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Horse’s Mouth

June 7, 2013

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #143, June 2013)

Hey! I’m told we go on at 1 pm on the Saturday at the Isle of Wight. I thought it was later, but it’s not; I’m doing one hour.

Paul Tyke: Enjoyed Stamford, ‘Any new Mott songs in November?’ Don’t know; don’t think so. People like to hear the old stuff.

Martin Sheard wants a new MTH CD and is going to Holmfirth.

Alan Austin: No plans for Carolinas. Sorry.

Bobby Ballock: ‘Fantastic two gigs in Kinross. Thanks for coming home again. Just heard the MTH news – amazing! Waiting to hear if there is a Glasgow gig.’ You probably know by now that there is. ‘Be at all of ’em!’ Good-oh!

REM: ‘Seen you at the Canyon Club in L.A. Great evening. You don’t disappoint. Ever thought of a ‘Schitzo’ reunion? Might regenerate the record at some point.”

Bruce: I do stuff from ‘Overnight Angels’ ‘Shallow Crystals’ was in the set for a while not long back. Joe’s your man!

Eric Delaker saw the Infinity show. ‘Any plans to do it again?’ Down the road a piece.

John Caswell would like to hear ‘Lay Down’ when we’re next in Boston.

Graham Pemble: ‘Came to Shoreham and sounded great. Shame the show was standing instead of seated. I guess they made more money that way. Great to hear ‘Artful Dodger’ songs; every track a winner.’ I thought it was seated too – most of them were. Sorry about that.

Laura (and husband) want ‘Momma’s Little Jewel’ at Sellersville. Who knows!

Martin: ‘Good to see you in Dartford; great to hear some different songs played in alternative ways (that’s why we did it). Acoustic bass worked really well. Any chance of Morgan getting up at the O2?’ It fine with me, but the band’s got to agree to it.’

Doug: ‘Went to school at B.U.’s CDIA for audio production and graduated in my mid forties from the Recording Arts program while listening to ‘Shrunken Heads’, ‘Man Overboard’, best of I.H., MTH Box set before your Boston shows. Will you play Boston again soon?’ (Don’t know at this juncture.) ‘I think you would love Cape Cod Melody Tent or S.S. Music Circus and would you play ‘Win it All’? I met Peter Wolf at your Paradise show, so thanks for that. My first ever concert was their ‘Sanctuary Tour at Cape Cod Coliseum in the late ’70’s.

Geoff Bryant: ‘Just spent 1/2 hour trying to get tickets for the O2 London gig. Went on line at 9 am on the day of sale to find all area floor tickets went to O2 phone customers or American Express card holders – neither of which I had. Had I known about AE getting priority I would have taken out a card just to get the tickets. Eventually we got tickets, but they are up in the Gods which is a shame for life long Mott fans like myself – but at least I’m in. Please, please do ‘Henry and the H Bomb’ (if you do an acoustic section). Jeff Tweedy does a great live version. Also, do ‘Second Love’ (I think Phally is up for that.).

Jeffrey’s offering his services as Clan meteorologist on the up and coming MTH gigs. Best of luck with the other.

Kevin (Newcastle): Going bonkers over MTH’s Newcastle visit.

Paul Wood: ‘Some of us have aged and grown since the early 70’s. How about some 3X Merch for us giants.’ I’ll pass it on.

Geoff Bryant: ‘Any DVD being made of the November tour?’ Don’t know at this time.

Kellianne Flynne: ‘Congratulations on getting together with ‘the boys’ once again. My prayers are with Dale. You’ve made a lot of your fans very happy!!! (My daughter’s latest trick is the yackity yak bit at he the end of ‘Words’!’ She can do that!? I can’t do it!

Lyndon just got tickets for the O2. Outstanding you’re playing together again.

John Von Reine: ‘Found this beautiful nugget on the net called ‘Inheritance Tracks’ family stuff – ‘Berkeley Square’. Yes, I remember doing this one. Different – I think I enjoyed it.

John Macko: ‘Any chance of a MTH U.S. tour?’ There’s always a chance – but nothing in the wind at the moment.

Patrick: ‘Fans write in with an obscure MTH song – then pick the top three for November. Mine’s ‘Alice’.

