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Horse’s Mouth

September 18, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #155, Sep 2014)

Sep 10, 2014

Great audiences at Fairfield and Brooklyn. Most enjoyable.

Helen Mathew: I’ll forward this to the appropriate channel.

Thom Williams: We’re playing Atlanta – check the dates.

Bryan Chirillo (20): ‘Any special memories of working with Mountain?’ Mott loved Mountain – and Mountain loved Mott. Had some great times. Felix was brilliant – could follow anything. I’ve known Corky better than the other two. ‘What’s your favourite album cover?’ I don’t really think that way. If it suits the record it’s fine by me.

Freiman’s son had them play ‘Life’ at his wedding. Good show.

James P. McCabe says Mott featured in new book ‘Glam Rock’ by Alwyn W. Turner – V.S. Publishing.

Howard Chapman enjoyed Pleasantville.

Pete Mad Manc – coming to the Bell House – first time in the USA and says he looks like me.

Jonathan: ‘Could the live album be released on vinyl?’ At this point, I don’t know. We’ll see.

Dave Herman: You’re asking me?!! I don’t have a clue about computers!! Hopefully, by now, Mick Brown has sorted you out.

John O’Rourke: What do I think about people shooting video’s of shows? Not a lot.

Jens P. Jensen: ‘Will ‘Ships’ be in the Norway shows?’ Too early to say, the set varies.

Brian: ‘Boston?’ Looking for a venue.

John N. says the live 2010 cd is excellent. ‘Come to Washington.’ We are – check the gigs.

Dave Grant: ‘Listened to the advance downloads of the new album – superb from start to finish. ‘Picasso’ – stunning.’

Rick Graves won’t be able to make a Stateside gig, but will be in Sweden.

Bob Knight asks if Ralpher and I were at Cheeks first ever gig. You’d have to ask Phally – I can’t remember.

Jane in Austin: ‘Having lunch at Noodles + Co. on Monday – the music sounded familiar – ‘The Original Mixed Up Kid’. Ordered the new live cd.’ Yup.

Callum Jenson: ‘Last saw you 40 years ago – a fan of many of the songs. I’m now a controversial author (Dan Green). Google check ‘Murder of Mary Magdalene’, ‘Synchronicity’ and ‘The Scarlet Saint’. Maybe we can meet in Lincoln?’ Gigs are hit and miss, but it would be interesting.

Ian Mack: Where, on the spectrum of overall career do you fall?’ I have no real opinion on that. It never was a career – it’s life. Coulda done more – coulda done less. So what. Have you any idea what ‘making it’ entails. I do, and I wouldn’t touch it with a barge pole.

Phil Bentley: download of album is brilliant – see you in Lincoln.

Janet Mitchell: ‘Congratulations on a fantastic cd. Huge thank you to all involved – it is amazing (on repeat for four days).’ Goodho.

Phil Wood: ‘Absolutely love the ‘live’ album. Incredible.’

Kevin Quinn: So we met!

Wade Horten wants me in Vancouver with Alejandro Escovedo opening. Hey, you never know.

Dave Tyndall: ‘Ian – as an army U.N. Padre just back from Syria and Lebanon, is there any chance you can come up with a song of support for the suffering I’ve witnessed here, and all that’s happening in Palestine too? I’ve used many of your songs at services over the years. Amazing reaction (though I had to hand out lyrics occasionally). I’m just a child at 50 and I’d love for you to come up with something. Saw Mott at the O2 while on leave -awesome!’ If it comes – it comes; what a life you have!!’ Thank you!!

Danny says he’s not getting over me.

Hal Freiman: So – do I get a deal?

Steven Defoe says he can’t find a download link after he ordered and paid. We’ve had a few of these, but then a little later, they were sorted. Hope we can say the same for you. I don’t have anything to do with computers – nasty little things.

Joe Marn and his good lady wife are flying into London from Canada. Hope you enjoy.

Martin: ‘Play ‘Justice of the Peace’ again.’ It’s not on the immediate agenda.

Wade: Rather fond of me and Todd Rundgren doing ‘Eight Days A Week’ I liked that too (my idea).

Rick Michi: ‘Stunned and elated you’re coming up with a new studio album.’ (Don’t get too stunned or elated yet!) Wants songs live I’m not doing.

