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Horse’s Mouth

March 7, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #150, Feb 2014)

Horse’s Mouth

March 3, 2014

Sorry about the delay – suffice to say ‘Momma’s got a brand new knee!’

Paul Duggan says ‘publish Jan Peter Reeves account of MTH 2009 tour.’ Don’t know anything about this.

Laurent thought Newcastle up there with 1st Wilco Johnson gig he saw and the equal of the Rant Band.

Anthony Caminiti: ‘Horses Mouth fun to read. How long does it take to write it? Do you read all the questions? Come back to Canada (Toronto).’ Trudi prints them up and I go through them and come up with answers most of the time. Can take 5-6 hours.

Jeffrey: ‘Phil Everly – rest in peace.’ Amen.

Per Dahlkuist: ‘Your favourite song and why?’ ‘Brown Sugar’ is up there; ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want’; ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ – anything by Little Richard. ‘Why?’ Who knows why.

John: ‘Rediscovered you via the wonderful, ‘When I’m President’ cd. I’d love to see you in Bonn (Germany).’ Not much call for me in Germany.

Alex Ashlock: ‘My favourite song is ‘Rain’. What’s it about?’ My old mates in Northampton.

John Dalton: U.S is a great place to live, but they do have silly things like guns hanging around. Don’t need an Uzi to pot a deer now do you?

Jesus Ruiperez: ‘Hi Mr. Hunter – it’s Jesus from Spain. Will you play here this year?’ Don’t know as of yet.

Fred Pettersson: Hi Fred! You can always send it to JJM, P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752.

David Bond: Hello yourself!

Rick Lemberg: ‘Hi Ian, life long MTH and Ian Hunter fan. I’m also world champion of knife throwing. A question came up from our Hall of Fame guys in the UK regarding a knife throwing act called La Vivas. They toured with MTH in ’72. On the ticket they were billed as ‘Silver Knives’ of La Vivas. Not sure if they were UK or US based. Any idea where they came from?’ Anytime you are in San Francisco and want to throw a real ‘cold axe’ get in touch. I train the Astronauts. Happy to teach you.’ I think they came fro the North of England. A man and a woman and I think they also had a small dog which did amazing tricks. The dog was getting older; they use to massage it everyday on the bus. On the last night of the tour we had it all arranged that we’d have Stan Tippins against the board so the knives would be thrown at him. Stan, however, had other ideas and I found myself pinned against the board and the knives hurled at me. Worrying, ‘cos the guy liked a drink, but I survived – that’s all I know. Congrats on your world championship!

Adrian: ‘the tail piece from ‘Artful Dodger’ can you tell me where it’s from?’ Me.

Pasquale/Truglia: We’ll be there.

Liz K: – on Jeffreys epic bike trip. Well done!!

Ian Mack: ‘Are there any musical genres that you really dislike? As an early quasi-rapper – what do you think of rap?’ I like good songs and good lyrics and I can’t stand bad songs with stupid lyrics.

Billy Hawkins: ‘Why do many entertainers support big government. Love your music – thanks.’ Democracy is an uneasy balance with Capitalism. At the moment the momentum swings heavily toward capitalism. It has to readjust. The danger is in being simplistic.

Philip Smith: ‘Ian pleeeeaaaasssssseeeee come to Germany. Us ex pats are starving.’ If I got a meaningful offer, I would.

Sky Wallace: Never heard of Joey the Scoop, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t know him – my memory isn’t that great.

Bucks Burrnett: ‘Belated thanks for the fantastic MTH gig at the O2. The band was amazingly loud (louder than Zep at the same venue), played with the ferocity of a punk band and killed with the ballads. Thought I’d never live to see MTH and now I have. Easily worth all those hours on the plane from Dallas. If you play again, I will fly again.’

Dave Hines: ‘When could we expect a follow up to WIP? Really enjoyed Norfolk, CT last year.’ I know stuff will be coming out in 2015 – probably nothing this year. Things get in the way.

Bill Adair: Wants us in Canada.

Tom Crolly: ‘Good time to start working on a new album. Better give Andy York a call. I just want to tell you I think you’re the f—–best.’