Tall Paul: November DVD (for us poor souls who cannot travel across the pond.) Nothing as of yet. These things usually crop up nearer the dates.

Jay Tashjian: ‘Mott on tour again!!!’ (there’s a lot of ’em.) GREAT – now how do I get the funds together to go to the U.K.? and pray my health survives until November (me too!). Pray for Boston – I was 50 yards away when the second blast hit. I saw hurt I’ve never seen before in my life. Being there is more than any U-Tube TV video can say. Pray it doesn’t happen again. Amen.

Scott Lindsay: ‘Can’t describe how happy I am to see you coming to Glasgow with Mott! My step Dad got me into you and MTH when I was about 11 -sneaking me in back doors in Glasgow and Edinburgh when you did acoustic tour and things! Playing guitar now – playing round Glasgow and earning a name for ourselves. But now I can’t wait until November!’ Lovely!

Francis L: ‘Sir Ian – what a great surprise – who’s the drummer for the U.K. tour? Sadly, Buff isn’t up to it, so Martin Chambers (the Pretenders) will dep for him. Martin grew up watching Buff and knows his style back to front – so – short of the real chap – he’s the next best out there.

Larry Woodside: MTH Stateside is a possibility , but logistics are complicated.
Less than 50/50.

Doug: ‘Great news – at the very least – get someone to film it properly. Cracking news!’

Matt Parish: Two MTH reunions in the UK and none in the U.S. In the immortal words of Steve Martin, ‘I’m sorry – I’m pissed!’ Well, it would save me a trip too, but at the moment – that’s the way it is. U.S. promoters a little shy because it’s been so long?

Callmeafan: ‘Wow – what a bombshell. I attended the ’09 reunion coming from California – not sure if I can swing another trip.’

Mark in Canada: I don’t know if Pat’s still around – but he was brilliant. Haven’t spoken to him in many hears.

Jim M: ‘Have a feeling November’s gonna be even better – any new material?’ I’m not sure if that’s what your average MTH fan wants.

Jay Tashjian: ‘There seems to be boots of acoustic stuff out from the UK and no matter what you do nowadays you can’t stop it. I will not pass it around yet, but what I heard was just great. Bought copies of W.I. P for friends yesterday – young kids who later said how good it was. Well duh!’

Bill Milks: You’ve had two successful tours in the past year (loved Toronto), a brilliant release and you’re scheduled to play with MTH in November. Is this as much fun as it sounds?’ Better than digging holes in the road. Yep!

Seth Purvin: ‘What have you read lately?’ I bought a book on sale for $19.99 all the New York Times front page news since 1856. I need my glasses and a magnifying glass – but it’s fascinating. Got a book about Popes – pretty gory stuff. Davy Crockett – larger than life – hyperbolized – nobody actually knows anything much about Davy apart from the myths and legends. ‘Favourite UK food?’ Pork pies. That’s one of the reasons we moved! (I had 7 in one day on the acoustic tour). ‘Favourite U.S. food?’ Pork pies. You can get them at Pete’s in the village. This is what happens when you grow up during the austerity years. I’m kidding!! Really, anything good – Indian, Vietnamese, Italian. But I can murder a salad now and again. Trudi makes me eat fish. ‘What memorabilia have you collected over the years and what is your favourite?’ Got some records on the wall – that’s about it, really. I’m not much into the past – it’s gone.

Ed the Shrew: ‘How old were you when you moved to Shrewsbury and how old when you left? Which school did you attend? Is your former home still standing?’ I moved to Shrewsbury when I was 11 and left when I was 16. (I returned for about 9 months a couple of years after that – I think.) I went to the Priory Grammar School which is still there – wedged between St. Chads and the river. The house is still there too. People actually do visit it now and again so the current occupants have told me. It wouldn’t be nice to give out the address.

Kenny Fremer: I cannot afford to go to England to see the MTH shows. Any chance of a few U.S. dates for a life long fan? It just costs a lot and take a lot of organizing. A lot of promoters wanted MTH in the UK. As far as I know, U.S. promoters haven’t made any offers. If they do – then we’ll figure it out.

Eric Taylor: ‘Just ordered a couple of tickets for MTH in Newcastle. I’ll be traveling from Middleborough. My brother -in- law, Rob, will be coming in from Brisbane and flying straight back afterwards. Dedicated or Crackers?’ Both.

