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Horse’s Mouth

October 16, 2013

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #147, Oct 2013)

12 Oct 2013

Bit late – sorry.

Bill Maxwell: ‘Will there be a live MTH CD?’ Think so.

Julian Richards: ‘Just started playing harmonica and wondered if you have any tabs for your songs?’ Noah – just blow a tune.

John Pottage: ‘ ‘Top of the Pops’ – early 70’s – did bands actually play on those records or was it session guys?’ Session guys were – and are – still involved on the pop side of music. You know – that crap that gets all the space and always did!

Tizz went to see ‘EELS’ – they only did an hour and ten – ‘what is it with bands today?’ No idea.

Rockin Rob: ‘What’s the strangest request any promoter/club owner ever made to you and your band?’ Never had any. TV can be dodgy – they’ll come up to you and try and shorten songs at the last minute. I would prefer a heads up.

Paul Cavani is going to Glasgow and London.

Chris Hludzik: I don’t really relate to other people’s material this late in life. The biggest pleasure in what I do comes from the writing. Best of luck with the stuff.

Jim K: ‘Nice to see photos with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Did the paths cross over the years?’ Well, we didn’t get off to a good start, but everything’s fine now.

Ben is asking me for songs I didn’t play in Milwaukee – sorry!

Rich from Pitt: ‘Going to Kent – have you performed ‘God’ live?’ I’ve done ‘God’ with an acoustic trio – never with the Rant Band.

Brian Lee is coming from Albany, Western Australia. ‘After 40 years – is it all Mott material or do you do some of your own?’ Well, it’s Mott the Hoople – so we’re doing Mott songs.

Gary Turner: ‘I was in Holmfirth and besides enjoying the set for the 28th time I was also impressed with Federal Charm – the cd is excellent. What did you think?’ I never see support acts. I’m usually in the bath. If they’re good – it might put me off my game and if they’re bad – they aint worth watching!

Ooer Wullie: Willie – it’s hard enough!!

Rod: ‘Have you heard ‘Mambo Sons’ play ‘Rock n’ Roll Queen?’ Can’t say I have. I know they did ode to Pete. Lovely.

Sara M. Novelli: ‘The Freddie Mercury Tribute Deluxe edition was recently released as a DVD and Blue Ray. Your thoughts on being part of that wonderful event?’ 1) Roger seemed to have a huge part in the event as Brian was still too upset. 2) I couldn’t believe the scale of it. 76,000 live and an billion saw it on television. Rehearsals were fun. Elton – a gentleman. Could have done without the faux drama, but it had to be a highlight in my life. Fred deserved every bit of it.

Ryan Bell: Huge fan and only 31!! Nice.

Dan Hartmann: ‘I recently purchased two British Lions cds and the Ray Majors cd. Ray can play. Would he have been a bitter fit in the Hoople than Bender? Was he available? Can’t remember. When Mick made up his mind he was definitely leaving, we only had a couple of weeks to find and rehearse a guy. Luther was right there and totally enthusiastic and he was like us. Bundle of fun. I only remember Ray being around later on. Who knows?

Ian Mack: ‘When do you decide to hang up the mike?’ Haven’t given it much thought. I’ve always thought I’ll wake up one morning and that’ll be it. I have a feeling it’s more of gradual process.

Ian Edmundson is on about guitars. No, I don’t have lots of guitars all over the place – Pete does and Mick does. I have a few – that’s enough for a rhythm player. More recently I’ve played acoustic. I have a few in the States and a couple in the UK. Saves carrying them around airports.

Bart: ‘Will Kent be full band or acoustic?’ Now you know.

Jeffrey: I survived.

McClenaghan: ‘Pet Shop Boys singer Neil Tennant has a theory that people are emotionally frozen at the age they become famous. Would you say this is true for you?’ Nope.

John Dalton: ‘Recollections of ‘Welcome to the Club’. That was done in LA and mixed in New York. Good fun. I was trying to write new stuff for a week in San Diego – nothing!! Mick was on top form – it’s a good record.

Peter Jordan: ‘How do you choose from such a catalogue of work?’ It’s not easy, but it’s made infinitely easier with the Rand Band. I basically do what wanders into my head leading up to any given show. Nowadays, we can mix it up a little more as the Ranters know a lot of songs.

Bertie McSpadden: ‘How many people do you employ full time?’ The wife and the wife only! On the road there’s usually 8 of us, sometimes 9.

Ian Mack: ‘What do you think Bowie saw in MTH?’ Heart (Plus he thought I’d been the leader of a biker gang – that didn’t hurt.)

John Rohana: ‘Why is ‘Drivin Sister’ not on any playlist?’ Because it’s not one of our favourites.

Tracey Maziarka: It’s always a crap shoot. If you happen to see us – we’re not averse!

Don Clark: Nothing in LA for a while.

Robert Marionoff: ‘Bring MTH to NYC.’ We could if the offer was reasonable. The costs are tremendous.

Christer Lundgren: ‘Sweden?’ I’m off for a while after MTH. Songs to write.

Chris Lewis: Go for it.

John McCarthy is going to MTH shows all the way from Canada. Whatever will happen or won’t happen – I’m not a promoter.

Chris wants West Coast dates.

Peter Kulpa: I met Eric the Oyster backstage at a NYC show and popped over to his place on Long Island for a jam; the result was ‘Goin’ thru the Motions’.

Carlo Mathews: ‘How about a real demo album.’ Workin’ on it.

Spider Kelly: ‘Who was the last politician you voted for?’ I didn’t know there were any.

Jim Fowers: 1st Canada; 2nd Oslo; 3rd London – you get around!

