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Horse’s Mouth

August 4, 2013

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #145, Aug 2013)

Mike Costanza: Actually Jose Eber was a mate of Roy Thomas Baker’s wife, Barbara. Barbara and Trudi were friends and Jose gave Tru an amazing haircut. We were in LA gigging, and Jose offered to cut my hair, gratis. I was there for hours and at the half way stage my hair went straight and I looked like a deranged Lana Turner. Never went again. Marc may have caught me at that time, but I don’t remember telling him.

Keni Wofford: ‘The Outsider’ just came! I often think I get songs that were misdirected to me. ‘Bastard’ came because I was sick and tired of sloppy love songs.

Emily Dyke: I wish you a lot of luck with your project – you will need to become more organized i.e. set up some kind of official organization so that you’re in line with Government guidelines (non-profit -charitable etc) so people feel comfortable that they are donating to a reputable institution. Idealism is great and I can see you care deeply. I was born in Oswestry, but only actually lived there for a few months. The war broke out and I was moved to Scotland. Keep me posted.

Daph Murphy: Only just read this so – whoops!

Lee Martin: Thanks for the information.

Gerry/Glasa: ‘Do ‘Rose’ in November’ We’ll see.

Megan Tenzer wants ‘All of The Good Ones’ at the Winery. It’s a nice place – you’ll enjoy it.

Jeffrey: Stayed in – shades down. Don’t like heat.

Jay Tashjian: RMI’s were OK from a distance – about the best available at that time.’

Anthony Day: I can see ‘Lounge Lizard’ ambivalent regarding ‘Foxy Foxy’ (I wrote that song for Ronnie Spector). Come to think of it – it does sound a bit Phil as well.

Tony Accordino’s wife came to Sellersville and thought I sounded like Springsteen – that’s a first!

Bertie McSpadden: ‘So as MTH do a 2013 concert 41 years after you first hit – what band would they have bought tickets for in 1972 – that had their first hit in 1931?’ I’d still pay to see Louis Armstrong. ‘Have musical eras and artists become less distinct, innovative, and generational since the last great revolution of ’50’s rock and roll?’ There’s always exceptions to the rule, but in general I would say yes. Before radio, TV and especially the web, people had a lot more time on their hands and they thought more. A lot of great art was created by people who didn’t have much else to do! Corporations usually ruin everything they touch so that doesn’t help either.

Kim: Did I enjoy Sellersville? I thought it more animated than the time before – yes, I did. More importantly – did you?

Ian Mack: ‘What was your thought process when you were deciding how to follow up the success of ‘ATYD’?’ Basically, we didn’t want to become a Bowie satellite, so we knew we had to follow up with one of our own. Luckily, we managed it.

Steve Green: ‘You’ve written a fair few songs for other artists – have you ever thought of recording them – giving them your own slant?’ Not really. Once they’re out there – I’m looking for something else.

Jim K: ‘When you met Dylan – what topics were discussed?’ It’s a long time ago now. Forgotten.

Frank Coleman: Money is always the only issue – can it be made viable or can’t it. So far, I don’t see it – too expensive.

Ed Musiak: ‘What did it feel like when you started solo and not as a member of a band? How do you feel being the leader of a group.?’ It was a great release going solo. MTH had always been notoriously democratic – it had to be 5 – 0 with everyone agreeing on everything – and of course, it never was. I don’t really need to be a leader with the Rant Band, but the Rand Band members are much older than the Motts were back in the day. With the Rant band there is a togetherness that’s extremely appealing. MTH was five complete individuals and everyone of ’em a star! Sure, I get the final say in the Rant Band, but it seldom if ever comes to that. James is more of a leader than I am most of the time. It’s just two different situations. I enjoy both.

Dennis Romano: ‘Still trying to get my hearing back from Maxwell’s.’ Sorry! We try, but the room is small.

Dave Tyndall: How nice – thank you, Dave.

Ken Holmstrand: ‘Bin a fan since ‘Dudes’ – do you ever stay in touch with any band mates from that era?’ Try November.

Beth Matkins enjoyed Wilmington.

Dave P. is back in the fold.

Jeff Brown: Noted.

Lou De Pace loved Wilmington, but wanted a bit of ‘Schitzo’ – maybe next time.

Ooer Wullie: As I’ve said before – I don’t have any problems with this. There may be a problem with the kazoo, however! Thanks for all you imbibed – such unselfishness!!

Rick Graves: ‘Has Andy Burton priced himself out of the Rant Band?
Nah – Andy’s still a Ranter! It’s just that Dennis has made himself a member. All the ex-Ranters are still in the mix.

Kim Fletcher: I think you’re sending this message to the wrong site.

