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Horse’s Mouth

June 14, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #152, Jun 2014)

Horse’s Mouth

June 6, 2014

Tuesday at the Winery – that was one hell of a night . Most exhausting! Praise be to all the musicians who grace the stage and all of those that didn’t. Alejandro flew in from Texas – what a bloke. I was given lots of lovely gifts (one was 52 million years old, so it made me feel spritely). I’m not good at birthdays, but I sure will remember this one. Thanks to Shlomo and all the Winery staff for coming up with the idea and working so hard – and a special thanks to James Mastro who basically organized it all. Trudi managed to get the cake there without me knowing and I’ve got plenty of Lansons to wade through. Stopped by Myers of Keswick on the way back home for half a dozen pork pies so my life is complete!! I was totally convinced earlier on in life that I would never make 50. Who knew.

Dave Drew hosts benefit shows at the Bartini Bar in Babylon, Long Island. If you are in the neighborhood – go – it’s genuine.

Tripp wants ‘American Spy’ back in the set. Who knows.

Matt enjoys humour. Apparently I varied the middle of ‘RATS’ a tad on a live cd.

Danny G: Hope you enjoyed the Winery.

Tony asking about mid wet dates – they’re being worked on as we speak. Might even venture further south at some point as well.

Cole: My favourite song of mine or Motts. I really can’t say – they’re all my babies – if I pick one, the others are going to sulk.

Dave Rowe: Glad it worked out fine.

Julie Beasley came up from Florida for the Winery gig – fun wasn’t it.

Lee Terry wants North Carolina dates.

But. Iskeliunas: ‘I was in Chicago for a funeral. Repass was at Willowbrook Ballroom (formerly O’Henrys Ballroom). This is the place where Resurrection Mary attended a prom. This was the beginning of the ghost legend. Is your song ‘Resurrection Mary’ about her and the ghost hitchhiking?’ Yup. Actually I hadn’t played this in the set in a while – we just resurrected it at the Winery.

Martyn wants us in Australia – it seems a lot of people would like to see us down under, but we don’t know any promoters down there. You have to be offered gigs in order to do them.

Nathan P.G.: Do I have stuff stashed in the vault somewhere? Yes I do and you’ll be hearing some of it next year.

Michael: I did play Newfoundland long ago. I remember people putting requests in bottles at 3 a.m. in the morning. Pretty strange set up. Michael wants Canada.

David T Gray: I follow Shrewsbury Town, Northampton and Hamilton. Accies are looking good. Northampton are on the mend and Shrewsbury undergoing changes, so we’ll see. I sometimes wish I’d been born in Liverpool or Manchester or London – but I wasn’t.

Peter Dansie wants Australia.

Sara: ‘Ever been to Greenfield, Mass.?’ Not that I can remember.

Robert Clayton: ‘Long time fan (from my teens). Still love ‘When I’m President.’ All the songs are amazing – rockers. Among your best work – vocally you never sounded better and the band plays so well as always. See you’re in Brooklyn in September. Hey, it’s an album plug.’ Thank you, Robert.

Bryan: We’ve been offered to do Japan and you normally want to do the West Coast on the way there – breaks up the journey. We should be there late this year or very early next year.

Bruce Stein: Enjoyed the Isle of Wight Festival. I did too, but thought going on a one in the afternoon was a bit early. My daughter, Tracie is doing it this year. Bruce is the drummer with the Renegades out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. I don’t know how you can view all of that show.

Tamara Guo would like to hear the slow version of ‘Just Another Night’. Roy Bitten worked up that arrangement and the feeling was it was a bit too Bruce – so that’s why we leave the slow version alone.

Mike Pucucci: Found my version of ‘Is Your Love in Vain’ (Don Kirschner) and likes it. It’s a bit poppy, but it’s ok.

Doug: ‘Happy Birthday – champagne recommended!’ (Over a dozen bottle found their way into my grubby hands a the Winery. Thanks to all concerned!) ‘Any more news on the mega box release?’ All on going.

Alexandra: Music can and does heal. Whatever it takes. Yeah!

Williamson: ‘So glad you included ‘Waterlow’ – the silence was deafening in Manchester.’ Now THAT takes some doing. ‘Add ‘Saturday Gigs’ to the next UK tour.’

Manfred Kohler: ‘Happy Birthday – and best to Trudi.’ Cheers.

Billy: ‘On your next trip to jolly old (expensive) London, could you include something from ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’ – a fantastic album of seriousness and fun – a difficult blend to achieve.’ We’ll see.

