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Horse’s Mouth

July 5, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #153, Jul 2014)

Horse’s Mouth

July 2, 2014

Hot, isn’t it…..

Margaret Finch – It’s a long way away. I may well forget!

Dave wants to drum in the band. Sorry, but I’ve already got a great one, thanks.

Howard Chapman is looking forward to Pleasantville.’ Hope it works out – festivals are always dodgy.

Jim K.: ‘I’ve come to realize you have a talent for orchestrating your songs, if that’s the correct term – building tension to a crescendo. ‘Ta Shunka Witco’, ‘Fatally Flawed’, ‘You Nearly Did Me In’, ‘Standin’ in My Light’ etc. – can you comment on your process?’ There’s always for a little drama. It’s the same with the set; now and again it’s a good thing. As Freddie Mercury used to say, ‘They love a bit of ballet.’

Mike McCaffrey: I’m not big on touring in the summer – too hot.

Seth Purvin: ‘Are there songs your voice won’t let you sing anymore?’ ‘Wash Us Away’ seems all out effort. You have to pace yourself – especially if you’re doing three (shows) in a row. And of course, the voice has been around a while. In general, most of them are fine. Actually, ‘World Was Round’ stretched me out a bit, but in the main – we’re ok. Haven’t done ‘Silver Needles’ in a while, but from what I remember it wouldn’t be a problem.

George M. Gutierrez: M.. Bosch (lead Guitar), James Mastro (color guitar, mandolin), Paul Page (bass), Dennis DiBrizzi (keys) and Steve Holley (drums). Thanks for the cakes!

Jo Rishton hoped we had a good evening at the Winery. We did.

Mal: ‘Happy Birthday – try not to break anything.’ I didn’t, but somebody else did.

Jane (Austin) H.B.

Jim + Patti Tuyls (Green Bay): H.B.

Shawn Keogh: Wow – lovely letter. Thanks.

Jeffrey: ‘H.B. you crazy diamond!’

David Pregler: ‘Please play Minnesota.’

Keith Nickless: ‘ ‘You gotta stay young – you can never grow old’ Do you still agree?’ I must admit I get up some mornings and my age freaks me out!! Must be pretty young at heart. Most of the time I just don’t acknowledge it. Ain’t nothing you can do about it. Don’t give it a thought.

Simon Browne: ‘When did you last sing ‘Thunderbuck Ram’? I never sang it; that was Mick Ralphs on vocals and me on the piano.

Thomas Brecht: ‘H.B. Your music got me through my darkest hours.’ I get quite a lot of that and it makes me feel good.

Rick Goward wants us at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano on the way to Tokyo. Frank Riley’s sorting it all out now.

Shirl R. Pilote got off on the Winery.

Andrew Field: ‘Your Way’ for the UK Fall tour and while you’re taking requests, a ‘concept’ album around ‘Ta Shunka Witco’. Don’t know.

Anders Akerstrom is looking forward to Stockholm. His 15 year old son wants ‘World Was Round.’ Too early to say.

Wullie: Bring it! We’ll see if there’s room!

Andrew Walley: ’32 bars of ‘Keep a Knockin’ – but not at the end – and preferably every Saturday Night. Thank you!’ Anything else we can do for you?

Mike Brooking, ‘Please, please, please – ‘Irene Wilde’ and ‘Ships’.’

Ian Edmundso: ‘Was ‘Sons ‘n’ Lovers’ about anyone in particular? Love the song.’ Yes, it was, actually. No!

Matt Nojonen: Beautiful. Wish I could do that!

Danny G.: ‘Listen to the ones we trust!’

Kevin (Newcastle): ‘Why wasn’t the MTH CD recorded in Newcastle? Mr. Watts had to virtually beg the audience to get up.’ It really wasn’t the Manchester audience’s fault; they were ‘forced’ to stay in their seats. it was the wrong venue (as was Glasgow), Birmingham and possibly the O2. Too strong on the security. Their argument being they were worried about the people in wheelchairs – but the people in the wheelchairs in Newcastle were fine. Going in – we hadn’t played on that level for so long – we didn’t know what to expect. Of course, hindsight is easy.

Tamara Guo: ’14 hours round trip – 776 miles total – 6 hours in NYC $250 – one glass of champagne, no dinner – awake for 29 hours straight – being at IH’s 75th – PRICELESS!’

Bill C. ‘What a week, and you were just the start of it! Best part about Tuesday was Andy York. I never equated him with Joe Elliott till Tuesday; not only did he do ‘Keep a Knockin’ – it was the intonations. Great night. Last minute call, but a good one. Many more.’

James Zemba: ‘H.B. – after countless shows – GOTTA see you in Cleveland again. Please tell me it’s soon – nobody’s better than you.’ Blush.

Wayne (Vancouver): ‘What do you think of Great White’s cover of ‘Once Bitten’? I think they butchered it. Hope you got lost of royalties from it.’ Remember the TV show ‘Dougie Howser’? They wanted Great White’s version of ‘Once Bitten’ as the signature tune. Great White wouldn’t let them have it because of their ‘image’. Go figure.

Janey Todd liked my February reply, but I can’t remember what it was. She also enjoyed the Winery!

