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Horse’s Mouth

January 4, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #149, Jan 2014)

The Horse’s Mouth

January 1, 2014

New Year’s Day in the Workhouse. Happy New Year!!!

J. Todd Willson sends a lovely email. Thank you.

Manrique is an entertainment lawyer in Mexico. Would we like to play down South? Please call my agent, Frank Riley, at High Road Touring in San Francisco, California – if you are serious.

Tom Lupo: ‘Do you sometimes say, ‘My Mother’s Sunday room’ instead of ‘My Mother’s living room’ in Irene Wilde?’ Yup. Sorry about that.

Pmcclusky: ‘Was ‘Schitzophrenic’ the first solo album?’ Nope.

Mark F: ‘In Ray Davies’s new book ‘Americana’ while writing about a security guy called ‘Big Tony’ he mentions yourself and Mick Ronson among tour dates that ‘Big Tony’ worked on. Did you ever open for the Kinks as Hunter/Ronson?’
I believe we did around 1979.

TS: ‘Regarding your comments about the subdued crowd at the Glasgow show – I can say that all fans reported that the security in Glasgow kept people in their seats. I attended the Manchester show and they also attempted to keep people in their seats. That didn’t work as the crowd sort of overwhelmed them at the back and were on their feet throughout the show. However, security threatened to toss out those in the first ten or so rows if they stood up or didn’t stay in their seats. It wasn’t a lack of enthusiasm on the fans part.’ Apparently, security were worried about the front getting crazy because of the people in wheel chairs. In retrospect we should have played more ‘open’ venues i.e. Barrowlands. I think we were kind of ‘miscast’ (apart from Newcastle). The Roundhouse would have been a better London gig. Glad you enjoyed the gigs.

Tamara liked my MTH apparel.

Philip Huband: I don’t listen, period. I tried a ‘new’ channel in my car that plays 70’s music, but it’s crap 70’s music. Seems to me radio panders to the great common denominator – pity really.

Jeffrey: I know – I know!

Kelliane Flynn: Yes, I’ve been thru a few of those situations myself. It’s not much fun, but we survive.

Darrin Rosebrook: ‘Thanks for your show (with the Rant Band) at the Aladdin in Portland, Oregon at the beginning of last year. To me a dream come true. Still reeling from the show and trying to explain to my idiot friends what they missed out on.’ But you were there, so why bother?

Gary Sawruk wants MTH to play Carnegie Hall. I saw Frank Sinatra there years ago.

Keith Nickless: ‘Happy Christmas old chap. Hope you get peace and quiet with the ones you love and I hope the New Year brings you what you deserve and desire.’ Less of the ‘old’.

David T. Gray: ‘Fantastic performance in Glasgow; how do you keep the energy level up on stage?’ Well, I train a little bit and your buzzed on the night – adrenalin and a couple of glasses of what I fancy, then wind me up and push me on!

Dallas: ‘Mott going to play the U.S.? Martin Chambers is doing a GREAT job.’ Up – Martin was playing even better this time – pretty mighty – and very enthusiastic too – which I like. I forgot the first part of your question…..

Tom Lamoreaux: ‘Play t he West Coast.’ We do from time to time (actually we played at the beginning of last year). Tom wants to hear ‘Broadway’ from ‘Overnight Angels’. Don’t ask me, mate – I’ve no idea how I did it. It’s a great sequence; I’m just not a fan of the chorus. It could have been better.

Derek Sargeant: ‘Any chance of a MTH gig at Holmfirth?’ No idea.

Tony Grist: ‘Different set list and Morgan and Luther next time?’ No idea. Luther came to the London gig and he seemed in good spirits and looked sharp.

Bradley Brown: ‘I’m a fan of a few of your older songs that are rarely performed. Any chance you’ll revive ‘Daylight’ or ‘The Loner’? Ronno played great on ‘Loner’ but should hear Robbie Alter playing on the demo – magnificent. I think I’ve done ‘Daylight’ recently.

Paul Rivers prefers the Rant Band to MTH. I think the difference is so vast that you can’t compare.

Janet (Sydney) ‘Did you have a favourite gig on the current tour?’ I’d have to say, Newcastle because security allowed the audience to participate. It felt like the old days. I see you were at Newcastle; glad you made it.

Pat: ‘While reading prior Horse’s Mouth columns I notice people saying you still ‘have it’. At the concert in Brooklyn in 2007 I remember telling a friend your best stuff was MTH stuff. I don’t feel that way any more. Songs like, ‘Dead Man Walkin” and ‘Man Overboard’ just knock me out. They affect me emotionally more than the Mott stuff and your earlier solo stuff. Thy’re not Mott songs – they’re different. Please keep doing what you’re doing.’ Righty – oh!

Ruth Wallace: ‘Love you, Ian. Any chance of Mott in the U.S.? I’d be the first in line.’ I’ve long since stopped wondering what MTH will do next – if they do anything at all.

Paul: ‘Thanks for the gigs. I’m sure you can imagine the fun us fans had leading up to the gigs. MTH is a rare opportunity for fans from all over the world to meet up and have fun!!

Jeremy Murphy: ‘MTH in the USA?’ As above.

