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Horse’s Mouth

October 10, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #167, Oct 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth
October 1, 2015

Back in the basement.

Barry Gray: ‘ ‘Silver Needles’ next time at Sellersville?’ Maybe.

Gold Mine Mag: ‘MTH inducted into Goldmine HOF’ Goodho.

Matt: ‘Ever tried acting? You could be a killer villain!’ Oh, no.

Ian Mack: ‘Are you an American resident – do you still have a British passport?’ Yes, I am an American resident and still have a British passport – I’m a bit of both.

Lynne Huff: ‘Fan of you and Mick Ronson – can I have a photo?’ No – not unless I see you at a gig.

Ed Eide: ‘Come to the American mid-west – St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha?’ We’re surely hoping to next time around.

Sara: ‘If you return to Northampton, MA, I suggest the ‘One Bar and Grill’ on Pearl Street.’ Ta.

Hans Rothenberg: ‘I find myself sitting 5,000 miles away from home is a great bar in Seoul. The DJ plays vinyl records asking me for a request. I say, ‘Play anything by Ian Hunter.’ Five minutes later, ‘When the Daylight Comes’ fills the saloon. By that moment I feel just like ‘Two Miles From Heaven’!’ Amazing how this stuff gets around, isn’t it.

Danny G: ‘Great show – enjoyed it so much!! Beautiful work tonite!’

Walter: ‘Bin a fan since I was 10 – found my Dad’s MTH Greatest Hits cassette. Will you play Narrows Center for the Arts again? 2010 was AMAZING. Just saw you and the Rant Band at India Point opening for J.Geils – great. I wanted to say thanks to Mark Bosch. I was wandering around near the backstage area after your set and Mark came out and said hello and took some pics with us.’ My Dad’s name was Walter.

John Matranga got to see us in Hudson, NY after a 40 year wait!!

Sullysixty: ‘Any memories of producing ‘Valley of the Dolls’ by Generation X?’ Did you play piano on one track?’ Can’t remember if I played on it.

Trevor Higgins: ‘Isn’t it time to reform MTH?’ Why?

Michael Wolf: ‘David Crosby is very active on Twitter – answering questions daily. Would you consider that?’ Nah.

Sheila Sheehan: ‘I’m a massive fan and I write because my husband has followed you since the ’70’s. He is 60 this year (baby) and he’s going to Minehead (our treat). He would be hugely chuffed if you gave him a mention or shook his hand. He plays your music (generally loud!) every day of the year. His name is Andy Sheehan.’ It’s always kind of hit and miss on a gig and it’s also a bit early, but say hello to Andy for me with this just in case – and thanks for sticking with me. Sorry about the volume.

John Dalton: ‘A couple of videos to accompany the next album?’ Too early to say – first things first.

James Pappaconstantine: ‘Who was Irene Wilde?’ A young lady whom I admired from afar in the years of angst. ‘Who was Trudi (‘Trudi’s Song’)?’ She’s the wife. ‘Who was the girl on the cover of ‘The Hoople’?’ Model Kari Ann.

John W. Rohans: ‘Still a ton of older fans want ‘Drivin’ Sister’.’ Can’t remember how that one went.

Paul: ‘Absolutely brilliant in Detroit.’ ‘Detroit Rocks’ should be recorded!’

John Caswell: ‘Ever think of doing ‘comfortably Numb’ by Pink Floyd?’ It actually would suit and I love the song – but what would be the point. You can’t beat their version.

McClenaghan: ‘What fundamental changes would you like to see in today’s music business? You never seemed a fan of the business in your day, is it better or worse now? Are popular artists of today of similar musical caliber to the 70’s or earlier?’ I’d like to see a more educated audience today to be honest. Too many people think that people who sing five octaves and try to cream 50 notes into a bar – are good! They’re not. Music is all about feel. I find the Simon Cowell brigade revolting. The music business is probably about the same as it was – a business. It doesn’t interest me; I do what I do – they do what they do. I’m not qualified!

Ian Mack: ‘What American presidential candidate would you not license, ‘When I’m President’ to. Thoughts on Trump?’ You have some very silly people out there. Brainy, but silly. Anyway, nobody’s asked! I think Trump is loads of fun. He’ll probably come out of this the biggest ‘brand’ name in the world – and that’s probably what he really wants. Can’t see him as President – nah.

Larry Olek wanted ‘Cleveland Rocks’ in Detroit (and got it!). Actually, Peter Wolf said, ‘You ain’t doin’ that in Detroit?’ I told him I was and he said, ‘put it there!’ The J. Geils crew amassed to watch me being crucified when we did it, but my cowardly u-turn saved the day!! Have to say, Peter, J. Geils Band, and their crew treated us royally. We had a ball.