Tripp: Will the next release be waxed on vinyl?’ Down to whatever label I’m on.

Jeffrey is on about the polar vortex.

Gary Sawruck: Very flattering!

Shaun Stuart wants me knighted!

Darryl Nevitt thinks Motts over. I agree

Mark F: ‘Have you even gotten a song or lyric from HM questions or comments?’ I’ve seen some good stuff on here, but I’ve never gotten a song from it.

Tom McGarry: ‘Are you two different people in Mott the Hoople and the Rant Band? The big difference is in MTH I’m only a fifth member. In the Rant band I pay everybody’s wages. In essence, what I say goes in the Rant Band (not that I have to say much – they’ve got it!). In MTH it’s run by committee and I don’t get my own way a lot of the time. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing! I don’t seem to be as ‘flamboyant’ with Mott as I used to be in the old days – but who is!

Kenny Mac: ‘Re Scottish gigs. I’ve been to everyone of the Rant Band gigs and with MTH it was definitely the venues. I felt like I was strapped to my chair – there should not have been any chairs. Mott and Ian gigs are participation sing along – jump up and down gigs. Glasgow gigs have always been full on and there was an animal being caged that night. Pete should be told his enthusiasm and patter were top notch. You need to redo it. P.S. The Rant Band gigs are my guilty pleasure. Great bunch of musicians – you should be proud of them.’ Amen to all of that. See you in September (at the Garage).

Peter Hoburn: ‘When R U in Manchester again? We found 23A Swan Hill in Shrewsbury.’ I know we’re doing dates in September – Justin should be posting them soon.

Todd Westfall: ‘Went to October show at the Kent Stage. I mostly listen to new indie music these days as its new, but ‘When I’m President’ and the show demonstrated your still as relevant and vital as ever. Thanks for all the joy you ‘ve given me.’ That’s what I’m for.

Chris Hauser: ‘Told you in Manchester (MTH) I’d flown in from Nashville. You said you toured with a Nashville bass player – did I know him? I was so freaked out, I didn’t know my mother’s name at the time, but I’ve checked and it’s Dave Roe – we have mutual friends. Play Nashville!! I may indeed come to Nashville. Dave Roe is a lovely chap and a f—– great bass player and singer.

Steve Greenhalf: Dave Stopps knows how to find me.

Pertti – Finland: ‘Are Morgan MTH Fisher and Mathew ‘Procol Harum’ Fisher relatives?’ Not that I know of.

Greg Graber wants to know if it’s ok to play ‘God’ take 1 at his funeral. Greg’s 54. Jumpin’ the gun a bit Greg, but it’s ok with me.

Klas Hendberg: We don’t send mail out anywhere, sorry, but happy 70th Jan – and many more.

Gary Aston: Tell that guy Pardew to calm down!

Michael Wolf: ‘If you had a chance to work with anybody right now – who would it be?’ Nobody really comes to mind. I’m sure there’s a lot of people I’d like to work with but no one really sticks out.

John McMillan: ‘Ian – just had to answer Mark F. Yes, Hunter/Ronson did open for the Kinks in 1979. I remember the gig very well. It was in Detroit and after their set the crowd kept calling for Ian to come back on – after they’d long gone. It got Ray a bit mad. He walked off stage for a bit but came back on to finish the show. Ian should never open for anyone.’ Don’t remember this one.

Rich Michi: ‘Sorry to hear about Freddie Fingers Lee (Fred Cheeseman) – condolences to his family and friends. Heard you did a ‘Mad Shadows’ medley with MTH. Could you do it with the Rant Band?’ Errr, dunno.

John Merlini: Come back to Toronto!!

Our Wullie: You can’t stop nagging now!!! I’d miss the guilt!

John Roberts: ‘Ballad of Mott – AWESOME.’

Jim K: ‘Hi Ian, Loved City Winery, Birmingham and Glasgow shows. Did you ever meet the late Lou Reed?’ Yup.

Dan Stokes: ‘Any chance of shows further south in the U.S.?’ There’s always a chance – we’ll see what comes up.

