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Horse’s Mouth

April 5, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #161, Apr 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth – April 3, 2015

Kynmtb Kno4Ana nod 32 (or something like that) likes the site.

Greg Luff: Steve Holley – drums; James Mastro – guitar; Paul Page – bass; M.C. Bosch -lead guitar (not Luther) and Dennis DeBrizzi on keys.

Danny G: Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Matt Parish: No need to respond, indeed.

Peter Jordan: ‘Did you ever meet Billy Joel?’ Yup – met him on a video shoot on my 50th birthday. Played an orchestral version of ‘Dudes’ when I walked in. Brilliant pianist; he can play anything – not too shabby on the tunes either!!

Neil Mofatt: UK in 2016.

John Dalton: I wouldn’t say I’m a huge fan of Joe Jackson – it’s a different neck of the woods – but he’s a brilliant artist in his own area.

Rob Mend: We hated Paris (the Olympia) sort of gave us an edge. They didn’t understand us; not their fault as French radio banned everything but Johnny Hallyday – a really good actor – lousy singer.

David Drew and band coming down to the Bell House. Hope we bump into each other.

Paddy: UK in 2016.

Kevsta: Nothing as of yet.

Tim Livingston: Noted.

Phil: ‘Come to Germany!’ Where?

Pjb: ‘What can we expect on the box set?’ They are telling me 30 cd’s, so I guess you can expect pretty much – the lot.

Ooer Wullie found a 7′ Clash single signed by the band which he’s selling on e-Bay. If the sale is successful he’s popping over to the Winery. Jolly good!

Sam Baird: ‘Are you going to release ‘Live in the UK’ on iTunes or elsewhere?’ Around April 15th we believe it will be released on iTunes, Spotify etc. I would imagine California will be visited again in late 2016.

Daniel/Philadelphia: I wouldn’t assume – I have a crap memory!

Carlo Mathews: Ideas are the beginning of everything. Box set is supposed to come out late autumn. I’ll let you all know when it becomes definite. It’s the licensing that creates the problems.

Bertie McSpadden: ‘Did you really nail a kitten to a door following an argument?’ This report is totally unfounded and untrue. I would NEVER hurt a kitten (or any animal) – and a retraction was printed.

Ian Mack: ‘Where is the artistic break between MTH and Ian Hunter.’ Mott played my songs; the Rant Band play my songs. I see no difference between ‘Memphis’ and ‘Once Bitten’ – I wrote them both and the only difference is that Mott played Mick Ralphs’ songs too. To me – they’re all my babies.

Mark F: ‘Did Ringo approach you to lend a hand on his new album?’ Nah.

Ash: ‘You probably been told already, but TV programme ‘Supernatural’ was playing ‘Just Another Night’ in one of their scenes. Hope you are duly rewarded!’ News to me – thanks for the heads up.

Steve Inkersole: ‘Ref request by Victor Alexander in March Horse’s Mouth. If you can pass on my email address so he can contact me direct I may be able to help. It’s amazing what you find in those boxes of stuff the wife makes you store in the loft! Keep on Rockin’. Look forward to English dates in 2016.’

Jerry Murphy: You don’t have to stick to rehearsed arrangements – sometimes it’s fun to mess around a little. I like drummers who are slightly behind on the snare. Charlie Watts comes to mind. Steve Holley – my guy – likes it back a little also. Levon Helm was an amazing drummer and he would make the case for drummers who write songs. Songwriting drummers understand the songwriter a little more. I’m not keen on drummers who come to drum; same goes for guitar players who ‘come to solo’. The song must come first. A lot of people don’t know that.

Craig: If Bob was looking for a touring rhythm player for a month, would you get on the bus?’ I’d pull it.

Sara Novelli: Aren’t we lovely!

Steve: Great stuff on Jeopardy last night. The double jeopardy category was PLACES IN SONG for $1600, the clue was ‘Ian Hunter: ________Rocks’!! The contestant got it right, too.

Steve Baratta: ‘The next clue was Bob Dylan.’ Jeez – I’m impressed – all you intellectuals!

Richard Mazda: That’s Frank Riley territory.

Edward Shirley agrees with me in re. of Footie.

Robbin Snow: I really don’t bother as I don’t read much fiction. I buy books for the subject matter and prefer non-fiction.

David Hitchen: ‘I live in Oswestry and my question is, ‘What address was Ian born at in Oswestry?’ I’ve seen a photo of it – it was a two up and two down in a streetful, but I have no idea of the actual address.

Marty: ‘Did Ronson have any good yarns about hanging out with Iggy in New York in 1981?’ No.

Martyn Roberts: Where were you born in Oswestry? Do you know the street? It would be good to commemorate.’ No idea. I think my Day played football for Oswestry, but this was June of ’39. Chaos looming; we weren’t there long. My mother took me to Scotland when the war broke out.

Short and Sweet!

IH (thawed)

The Horse’s Mouth

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