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Horse’s Mouth

November 14, 2014

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #156, Nov 2014)

Just a quickie in between tours. Had a lot of fun in Europe – most enjoyable!

Jake: ‘What about Pittsburgh?’ What about Pittsburgh?

Rich + Deb want a picture – if I’m around – take one!

Alice Lima: ‘You seem to play in the North East and the West, why not the South East?’ We are going down south on this jaunt, but it’s down to promoters. If they don’t book you – you don’t go.

Killianne Flynn: Going to New Hope.

Stale Tonnig: Member of ‘The Skulls’ who opened for us in Trondheim. Enjoyed it.

Rod Eisen: ‘Rant Band best you ever had – MTH included! Also really like ‘Strings Attached’. Do you stay in touch with Morgan Fisher?’ We have a chat now and again.

Pete Dunn: ‘Just got back from the Bell House – good night – see you in Manchester.’

Joe NY area: Do I remember Radio City? Yup. One of the worse nights of my life.

Callmeafan: By now you’ve got the West Coast dates. Enjoy!

Neil Salzman: ‘Shocked when ‘Teachers’ opened the Bell House show. What was the motivation?’ Certain songs start rearing their heads inside me before any tour – so I go with it. ‘Teachers’ has the added advantage of giving the rong sound guy a little leeway into the set. i.e. it starts with just two instruments.

Steve is going to Infinity.

Pat: Steve Holley was incredible last night at the Bell House.

Bill C: Enjoyed the Bell House.

Tony Accordino: Will you be releasing your next record on the ‘Rant’ label. I don’t know. It will be distributed by Proper in England and Europe – don’t know about the U.S. yet.

Stewart: ‘How talented was Marc Bolan – IYO.’ Great singles.

Phil Lewry: We don’t get Aussie offers as of yet.

Paul Rivers: I think it was Ricky Byrd who came up with the Picasso guitar solo.

Kate/Paul/Dave/Jenny wanted ‘Resurrection Mary’ at Portsmouth. Now there’s a place that needs a little organizing!

Nigel says I’m ageless!!

Allan Smith: Now you’ll see the real us.

James Zembas’ son has honored me with a specially brewed root beer – non alcoholic – good show! See you in Cleveland.

Neil Churm: I hung out with them on their Lear! No, you can’t have a new Mott album.

Mark Tomlinson: ‘Do a story tellers type CD/DVD’ Nah.

Chris Rogers: Mark C Bosch (lead guitar), James Mastro guitar, mandolin), Paul Page (bass), Steve Holley (drums), Dennis DiBrizzi (keyboards).

Corinne Scott: ‘Write another book.’ Dunno. Maybe.

Adrian Smith’s son is playing Berlin so he misses Manchester. Feeble excuse! How did it go?

Lou Babinga P: See you in St. Louis.

Ronnny Hawkins: ‘In what order did you like working with Mick Ronson, Mick Ralphs and Ariel Bender?’ Ronson – great arranger, Ralphs – great writer – Bender – great performer. All different.

Danny G: No Buffalo- sorry.

Tom Cochran: ‘San Francisco?’ We’re coming!

Callmeafan: I remember the Rainbow Room back when. We’ll see.

Brit Fan: We love Holmfirth – do you?’ Yup.

Timo Luopa: ‘Live In the UK’ brilliant – fantastic – how about Andy York and Dave Roe acoustic set? That may happen eventually.

Paul Kennett: As above.

Nigel Stradling: You’re welcome.

Peter Dring: Enjoyed Leamington Spa.

Ralph Cohen: Whoopsee. Plus, I didn’t do ‘Dead Man’ Sorry.

Brett Titch: Re: New Zealand: You need to contact my agent, Frank Riley, at High Road Touring in California.

Steveabs: Great concert at Leamington Spa. Whole band tight and effortless. Amazing night.’ Blush.

Larry Woodside: Who knows till we get there, but it would be nice. ‘

Phil Edgington says I was in great voice at Portsmouth. Ta.

