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Horse’s Mouth

April 1, 2013

Horse's Mouth (Issue #141, March 2013)


Sitting in my Berne Hotel room watching Wigan seeing off Everton. Italy was fine – better than expected, although Andy and Dave had nasty bouts with flu in Trieste. I had it before them, so I was OK.

Dan McAllister: ‘Ever done ‘The Outsider’ on stage?’ Yup.

Leon Laudenbach: ‘Record the acoustic tour!!’

Steve: ‘Are you coming to Cleveland?’ Always.

Catherine Lyons wants ‘Girl From the Office’ on the acoustic tour. We do it now and again.

William Moran: ‘When’s the next album out?’ Jeez – give me a break here.

Peter Jordan: ‘Has the way your songs hold up in the acoustic set surprised you?’ It’s just a different mindset. We’re having fun – it’s just different.

By the way, it’s an hour set with the Rant Band at the Isle of Wight.

r.j.croteau: ‘Been a fan since ’73; any planned gigs in Florida?’ Sorry.

Joejo: ‘Any NY shows in the works?’ Keep checking this site.

Joe N: ‘How did you get to the Winery if all the roads were closed in CT for most of the day?’ It all seemed a bit over dramatic to me – our side of the state was clear – it was the eastern part that really got it.

Frank Cino: ‘Great show Sunday at the Winery! Thanks for ‘Shrunken Heads’. I could rave more about your stellar performances but you probably get bored w/all. I’m learning how to précis!

Amanda Jones: ‘ ‘Dudes’ was on the Simpsons – did you know?’ We signed off on it.

Dave Roberts: ‘How do I get autographs?’ It’s a crap shoot. If I’m around and you’re around – I’ll do them.

Pat Beirne: ‘Do you get fed up being questioned about MTH when your new stuff is equally potent? Saw you on the Beeb and questions were biased to the past.’ The BBC (bless ’em) didn’t do their homework. It’s sad that the only time you get a big ‘shot’ – they insist on delving. I guess they can’t follow everybody’s careers, but we do have web site. I’m not a fan of TV; I don’t enjoy doing it.

Matt Giarrizzo: ‘I should have gone to see you and the Rant Band instead of ‘The Who’ in Oakland. You can never go home as they say. Why did the promoters put you on on the same night?’ I’ve no idea; what can you do.

Danny want’s ‘Apathy’ on the UK tour.

Roni Von Henschen: Don’t remember this; good title.

Carol Thor: Sorry nothing in April – saves you a fortune!

Cino: I do ‘Shrunken Heads’ – we’re doing it at the moment – but songs can get stale and so I might leave them out for a while. ‘Flowers’ is not in the set at the moment because we’d done it non-stop. Sometimes they need a rest.

Northampton Nick: Not sure. It might have been 13. It was at the top end on the right – not far from the pub.

Dave Hines: ‘Just want to thank you for your wonderful show at ‘Infinity Hall’ in Norfolk last night. I’ve never seen a better concert anywhere. What you are doing at this point in your life is amazing. When will the N.R. A. song you performed be released? I can see why you are so happy with the Rant Band.’ Thanks. The ‘NRA song you mention is ‘Now is the Time’ It’s off an album I did in the 90’s – I modified the lyrics.

Tamara Guo: ‘You guys are the BEST.’

Mike: ‘Detroit.’

Jalopy: ‘Can I have your glasses after the next NY show – like jockey’s give their goggles after the end of the horse races at Saratoga?’ Well – goggles are cheaper! ‘I want a Rant Band double album. No guests – just you and the Rant Band.’ So do a lot of people, but I don’t see any label approaching it as of yet.

Jay Tashjian: ‘Is Pete lame from all those high boots?’ Nope.

Kellianne Flynn: ‘Where do I begin – saw Sunday night at the Winery – still shaking my head – you got perfection running through your blood. Absolutely blown away. ‘When My Mind’s Gone’ perfectly done …..’ And she goes on. Blush, blush!!

Dennis Romano: ‘Great night at he Winery.’

Nigel: ‘Love W.I.P. – when is the next one coming out?’ We played WIP in Italy. The cd’s not out here but it went down great. Kind of neat playing a two hour set of stuff people have never heard. They were great. As far as the next cd – I haven’t had a chance as of yet – owing to the live work.

Edward Shirley: ‘Ian – will you stand for Pope?’ Nope – I watched the Borgias.

Larry Woodside: Enjoyed the El Ray.’ So did I.

Tom L.: ‘Thanks for two great shows in NYC. Great time. R.L.F.’

Mike Pecucci: ‘Does it bug you when people want a bunch of stuff signed just so they can make a few bob?’ It bothers me when they get aggressive (as they did when we did Carnegie Hall).

Jeffrey: ‘WIP – brilliant piece of work. Great arrangements esp. Boschy’s pulsing guitar (was that his idea? (Yup). Song is like a narcotic.

John Dalton: ‘Always amazed at your ability to write and transition between moving ballads and scorching rockers. Which type of song is more difficult for you to write and compose?’ Fast ones are harder to come by.