Tom McGarry: Whether to fade a song at the end or stop it. My view is if it’s a groove or a mood you don’t suddenly want to stop the feeling so you let it fade away – drama, however, favors sudden stops. Every song is different and one acts accordingly.

John Frawley: ‘Sorry to hear of Freddy Fingers Lee’s passing. Did you keep I touch over the years?’ Errrr – no. ‘What do you recall about playing in Hamburg in the 60’s?’ They were the most exhilarating times of my life.

Danny G: Well decent lyric!

Geoff Bryant: ‘Any chance the solo acoustic UK tour will see the light of day as a cd?’ I don’t know what we are doing with that – I think Andy York was checking it. We’ll have to see; I’m sure Andy said it was good. ‘I did not enjoy the O2 anywhere near as much as Hammersmith. The O2 sound is never good and the set lacked the acoustic section. I should have gone to Newcastle to get the full MTH experience. Third and lastly, your last four albums with the Rant Band have been the best of your career – please keep it up!!

Graham Clark: ‘ ‘3,000 Miles’ was early days with me and the wife. Sometimes I couldn’t afford to take her with me; that’s how it was. All the best with the acoustic thing, Graham.

Roy Red Big Time: We’ll tour the UK and (maybe) Norway and Sweden plus a few dates in the U.S. Probably rev up around the middle of September. Watch this site for details. I haven’t changed – maybe a bit snarkier!

Bruce Hawkins: Don’t know yet.

Kelly McClain: ‘Thanks for coming back to Portland. ‘President’ ‘Black Tears’ and ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ give me chills.’

Jim A: ‘When I’m President’ is an excellent song. True testimony to your ability.’ Well, thank you, sir.

Scoot: ‘Ever thought of playing Bethel, NY (Woodstock Center for the Arts site) – excellent venue?’ I don’t pick ’em Scoot. They pick me.

Dan Baker: ‘Have you thought of writing material just for Tracie?’ She does pretty well on her own. When she’s here we never get round to it. She’s too busy shopping!

Tripp: The wife’s new knee got in the way so I can’t see me recording this year. Although I do have the beginnings and a few good ideas. I think there’s a massive box set in the works as well for 2015; more on that later.

Geoff S: September for the UK (last couple of weeks – 12 dates).

Ben Dams: Face it – I’m gonna do what I’m gonna do!

Martyn Sheard: ‘Just read Englebert is doing a duet on Gene Simmons album. Did you get an invite?’ Don’t know these people!

Phil Monagha: Brilliant!! Right on the money!

John Bird: Noted.

Bjorn from Trondheim: There’s a pretty good chance we may be there in October unless something changes.

Rob: I believe a band has already been chosen for the UK dates. I love working with Eric and Amy though – great people.

Corinne Scott: ‘What gave you the inspiration for ‘President’? Everything is perfect – I get goose bumps – so glad Joe Elliott turned me on to your music.’ ‘President’ went through a few changes. I had the song before the lyric and I amended the lyric three or four times. I remember it was called, ‘Superman’ for a few weeks at one point. Glad you like the eventual outcome.

Maurice Gariepy: There may be U.S. dates this fall. We are working on it.

SAM BAIRD: ‘Hey Ian, at Rick Derringer’s benefit in ’83 you played a slow beautiful medley of Dudes/Roll Away/Honaloochie + Ships. Will you do that when next in NYC?’ Ain’t got that far yet.

Brent Coursey: ‘Thanks for giving Rock ‘n’ Roll a sense of credibility.’

Bruce: ‘Thought about Helsinki Hudson NY? Fantastic venue and your not that far away.’

Jeffrey: Stop with the bloody gloomy stuff!! It’s on TV all day long scaring people out of their wits and it never sees to be as bad as it’s forecast. Yesterday we were getting 6 inches to a foot of snow – none turned up. It’s altogether too hysterical.

Colin Thayer: ‘If you had to move back to the UK which area would you choose?’ I honestly don’t know. It’s changed so much. I’d prefer country to city now. I’ve always fancied Scotland, but who knows.