Steve Parsons: ‘New live album – songs flow nicely – arrangements work – vocals great (yes!!). Nice one.’ Another song I’m not doing – and we are doing a lot of songs.

Verne (Ohio) is very impressed with the live CD.

John Dalton: ‘Man Overboard’ could have been me. I was there. Fortunately, it didn’t pan out that way.

Bryan Chirillo asks if I am a big car guy? Nope. ‘Favourite car you ever had?’ XJ6 – big step up at the time!! Had an Anglia before that.

John Fawley: ‘Are you noticed in your own town?’ Dunno – I hope not.

T.S.: No problem, consider it done!

Geoff Byrant wants us to do ‘All of the Good Ones’ – slow and fast. Naa.

Greg: Every song is different. We just do what we feel is best for the song. Nowadays, we like to play as a band in the studio, so we haven’t done drums separately in a while. Dennis Elliott (later of Foreigner) was the drummer on ‘OBTS’. I just sat and listened – he had it 2nd take.

Gerry Gardner: I’m continually amazed at the stupidity of the average ‘worker’ these days. Most don’t give a toss. I know work is boring (I did it), but you might as well do it properly – the day is just as long either way.

Joe S re: Lou Reed: Only met him twice – nothing to relate.

Paul Dorman wants a Phoenix AZ gig.

George Miller went to Pleasantville and the Bell House.

Kevin Birch: Regarding my ‘H’ guitars. One was demolished and the other one of mine is on loan to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Terry: ‘Memories of Ellen Foley’s ‘Nightout’?’ Ellen was lovely – more Broadway than Rock and Roll, but what a ballsy voice!! She was good fun, too. Album did 600,000 world wide.

Timothy Connell: It’s alarming – none of you lot want what we feel like doing!

David Jackson: I don’t look for interviews, so it’s up to them. Not big on them. Not a good thing, really.

Lou Babbinga is happy about Chicago.

Mark F: No, never worked with Mark Knopfler.

Jeffrey says the winter’s going to be crap – and he knows about this stuff. Thanks!!

Phil Grant is happy about Atlanta. Haven’t been south in a while and am looking forward to it.

Steve: Don’t remember this one. Hoping Mick pops up on this tour (and maybe Pete!).

Rick Goward: Couldn’t afford Roderer at the time!

McClenaghan: I don’t know of any MTH tribute bands. Joe and the Down ‘n’ Outz do some of our stuff, but they are not really a tribute band. I think ‘Nott the Hoople’ rears up once in a blue moon. I don’t think tribute bands need permission. What do I think of tribute bands? Frankly, I don’t really get it. It’s been done.

Val: Noted. Regards to Pete. You must be glad of the fresh air after Leicester. Be in Aberdeen soon – if you are in the neighborhood … Fred’s gone. Still see Mill now and again.

Trevor Lee: Holmfirth is a good venue; the Music Hall was too echoy.

Bill Holmes: ‘Dirty Laundry’ was a one off. Great bunch of lads to work with, but that was it.

Ian Brown: ‘Australia’. I get a lot of requests for down under but so far no promoters are contacting Frank Riley at High Road Touring to make an offer. As we are going to Japan, it would have been nice to go, but so far – no good.

Ian Mack: I think I’ve made a few points – perhaps they were a little too subtle. Anyway, I’m just a rocker. I like to make people feel better.

Jody wants the Iron Horse again in Northampton, MA and is very happy with ‘Live in the UK’.

Terry Rey: Apparently not at the moment. Sorry.

Patrick: ‘Were you ever particularly nervous about performing in front of famous people, musicians or otherwise?’ Not at all, really. That’s the great thing about being in a band rather than solo – and most of the time you don’t know they were there until after the show. ‘Can you watch someone’s performance for enjoyment or do you find yourself critiquing content or execution?’ Depends on who’s on doesn’t it? I’m not keen on phony – can’t stand ‘pop’. You may not know when certain people are faking it, but I do. I have a terrible time watching Tracie and Jesse. I’m so anxious for them.

Fraser Crombie: ‘Trio show was sensational (Andy York, Dave Roe and moi). Any chance of a release?’ Andy’s looking into it; I’ve not heard them. Too early to know.

