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Horse’s Mouth

June 18, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #163, June 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth
June 12, 2015

Praise be to all my well wishers!! Grateful for the attention (and the champagne). Got enough for a while here. We had a fun weekend ranting and what with one thing or another it’s taken until today to get the time to do the Horse’s Mouth. Here goes….

Jeffrey is telling me it’s 80 degrees.

Matt Parish: ‘Ever consider a show with none of your expected hits on it?’ Basically, you know I can’t win this one so I usually play what comes to mind. We were just out and I managed to cut ‘Once Bitten’ for the first time in yonks. A set list is not as easy as people think. All those obscure lyrics? Nah.

Richie Cornacchi wanted (and got) ‘Who Do You Love’ at the Winery.

John Caswell wanted ‘Don’t Let Go’ for his son, Patrick, at the Bell House. I’ve just seen this now and I’m sorry we didn’t do it. All the best with what you are going through – not an easy situation.

Mike Pecucci enjoyed the Japanese tour diary piece in Mojo. Will I do another diary? Don’t know.

Michael B has been collecting memorabilia for the last 20 years. He wants to know if anybody has unearthed stuff recently that’s not been heard of before viz a vee the Marionette tour.

Lee Ann wants me to play Denver so I can get a proper cowboy shirt at Rockmount Ranch Wear – or I could google it.

Craig: ‘Do you have a piano in your house just for fun and if so, what do you play on it?’ We used to have a Kawai baby grand but I donated that to Cleveland. I have a Roland ‘V’ at home which I love, but it’s strictly for writing and rehearsing on except when Jess comes up. We’ll sometimes have a play. By the way, Jesse’s band opened for me (for the first time) at the Bell House. They were great and went down great too.

Ian Mack: ‘As an astute manager of your image, did you ever consider the negative associations with your iconic ‘Iron Cross’ guitar?’ Not really. My guitar is a Maltese Cross and I just did a google search and can’t see your point.

Mark F ‘How’s the new album doing?’ Still writing – probably 75%. I could go in at a push, but I’m still lyric hunting.

Prudence: ‘Hello Mr. Patterson, I have no question. I’ve had a crush on you since I was about 6 years old. At 19, I snuck into the Chestnut Caberet and managed to climb on stage to get a kiss before my mother dragged me out by the hair. I just scored the very last tickets to the Sellersville show. I’m in the last row, but if you sing a bar of Dear Prudence, I’ll climb right over some VIP’s to come steal another.’ Hope you enjoyed.

Danny G wants to know my favourites: Jerry Lee song – ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’. Beatles song – too many to mention; Dylan song – it changes over time – ‘Jokerman’ at the moment. ‘Was Ronson the best you ever played with?’ I’ve been lucky with guitar players and I hate saying this guy’s better than that guy. They’ve all been great in their own way. Mick Ronson had the most beautiful tone – kind of pure and child like.

Johan says he met me in a London club in 1980 and I sang/talked ‘Britannia to Jack’. Still got my autograph on a memo. Nice one.

Bart: ‘Do you wear glasses around the house?’ If the sun is streaming in – yep! ‘Favourite drink?’ Champers. (I know – I know!)

Johnny Marti says the show was wonderful in Durham, NC and he wants another one. So do I.

Phillip: ‘Were you on the Toronto subway, Thursday afternoon? Too embarrassed to ask. Love you! Phillip.’ Nope.

Jeffrey: Re: weather forecasting. I just don’t see why I should be told what yesterday’s weather was like. Just tell me what’s happening tomorrow. It takes 30 seconds – not 30 minutes. Thank God for Netflix. I get my news from Bill Burr!

Gerry B: ‘Which of your songs has generated the greatest royalties?’ Dunno. ‘Cleveland Rocks and Once Bitten are up there.’

Diane Smith: ‘Did you hear that Paul Shaffer and his band played ‘Central Park ‘n’ West’ during David Letterman’s last show?’ We were in bed and I heard them do it twice. It would have been great to have been there and done it with them. Paul always said the song was Letterman’s NY favourite.

Yucca Flats: ‘I see David Letterman’s band played ‘Central Park ‘n’ West’ on the last show. Nice to hear. Please play Boston soon. I think we will be seeing you in Boston – soon.

Sam Baird – Same again (CP+W). Yes, I played it on there a while ago.

John O’Rourke wanted ‘Wasted’ or ‘Your Eyes’ at the Winery. Sorry.

Marty Skorski: ‘Why won’t you come back to Detroit? You and Nils Lofgren would be one hell of a show.’ It’s down to the promoters. If they don’t ask – I can’t come.

Dave Hancox: ‘Do you still get problems from the authorities regarding the night in the Indianapolis jail?’ I still get pulled into ‘the room’ every time they retool their computers. The drag of it is – I was innocent. As far as the new record is concerned, I’ve got to do it first. We’ll worry about the rest later.

McClenaghan: ‘At what point, and for what commercial event, did you earn release from the ‘money’ music industry and did your writing change thereafter?’ Maybe just after Mick’s death. There wasn’t a specific point. It was a process of finding motivation – starting over. Of course, I was older, so it was difficult to regain the interest. Most people considered me ‘done’. I just didn’t want to play ball any more – and I haven’t.