Bruce C. Bergmann: ‘Can I post some shameless self promoting?’ (Go on then.) ‘I have an Art Gallery in Hudson, New York. My August show – the Artist – Michael Lindsey Hogg – paintings/drawings – he’s primarily know as a music director – UK Beatles/Stones/Let It Be/ Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus and more. So you, and all, hopefully, will attend on August 9th from 6-8 pm – 116 Warren Street, Hudson, NY 12534 (2 hours north of NYC.’ There it is – so if you fancy a day out…..

Dave Drew: No problem.

Colin Thayer: ‘My only request for the upcoming tour is a little more chat between songs. Thanks.’ I know I used to chat quite a bit in the old days. It’s something you can’t force. I guess I just don’t talk as much now, sorry.

Lee Ann: ‘What’s your favourite Monty Python sketch?’ Well, I saw all the Python shows first time around. The ‘Dead Parrot’ would have to be my absolute favourite with ‘Lumberjack’ a close second.

Dave Rowe: Bring your Dad to the gig; I’m fed up being the oldest one there!

Hanoi: I just think the phones are getting a little out of hand. Sometimes I think I’m a whale breaching and seeing swathes of periscopes as I leap out of the water! The problem with recording gigs is now it’s hard to have an off night. Good for you – added stress for us. It’s all out there – I can’t stop it – so … fine.

Jon Carlson loves Rockford IL at the Anderson Japanese Gardens (finest in the U.S.); Gigs every Tuesday night.

John Dalton: ‘I recently rediscovered ‘The Loner’ from YUI ORTA. My compliments! It’s a great rock and roll song. Any chance you and the Rant Band could resurrect it on your next tour?’ Earlier on we were talking about difficult songs to sing. This one’s the hardest vocal I’ve ever done. Ronno’s on the record but I prefer Robbie Alter on the demo. I always thought it was up there with my best, but it never seemed to get noticed in general. Who knows. A major band asked me for a rocker and I offered this one – they never got back.

Jeff Scott: ‘Met you outside the Winery as you were going in the side door (the guy with the MTH t-shirt). Forgot to say H.B. Flew up from Texas that morning.’ Thanks, it would be nice to play Texas again, sometime. Kickass.

Steve McDonald: ‘I wish you would record a version of ‘Mother’ with a violin – a la Alejandro Escovedo’s cover. The violin brings out the beauty of the melody more than the mandolin. Loved the song ever since it came out.’ Well – there never seemed to be a violinist about when I’ve done it.

Jeff Stache: Everything’s a rip off!!!

Geoff wants ‘Great Expectations’ on the next UK tour.

Ken Russell wants ‘Angel of Eighth Avenue’ on the next UK tour.

Michelle Pierce wants ‘God’ for the UK tour.

John Cook says, ‘Come to Bristol.’ Not this time, I’m afraid.

David Parry wants ‘Standing In My Light’.

Maloney loves MTH CD/DVD. ‘From a kid in Philly who’s been a fan from my first album ‘Mott’ (which you signed). Thanks again!!!’

Matt Nojonen: I always think the 1860s were a tad more interesting than the 1960s. The drag was it was hard to find a good dentist in the earlier period – although in England in the 1960s most of the buggers would have passed for hairdressers too.

Andrew Ward: ‘ ‘Picasso’ at the Sage Gageshead? Really looking forward to it.’

James Davis: ‘Do you listen to classical music and have a favourite composer?’ I’ve had a listen over the years. It seems they all had their halcyon moments.

Mike Hummel: ‘ ‘Boy’ is iconic. Hope it means as much to you – Iowa.’ Thanks.

Ian Mack: ‘Have you ever been inclined to ‘donate’ a song of yours to a struggling band much as David Bowie did for MTH?’ That is one gigantic mystery; I still don’t know why he did it. He was pretty young then and the young are more generous. I can’t honestly say I could do that. I remember the Hollies wanted ‘Roll Away the Stone’ – no bloody way!

Rockin Rob: ‘Have you ever written a song you thought was total rubbish, but it turned out to be a hit?’ Yes.

Lee Ann: ‘Read Lisa Robinson’s book ‘There Goes Gravity?’ ‘ No.

Yucca flats: No problem – thanks again.

Eugene: Mick told me David had given him a ring but Mick said, ‘it’s been done – why do it again.’ Typical!

Benge Wallgren: God – I said that!! Apologies to Lund!! Benge wants ‘Wings’, but you can see from this HM that everybody wants something different and there’s just so many songs you can do in a set. I’ll probably just do what comes to mind – that’s what I’ve always done.

Whalespoon: ‘Several of your songs have become more well known via other people’s recordings. Has that been a surprise to you? Do you ever write songs with other people in mind?’ I just write them. Once they’re out there – anybody can cover them. It’s always a surprise when it happens – and it’s flattering to boot. Obviously the financial end of it helps, so on the whole – you can’t knock it.

Andy Allison: ‘Why don’t Mott record another album?’ That’s a difficult one. I don’t really know why. It just seems business gets in the way with MTH. I love the guys, it’s a great band. Can’t say the same for the business end of things.

Steve: ‘Any chance of Montreal – you were here with Mick Ronson in ’89 – fantastic show.’ It’s up to promoters (as usual).

Al-righty then. Stay cool everybody.

The Horse’s Mouth

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