’t know he had a book out. ‘Just had the flu. I wanted to die!’ I had it too. Trudi took my temperature and it was 103.7. She said, ‘You’re going to hospital’. I said, ‘Take it again’ – she did – it was down to 102.4. Scared me lower.

Wayne wanted ‘Big Mouth’ at the El Ray. Sorry, Wayne.

Bill Milks: All depends on the geography. We fly – we use splitters – get cabs now and again. In Europe it’s mostly splitters.

Barbara Anzellotti: By the time you read this I will hopefully have met you or at least talked about your husband. Hope you made it as the Friday was cancelled and we’re now scheduled for this coming Wednesday. It takes time. I didn’t get upset; I just got angry – very angry.

John Dalton: ‘Fatally Flawed’ was written about two people – both of them female.

Paul Cavani: We’ll be there.

Bill Kuecher: ‘Please come back to Chicago with the Rand Band.’ We will.

Loydster went to the Coach House – how was it?

Liz K: You’ve got Mark down!) I enjoyed the El Ray. Good crowd as was the Fillmore.

Colin Powell is going to Kinross.

Matt Nojonen: Pretty wild poem – you should be in a band! We remember you – I’ll let you know if we get round to it.

Ian Mack: I think lead singers want to be lead guitarists and lead guitarists want to be lead singers. We’re the front guys. We’re the attack and we’ve got the defense behind us. (And I have the best defense!)

Jeffrey: Hoping I got over the flu – I did.

John Hoffman has been waiting for ‘Alice’ for 35 years. It had been in the set for awhile – we just took it out as it was getting a little too much use. Sorry about that.

Paul Skau – along with a lot of you – is really enjoying the new album.

Jz and the gang.: ‘Thanks for coming to California!! New album perhaps your best…play the whole damn thing!!! See you at the Coach House/Canyon Club but ….we want a RANT band set at the El Rey!!! (You got it!).

Dan Sebald: ‘The Who did the same night as you in Oakland. Tell Roger to keep his shirt buttoned up.’

Ian Crawford: If you bump into me, I’ll sign.

Rick Goward: The regulars say it must get bothersome to answer the same questions over and over again, but – hey – new people pop by and I don’t mind filling them in. It’s kind of like the shows. The regulars see the similarities, but you have to remember we’ve got locals and casuals coming as well. You may be sick of i.e. ’23a’ – but it has impact for the newcomer.

Lyle wants Toronto – we just got back!

Tom Caulfield: This is the Australian guy who travels all over the world with us. Welcome aboard Tom and thanks for your support.

Dave Combs: Sorry, ‘Too Much’ wasn’t in the set at the Canyon Club. Hope you had a great anniversary (I’m reading this after the event).

Jersey Steve: Haven’t seen Eric in a long time, but we are mates.

Craig A: ‘How about playing the Roxy again in LA?’ I kinda like the El Rey. They keep the place tidy. The Roxy haven’t made an offer anyway.

Brian Easton: ‘What was the instrumental track on the October tour?’
Can’t remember. The one we’re using currently is a James Mastro find. This guy, Lomax, taped an actual chain gang; that’s what we’re using.

Jay Tashjian enquiring after my health – all is well.

Michele Lynn: Actually we always hated the Olympia in Paris. I don’t think the people had a clue as to what we were about. I remember Stan throwing the D.J. out of a first floor window, but that’s about all I remember. Actually, we probably played pretty well as we were all P.O.’d.

Steve Sjogren: ‘Can you please post a pic of your set list after the Coach House.’ I can’t – but somebody else did.

Fiona: Thanks.

Ron Scarlett: Re: Byron quote. Actually, I had a similar quote from a guy in the 15th century but I lost it somewhere. I guess everybody moans about the ‘decline in standards’. I know my dad did and I know I do.

Andy K: Ah – memories!!

John McMillan: I was asked to do ‘Top of the Pops’ when ‘Once Bitten’ was in the British charts at number 9. Ronson and I got on the plane at Kennedy and as we landed at Heathrow, he suddenly said, ‘Do you have to be in the union to go on TOTP?’ I could have strangled the bugger.

Mark F: ‘City Winery’ in NYC seems to be somewhat of a regular gig – any chance for the City Winery in Chicago being in similar rotation?’ Sure – if it works.

