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Horse’s Mouth

September 10, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #166, Sep 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth
September 3, 2015

In the van with Paul, Dennis, Jim, Steve ‘n’ Trudi – going to Portland, Maine. Tour with J. Geils going really well. Really nice people to work with who go out of their way. So …

Martin (Australia) wants ‘It Ain’t Easy When you Fall’ in studio format.

Neal B: ‘Would you consider Hull or Beverly at some point?’ We consider everywhere if it makes sense.

Danny G: Another ‘It Ain’t Easy When You Fall’ fan.

Nick Malcol: (Jesus, this road is bumpy [Harper Ferry]) ‘If you played ‘Dudes’ first – would everybody leave?’ Only reality fans.

Raul Anselmo: Came to Huntington from San Paulo, Brazil. Thanks for coming! We had a few monitor problems and the set was short. Try us again sometime!

Phil Huband: ‘Where did you get the ‘H’ guitar?’ Can’t remember – it was the same guy who built Pete’s tear drop bass – that was a monster. ‘Have you smashed a guitar on or off stage?’ Both. I knew it wasn’t unseemly, but I used to get excited!

Erik: ‘Do any of the Rant Band want their songs included in the set?’ No one’s said anything so far. Commiserations to the wife.

Matt Parish: Watched ‘Strange Cargo’ with a former Ian Hunter in it. It is a good title.

Matt Nojonan: ‘Wife and I saw Deep Purple last night. Ever work with them?’ MTH opened for them once a long time ago at Redcar Jazz club in the Northeast UK. It was all a bit silly. Later on I met other versions of D.P. John Lord (the consummate gentleman), Roger Glover (Roger and I worked for Francis, Day and Hunter before joining our respective bands). Ian Gillian – another total gent. Different neck of the woods.

Steve Peery: ‘Would love to see you at Durham Performing Arts Centre (North Carolina). It’s nice and would sell out.’ I’ll mention it to my agent, Frank Riley. Seems like you have a nice thing going there.

David Gardiner: ‘Looking forward to Wrexham. Have you ever flown on the Concorde?’ Yup.

Rick (Boston): ‘Recently picked up a Doug Sahm collection that included, ‘At the Crossroads’ covered on the first MTH album. How did you hear about the song? Did you gig with them?’ The song was one of Guy Stevens’ favourites – that’s why we did it. Mick Ronson and I got up in New York later on with Doug and his band.

Jack Kuchta: ‘Why no ‘Diary’ on e-books? Waiting for a decent deal on that one.

James: ‘ ‘Good Man in a Bad Time’ – who played guitar parts?’ This was a movie track. Arthur Baker was producing and asked me to sing it. The track was already done; I’ve no idea who played on it.

Steve Baratta: ‘Who came up with ‘The Wheel of the Quivering Meat Conception’ on ‘Brain Capers’?’ Guy Stevens.

Colin Thayer: ‘Which – geographically – would be easier to find your way around – Manhattan or Central London?’ Manhattan.

Danny G: ‘Favourite sport?’ Soccer.

Mark Trude: ‘Dennis Dunaway (Alice Cooper) refers to you as a ‘recent mentor’ in his book. What was your involvement with Dennis?’ Dennis is a pal. Fun to hang out with – he has a totally different way of looking at things so he makes interesting company.

Steven Krey: ‘Any chance of Milwaukee in 2016?’ Sure.

Mary Wellstonecraft: ‘The recordings you did with Felix Papillardi, Corky Laing and Mick Ronson – how did they come about? Was there a plan to do something longer term?’ Corky is one of those guys – he’s always trying to put something together. We had some good times. Corky had a solo deal and his label was always telling him to involve his ‘notable friends’. I’m fond of Corky. I haven’t seen him in a while.

Craig: ‘Ever done any busking?’ Nope.

Kevin: We own ‘Diary’ So far the offers have not been taken seriously!

Edward Shirley: ‘Was the line in ‘Dudes’ ‘unlocked cars’ or ‘Marks ‘n’ Sparks’? Marks and Sparks originally, but the old Beeb wouldn’t have it so I had to fly back from the States to alter the line. Typical!

Jeffrey: 8-16-15 – Rest in peace, Elvis.

Shawn (San Diego): ‘you’re all over TV without trying!’ ‘Central Park’ on Letterman – Jeopardy – the All Star Game. Last time you were an all star was with Ringo. Waiting for a new album. Any hints as to the social commentary on this one?’ Still trying to find a window where everybody can do the next record. Looks like early next year – hopefully to be out July-ish. As to the content? Reality – the alternative universe or French for dumbing down? Take your pick.

Brucebergmann: ‘So – two years ago I told you about ‘Helsinki’ glad I’ll see you soon!’ Yes – we just did it. Great club – hope to go back.

Andy: ‘Did you like doing videos or did you have to be dragged kicking and screaming to MTV?’ Necessary evil! Too much hanging about.

Andy: ‘Was it your decision to take the shades off for the video of ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’?’ Maybe – I can’t remember.

Nick Malcolm: ‘Saw the movie ‘Diary of a Schoolgirl’ – ‘Roll Away the Stone’ is in the sound track – check’s in the mail?’ Yup.

Vic Pyle: Ain’t up to me – we’ll see what develops.

