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Horse’s Mouth

August 22, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #165, Aug 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth

August 16, 2015

Going to England tonight – hope it’s a shortie!!

Jeffrey is on about the weather. Actually, it’s been an amazing summer where we live – best in recent memory. Quite Hawaiian!

Darrell Bradley: James Mastro (Jimmy the Greek) just told me he’s been playing a Hanson Cigno for a while. However, if you saw us in Brooklyn recently – that was a Dearmond Jet star.

Tina: 1) Do you get fed up when people cover your songs and the songs sell more than you do?’ I prefer it that way. When you have hits all the stupid stuff kicks in. 2) ‘Do you have a say in what they do with the songs?’ Not really. 3)’Would you like to do someone else’s song?’ I do that now and again. Mott did it early on. 4) ‘Do fans send you songs to do?’ Yup, but I’ve not done one yet. 5) ‘You’re amazing.’ There’s no answer to that.

Bjorn Svange: I’ll be kind of busy, but make yourself known if we bump into each other.

Tim Peterson: ‘Did you hear ‘Dudes’ played at the all star game?’ Nope, first I’ve heard of it.

Jack: ‘Why was the show in Columbus cancelled?’ No idea.

William Houghtaling: What kind of throat lozenges do you use?’ They’re called Vocal Zones (best in the business).

Anthony Caminiti: ‘Great to hear your voice during the all star game (July 14th). Got tickets for Art Park. How long is the set?’ 45 minutes.

Joe – as above. Union rules and all that; we cannot do the full show. That’s the way it goes when you’re opening.

Owen Kelly: Lovely email. Thanks, Owen.

Phil Monaghan: Has emotion ever got the better of you when singing ‘Picasso’? It’s easier to do now than it was back then. At first I use to announce I was doing it to give a few people time to get out of the room! When you do a song like that, you have to zone out. If you actually dwell on it – it’s not good.

Danny G likes ‘Picasso’.

Tony Cox: As above.

Bobby Bank: ‘Colorado?’ Currently writing. After J. Geils, I won’t be out until next year.

Shug Laverty: ‘What’s Trudi’s favourite song you’ve written for her?’ Dunno – she’s out at the moment. I’ll ask her to fill this in later. It’s ‘Trudi’s Song’.

R. Goldzman: ‘Huge fan – really disappointed you’re off the bill on the 29th. Is this definite?’ We were never on that bill from the off. The casino didn’t want support at this particular gig. We’re playing the Helsinki in Hudson, NY that night instead.

Mike Pecucci: Re: ‘Meet ‘n’ Greets (basically). Not really keen on the idea. I don’t mind bumping into people. That’s more off the cuff and it doesn’t cost fans anything.

Paul Floyd: ‘When will you play Ireland? Have you ever?’ Haven’t played Ireland in a long time. I did some acoustic shows there way back when. I have no problem doing Ireland, but they have to come up with the goods.

Paul Cavan is looking forward to Minehead – could be a bit nippy, but we’re use to that in Scotland! Just hope we make it through the weather.

Pete mad manc: ‘Ian – see you in Wrexham – just had my lambretta wrapped in Ian Hunter and Mott cd covers and a pic of you on the front. Will give you one at Wrexham – picture that is.’ I was about to say…

Rege: ‘Ian, ‘All the Young Dudes’ was on during the All Star game. They had a thing on the age of the players – one didn’t know how to put a cassette into a boom box!’ There’s some young buggers about. I heard they played ‘Cleveland Rocks’ on Fox before the Republican convention (or Trumpville as it’s now known). One of the announcers said, ‘who wrote that? Another one answered, ‘Drew Carey’. Kinda sums ‘Fox’ up, doesn’t it.

John Dalton: Actually, I went through a ten year baseball phase and emerged relatively unscathed – but bored! So I’m not really the chap to ask vis-a-vie Pete Rose. If I were a betting man (as was Pete) I would think he’ll be sorted for all the millions of kids growing up in the game. He was a great player and a great fighter. I wish him well.

Matt Nojonen is on about ‘pow wow ‘ music. ‘talk about wild, uninhibited and powerful.’ Wouldn’t mind some of that.

Seth Purvin: Was never there.

Mark F – a fellow Pickers fan!! Yes, I heard that too, but it’s a well known phrase or saying.

John E Petrson: On comparisons between Bowie and me. There really are no comparisons. David did what he did and I did what I did. Take your pick! (You did!)

Wayne Christian Treiber – Trudi says ‘sure’. It’s P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752. Thanks!

Richie: ‘If you had to sum up your life in one sentence – what would it be?’ Impossible.

John Caswell: You’re very welcome.

Kifk: ‘Seven minute video of ‘Wings’ on U-tube. Sounds like it was the BBC recording of the concert. Is there a full film available? This is a bit patchy and grainy, but the song’s awesome.’ I know the BBC recorded the gig at London’s Victoria Palace. No official video can be found, although I believe one was done. The song ‘Wings’ was written in NY and Robbie Alter played guitar on the domo. Great guitar ideas throughout.

Wolfgang: ‘Do you remember any gig where you didn’t do ‘Dudes’? And is there another song you’ve always played?’ ‘Dudes’ is the only one I feel I have to play (or people get fed up). A couple of years ago I played the Tabernacle in Jersey and omitted ‘Dudes’. I was roundly told off by a very irate Graham Parker, who’d brought his son to see the gig. We rested ‘Once Bitten’ lately and haven’t done ‘Saturday Gigs’ in a while – although we did do it in Japan with Morgan Fisher.