Gary: Never really listened to the Velvets – but I love John Cale.

Bertie McSpadden: ‘What would be the top things you’d tell a younger you?’ Read the small print – stay off dope – the usual.

Mandy Ellis: Thanks!

Phil: Loves Phally and wants to buy loads of merch. Good – oh!!

Jim Scully and his brother LOVED the Winery shows in New York. It’s a difficult place to play with all that glass and hardwood. I keep telling them to curtain the windows – I get no respect.

Kevin, Newcastle: I don’t see another Mott album (apart from Live). If there was one I’d just have to think MTH and hope for the best.

Kurt + Michelle Stromquist: Thanks you. Not too keen on the industry!

Jim Hostetler: Hope you enjoyed the Winery.

Pat: Saw both Winery shows and enjoyed them thoroughly. Thanks.

Phil Monaghan: I did use images of Blackpool for part of the song, but it had nothing to do with my Dad.

Tom Schuiteman: ‘Just got back from Chicago Winery – great show.’

Joan: ‘Will you tour in 2014?’ Dunno – I’m feeling like writing for a while. We’ll see.

Mark Williams: ‘Saturday Gigs’ is somewhat lost on most of us Americans.’ Really? Mark wanted ‘Big Mouth’. Whoops.

Garnham lives in Tucson, Arizona and likes ‘President’.

JayneImse wanted ‘Girl in the Office’ in Milwaukee. Oh dear.

Marty Greenfield: I don’t know who it was, but it wasn’t Stan.

Wyatt Ford telling us to play Akron.

Chris is well happy with ‘President’.

Jody wants us to do the ‘Iron Horse’ in Northampton, MA – not for a while, me thinks.

Mike Hood: ‘Do you sing a lot in hotel rooms?’ Nah – I just hum a bit.

Derek Brown is coming from the U.S. to Newcastle and wants to meet the band. I’m not sure what the situation is at the moment. We don’t usually meet and greet, but this tour seems to be a bit different.

Dora Kroese: Dora triumphed over considerable adversity. Met her in Chicago with Steve Baratta. Brave girl. Alright!

Mark Brewer: I haven’t watched ‘Breaking Bad’. Everybody else has. My mate, Rick, rhapsodizes. I’ll get round to it. The lead actor is a brilliant wit. Saw him on Colbert.

Ray: All sorts of suggestions for MTH. He’s got the whole deal sewn up.

Steve Pulkowski: Served in Beirut and Lebanon. ‘Particularly haunted by ‘Death + Glory Boxy’. (Mick played his ass off on that one!) Hope you enjoyed Milwaukee.

Daphne: ‘Check Sherman Alexie ‘Vilify Part 1. You’ll really like it – I think.’ I will when I get a chance.

Dave Arrowsmith wanted ‘Old Records’ or ‘I Believe in You.’ Oh, no!

Chris Nelson – Just found the other half of your email. Your daughter (11 ½) is the fan. Great!

James Beattie: Can’t help you on this, but I think every gig I ever did is somewhere on this site. Have a look round.

Mike Robinson: ‘Chris Fenn is our regular guy, but he’s teching for ‘Steely Dan’ at the moment.

Raymond Glasgow likes the old Mott bulldozer endings. Will we be doing any? Wait and see!

Tom Otis: ‘How do you land your dream job?’ You visualize it, you dream it, you want it so bad it really hurts, and just when things are impossible – guess what.

Dave Mosey: ‘Would you credit how the influence of MTH stretches to UK government policy? I wrote a book on a new approach to help communities through construction projects with opening and closing chapters dedicated to Mott. You signed it in Monmouth and I sent it to the government Chief Construction Advisor. The next year the Government Construction Strategy contained everything the book recommended. The projects that have now adopted this approach have generated many new jobs and businesses including East London boroughs. Hey, so all news aint bad. Thank you again for the autographed copy!’ It must have made all the difference!

Jim Leichenko: Another email saying my voice is getting drowned out by the instruments at the Winerys. The problem is it’s a big band in a small room.

Jay Tashjian: Hope the foot heals.

Peter Jordan: It’s what it says.

Nick Malcolm: There’s a great new book on Tecumseth.’

Ooer Wullie: Who knows. It’s on the short list, but the list is loooong.

Bart brought his daughter, aged 13, to her first rock show. Her name is grace and I’m wishing her a very Happy Birthday.

Birney K. Brown: Andy Burton is now playing for John Mayer and our new guy is Dennis DeBrizzi.

Matt Parish: ‘Violence’ – ‘Now is the Time’ (off the top of my head).

David Fowler: I’ve said on many occasions Cleveland AND Memphis were the first cities to acknowledge MTH. I guess Cleveland gets mentioned more because the song became a banner for the city (I have two keys!) and it was used in the Drew Cary Show. Also, promoters there are booking us.

Rich from Pitt: ‘Kent stage great. I was worried about you stopping – can’t believe the energy you put out.’

Billy Davies: ‘Why was Phil John (Mott’s roadie) called the Earl of Leicester?’ Haven’t the faintest.

Clive/Karen Gazeley: John was the bees knees. Don’t know about the other one.

Carsten: Wants a MTH show in Germany.

Tamara: Nature will take its course. We’ll just have to wit and see what happens.

Kellianne Flynn: Loved the Winery show. Thanks.

Edward Shirley: ‘What would you have done if MTH had split in ’72? Did you have plans?’ Good question; I’ve no idea.

Steve Barretta: Glad you enjoyed!

S’all for now folks. Back to the basement.


The Horse’s Mouth xxx

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