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Horse’s Mouth

December 14, 2015

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #169, Dec 2015)

The Horse’s Mouth
December 3, 2015

Arnold Mann (from Northampton) asks how come I’m not doing more dates? I’ve been writing a new record, so I’ve been off the road and it takes awhile. London’s penciled in for November 2016. I see the Cobblers are looking up – new owner plus nice league position.

Gary is a long time fan and needs to know the secret ….’how is it that you don’t age?’ The Wife, willpower, diet, fitness plus camouflage!!

Kieran: ‘Any memories of the Atlanta Pop Festival in 1970? See you in Minehead.’ I remember the driver got lost on the way to the site and I saw the other side of Georgia. The gig itself was miles and miles of caravans and tents. We played in the afternoon and then flew to LA and played ‘The Whisky’ the same night.

Colin Powell is going to miss Coventry and Wrexham to go to Butlins. Hoping for Australia.

Rich Michi: I was staying at Pete Watts’ parents house near Hereford. The house was known to be haunted – they just forgot to tell me! Pete’s Dad (a college professor) had had a couple of run ins with her (it was a lady). S’all true folks. She was just checking me out, but I knew she was there.

Shirl the gal: ‘Do ‘Crossroads’ on the next tour – if you can remember it.’ I might be able to remember that if I can remember this.

Liz: Sending me an apology for the length of her email – which I haven’t had yet.

Liz: Here it is! Liz (it works out) is another tiny piece of penicillin in a sea of bacteria.

Kerin Quinn: Lotsa people have done ‘Goodnight Irene’. There’s a great version by Little Richard – that’s my favourite.

Trip Pair: ‘Has it always been Rock ‘n’ Roll for you or did American Blues hit a chord?’ Rock ‘n’ Roll for me. I admire the Blues – and I love gospel – but it’s always been Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Scott McCrumb loves the way my giant brain operates! Ta!

Kathy Machado: ‘I recorded a movie called, ‘Kill the Messenger’ about a reporter and C.I.A. stuff. (Actually, it was more than stuff-IH). About halfway through the movie he asks his wife, ‘Where’s Ian’ and the sound track breaks into ‘Sea Diver’. Come to Texas – anywhere – preferable San Antonio.’ Yeah, Gary Webb liked ‘Welcome to the Club’ a lot. Played it when he ran out of time.

Carl Ewens: ‘Re: Atlanta Pop Festival – they’ve found tons of reels in a barn – one was labeled ‘Mott the Hoople’.’ I did not know that.

Michelle Dorsey: ‘Hi Ian – on the ‘Live in the UK Album 2010′ were any recordings made from the Fruit Market, Glasgow?’ Not to my knowledge.

Sean Pheanis: ‘2016 U.S. tour?’ Hope so.

Stevek: ‘Hi – just to let you know the Beeb played quite a large chunk of ‘Dudes’ on a new comedy set in the ’70’s called the Kennedys.’

Fred Burkhardt: ‘Check out ‘The Lafayette’ room in South Florida. New and great for your music.’

John Dalton: ‘Introspective, personal, world events – pas and present – which category of songs are more difficult to write about?’ It’s kinda like a cat with a mouse. You play with words like a mathematician plays with numbers. A lot of it’s thinking – not paying. The hardest part of writing is getting the ideas. Once you know what the idea is a least you have the kernel to expand upon.

Marty G: Now you’ve got it!

Stan: ‘I live round the corner from Mrs. Ronson and she asked me to send you her best.’ Hey Min – best from Tru ‘n’ me.

Terry: ‘I was listening to some of Dylan’s Rolling Thunder live stuff and I remembered you on at least one show photo. Any particular memories?’ Rolling Stone said I was great on that tour. I was never there – Mick Ronson was! When they lined up to get paid at the end of that tour they gave Mick a bill! (True story.)

K. Riley will buy me steak and ale if we’re ever in Orlando. Tempting!

Jeffrey: The reason why the vocals sound ‘higher’ on ‘Roll Away the Stone’ is because we sped them up.

Mike Lurvey: ‘You said, ‘How could anyone write a song about September 11th?’ You wrote two, ‘Twisted Steel’ and ‘The Soul of ‘America’. Both hit the nail on the head. Where is the soul of America?’ It varies according to the company you keep.