Phil Monaghan: Shrewsbury was pretty dreary in those days. It’s really got a lot more colorful over the years – quite a lively town nowadays. The team is doing really well this year. Obviously, the Leicester result was great. Mickey Melon seems to have injected some excitement into the proceedings. Northampton is doing well and the Hamilton Accies to boot!!! My parents holidayed in Blackpool for years so I guess my father decided to try it out full time when he retired.

Margaret Finch: ‘Is American radio any good?’ No.

Graeme Rintoul: I think ‘The Outsider’ is self explanatory. Strange how songs are sometimes sent to the wrong artists.

Matt Nojonen: There was a discussion re: St. Louis and I think it’s panned out. Sounds great where you are.

James Ringland is going to Atlanta.

John Caswell is going to Nashville.

Dave Hancox: I said a 21 cd box set – now I’m told it’s a 30 cd box set. ‘President”s political from beginning to end.

Janey Todd: Who knows.

Jim hardy likes the ‘Artful Dodger’.

Janet R: ‘Boy’ takes in several characters. It is not bout one specific person.

Danny: Join the long list of people who want songs we’re not doing!!

Ed: Going to Charlotte. My first time – tell your friends.

Victor: You could try Proper. They are pretty clued in. I just write them; its all down hill after that!

Phil Grant: I think the live album will be on sale in Atlanta. As far as autographs go – we don’t do meet ‘n’ greets. If you happen to bump into me, I’ll be happy to oblige.

Simon Reynolds: Not particularly interested in ‘Glam’. Sorry.

Twmas: Yor mate wins!! Colin York, Colin Broom (Northampton) and I (Shrewsbury) met on holiday at Butlins (in Wales) and won a talent competition. That was how I started. I’ve been offered to go back recently, and they tell me it’s changed a lot. I’m just having a hard time getting my head around it!!

Denise Spencer Tenorio: Cleveland’s on the list.

Callmeafan3 fancies us doing ‘Mandolin Wind’.

Neil Salzman: ‘Shocked when ‘Teachers’ opened the fantastic Bell House show. Great version. What was the motivation?’ I just fancied a change. ‘Before each show I’ve been to (a lot) I guess how many songs from Artful you will play and which ones they will be. This time guessed 3 (correct) but only got one right (Swan Hill). I love that album and you rotate the five or so best songs off that album. Thank you lastly for ‘Black Tears’. It was dead on – the highest of the highlights.’ We had a good time. Great audience.

Steve is going to Infinity Hall.

Pat: ‘Hi Ian – enjoyed the Bell House; Steve Holley – I know his pedigree, but to actually watch him in action – amazing!! I know it wasn’t planned, but it was great to hear the greatest intro in rock ‘n’ roll three times (technical stuff).

Bill C: ‘NY awesome. That was the crowd that should have been at your birthday party (they were great too).

Tony Accordino: I guess that largely depends on how this one does – so far, so good!

Stewart: To me he was a great singles writer. Didn’t much care for the albums.

Paul Rivers bought the remastered ‘Artful Dodger’ and likes it.

Chris Hetherington is thinking about going to Nashville.

Tore Brynjulfsen: ‘Bergen, Norway again! Welcome! Ten years since your last visit and in the meantime three records. A great venue. We are hosting a pre-gig party and a post gig party at the Wesselstuen Bar and Restaurant where all fans are welcome (free entrance). What is your opinion of your last three albums. Some say a remarkable comeback – do you look at it that way?’ I think a lot about them when I do them and then it’s onto the next. That was then – this is now – and tomorrow’s interesting and hopefully better.

Henry: ‘Wonderful Ronson guitar on the end of Ellen Foley’s ‘We belong to the Night’ and ‘Nightout’ – both fade out. Was there much more Ronno on the original tracks before the fades?’ When I worked with Mick he did the fades so I doubt he would have left something special out.

It’s astonishing to me all the songs everybody wants – and I don’t think we’re doing any of them!! Right now there’s two distinct sets. One for the smaller rooms, and one for the larger. Most nights there will be differences. Sometimes you get stuck on a good run, but we’d really like to mix them up a bit. We’ll see!! I’ll try and get a H/M column in next month, but don’t hold me to it as we’re pretty busy.

Off we trot.


The Horse’s Mouth

P.S. Missed a few – sorry.

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