Steve Jones: ‘Why the link with Michael and Picasso?’ Pretty obvious.

Bob J.: Dennis is from Bronxville.

Wade Stapp and Rick: There is a lyrical change in ‘Now is the Time’.

Doris Burtner: I wear Lots of different stuff – maybe I was cold!!

Ross: There was something terribly wrong with the sound track at the UC.

Keith: Re: Loung Lizard. Too far back!

Edward Jett: ‘Come to Atlanta’

Darrell Ambidge: I don’t remember the name of the street, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t play together. It just means that I can’t remember that far back. Hope you enjoy Milton Keynes, By the way, if anybody’s thinking of going to MK – step on it – it’s nearly sold out.

Pasquale Truglia: How are you doing? Trudi and I have already been to Venice so we are ok with that. Look forward to a bit of sightseeing.

Nick Malcolm: ‘Do you know, or did you know any one involved in the Shrewsbury 24?’ Nope.

Jim: No problem.

Mark Warrington: ‘Can you and the band get to the Philadelphia area sometime soon? We NEED you.’ We’ll try.

Paul Skau: ‘How about ‘Now is the Time’ and ‘Something to Believe In’ at Norfolk? We’ll see.

Kerri Frazer has got a tattoo and wants a Rant Band DVD.

Roy: There were no in stores planned for California as we had very little time.

Leon Laudenback: Record the acoustic tour.

Steve: ‘Are you coming to Cleveland?’ Eventually.

Peter Stavrakoglou: I’m not an American citizen; I’m a green card holder.

Howard’s friend, Col, has visited us in Manchester and London in considerable discomfort. Col Ford goes in for an op on February 13th and I’m sure you all join me in wishing him the very best. See you in Sale, Col. You’re going to be just fine.

Chris Burt: Norfold was rescheduled for the following Wednesday. It’s funny – I remember the snow storm gig at Toads. I was thinking of that, too.

Thomas Clifford: Weather permitting – as above.

Carl Ewens: That was then – this is now.

Megan Tenzer thought the Fillmore was absolutely amazing! Good-oh.

Rick Graves: Yup, I did know that, but I didn’t know it was in a book. I remember having a conversation with the chap you mention at said studio – he was quizzing me about my phrasing!

Dave Gremlin: ‘How come no middle age spread?’ Don’t eat much and do a bit of walking. No secret.

Bob R: ‘Any link between ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ and AAAB? ‘ Not really

Yucca Flats: ‘Any chance of the acoustic tour in Boston?’ Dunno.

Bart: ‘What book are you currently reading.’ It’s more of a booklet really about Thomas Paine. The English chap who wrote ‘Common Sense’.

Rockin’ Rob: ‘Do you ever get tired of answering questions about MTH?’ I think we all do, but I love the buggers.

Catherine: No sisters; one brother (Bob).

Dave P. ‘Have you read any Satish Kumar books?’ No.

Tall Paul is offering me a set of Time Life books. I’m pretty sure I’ve got that sorted, but thanks for the offer.

Timothy Weigl: Don’t recall being given the poster you describe, sad to say, but I’m glad you enjoyed the Fillmore.

Dave the Pilot: To get us to Phoenix you’d have to find a promoter who is interested. We don’t do the Irish Center because John went out of business. Hope you enjoyed the El Rey – we did.

Mark Hughes: Nah, still an alien.

John Frawley: ‘Were you a fan of the new wave?’ Great ploy that – ‘new wave’ – effectively making us – old wave. That’s some marketing genius.

Nick Wood: ‘I thought ‘China’ was on S.B. ‘n’ S. I remember Mick sang it.

Steve Parsons: ‘Just to let you know, I saw Chris Spedding the other day and he was wearing sandals – with socks.’ We’re doomed.

Carl Barnard: On enjoying ‘WildLife’. Some good stuff on there.

Jody: Haven’t heard from them.

Mark Davis: You never can tell.

Jimmy S: Enjoyed ‘When My Mind’s Gone’ at the Canyon.

Brenda: Sorry – can’t remember that far back.

Paul Terry: Hope you enjoyed the El Rey.

I missed a fair amount but it was mainly saying you enjoyed the shows – which I do appreciate. Up and at em! See some of you tonight!


The Horse’s Mouth

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