Alan: ‘Loved your show in Portsmouth and will be buying your back catalogue. My review is here: http/’ Thank you for that.

Steve Marrington: ‘Last night blew me away (Portsmouth).’ See the sign outside saying closed – typical council.

Jay Tashjian: Get well!!!

Tom Semioli: Haven’t had time to check it out yet.

Bill Feaheny is going to Chicago after seeing the Brooklyn show.

Jed Goldman:’Do Las Vegas’ Nah.

Ian Mack: I would need a book for this answer.

Jess Cook: You’re not the youngest fan by any means, Jess. Sorry we didn’t do ‘Morons’!

Hal Freiman: Enlighten me – I’ve forgotten.

Ed the Shrew: Sure I keep an eye on Shrewsbury F.C. They’re playing Chelsea at home tonight. I would have loved to be there.

Bart: What are your thoughts when people compare Springsteen to Dylan?’ I have no thoughts on this particular subject.

Keith Smith: I’m fine with ‘Shrunken Heads.’ We do stuff – you just didn’t hear it on that particular night.

Lynn Erickson: ‘Any chance we’ll see you in Iowa?’ No idea, but I LOVE ‘Pickers’.

Dave Grant: ‘Brilliant show at Lemon Tree.’

Steve from Tulsa is going to both Nashville shows with his wife and two daughters.

Rich Goward: ‘Thanks for doing this column.’

Mark F: Scotland’s independence – any thoughts?’ Heart said yes; head said no.

John Dalton: ‘s a life long New Yorker – thanks for ‘Twisted Steel”.

Ja-ivarstene: ‘Read earlier ‘Old Records’ doesn’t work live – so a clip on U-Tube and it worked pretty good. Please do it in Trondheim.’ Jan mentions several other songs and I don’t think I did any of them – sorry about that. ‘Old Records’ was in and out – as was GFTO.

Paul: ‘Last Sheffield gig ‘cosmic’. Ta.

Neil Collie: We were offered, but it’s just too much traveling.

Vic Pyle: Come up North!!!

Callum Jenson: Nice place – loved Lincoln!! Hall a bit echoey. Lincoln was gorgeous.

Jerry Murphy – heh.

Rick Lake: Just the three dates.

Iain Moss: ‘Put ‘Man Overboard’ or ‘Shrunken Heads’ on vinyl?’ Good idea, but it’s down to the labels involved.

Bill Houghtaling: ‘Saw you and Ronson in ’78. You sang ‘Cleveland Rocks’ and the crowd didn’t respond so you changed it to Pougkeepsie sucks and got the desired reaction.’ I will endeavor to autograph at the Infinity.

Kirk: ‘Holmfirth was wonderful – where do you stay (we pampered ourselves at the Best Western in Wakefield this time only). I don’t do red wine much anymore. More of a champers chap these days – it’s on the rider. Had some great ones too.

Edward Shirley: ‘Really enjoyed Manchester last night.’ Is there a painting of you in the attic looking really old?’

Andy: ‘Just got home from the Manchester gig. Just wanted to say thanks; thanks for always delivering. Thanks for always making me smile and thanks for never taking the easy option. Every time I’ve seen you – whether it’s with the mighty Rant Band or the humbling MTH – you get better and better!! Long may you run, sir, and if you ever need an extra guitar/backing vocalist – I’d do it for free!!’ KNEW there was a catch!! Lovely letter- thanks.

Joe Marn (Canada) Saw the London gig – going to Cleveland.

Martin Curry – We haven’t got round to it yet. Andy’s doing a lot of stuff with JM, but eventually we’ll probably have a look at the tapes.

Scruffy Steve: ‘Why Holmfirth – now I get it – was there last night. Fantastic two hours. Voice in great shape. How do you stay healthy?’ I do work out a bit and I eat well (not too much), but really it’s a crap shoot – been lucky with DNA, so far. I like sleep!!!

Bertie McSpaddlen: Because he was so stupid.