Janet: Coming in from Sydney. ‘Expensive business these MTH revivals, but I’m not complaining. How come all seats advertised as 45 GBP then suddenly V.I.P. packages for the first five rows and 180 GPB?’ That stunned me as well. They told us 40/45 quid for the O2. The gigs were ‘sold’ to AEG and it seems they can do what they like. This is MTH – all news to me and Tru.

Greg Whitaker: The Todd and Ian show was Todd’s idea (one of millions!). Ronno played on some of those gigs and a good time was had by all. Todd actually bypassed all his trickery and played straight from the amp. Great! We did a great version of ‘Eight Days a Week’ (or so I thought).

David Taylor: How about Phally singing ‘Soft Ground’. Sounds ok with me.

Rick Graves: Making the trip from Indiana.

Gary Sawruk: Cheers, Gary

Derek Sargeant: ‘Booked for Manchester. How about a new studio album?’ If it takes four years to put together five gigs, can you imagine how long it would take to organize an album? Definitely beyond my lifespan!!!

Brit Fan: I think we fly to London and then get a Norwegian flight to Bergen or Stavanger, Norway. Somebody over there picks us up, so I don’t even know where the gig is. It’s an hour ¼ set – a bit shorter than usual.

Ray: ‘Any chance of ‘Pearl ‘n’ Roy?’ I’ll mention it!

Matt Nojonen: I’ve met Alice and members of his original band several times over the years. All very intelligent people. And Alice is extremely gracious.

Mickey Boyle: ‘Loved Milton Keynes – great venue and will be attending Leamington Spa and also the Ox as I live in London, but my heart on the MTH gigs will be in Birmingham (can’t make this one) where you have Del Bromham supporting you. Del is a proper writer and musician. Del and yourself are two of my favourite acts of all time. Do you have any input or take interest in your support acts? This is MTH and AEG bought the shows.

Pat says Leonard Cohen is 79 and still jumping about (Willie Nelson’s older than that!). I’m a spring chicken!

Greg: ‘Great show at the Paradise in Boston. ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ brought a tear. Bring MTH to the States.’

Steve Baratta and brined bought a couple of vinyl W.I.P.s See you later.

Tony Accordino: Saw you at the Huntington Paramount. Going to Sellersville, PA on July 12th.

Geoff Pearson: ‘Fantastic and totally unexpected. How did it come about? Did Pete need much persuading?’ Pete’s wanted it for a while; someone else had to catch up. Pare you apprehensive about the O2?’ I think it’s too big. Who knows! ‘Brilliant acoustic tour in March by the way.’ Thanks.

John Dalton loves ‘Seeing Double’.

Mitch: What’s your ‘go to’ meal on the road? Actually, I eat very little on the road. Bit here, bit there.

Rich Michi: ‘What’s Sellersville like?’ Sold out – so they must like us.

George T. Ross: Hope she’s doing ok. By the way, Sellersville is full band – not acoustic.

Stu: ‘President is brilliant. Never seen you live. Any Canadian dates? Not at the moment.

Ian Mack: ‘What musician would you most like to meet (but haven’t yet) and why? I’m ok with the message. Messengers are sometimes let downs. Met most of the people I like.

John Dalton: I saw Ellen a while ago. She’s just done a record with Eric Amble and it’s good. Eric sent me a copy. Haven’t talked to Genya in ages, but she’s around.

Rich Bruciati: How about 10 1/2 hours stranded 12 miles outside of Brighton. Below freezing – running out of gas – snow/ice everywhere – I really must get a helicopter. Thanks for your perspicacity!

Tore Hagen: One date only – the festival.

Don B: Who knows.

Graham Stark: They’ve got me doing some promo with Phally in London after the Isle of Wight show.

Bertie McSpadden: I just loved playing and singing so much right from the off. I never dreamed I’d make it professionally, but you can get a lot done if you have a strong desire and you hang in.

Ian Mack: Good God, no!!

John Ellsworth: ‘Any chance the ‘Down and Outz’ will open any of the MTH shows?’ It’s still being sorted out. I’m a bit out of the loop over here. Regardless, I’m sure Joe will be involved.