Nigel: ‘How come you replaced And Burton? I thought he played well.’ Rufus Wainwright offered AB a year’s worth of work – so he took it. Ennis replace him and has played his way into the band. We still ove AB, he was at the Winery, as was Tommy Mandel – another fine keyboard player. Life goes on!!

Julian Richards wants ‘Win It All’ in Stockton. That’s not on the list at the moment. Sorry.

Adam Hammond says the UK Subs have doe ‘Angel of Eighth Avenue’>

Steve Karmazin: Proper (our UK label) are releasing WIP on vinyl.

Louis: ‘Please do ‘Ships’ in Tavistock. We may.

Eric Nielson: ‘Why haven’t you been inducted into the RRHF?’ Haven’t got the any idea. Trudi says it’s because I don’t schmooze and play the game.

Steve Karmazin: Andy and John are mates, so I’m sure that had something to do with it.

Mouth: ‘Ever play around the Tallahasse/Pensacola area? You are on my bucket list – been listening to you since ‘Brain Capers’.’ Can’t say we do.

Carlos Tejeda: I remember doing Kirshner’s show. Don’t know what happened to it.

Peggy: Enjoyed the El Rey. John Cusack was at the El Rey show – very nice chap.

Eric Allan: ‘Where do I get a legal down load of ‘Overnight Angels’? Try or i-tunes.

Tom Forgette: ‘Any plans for ‘Diary’ to become available as an e-book? Hadn’t really thought about it. Good idea. Tom still likes AAAB (the one that did me in).

Barbara Anzellotti: Glad for him.

John Sutton: A change is as good as a rest sometimes and it’s a big improvement. I’ve had tents and fires burning back in the day. All sorts of stuff and it’s not cool.

Hairy E. Rutherford: ‘Come to Grand Rapids – me in the front row awestruck and smiling.’ Sounds good to me.

Jack: Thanks.

Tom Flynn: ‘London date around the IOW? Not London (due to contractual exclusions), but a couple of warm ups.

Kevin Brooks: Still ain’t a blueser, but you’re very welcome.

Tom: favorably impressed with everything!

Madeleine Hague: Thanks for the syrup – Madeleine says her husband ‘gets it’. Really, that’s it – either you get it or you don’t!

K. Lucas: Re: Shadow Morton R.I.P. Yes, he produced a MTH single (Midnight Lady). Steve Marriott helped out on that one. Shadow was larger than life. I told him I liked his shirt and he immediately ripped it off and gave it to me. Don’t make ’em like that anymore.

Gary Ashton: ‘Looking forward to Leeds acoustic. City Varieties is the perfect venue for this type of gig? Yup.

Jorge: ‘Hi Amigo!! Waiting for you in Spain. No chance so a couple of Spaniards going to London! Viva el Rock ‘n’ Roll!!’ Ole!

McClenaghan: distracted, impatient, lazy.

Ian Mack: ‘What’s your favourite quotation and do you have a credo?’ You’ll have to wait on the quotation bit – I’ve got a book full of them at home, but they’re not here. Credo? Do what you want to do (There’s always a way). Avoid anything the main pack follows – it’s usually duff. Avoid anything institutional – if at all possible. Delegate and don’t take your job home. That’ll do for starters.

Graham Stark: ‘Do ‘When My Mind’s Gone’ on the acoustic tour.’ It is on the short list, but it won’t be performed every night.

Mark F: ‘Just the Way You Look Tonight’ another Trudi song? Yeah. How many tunes have written about your better half? Dunno – she’s the muse.

Paul: ‘You should write a song about fans who look different.’ Well, we are all looking different nowadays. I can’t even remember how we looked before.

Burr O’Bryant: ‘What made Mick Ronson different?’ Quality control and taste.

Lee Ann: ‘Did you hear 72 is the new 30?’ I can’t hear anything!

Ian Docherty: Looking forward to Stockton.

Thomas Kundrath: Only doing the H/M now, but better late than never. HAPPY BIRTHAY VICKIE!!

Ken Thomas: A bay window is a type of window – no ‘bay’ involved.

Matt: That’s largely why I’m doing it. Kinda like Everest – it’s there.

Dave Griffiths, MBE: ‘Black Tears’ has got hit written all over it!! But obviously not!

Caz: We may do the NYC Winery in the fall. It’s being worked on.

Rob Clayton’ ‘Nice to see New Hope becoming a yearly tradition.’ As to the other part of your email – I’ve met him two or three times and he’s always very gracious. Son’s pretty cool, too.

John Bird: I have to be in the U.S. in April.

Billy: ‘ ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ amazing live – how do you prepare for gigs? ‘With ‘Crazy Horse’ you can’t really rehearse it that much – it’s organic (like ‘Bastard’). It will change slightly every night. You let the guys do their thing – don’t like rehearsing much – and if everyone does their homework… Everybody I work with is very good at homework.

Ian Mack: ‘What do you remember about the first time you heard yourself on the radio?’ I don’t know about the first time, but I remember hearing ‘Half Moon Bay’ on a blokes bicycle transistor radio in Greenwich Village and that blew me away.

Bertie: ‘What is your proudest achievement? Professionally, and personally.’ Professionally, it’s been this little comeback roll we’ve been on for a while now and personally that the kids are fine and Tru and me are still standing.

Take care,


The Horse’s Mouth

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