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Horse’s Mouth

July 16, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #164, July 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth

July 7, 2015

What a great spring it was round here. Normally it goes from winter straight to summer. UK’s been a bit up and down though.

Danny G: Belated Happy Mother’s day to T.

Clammy joi Wilson wants Ohio and doesn’t seem to know we’re there quite regularly. Will be joining J. Geils on September 10th in Northfield, OH and on the 13th in Columbus.

Geoff Olsen: Sorry Geoff – music – or moments at its birth are what I mean.

John Dalton: Re: the FIFA scandal. I’m still not sure how this works out. It seems Europe hates this guy whereas other areas, notably, Africa, rather like him. He gets them stuff and in many areas the money is not there, so he comes in handy. How much corruption is exactly going on is hard to fathom because of western propaganda, but my guess is that Blatter and his posse are not exactly pristine.

Mike Jacoby: ‘Suffragette City’ was a good tune. It rocked – but we had a lot of tunes that were ‘good’ and rocked. ‘Dudes’ had hit written all over it and that is what the band needed at that moment in time. Great song.

Leftin: Would I consider updating Buffin’s ‘Summer Nights’ song? I don’t remember this one. I didn’t know he ever wrote a song. Woopsie.

Craig: We knew Buff was not well – not only that, but it was getting a little harder for him all the time. Pete and Phally were convinced he could do it while Mick and I were not so sure. It’s not just the illness. Drummers have to drum almost constantly to keep in shape – especially at the MTH level. He hadn’t played in so long there was the nerve factor as well. Fortunately, we had Martin Chambers from the ‘Pretenders’ ready to go and I thought he did a magnificent job – especially on the second run when he knew us better. Martin was an excellent choice because he learned how to play from Buff; they have similar styles and are from the same neck of the woods. Buff got up – got to play a bit and get what he wanted most of all – a MTH reunion. I found him eloquent and a tad less angry than he was in the old days. They’re making great strides, so Buff’s story is not over yet by a long chalk. Spare a thought for Jean who’s stuck by him all through this.

Rich Bruciati: I made my feelings felt many years ago with ‘Gun Control’. All I feel when I see these tragedies is anger. It’s like the NRA holding the rest of the U.S. to ransom. That lunatic saying less people would have been slain in church if they’d all had guns – what’s next. All the kids in school carrying? I love the U.S. but they have their share of morons just like anywhere else. Unfortunately, some of them hang onto bits of power by pandering to sections of the electorate who really shouldn’t vote. I’m all for an intelligence test before you can vote. A song won’t make a difference. Some people just got to grow up.

Joejo: ‘Happy Father’s Day! What’s goin’ on in 2016?’ As far as I can tell – at the moment – I’m going to put a new record out and tour with it in 2016 – both here and in Europe. There is also a 30 cd box set arriving some time in 2016. So we’ll be around!

Michael B: ‘Seattle!!’ Hopefully we’ll get there.

Michael Peters: ‘Chicago? What about MTH again? I flew to London for the O2 show and LOVED IT.’ Not too sure about any more MTH shows. Glad you enjoyed it.

REM: ‘Do you ever sit and listen to your old recordings?’ NO.

Matt Nojonen: ‘How did you get interested in Indian culture?’ Well – the silly bit first. I always thought they were the best looking people on the planet! Still do. But I guest most Americans – or aliens – if they’re at all bookish will eventually wend their way through American History and reach the embarrassing bit. Pretty amazing people in many ways; we pale in comparison.

Jason Quick: ‘Did ‘Alice’ ever make the big time?’ Maybe.

Lyle Wachovsk: ‘Great performance at the Winery. Who were the musicians? Everybody was applauding so loudly, I couldn’t make out their names.’ The Rant Band are James Mastro (guitar), Mark Bosch (guitar), Paul Page (bass), Dennis DiBrizzi (keys), and Steve Holley (drums).

Jim Patterson: ‘I really enjoyed your version of Lennon’s ‘Isolation’ a few years back. Do it as a bonus cut on the next album.’ Andy York told me to do that song – he thought it suited and it did. We’ll see.

Matt Parish wanted ‘When the World Was Round’ and, of course, we didn’t do it. Good song – we will bring it back some day.

Greg Becker: ‘J Geils and you doing Chicago?’ Don’t think so.

Bertie McSpadde: ‘Have you ever watched an up and coming band on the bill with you and thought they would never become successful, but they were?’ Well, I thought Joe Walsh was going to be huge (and he was) and I thought ‘Queen’ were going to be huge (and they were) and I thought Mumford and Son wouldn’t have a problem – and they didn’t – so you’ll forgive me for not mentioning some of the idiots that did make it that I thought were somewhat lacking in the musical department. Then again – who am I to judge?

McClenaghan: ‘Best and worst gigs you ever did?’ MTH had an alarming propensity for blowing it on gigs that really mattered. We stunk the Albert Hall up and blew Radio City (although that wasn’t our fault – it was a P.A. mess). As a solo artist with the Rant Band, I remember sucking at Shrewsbury and Leicester. Best gigs? Don’t really know. You only remember the lousy ones!