McClenaghan: ‘You have had many great album titles and cover pictures over the years. – what involvement do you have in that part of the business?’ Early on Roslov Zeako was doing the MTH covers; he was great. It varies. I had a lot to do with the ‘Man Overboard’ cover. Mick Brown’s son, James, had a lot to do with ‘President’; I gave him the idea and he nailed it immediately. Chrysalis came up with the Schitzo cover. So, it varies!

Fiona enjoyed Glasgow (Yes, I saw you).

Mats Anderson: Hope you enjoyed Stockholm.

Alan: ‘At the Garage with three friends and son (14) – had a brilliant night. The boy loved it (good!). Good crowd last night. Glasgow certainly doesn’t let you down. All the best.’ Cheers.

Steve Daniels and son are looking forward to Nashville.

John: ‘Going to LA. Will you include 70’s stuff?’ It’s pretty much a cross section. You can’t please everybody so we just do what we feel like doing.

Andy Cowin: ‘Lincoln and Sheffield were difficult halls to play because they’re so echoey. Not really meant for rock bands. We need old wood!! I lost ‘The Floods Roll On’ a way back in my youth, and I’m still pissed off about it.

Carol Matthews: Remember Winifrid Atwell – she was a great boogie pianist.

Charles N: What is your favourite brand of tea?’ I’m not that picky. Can’t stand Earl Grey and all the fruity stuff. Just like tea. Normal tea.

Rich B wants ‘Sweet Jane’ in Charlotte.

Ian Mack: ‘Do you think your personal songwriting changed after ATYD? Did you make a conscious songwriting change in the early years as a solo artist?’ It probably did change after ‘Dudes’ because now we had to have hits. I guess I wrote that way for a while (as did Ralpher), but it gets a little strenuous and you get a little precious and it takes a little while to find yourself again – sometimes a long while.

Joejo: Nice one.

Peter Jordan wants us to feature Paul Page more on bass!!

Jon White: ‘Sad news about Lynsey de Paul. How did she end up getting the spoken work part of RATS?’ Can’t remember; we knew her, but I don’t remember how that came about.

Dave Parry: ‘My wife Debbie and I were at the Picturedrome on Friday – great venue – great gig. What do you feel takes some concerts to another level as this one did – from not only being very good – to being magical.’ Dunno. Audience can play a big part; the place is important – and you’ve got to know what you’re doing!

Charlie Fox: Did we do it? We were doing it now and again. Sorry if we didn’t. Sorry about the loss.

Nick Halliwell: Go for it! Regards to M.K. and T.G.S.

Billy Woods: We’ll be in Cleveland soon. Check the website dates.

Greg Hartman: ‘Saw you at the Bell House – what a show. Found ‘Standing in my Light’ cd a few months ago – best recording I’ve ever heard bar none. All the best.’

Chris: ‘What would you think of a Rock Band who named themselves after one of your old MTH songs?’ I’d be flattered if they were good.

Siren Merethe Raadal loved Bergen.

Chris Hludzik: Mick Jones invited me to help him complete a song he was having trouble with. He had a cassette with a riff on it and Mick Jagger jamming vocally on the riff. Mick had tried to add stuff to it and got all mixed up with it. I just took it back to the basics. When I turned up to do the video for it, Billy Joel was already there and played a gorgeous operatic version of ‘Dudes’ when I walked in. I remember his wife dancing on the piano and Billy rolling his eyes. Joel is an incredible musician ; he can play anything instantly. Wish I could do that. Peter Moshey keeps on about the Daryl thing but I’m not quite sure it’s me!

Liz Krinsky is going to St. Louis (on her door step) and Chicago.

J.B. wants to see some of my ‘fancier’ guitars in Atlanta.

Joe S: An Anglia is a small English car from the 70’s. Carry on!

Gary Aston was well happy with the three shows he saw.

Doug Monka: Perk up a bit! The results the same either way.

Steve K: Thanks for an uplifting tour.

Frank Visconti: Wish him Happy Birthday from me, but this aint going to happen!