Danny G likes, ‘It Aint Easy When You Fall’.

Howard Brizz – did merch for me and J Geils at one time or another. ‘Steve Holley with you?’ Yup.

Colin Thayer: ‘Presumably you are aware of Steve Harley doing a Ronson Tribute show in 2016. Will you be meeting up at Minehead?’ I’m not really aware of this. He hasn’t contacted me.

IVO: ‘How do you look after your voice?’ The voice is a muscle so it you’re going to be singing you have to tone it up over a period of time before you actually go out. If you’re touring on a regular basis, it’s a good idea not to scream your head off as your voice doesn’t like that. I’ll usually go through the paces raising the time limit each day until I feel comfortable – then the band pops in and we all lift it a little bit higher. Then we gig.

‘A father/son relationship has been a central topic for many songwriters, but ‘Ships’ and Springsteen’s ‘Independence Day’ stand out. How was ‘Ships’ composed?’ I had the verse on ‘Schitzo’ and Steve Poppovich (my then manager) flipped and said I had to finish the song and it had to go on the album. I managed to finish the song quickly, but I’d had the verses for a while.

Pete: ‘Thought you’d like a chuckle. Am playing an online football management game and have created the Hunter Hoople FC. The stadium is ‘The Moon Upstairs’ and the Fan Club is ‘All the Young Dudes’. After only 3 seasons, we’ve been promoted from the lowest league. It’s a hard slog, but we’re looking forward to the Premiership!! How all is well – Australia awaits!’

Tom McGarry: ‘Do I write with an ending in mind?’ No – some come with endings – some don’t. We still haven’t found an ending to ‘Crazy Horse’. It just sort of stops.

Gary R: ‘Canada.’ Got to get a record out first.

PJB: ‘Great sound on 2010’ CD.

Vince Mezera: When I was 13 I got your cd in an unusual way, but I became an instant, lifelong fan and that album changed my musical appreciation for life. Is there an artist you’d like to write with?’ There’s a few – if it ever happens – it happens. I don’t get out much!

Steve H: ‘What is your take on income from royalties? Do you get paid one way or another? How would you prefer your fans to buy your music? Come back to Birmingham soon!’ It’s hard to keep up with, isn’t it. I’m really not all that bothered. Trudi handles that side of the business.

Bionictomato: ‘Curious how a song begins for you…tune in your head? How do you start? Piano? Guitar? Lyrics first, maybe? Nowadays, with the best band alive – is it more collaborative? Gotta say, been following since ’73 – never disappointed me once.’ Songs writing’s kind of random. You can’t put your finger on one specific. If you could, everybody would be at it. I’ve woken up with one in my head – sound checks – there’s a quietness when something new is trying to get through. I recognize it when it happens. I instinctively feel it – but how it works – I have no idea.

Mike Costanzo asks about the Lou Reed, David Bowie rough vocals on MTH tracks for the ‘Dudes’ album. Don’t remember much. Hadn’t got a clue what Lou was about – obviously, I do now. It was an exciting time for the band, but I don’t remember much about it. Ask Pete !!

OOr Wullie: ‘I think the touring concept of doing a compete album from the back catalogue and a greatest hits medley really works.’ Maybe for you!

David Woods: ‘Glastonbury’s a huge festival. Would you play it if you were asked?’ I have been asked.

Peter Mason: ‘Shepherd’s Bush?’ Probably, autumn 2016.

Vic Pule: ‘What kind of bribe can we offer you to come back to Toronto?’ Have to find a slightly bigger venue. The last one was too sweaty.

Kellianne Flynn: There you go!

Matt Nojonen: ‘Check out William Henry Jackson.’ Thank you.

Gary: ‘Has Ian considered playing at the new venue in Bury St. Edmunds The Apex? It’s a small venue – the acoustics are fantastic – and he has a big following in this part of the UK.’ I’m sure Mick Brown will check it out. We’re always on the lookout for something a bit different.

Terrance: ‘What do you attribute your continuing legendary status while so many contemporaries have been out of the business for decades?’ I like the idea of getting better and I don’t like the idea of irrelevancy.

Eirik: How about a live DVD? I’m too old for HD!

Linda Dupret: Difficult at the moment what with one thing and another. Try me next year.

Jimmy: What are your memories of working with Clarence Clemons?’ Only worked with him the once. He came, played and went. Magnificent in the E-Street Band. I loved the way Bruce used him. You wouldn’t hear him for a couple of tunes and then all of a sudden that huge sound came at you. Brilliant.

Scruffysteve: We were thinking later in the year.

Jerry Ross: I like that Milwaukee gig. It’s a casino, but it’s really nice and they treated us well.

Willie Ahnberg, Ulf Borjesson, Sven Lindvall: How are you all. Glad Sven’s better. I’ll get Trudi to help you with the publishing. Should be there in 2016 – if I’m still in one piece. Good luck with the album.

Pat: Re: Vera Lynn. Yes, I saw that Churchill documentary. I’ve got Vera in a song on the next record.

And I’m off.


The Horse’s Mouth

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