Dave Hancox: You’ve got your way – I’ve got mine.

Bill Milks: ‘Ever play ‘Drivin Sister’?’ Not that I can remember.

Jeffrey: Yes, Jeffrey – I know it’s hot.

John Dalton: I think ‘Pandora’ is another inevitable step down in the corporate suckdom.

Ian McClenagha: Jerusalem – when they’re having a day off.

Nathan: I believe I did answer it – up to his usual standard.

Daphne: No, never worked with Warren Zevon. But if he’d lived down the street, I’m sure we would have. A lot of it is geography.

Liam Bailey: ‘Any signings/meet ‘n’ greets in Chicago/Milwaukee?’ I’m not into that really. If you see me – grab me – I’m a nice guy!

Cathy Gagliardi: re: Levon – we will be getting in touch.

John Clark: Give the photos to Mick. He’ll give them to me. Sorted!!

Gregory Gibbs: ‘I grew ma hair – just to scare the teachers’ – not particularly literate, but it served the purpose.

Bob Barnes: Never met Sir Richard although I saw him once – he was in 1st class and I back in business. All the girls fawned!! ‘Leamington fantastic.’ Venue great. Back stage great.

Liz K: ‘Saw in Business Week or Forbes – 40 worst companies/businesses. Top ten were banks, airlines, communications – the worst being United Airlines.’ Interesting to note that these corporations are run by people who are impervious to complaints. They’ve simply figured out that they can ignore them, just pay lip service or shove out a few more commercials saying how wonderful they are. Do we want a world like this? I don’t see anywhere or any one to whom I can complain. Should I hang on a phone for three hours while an operator waits for me to lose my rag so she has an excuse to get rid of me? If a corporation gets too big – it doesn’t give a rats bottom for the punters. Where is the monopolies commission? Hey Liz – this rant’s nearly as long as your!

Mick McKenzie: I can’t recall – it’s a long time ago now.

John: ‘Favourite Graham Parker song?’ All of ’em

Gary M: Advising on the MTH set list.

Cliff Witherspoon: ‘Do you stay in touch with Genya Raven?’ ‘Junkman’ ripped my heart out.’ I haven’t seen Genya in a while.

Martin Taylor: ‘Mott’s gig at Redcar 71/71 best concert I ever saw.’

Rick Graves: I came in second.

Anthony Baylis wants ‘Thunderbuck Ram’ at Manchester Apollo. Up to Mick – I’ve mentioned it.

Steve Baratta: ‘You were on Jools Holland last night doing ‘Flowers’ and ‘Once Bitten’. Goodhol

Pat Beirne: ‘Why do you think working class youths changed British popular culture in the late 50’s and 60’s? Was education more literate? Could it happen again?’ When I was growing up – maybe I was unlucky – but my teachers were absolute crap. I existed on reverse psychology. ‘You’re crap’ No, I’m not! You either fight it or you give in. The way I saw it, there were two choices for the great semi-skilled and work wasn’t either of them. I’d had jobs – even I knew they were taking me nowhere. University chaps knew better – knew more – so their options were much broader. England was a class society! The first choice was football (soccer) which I tried and failed miserably, and the second choice was music which I fortunately had a chance at owing to my writing ability – which I found out I had as I went along. You saw history repeat itself with the Pistols – Clash – Oasis. It’s just us chaps on the lower level having a little shout.

Andrew Field: I think you’re writing to the wrong site.

Mike Walsh: As above.

Phil Bentley: ‘Just managed to buy ‘Strings Attached’ DVD. Looks like you had a great time doing the show (we did). One of the best concerts I’ve seen. Thanks for the autograph at Holmfirrth.’ My pleasure.

Mary Olander: You’re right – I am too busy!!!

Jim Zemba: We’ll be there!

Mickey Boyle: Yep; good line. Glad you enjoyed Leamington.

Hans-Dieter Kipp writes to me in Deutsch, but my Deutsch is strictly capella! Danke!

Dave Drew: If I’m on the Island and you get the OK from the promoter – it’s OK by me.

Ian Drew: ‘Say hello to Martin Chambers – he use to babysit my sister (Fiona) and myself in Ross on Wye. We lived opposite his family.’ I’ll try to remember.

Pete Kenchal: One giant ‘H’ is in the Hall of Fame in Cleveland. One got smashed – Pete Watts said I got upset one night.

Steve ‘n’ Judy (Tulsa): ‘JJ Cale – RIP. Does what you went through back then make it more or less enjoyable now?’ I’m enjoying myself now more than ever (apart from the travel).

Macdonald: I’ve said I’m fine with it; but that’s just me.

Have a great summer you guys. See you soon.


The Horse’s Mouth

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