Eoghan Lyng: ‘Which comes more naturally – piano or guitar? I’m easy with either; I’m enjoying both these days.

Peter Jordan: I think ‘life’ is a better word than ‘career’.

Terry Davis tells me Portland is a culinary town. ‘Moved here after 9/11 and am continually surprised by the food and arts scene!!’ We know – we sampled it last night. We had a great meal at Sonny’s (

Rob: ‘Any chance NY will see any reunited MTH shows?’ Nah.

John Dalton: ‘Were you greatly influenced by early African American blues artists? Some of my favouite songs of yours contain a definite blues vibe.’ No, I wasn’t directly. I know a lot of people who were (Peter Wolf is one of them). What I loved was gospel. Couldn’t sing like those wonderful voices, so you do what you can, but really – it was Little Richard and Jerry Lee for me. Then Dylan at a later date.

Tevis Clyde Smith: ‘Why did you cancel your Reading Festival appearance in 1980? Slade stepped in and resurrected their career from that one gig!’ No idea – too far back. Noddy owes me one!

Tripp Pair: ‘Just finished Campbell Devine’s ‘All the Young Dudes’. Was it difficult to remember all those facts?’ We didn’t – Campbell’s very good at that sort of things.

Karen in Jersey: ‘Will you play the Tabernacle again?’ Sure. ‘Play Morristown, NJ too.’ OK.

Richard: ‘Why don’t you play ‘Women’s Intuition’ anymore?’ Dunno. It doesn’t come to mind at the moment.

Siren Merethe Raadal: ‘Do you know when you’ll be in Bergen again?’ Hopefully the Autumn 2016 – but nothing definite.

Matt Nojonen: Good stuff – again!

John Oltmanns: ‘Why Milwaukee, but not Minneapolis – St. Paul?’ Because promoters in Milwaukee want us and – so far – promoters in Minneapolis don’t.

Marty G: ‘Any memories of the Fillmore East?’ First time MTH did the Fillmore East this Columbia Records dude Shelly met us at JFK. All he would talk about was ice cream. We wanted to know sales figures – how we were doing in the U.S. and all he would talk about was ice cream. I thought he was not the brightest bulb. Turned out I was the dim one – he wound up managing Muhammed Ali! Bill Graham was great. I remember him getting in Jim Capaldi’s face for being late. Bill was a bugger for punctuality. You were late – he didn’t care who you were – you got it! Jim was pulling clumps of his hair out. P.S. I never saw Howlin’ Wolfe live – you lucky sod!

Richie Cornacchio: ‘I’ve got tons of Cheyenne ‘pow wow’ songs on CD. I also have ‘peyote songs’ which are very different. If you’d like to hear some, I’d be happy to send them to you.’ I do. I’ll get Trudi to sort out the routing! (c/o Jesse John Music, P. O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752)

Jeffrey: Best of luck – dentally speaking.

Shirl the Girl: I see you are playing, Minehead, in the UK. Other than the three UK dates mentioned, are there likely to be any more added and at Minehead what day are you likely to be playing?’ No other dates at that time. We play on Sunday.

Bryan C: ‘Carolinas – 2016?’ Hopefully. Have you heard ‘Thunder’s’ version of ‘Memphis’? Nope.

Timb: ‘Would you play a set at the next Mick Ronson Legacy 2016 or 2017 if asked to?’ This is kind of a simplistic question that doesn’t have a simplistic answer. We’ll have to see.

Ian Mack: ‘What footballer of the day most epitomizes MTH?’ A daft question, but … Stanley Bowles (who used to DJ MTH songs at the stadium before playing the game).

Keith J: How many keys on a piano?

Ian Mack: ‘Would you agree if some U.S. Presidential Candidate’s Campaign requested the use of your ‘When I’m President’ for their campaign theme song? Would it matter which candidate? If this guaranteed it would be a Billboard top 10 would that affect your decision?’ It would all depend on the candidate and Billboard would not make one iota of difference.

Zak Mabie: If you see me – grab hold!

Pat: ‘Best producer you have worked with? And which producer would you have liked to work with?’ I’m not good with producers.

Bill Cooke: You know now.

Matt: ‘Did you ever walk into a new or unfamiliar place that inspired a song?’ No, I’ve run into people that inspired songs and I’ve run into dreams that inspired songs. Not so much places. Having said that – I’m wrong – I was in Sun Studios last fall and that affected me deeply.

Jim McConnell: ‘A MTH farewell tour?’ No. ‘Any special guests on the new album?’ Not at the moment.

Will: ‘A few years ago I was on holiday in Las Vegas and I got talking to a cab driver. He said he used to be in Iron Butterfly and that you had been staying with him. Nice guy. I believed every word he said – was this true?’ Not true – pulling your plonker.

Mark F: I’m fine coming to the Mid-West. It’s really up to the promoters concerned and Frank Riley.

Julian Davison: I knew a Roger Davis who played guitar – is that the guy?

Scott Kunz: ‘If you could duet with Peter Wolf on any classic R + B or blues number, what would it be?’ I’d let Peter pick one – he knows more about it than me.

Mike Schelin: Yup. It made it home and so did we. Thank you!

In Portland – gigging tonight. Weather cooler than the heat we left behind – I can’t wear shorts at my age!! And off we go into the distance. Sorry if I missed you.

The Horse’s Mouth

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