Steve/Judy (from Tulsa) can’t make the Winery owing to hip replacements. Glad to see Judy was a model patient. Trudi was not!

Don White: Well, we did ‘Mixed Up Kid’ – that’s near enough.

Liz Krinsky and another marathon letter explaining why she can’t come to the Winery – I just saw her there.

Nico Murray: ‘My name is Nico (I’m 17) and I recently found an autograph from Roy Young and the Beatles when they were at the Star Club in Hamburg in ’62. It is on a poster of Mr. Young on stage with the Beatles and the following inscription: ‘To Ian – thanks for everything you’ve done – Roy Young and the Beatles – Star Club Hamburg 1962. Could this possibly be yours?’ No idea. I’ve worked with Roy, but that was in the ’80s. I didn’t know him in the ’60’s although I always loved his voice.

John ‘ORourke: requesting songs for the Winery. Sorry, it’s too late now – I did one of them! Say hi to Dallas.

Danny G: To late for tickets. There’s always the Brooklyn show in September.

Matt was also too late buying Winery tickets. Again, the Brooklyn show in September.

Susan L. Miller: Glad it all worked out for you guys. Have a great day. I’ve got people staying with us.

Tom Crolly: ‘Who do I kill to get a ticket?’

Phill: Ronno was one of my best mates to he never leaves. How do I stay so fresh? Palmolive.

Steve Baratta enquiring as to Trudi’s knee. Slow but sure.

David Allan: ‘Is the ‘Artful Dodger’ album being re-released in July?’ No idea; nobody tells me anything.

Steve Parsons: ‘Have a fantastic night.’ We did.

Jordan: ‘What do you want to do when you’ve finished?’ Finished what?

Geoff Byrant: ‘Any chance of the Jubilee bash DVD?’ Not a bad idea in retrospect, but clearances would be a nightmare. Had Pete Moshe do the front sound. Pete’s been the engineer on the last four albums. We’ll be over there soon, anyway.

Mike O: Another one for Nova Scotia (Halifax). What’s it like in the summer up there. Is it cooler?

Rockin’ Rob: ‘Is there one song you love singing night after night?’ Yes, actually – I’m enjoying ‘Now Is The Time’. ‘Is there one song that you dread?’ Not with the Rant Band, no. If I dread a song we don’t do it.

Jeff reminding us all of Memorial Day. World War II made sense. Incredible really. People being slaughtered all over the place and the banks were still open for business.

Neil McCormac: ‘Do you (a) read the comments on the forum section and (b) think ‘why the hell do we even bother?’ I don’t get where the negativity comes from. I was at Hammersmith ’09 and Manchester ’13 and would like to thank the band for going back out there twice. I never expected to see MTH twice (I was born in ’67). On both occasions blowing the roof off. Thanks again.’

Paul Cavani: H.B. when it comes – see you in Glasgow.

Bjorn Svange: ‘Good to have Mr. Rock ‘n’ Roll back in Trondheim on October 11th.

Dan McAllister: We’ve done ‘The Outsider’ on occasion – never done ‘Old Records’. I’ve looked at it, but it doesn’t translate to ‘live’ somehow.

Max Spiedrum asks if I wear prescription sun glasses. Not on stage. I’m nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. They connect around 15 feet so I’m ok.

Kevin likes the acoustic side of things. I do too. It’s finding the time.

Steve Marrington: ‘Will you play ‘Central Park’ on tour?’ We did it the other night, but I have to keep changing – it’s in the mix – we know it – so maybe!

Klaus Beuckers: Come to Germany (especially the north). Mick Brow’s working on it.

Phil K wants Philly. Gigs are coming in as we speak, so hopefully they’ll be one in your neighborhood.

Bill Feaheny: ‘Come to New Orleans.’ Aaah. I’m old and you’re coming to Brooklyn anyway. Regards to Juniper Row.

George M. Gutierrez: Ah yes – the cup cake guy. Me (being British) I don’t eat that stuff, but the band enjoyed them thoroughly. Thank you so much. You’ve got Dennis DiBrizzi on keyboards; Steve Holley on drums; M.C. Bosch on guitar; Paulie Page on bass and James Mastro on color guitar. These people are the reason why I don’t quit. Every time I threaten to – one of Paulie’s uncles give me a call!

Jo Rishton: Cheers Jo. It was great. See you in the fall.

Margaret Finch: Hi David – Happy July 15th!!

Mal: Happy Birthday. Try not to break anything.

Jane from Austin – Happy Birthday!

Jim and Patti Tuyls – Happy Birthday!