Tony O’s: ‘Do ‘Honaloochie’ on a Rant tour.’ Sacrilege!!

Tom Caulfield: The problem is – I don’t own ‘Artful Dodger’. But don’t be surprised if I surprise you next year.

Paul Floyd: ‘Are you ever going to play Ireland?’ There’s nothing fishy going on. We haven’t had a decent offer. When we do – we’ll be there.

Danny G: No Danny, I never wrote a song about a train.

Rick Goward: ‘Just signed up to raise $750 for a veteran’s charity by running a 9K (6 mile) course in historic Boston that ends at Home plate in equally historic Fenway Park. I live in California but any donations go directly to the fundraiser with travel expenses being covered by myself. The site is toHomeBase/HelpRickRunToHomePlate. If you could pass the info on I would appreciate it.’ Well done, lad – and you CAN post this on the message board.

Mike Costanzo: ‘Morrissey’s new ‘autobiography’ mentions he was a MTH fan growing up. He also goes into detail concerning Mick Ronson producing his ‘Your Arsenal’ album. He writes that Mick was a studio genius who threw himself into the entire production and that Mick’s death hit him hard. Overall the book’s a good read with nothing but good things said regarding Mick as well as yourself.’ Well that’s fine and dandy then.

Louis P: Wow! Computer savvy!! Yes, I did have a song on a TV show. It was ‘Cleveland Rocks’ and it was the theme song for The Drew Carey show set in Cleveland. Love to Mum and Dad xxxxx

Zill: I was Zill’s ‘idol’ when he was 11 but now he’s 52 and doesn’t idolize me anymore. Rotten sod.

George Saadi: ‘Have you been invited to do a Daryl Hall show at his house?’ Actually, no. We share the same engineer, Peter Moshay, who keeps banging on about it but Daryl hasn’t made a move and neither have I.

Graham Stark says two major fans (who met by this forum) are getting married on the 10th of May this year. David Rowe (Hooplah) and Carolyn Harkonnen (from the U.S.) will tie the knot!! Congratulations to both of you from all of us in Rant Land.

Danny G: The best songs do come from nowhere.

Janey Todd: Well, I have noted!

John N.: One step at a time lad; time is a great helper. Stick it out.

Rob: ‘Ever thought of playing Hampton Court?’ Didn’t know you could.

John Barry: ‘Detroit!!’

Louise Engleman: I don’t remember getting any editing support. It went as was as far as I can recall.

Dave P: We’ll be there.

Steve S: I’m so glad when something like this happens.

Michael: ‘Do you think you’ll ever be knighted?’ errr NO!

Doug Moss: I shelved the Union Chapel – it was very poor. There’s a
couple of good other but nobody’s telling me anything. Short answer – no idea.

Vince: ‘Tough winter it was. ‘ You can say that again.

Ziggy: I think it’s a fire grate.

Bill Reagan: Wrong side of the river.

Bart: ‘What are your thoughts on Joe Cocker. Heard his latest CD ‘Fire it Up’ – very Hunteresque.’ Lost me on this one.

Frank de Koning: ‘When’s the MTH DVD out?’ Well on the English end I think there was a minor mishap (now corrected) and on my end I had a problem with the lighting (that guy again). He was told what to do and he chose to ignore me. Yes it really rankles. They found alternative footage which was more acceptable. I like the DVD – it’s very good. Shame they held the audience down – their excuse being they didn’t want handicapped people in danger (insurance). Valid enough but Newcastle was what MTH were about. Anyway, it’s a go and you should have it shortly. P.S. Watts loves it so it must be good!!!

MO: Spike asked me to do a track for a Frankie Miller tribute album. This has turned into a Spike album. Who knew.

Lastie Dunhon: ‘You’ve been my musical hero for 40 years. Mott is still my fave band ever. I saw Mott after you left, but never had the chance to see you. (Pity – I was great!!!) Any chance you’ll play Houston, TX?’ I wouldn’t bet on it, but who knows.

Eddie Handibode: Will you consider Long Island in 2014? Of course!

And so endeth this edition of the Horse’s Mouth. Onwards and Upwards!!


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