Tom Semioli: ‘Ever get feed back from Lou Reed (regarding ‘Sweet Jane’); Dion (‘In Your Own Backyard/)? Thoughts on Manilow’s version of ‘Ships’. Dunno about Lou and Dion. Mr. Manilow’s version of ‘Ships’ was a lesson on how to make a hit. It helped him as it was the only hit off ‘One Voice’ and it helped me because we were skint at the time.

Liz K: I think we are doing the Chicago Winery the beginning of October. I think it goes on sale soon.

Rick Graves: ‘Waiting for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and ‘What For’ came on. Don’t think I’ve ever heard one of yours before a show. A pleasant surprise! See you in November! Rick P.S. Make that two because ‘Saint’ just came on. Someone In TP’s crew has great taste.’

Nige Edridge: It seems a whole bunch of Hoople fans from around the globe are meeting post O2 gig at a small pub called the Pilot – 5 minute walk from the O2.

Dave Meredith: ‘Thanks for adding the Milwaukee to your tour!’ Our pleasure.

Hank Gilman: Bring MTH to the State!

Mark Holian: Will MTH do a U.S. tour? Don’t know.

Mark F: ‘Is no promoter in the U.S. offering stupid money for MTH?’ Haven’t heard.

Oystein: ‘Fantiastic gig in Oslo last year. Looking forward to London.

Joejo: Your welcome. I think we have a couple of NYC Winery shows coming up in September, but I don’t think they are on sale yet.

Bob Mackintosh: ‘Do you own or have you listened to post Mott stuff (Mott/British Lions etc).’ Probably – and they’ve probably listened to mine.

Pat Beirne: ‘Are you concerned about acoustics at large venues for the MTH shows?’ Well, we can’t do much about the front sound – we employ great people to do that. We only hear the stage sound. It’s much better today than it was in the ’70s. Some of the PA’s and the people who ran them were dire; they could ruin a gig. You just hoped for the best.

Jeff Dhein: ‘What a great birthday gift! Can’t wait for Milwaukee!’

Bruce: Everybody wants something different to everybody else, so you wind up doing what feels right at the time.

David Gwilliam: Met you in your dressing room at Colston Hall Bristol back in 1971. We met to discuss ‘Wildlife’ as a commercial sell out!!!. Still consider ‘Thunderbuk Ram’ to be your finest hour.’ Kudos Ralphs.

Kirk: ‘A shock to hear of Trevor Bolders passing – was he ever considered for your band?’ Trevor was a great bass player and a really nice chap. It came out of the blue for me too. Susie Ronson says he wasn’t well for a while. Last time I saw him was at the Irish Center in Leeds. He wore all gray and he looked great. Life is so random. Rest in Peace Trevor.

Perry: I’ll forget so shout it out.

Andy Healey: I’m often asked to do another, but I feel – not yet.

Will Greenlee: Became a convert when we opened for Tull in Florida. No sound check – it was difficult, so I’m glad we made a good impression.

Bart: What are your thought on Steve Hyams passing?’ Steve was a great pal of all the band in the early days. He worked just round the corner from the band flat – at the Chelsea Drug Store. Steve would bring round stuff for us to listen to and it was always good. He had impeccable taste. I don’t think he was actually playing at that point; that came later. He played me some of his stuff later on and it was quite original and different – and he was one of us. He had a couple of shots but he wasn’t too healthy some of the time, and that held him back. I thought a fit Steve would have been great in Mott after I left, but it wasn’t to be. Oh dear. R.I.P.

Derek Sargeant: Is it that close? Better start having a look at it.

Nina M Sele: Actually, it was more of them coming to hear about us.

Dave Elliott: ‘Older sister got me into MTH when I was 11 -she was a Sea Diver – and sent you all crosses which you all wore for Popswap – long time ago, but do you remember? Don’t even remember Popswap!

Adrian Smith: Ta

Mark F: ‘R. I. P. Ray Manzarek’. Amen.

Gabriel: ‘Thank you for everything.’ From Rimini, Italy. Thank you!

Christopher: Too early to know about that as of yet.

Mike Pecucci: We had our moments – put down to boyish enthusiasm.

George Saadi says I made the crossword to day. Doesn’t say which one, so I’m going out now to buy 6,000 newspapers.

Sorry to those I’ve missed. Talk again soon.


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