John Dalton: ‘In terms of live audiences – specifically related to fan loyalty and crowd response – what are the top five U.S. cities that you’ve performed in over the years?’ Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Detroit and Milwaukee (With apologies to a lot of cities I haven’t played and some I have!!)

Jay in VA: ‘I just wanted to say that you and Robert Plant in the 70’s are my ideal physical embodiments of what Rock ‘n’ Rollers should look like. Wish I’d been old enough to go to those concerts.’ I’ve got no answer to this!

Stoo ‘Mo: ‘Thanks for the inspiration.’

Jim + Patti Tuyls: ‘Thanks for the wonderful show in Milwaukee this summer. We thought it was possibly the best we’ve attended.’ Yes, I think we were in good form around then.

Andrew Field: ‘Hope the recording bug bites.’ We’ll see. I’ve been enjoying a bit of time away from it.

James Zemba: ‘I am a fan obsessed with music (I own over 15,000 cds). I always find respite and ultimate satisfaction in the performances of IH. By a large margin, it is your writing that amazes me the most.’ Blush.

Larry Woodside: ‘Hoping to see you in LA. Any New Year resolutions?’ I forgot about that.

Tripp Pair: ‘Listening to ‘When I’m President’ on vinyl and Louis Armstrong ‘Zat You Santa Claus’ on 78.

Steve Parsons: ‘Big thank you for the 02 gig!’

Willie: I’d build from a click track or a sequencer and put the drums on later. When we did ‘Once Bitten’ the drums were the last thing to go on the track.

John K: Trudi’s on the road all the time- she handles a lot of the business. Sorry to hear about Laney – that’s just not fair.

Otto Greenleaf: Mick was ‘in charge’ of ‘Cadillac’. The band produced the album along with the legendary Bill Price.

Shugster LOVED MTH in Glasgow. ‘Never thought I’d ever see that again. Thought the medley ‘Mind’s Gone/No Wheels/ and Journey’ was outstanding (certainly made one of our local heroes happy). What were the best bits for you?’ I thought the first three gigs were the best – before the lighting guy messed my throat up with stupid dry ice and missed lighting cues. (Come to think of it – Birmingham was messed up by lights as well!) We had a lot of fun. Pete out did himself as usual and Martin was great. Phally played superbly and Mick did great despite a crippling hip problem (he’s getting a new one!) Pete never stopped – I don’t know how he does it. He emailed me today and says the book is selling well. Get one!

Chris McIntyre: ‘Is this reunion simply a money making exercise?’ Well, I’m not particularly into the money aspect of things – although I’ve been skint – and I don’t like the feeling. So that’s not it for me, although it may be for others. I just did it to get back with the funniest people I’ve ever known. It was only a couple of weeks and the audiences are big – which helps me and the Rant Band. I regard the Rant Band as the band I tour and record with. MTH dates are strictly for those who want to relive days long ago – that’s all there is to it.

Paul Cavani: Mick Brown tells me next September/October. Still not set because of the holidays, but it may include, Sweden, Norway and the UK (this is the Rant Band we are talking about).

Marty G: ‘Thanks for working hard with both the Ranters and MTH. I saw the O2 show and thoroughly enjoyed the band and the set list. Great to hear cuts from ‘Mad Shadows’ and ‘Brain Capers’ played live (confused the shit out of some reviewers!!) I was wondering about your offspring’s aspirations – they are both clearly talented.’ Well, Tracie has a job she really loves plus she’s in ‘The Rebelles’ (They played last night in London). Jesse (our youngest runs an I.T. department in New York and does great music on the side. My eldest, Steve, never got the bug but he’s been hugely successful in his chosen field – and he’ll pop by and see an occasional gig with the grandkids (Ben, Jamie ‘n’ Louis) – but he’s not keen on my kind of music.

Matt Parish: Re: MTH in the Big Apple ‘Life is a series of disappointments interrupted by brief periods of false hope.’ Well, it’s not that bad!

Tom Semioli: He can talk!!

Jeff Ihde: ‘How do you explain your prolific output in recent years? Most of your contemporaries are either treading water, retired or dead. Saw you recently in Chicago and really enjoyed the new songs.’ The Rant Band make me do it so they can gig. Mastro threatens me all the time – it’s very scary.

Liz K loved Chicago. Precis girl – précis!!

Bobby Balloch: Have a good time in New York. Good time of the year to visit.

Rik Rolski: ‘Write a biography?’ Maybe one day. ‘Guy Stevens was really the driving force to get you to realize what you had in you. Do you think it would have played out the same way had you two never met?’ Who knows? I didn’t think I was up to much, but then there’s a lot of insecurity in the music biz. You’re kind of an introvert/extrovert – you’re scared to go out and do it, but you know you can – if given the chance. I guess Guy was my chance – him being an extrovert/introvert and all.

Jan Peter Reeves writes a great tale of his MTH trip and we’re going to ask Justin to put it up on the site as it’s pretty interesting from a fans point of view and Jan names many regular fans by name.

Well, that’s it for now. I maybe a little late next month as I have some personal stuff to attend to. Thanks for all your Christmas and New Year wishes. Sorry to those I missed. We’ll talk!!


The Horse’s Mouth

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