Ian Mack: ‘What one musical achievement are you most proud of to date?’ I’ve had great times with great people and got to do what I love for a living. I still love it, and if you can do what you want to do all of your life and make a few bob as well – that’s an achievement!!

Dwjohn: The casino in New Jersey didn’t want an opening act – simple as that. We’ll get there soon enough.

Jim K: Play ‘Overnight Angels’. Nah, Joe Elliott does it better.

Paul: ‘Do Holmfirth in January – you know you want to!!!’ We took the Butlins gig – then we needed a couple of gigs to warm up – hence Wrexham and Warwick. They’re all in the same neck of the woods. Holmfirth’s way over and up. Who knows with this weather we’ve been getting recently – so – we’ll see you chaps later in the year!

Nigel: ‘What were your thoughts when you first heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’?’ Buffin and I were there during the mixing – actually, it was the third day of the song being mixed. It came blaring out of four monster speakers right in front of me – a glorious caphophony of ‘bits’ Fred had put together. What did it mean? ‘Nothing’ Fred told me. They were so far into it they were asking me what I thought of the third line in the second section etc. etc. But really, the whole thing was pretty overwhelming coming in off Wardour Streeet on a rainy day. I know some people have compared it to ‘Marionette’ but the only thing they might have nicked was the idea of doing something in the same vein. There are no similarities between the songs.

Lenny Lelinko named his son after me (I remember!). Now his son has named his son -Ian Hunter Lelinko Jr.! Time flies. Congratulations!!

Danny G: Sorry about the fall.

Rick Graves: ‘Any chance the Winery show’s were recorded?’ Dunno – I’ll ask the wife. ‘I was talking to a guy who got arrested in Indianapolis a number of years ago. He said when he was in the holding cell he looked up and the name Ian Hunter had been burned into the wall. Did you do this the night you spent there?’ Wasn’t me. Some guys get statutes – some get plaques – me – this is what I get!!

Robin Shaud: ‘What’s the intro music?’ It’s an actual chain gang – James found it.

Al Trombetta: ‘Just finished reading Dennis Dunaway’s book and he mentioned your help and expertise as a musical guru – nice compliment from Dennis.’ I saw him on TV the other night – look good and spoke well. I like Dennis a lot. He sees everything in a different way. Good company.

Tim B: ‘Went to the Mick Ronson legacy event in Hull last Saturday. It was fantastic. Les Nicol played a set with his power trio. Do you know him?’ No.

Ivo: ‘I learned to play ‘Crazy Horse’ and performed it last weekend at my garden party. Just me on acoustic guitar and a couple of guys supporting me on Shaman drums. People loved it. Thank you for this great song.’ You’re welcome.

Oooer Wullie – go there in the end.

Jonny Cobb wants ‘Nightingale’ at Wrexham. He thinks ‘President’ is best one yet. Who knows.

Jeffrey: July 4th. All is forgiven.

McClenhan: ‘Did Mick Ronson ever tell you what he’d have done differently for production and arrangement of AAAB while it was being made?’ Not at all. Mick always said AAAB was his favourite album of mine – even though he wash’t on it. He was there when I was getting the songs together. He played with me, Jaco and Bobby Columby on the demo of AAAB. Unfortunately, Defries was up to one of his silly pet tricks, so we couldn’t work it out.

Ian Mack: ‘What did you think of Great White being nominated for a Grammy of ‘Once Bitten’? I didn’t know they were. You have to have a manager for that sort of thing.

Phil Monaghan: ‘Hi Ian – Greeting from sunny Blackpool. Blackpool v Shrewsbury Saturday 13th February/Shrewsbury v Blackpool Sat 26th September. Can I expect to see you at both or either? What are your predictions?’ From what I’ve been reading about Blackpool, they may not even make it! Shrews do the double!!

Danny G ‘Have a great 4th of July.’ We did, thanks.

Mick McKenzie: ‘Ever thought of re-doing AAAB?’ Nah, it’s done.

Howard: I’m so sorry it turned out that way. What a guy!! I couldn’t have done that. Some balls. God bless him.

Marie Harukawa: ‘Ian! You are a legend. Come to Tokyo soon.’ But we just got back!

Marcia: ‘Woody Woodmansey says he saw the ghost of Haddon Hall on the staircase in the house. [Coulda bin David – he was a bit skinny back then.] So Ian, have you ever seen a ghost?’ I haven’t seen a ghost, but I’ve been in a room with one – and believe me – they do exist.

Peter Jordan: I guess I just write what comes to mind; that’s what most people do. I don’t go looking unless it gets to the point where everything’s done and still no words. The problem with this particular set of songs is that instead of two lines rhyming, it seems there has to be three. Obviously, you don’t have to rhyme, but it’s cool if you can, plus a tad of wit to boot. I actually do have one lyric involving nature at the moment. Whether it makes the cut is another thing entirely. This particular song has three alternative lyrics already.

That’s it. Sorry if I missed a few.

Bon Jour


The Horse’s Mouth

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