Peter Jordan: How did you find shared song writing on ‘Dirty Laundry? There’s some great stuff on there – ‘Invisible Strings,’ ‘Red Letter Day,’ ‘Another Fine Mess’ especially – and I think it’s good that it’s so different from a typical Hunter album. Same could be said for ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’. Is doing something new important or just about what catches your attention at the time?’ Well, ‘Dirty Laundry’ wasn’t one of my records – it was – Dirty Laundry. I came in last and it was supposed to be an album of Mexican folk songs! I tried, but I couldn’t get my head into that so we just did what came naturally to us – Rock ‘n’ Roll. Great fun doing that record. We were in Abbey Road so we had to do something to pay the bills when the Mexican idea went out the window. ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’ was Mick and I at a low ebb. Short on material and enthusiasm, Mick Jones saved the day. And on we go.

Matt: ‘Currently reading Mike Lang’s ‘Road to Woodstock.’ Would ‘Mott’ have played if asked?’ Dunno – we would have been in our infancy at the time. My mate, Miller Anderson opened that show (Keef Hartley Band). Not keen on festivals. I’ve done a few – very dodgy (i.e. quality control) – but most do pay well.

Danny Kwaitkowski: An old guy I work with has been telling everyone how great you are and also your old band. I thought he was just a dumb ass living in the past. He gave me one of your old albums and it blew me away. ‘The Moon Upstairs’ is so freaking good. I bought ‘Rant’ – you guys really rock; and so much harder than some o the young guys on the block. Come to Nevada!’ This I a world where us old chaps listen in wonder as the young benefit us with their glorious wisdom.

Judy Plantz: ‘In ‘Dudes’ – ‘I’ve been wanting to do this for years’ what is that referring to?’ This was back in the ’70’s. Our audiences could be ‘strident’ so we had a ‘hecklers ten seconds’. This was where anybody who ‘hated’ us could vent. His mates would then drag him down to the front of the stage where I would empty a bottle of beer over his head. I know it’s daft, and you couldn’t do it now – but this was then.

Phil John: Hey Phil!! It’s all tied in with the usual – hope it works out for all of us.

Oor Wullie with a suggestion for January. How does it go?

Anthony Lamb: ‘Come to New Zealand.’ Anthony remembers the Kursaal Ballroom, Southend in ’73. More that I do!

Stan: ‘She wants to know when you’ll be in the area?’ Don’t know at the moment. She’s a great lady.

Matthew Nobile: ‘How id you come up with the lyric for ‘God Take 1?’ Can’t remember.

Jeff B: ‘What material is in the Box Set? MTH, Ian or both?’ It’s all moi. ‘Would you consider recording another Lou Reed song?’ Of course – he was a great writer.

Bill C: ‘Happy Thanksgiving (ta.) I think it’s cool when you switch instruments. The Rant Band should all switch.’ Yeah – Dennis would kill on the drums!

Wayne/Vancouver: ‘Did MTH and the Faces ever play on the same bill?’ I thin we did – at the Oval. I know we played somewhere with the Faces and the Who.

Donald Mease: No, none of mine are ginger.

Andy wants a photo of me and Tru on our Wedding Day. We do have one, but I look horrible in it so – no!

Larry Butti: I hardly knew Lou Reed and I can’t remember ever hearing the Velvet Underground. I knew John Cale quite well at one point.

Matt: ‘Proficient at both – do you consider yourself a keyboard player or a guitar player?’ I think I’m a very good rhythm player – whatever that might be.

Howard: I remember Sparkey – salt on everything!

John O’Rourke: ‘Are we continuing the Birthdays at the New York City Winery?’ Haven’t got round to that yet – too early to say.

Danny says he was reading Jaco’s biography and found out that his mate, Jimmy Hamilton, was the bloke Jaco called to refurbish his guitar.

Larry Woodside: Merry Christmas – AND – any L.A. dates? Let me get this recording stuff out of the way first.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all the Horse’s Mouthers.

Hoping to see you all next year – somewhere!

The Horse’s Mouth

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