Bill Stivinski: ‘Saw MTH at the Palace in Waterbury – 40 odd years ago. Queen was the warm up band.’

Wayne Chaney: ‘I just blew my brains out in my car to your music. You are undoubtedly the most talented singer/songwriter of all time!! I f- – -ing love you!’ Well thank you, Wayne!

Wolfgang Strzyz: ‘Dear Ian, did you ever get a Gold or Platininum LP/CD? And if ‘Yes’, for which record. Best from Frankfurt, Germany.’ I’ve got a few on the wall downstairs. I don’t have them all however. I believe Great White’s version of ‘Once Bitten’ went double platinum. They gave me the first one, but wanted to charge me $75 for the second one. Welcome to the music biz.

Jan Peter Reeves travelled from Germany for the Winery shows with his wife and son. I guess we never met, and I’m sorry I didn’t get to shake your son’s hand. I’m only reading this now. Tell Ian, hi.

Rooster: (again a late one) ‘Willing to trade two Stones in Pittsburgh on 6/20/15 nosebleed, but good seats, for an opportunity to buy tix to see the Rant in Sellersville. $600 face value, free.’ Wow!! I’m only reading this after the event, so I guess you missed the gig. Sorry about that.

Ian Mack: ‘After the success of ATYD, how much of the MTH audience did you feel understood what you and the band were about and how do you feel about that time and now?’ All I knew back then was if I didn’t write some hits we would go under. I wrote a few and we still went under – no win situation. Now it’s all bunce. I’m having the time of my life.

Phil Wood: ‘Saw Lynyrd Skynyrd at Hammersmith – great show – Mick Ralphs joined them for ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ chaotic and brilliant (just how Mick likes it). Have you ever got up with anyone who gave you a buzz?’ Jeff Tweedy and Wilco come to mind; Joe and the Leps. It’s kind of buzzy turning round and seeing Ringo and Sheila E on t heir kits!

John Dalton: ‘I recently listened to ‘Death of A Nation
And was struck by the lyrics. It seems that song could be applied to several nations today. Let’s hope for some major miracles to help the world change for the better.’ Here, here!

Eoghan Lyng: ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ is co-credited to Mick Ralphs (it is???). What was the writing process for this? Did one write the melody – the other the lyrics – how did you collaborate?’ Mick’s my mate and always will be, but I wrote the song – words and music. Mott’s writing strategy was you just played something in a rehearsal room and if they picked up on it – it was in. If they ignored it – it was back to the drawing board.

Carlo Mathews: ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’ – not my finest hour – not keen on the songs. Struggling….slow studio. ‘I often write music when I’m learning new guitar chords – do you?’ Yup – that’s one way (piano as well). I’ll take it anyway I can get it – dreams – if it’s random. ‘Please write an autobiography.’ Maybe someday.

Janey Todd couldn’t make it but mailed her ticket to me at the club. She thought there was an off chance somebody could use it. ‘I’ll catch you round the bend.’

Karen in NJ: ‘I’m finally getting to frame a URIS poster. Hope there are fond memories for you and your band of the time.’ Never thought about it, but now I am, and it was great.

Ben Dover: ‘Why don’t you do a ‘Live at Darrell’s House’?’ Maybe, someday.

Ron Capko says hi to Janey Todd. Says he’s in double digits with us now. No – you’re not a groupie!!

Mike: ‘Where do you get your clothes?’ Anywhere. Google up a description of what you think you’d look good in. Just because you’re of a certain age – you don’t have to add to it by wearing ‘old’ clothes (my daughter’s advice!). Its difficult, but I’m always on the lookout. Do I feel a bit of a dick surrounded by 12 year old 70 pounds kids? Yes, but so what. I splurged at John Varvatos while at the Winery. Got a couple of jackets for the J.Geils tour; nothing like a good splurge once in a while.

Bryan C: ‘Any gigs in the southwest in 2016?’ I’d love to! ‘Will the box set be affordable to a student?’ No!

Tom L: ‘Do ‘Old Records Never Die’ on the 3rd at the Winery.’ We didn’t – but it was in the mix.

Andy: ‘OK – no Bobby Darin. Let’s try an easier one – did you ever meet Phil Lynott?’ I did a festival with Thin Lizzie for Jack Barrie. Trudi wanted to watch the show so Phil volunteered to baby sit Jess while I was on. Total gentleman.

Andy Martin: Have you worked with John Miles? I know of him, but I’ve never worked with him.

Kevin (Newcastle): ‘Well, you’re making me do something I never thought I’d do – a weekend at Butlins.’ Same here.

Larry Woodside says HB.

Lyndon Brown: You never know.

Tom McGarry: ‘How did Rolf Harris ever wind up on the Ronson Memorial Bill.’ Absolutely no idea.

Rick Goward: ‘Is ‘Wild Bunch’ a favourite movie?’ Sometimes when you first play what might eventually become a song – a phrase or saying comes with it. ‘Wild Bunch’ was one of those. I remember thinking, how am I going to get a movie into four minutes? Precis job.