Yucca Flats: ‘Great show in Boston with J. Geil Band. Hope to see you back soon with a full Rant Band show.’

Kevin Green: ‘Did you ever record a studio version of ‘Sons and Daughters’? Don’t think so. ‘Is it on the box set?’ Dunno.

Graham Stark: Point taken – but you have to take the financial side of things into account. We don’t live down the road.

Sharon Tschaikowsky: ‘Come back to Canada.’

Rhett Nicol: Any thoughts about a visit down under – Australia and New Zealand?’ Ongoing thought.

Bruce C. Bergmann: ‘Thank you for Helsinki in Hudson, NY. Wow, it was a two hour show – long version of ‘Bastard’ and ‘Sweet Jane’ made my night. Please return.’ The club owner was extremely nice and said the same thing!

Franck Ernould: ‘Completing a book about ‘Chateau d’Herouville. Andre’Harwood, a French sound engineer, told me you had probably been there in 1970/71. Is it true? Do you remember for which record? No. He’s getting me mixed up with Mick Ronson and David Bowie.

Mike Sodl: ‘I’m reading your book and when you go to San Diego you mentioned doing an interview with a bloke named Cameron who wrote for Creen Magazine. I’m wondering if that ‘s the filmmaker Cameron Crowe. If you’ve seen his wonderful movie ‘Almost Famous’ the lead character is a young rock writer from San Diego who – thanks to Lester Bangs – says he’s with Creem. If that’s him, that’s cool as hell.’ Cameron told us it was his first ever interview – I think he was 17. We did it on the roof of the Hyatt on Sunset Strip and it WAS Cameron Crowe. Very nice guy – as was Lester Bangs.

Anthony Caminiti: ‘Took my wife to art park and it was her first time seeing you. After all the jabs about them needing to carry you up on stage and the old jokes she was blown away. Did the string break affect you in ‘Dudes’ (nah). Why did your guitar tech run for a replacement (panic). Acapella part of ‘Standin’ in My Light’ was a highlight for me (you nailed it). Does that chest tapping help your timing?’ I chest tap to give everybody the groove – especially Dennis because it’s just me and him and he needs to know where change chords before the band come in.

Andrew: ‘Coming back to Toads anytime? I have no problem with Toad’s – if they have no problem with the fee.

James White: ‘Watching TV last night – re-run of Mastermind – a guy was on there answering questions on MTH. The guy was awesome – got all the questions right. Have you seen it?’ Nope.

Danny G: ‘Do you feel your voice is better?’ Yup.

Steve K: ‘As a follow up to last e-mail re: Escher – I just realized while looking at the Escher work your first solo album is a nod to one of his works – nice on the continuity front.’

Michael Merchant: ‘Minneapolis, when you’re back in the States.’ Could be.

Kurt and Michelle Stromquist: ‘Forgot to mention, I guess the song was originally ‘England Rocks’. I didn’t know this until I got the Joe Elliott tribute CD – is this true?’ (No, it wasn’t – it was originally ‘CLEVELAND rocks). It’s nice to know that those songs still live. ‘Overnight Angels’ and ‘Golden Opportunity’ are such great songs. Thanks!’ They’re ok. ‘Just wanted to thank you for DTE Center – great performance on September 11th. You and the Rant Band really packed in a lot of our favourites. We had fun because we were up on the hill singing ‘Detroit Rocks’ right from the get go. It was funny when you sang about all the great artists that came out of Detroit and the rookies finally caught on! How much fun are you having playing live?’ Well – I love the Rant Band and it gets me out of the house now and again.

Jeffrey: ‘Tuesday, September 29th – Happy Birthday – Jerry Lee Lewis’ And many more!!

Neil McCormack: ‘Bit of an anorak question, but during the first verse of ‘American Spy’ – ‘I left home on the 4th July’ what is the significance (if any/probably none) of the laughter heard in the back ground?’ Independence.

Ray Sabetto: ‘All the times you’ve done Cleveland and you’ve never done ‘God Take 1′. Was it ever in the live set?’ I might have done it acoustically, but not with the Rant Band. The problem is you can do only so many slow songs in a live situation and ‘God Take 1’ is longish. I’m with you though, I like the song.

Robin Tait: ‘When are you coming back to Scotland?’ Sometime in 2016.

Trevor: As I said above – Cleveland came first.

Nice ‘n’ quick!!

Talk soon.

The Horse’s Mouth

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