Matt Nojonen is going to St. Louis.

Lou from St. Lou: Thank you for coming to St. Louis. Me and my Hoople friends are looking forward it.

Trevor Yeardley: ‘What a gig that was at Holmfirth, UK. Did you enjoy it?’ It’s all a blur.

Larry Butti: The answer to this is elsewhere in this HM.

Trevor Lee: It would be nice to see the poster at some point, but there’s no real rush. I just remember Tony Wardle’s band.

Kevin (Newcasatle): Gateshead, spot on – set, sound, band – great night. It just keeps getting better.

Andy Baker: ‘Latest tour best for a long time (and the others are hard to beat). Live album right on the nail.’

Jan Peter Reeves: A traveller who loved Shepherd’s Bush and thought the set list great – me amazing – I could go on!!! Thank you.

Laurens Schellen wants Dutch and Belgium gigs!

David Evans: So far no Aussie promoters have asked. I do get a lot of mail though.

Robert and Lindsay: for astonishing amounts of money – yes! Congratulations, anyway.

Doug: ‘Any chance you’ll play ‘Irene Wilde’ or ‘Mother’ in Nashville? There’s always a chance.

Matt Nojonen: Boy, you were cramming it all in, in them days Mat!!

Otto Greenleaf: It wasn’t easy; I lost 14 lbs!! Just early days for said band. Keith Forsey got him right when he took him down an octave. Bill Price is a great British unsung hero. He was turning them out morning, noon and night. God knows how many hits Bill has been involved in – a 100 Dunhill a day man.

Bjorn Svange: ‘Great concert at By Scenen. I’ve seen you many times, but I think this was the best. We got more than we could hope for.’

Mark Hannon: I remember hanging out with Marianne when she lived in NY. Not in the greatest of health at that time, but she was great fun to be with. I guess we could do something – we would match. You never know.

Corby nick: It is an actual chain gang.

Trond Kvernmo: ‘It is unbelievable that you are 75 (don’t I know it). Never seen you so good or hungry to play. Brought my son and his girlfriend – you’ve got two new fans.’

Derek Brown: We don’t meet ‘n’ greet per se, but I’m reasonably approachable! Saw hi if you see me.

Bobby: C’mon. Ackies done nothing for centuries – give them their due!!!

Tom McGarry: ‘Not the best audience or venue in Aberdeen. Not sure why they don’t get it but for two hours you made this 59 year old feel like 18 again.’ Like I said – it’s a blur.

Pasquale and Maria from Italy: The set list is only a guide line for the show – it doesn’t mean we’re actually going to do those particular songs. Fortunately, I can launch in and the band can follow me anywhere. BTW, Italy want the Ian/Dave and Andy shows again. Don’t know if and when that will happen though.

Peter Jordan: Don’t give it much thought at all. Too busy.

Graham Stark: I don’t know what the bell was for either – a few of you noticed. It was just there is case anybody wanted to ping.

Wullie: Good show! There’s a box set of 30 cd’s coming out next year on Proper. Obviously it’s a mammoth (and expensive) task getting all the labels to license everything. There is stuff you’ve never heard before on it too. Because of this, my next one is scheduled for 2016 (which gives me more time to make it fab). Willie loved ‘Mixed Up Kid’.

Lentz: ”Angeline’ at the Hamilton?’ I don’t think so.

J.Z. Shakeyto wants ‘Silver Dime’ at the Roxy.

John Rolle: Noted.

James Tripp Pair: ‘Behind every great man is a great woman – that being said, Trudi you ROCK!! So thanks for all you do! Brooklyn show on fire.’

Glenn Metsch-Ampel: The chorus is good (and true) rest of it a bit too wordy. SIMPLIFY.

David Drew: Keep the good work up, David. I’m pretty busy at the moment.

There you have it. Abbreviated because my hand hurts. What a great bunch you all are. The audiences were fabulous and it makes life so much easier.

Till Next time,


The Horse’s Mouth

P.S. Sorry to those I missed, but it piles up touring time.

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