Shaun Keogh: What a lovely letter. Thank you Shaun.

Jeffrey – Thank you.

David Pregler: ‘Would you play Minnesota?’ Yes, but it’s a question of routing – costing – logistics – a load of boring stuff you don’t want to hear about. It has to start with a promoter in your area making an offer.

Keith Nickless: ‘You gotta stay young you can never grow old.’ Do I live by this? Yup.

Simon Browne: ‘When did you last sing ‘Thunderbuck Ram’?’ Never did sing ‘Thunderbuck Ram.’ Mick wrote that and sang it way back when he had his high range. Good song, but we couldn’t do it with MTH because no one can reach the notes up there!

Thomas Brecht: ‘Looking back, would you have arranged some of the songs differently?’ I never did really arrange. I just presented the songs and whoever was around played them.
I do get ideas and make suggestions, but why hire great people if you’re going to tell them exactly what to play.

Francis :: All you people glorifying my ancientness is depressing the shit out of me!!

Trip Pair: ‘

K. Lucas: ‘

Larry Woodside: ‘

Ed the Shrew: ‘ Looking forward to Lincoln – new one for us.

David: ‘Wouldn’t it be great if you did ‘Your Own Backyard’ tomorrow night?’ Dennis plays for Dion as well. I said get him down – it’s his song. Dennis says – Haaaa – he’s the same as you. Never goes anywhere.

Michael Wolfe: ‘Does it ever get tedious when songs don’t work in the studio?’ It use to. Nowadays, you try to get all the knots out before you go it. Preproduction. It’s cheaper!

Kellianne Flynn – all right already!!!

Andrew Field: No more, please – I’m starting to think about it!!

Lee Ann: Originally – ‘Thunderthighs.’ English girl trio.

Mary Drew: Yes, I know.

Shugster: It’s all right for you.

Lee Ann: Anybody who’s available. It changes every night.

Jim McConnel wants Motts final shows to be standing only. You stand and we’ll sit. Will you be independent?

Pasquale/Marissa (Italy) wants us to play a museum!!

Otto Greenleaf: ‘Do you remember being Mark Goodman’s neighbor in NYC? (I think so.) He says you recommended a hairstylist in Beverly Hills and MTV paid $10.000 for his hair cut!! I went once and only once to a big time hair stylist in LA who made me look like Rita Hayworth id drag. The guy was famous – Trudi went because of Barbara Baker (RTB’s then wife) and Freddy Mercury. Maybe that’s who Mark is on about. If they paid $10,000 then they were royally stiffed. I think the going rate was around $125 at the time. I was in there 4 hours. Trudi had a great laugh at my expense – one of the more embarrassing experiences.

Yucca Flats: Yeah.

Jim Patterson: We’re talking about Nashville and Napa.

Tom Caulfield: H.B. with 13 exclamation marks – gee thanks.

JoeJo: ‘How come true fans got stiffed on the Winery Date?’ It’s always something. This wasn’t my idea. The Winery has a club list (you can join – they have lots of great acts). They also wanted the additional dates but the band had other commitments and it happened last minute. I did see a lot of true fans there and had a chat afterwards. I’m a singer in a band. What can I tell you? Anyway we’re in Brooklyn in September; no excuses for not seeing that show.

Victor: HB

Irina: HB from Russia with love!

Bob R: HB. Am I an ‘A’ hole or what!

MTH Fan: ‘On ‘Rollerball’ are you singing ‘You heard it here first’ towards the end of the song?’ I can’t remember what I sang, but this James Caan movie had the line ‘before the corporate wars’ in it. That rang a bell, so I think you’ve got it right.

David Shasha: I honestly didn’t think the Winery would go that quickly. There is no DVD that I know of.

Andy Baker: The dreaded H.B. I like Holmfirth.

Gerry Campbell: They should get rid of the ‘P’ in ‘Campbell – you never hear it. Glasgow – here we come.

Terry: ‘H.B. from gloomy Northampton.’ The team’s lookin’ up.

Dave hall: H.B. – you’re still dressing well.

John S.P. Walker: I’m reading this after the event – sorry.

Mike Costanzo’s got a book out, ‘So Help Me God: the Bibles and the Inaugurations’ was recently published – much of it hammered out to MTH and IH music.’

All this love is doing me in…..

As I can’t do new stuff on the fall tour feel free to send in your requests. Can’t say we’ll do them, but if something is appearing frequently enough – we’ll have a look at it.

Sorry if I missed you.

The Horse’s Mouth

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