Dirk Verelst: All I know is there’s 30 cds so it’s possible those tracks may be in there somewhere.

Colin Powell on Newcastle’s Premier League survival!

Tom: Both in 2016 – we’re hoping.

Keith Nickless: HB

Sam, Margaret and David Finch: HB. I don’t use a computer to write per se. But I sometimes reference with google.

Dave Crisfield, Mark Hughs, Yucca Flats, Snug Laverty, Jeffrey, Brent Coursey all sending Birthday Greetings. Much appreciated.

Thomas Lyday: HB

Mike: ‘Any chance of Tuscon or Phoenix?’ We’ve asked our agent, Frank Riley, to broaden the Southern aspect of touring. We really enjoyed the gigs last fall. Hopefully we’ll see you in there next year.

Tripp Pair and Francis L with more BD greetings. Thanks.

John Frawley: HB ‘How many years have you been married to Trudi and where did you meet?’ 40 odd years and we met in London.

Rooster: Just reading this post gigs, sorry. The Bald Eagle is the emblem of the United States. It has two wings – a left wing and a right wing – and if one wing fails – the eagle falls. That’s what I say.

Ooer Wullie’s goin’ tae Butlins!!!

Bob wants us at the Fillmore – Miami Beach. We’ll see.

Dave Hancox: There’s a lot of live stuff on the box set.

Hal: I think they wanted ‘Honaloochie’ live for the Box Set.

McNeill: Been coming to your shows for 4 decades. Last night (6/4/15) City Winery NYC was one of the best. Thanks.

Jim K: ‘Great shows at the Winery, Ian. What’s with the small bell on your piano? Does the band need to clock in like boys from the office?’ You’ve got that right.

Randy: HB

Dwight Weeks: Send it to Jesse John Music, LLC, P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06852.

Matt Parish: We’ll look into it. Ta.

Stephen Mennella: ‘What is the Rant Band’s current line up?’ Paul Page (bass); Mark Bosch (guitars); James Mastro (guitars); Dennis DiBrizzi (keys); and Steve Holley (drums and percussion).

Tom Crolly: HB

Caroline May: HB

John ‘n’ Dede Caswell came down from Boston to the Bell House.

Jane in Austin: HB

Thomas Brecht: HB. Thomas says he got into MTH in the early 90’s after the fall of the iron curtain. Until then good music from the free world was rarely on radio and to had to be bought on the black market. Since then he has travelled to the Mott reunions and many of my shows. I’m deeply appreciative of the travellers. Thank you, Thomas.

Kevin McAllister from Belfast says that U105 just announce my birthday in Northern Ireland. Good ho!

Steve K: We shall see.

Ken Grady: Welcome to the U.S.!! Our set is shortened – 50 minutes max. So you get an abbreviated version!

Jeffrey: ‘J Geils, huh – congratulations – back in the big time – Awesome!!’

Bob R: Ronno and I got up with Doug Sahm in New York way back when. Lovely man.

Steve Baratta: HB. Going to Columbus in September.

Kerri Fraser: ‘Absolutely stellar performance on the night of your 76th birthday! I cannot recall better voice or form! Band spot on! Next night was no less delightful. Definitely worth 9 hour drive from Ottowa.’ Best of luck with your situation, Kerri.

Chris H.: ‘Great show at the Bell House. Looked like the band were having a blast! What kind of art do you have on your walls?’ Just a word about the Bell House – they were there to Rock. We were a little tired, but the crowd obliterated that immediately. Four in a row. Who does that? Art on the walls? Sure I’ve got some stuff on the walls. Bob lithographs – stuff we’ve collected over the years – too many to mention.

Bill C hangs out with Paul – loved Jesse’s band’s set.

Ed: ‘Who would be in your dream band?’ I don’t think like that. I’m in a great band and that’s enough for me. It is not only talent and ability – it’s a team spirit – extremely hard to come by.

Jim Reid: ‘Are you planning to come back to Aberdeen?’ I have no idea at this time; we’ll see.

Pasquale: ‘Happy Birthday. The Cantanzaro Rock Museum reopened last month in a larger house. Your autographed picture stands close to Springsteen’s picture. Ciao.’ Good one.

Andy Tronick: We did ‘Silver Dime’ in a medley last autumn.

Andy Diament: ‘So what did happen to honesty, dignity and integrity?’ Money.

Rich B: Re: Gun Control. What is the point really – when you have idiots saying ‘first it’s your guns – then it’s your cars – then it’s your houses’ and idiots believing it. Then there’s ‘it’s not guns that kill people; people kill people’ and all that second hand car dealer garbage. Hey- I’m an alien!

Matt Parish: ‘Is there a way for your internet staff/guru to set up a search function in the Horses Mouth section? Even though you rarely add the initial inquiry to your response the answers may already be in there thus avoiding a repetitive question…or has this been asked already… repeatedly?’ [Justin jumps in] The search box at the bottom of the page will search the Horse’s Mouth columns back to July 2012. Otherwise, there is a feature of Google that will accomplish what you want: simply add as part of your Google search, and it will limit the search results to just pages on this site.

That’s it for now!!
Sorry if I missed you.

The Horse’s Mouth

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