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Horse’s Mouth

July 9, 2016

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #175, July 2016)

The Horse’s Mouth
July 7, 2016

Been busy – artwork – release dates etc.

Tamara Guo says we play the wrong place in Pittsburgh last time around so we’re trying to rectify it. Say hello to Joe.

Benett Zimmer: ‘How in the world do you look and sound so beautiful?’ Camo.

Celtic Bob: ‘Will we get your discography (Mott and Solo) reissued on LP cut direct from original analog master tapes (i.e. AAA) in the near future? Thanks for the music.’ I don’t own the masters. However, Proper are doing vinyl for the new album.

Marcia: ‘Was Benazir Bhutto really in the Mott the Hoople fan club?’ Yup.

Janey Todd: Hope you enjoyed the 25th.

Tall Paul: ‘Really enjoyed Chris Carter chat. Big fan of the station and can’t figure out why your later stuff isn’t played. In my feeble mind it fits like a glove.’

Rob Stronach: ‘Australia?’ Still don’t know.

Steve LeViness: ‘Texas?’ I’m fine with Texas – is Texas fine with me?

Colin Thayer: ‘Did you record your new album in Pawling again?’ A change was in order and it worked out fine.

Brit Fan: ‘Jesus mate, lots of gigs in 2016. Trying to get to Nalen (first gig abroad) as well as Holmfirth. I thought Procol Harem would steal the show at Minehead, but I as wrong.’

Thomas Brecht wants ‘Lounge Lizard’ in London.

Ed Musiak: ‘How do you write lyrics?’ (Ed’s a school teacher.) I’ve no idea. I was good at English lit and English grammar at school; that plus art were the reasons they didn’t kick me out. I sent poetry to publishers and was told to forget it. Then Jerry Lee Lewis blew me away and I became a rock ‘n’ roll fan. Played in semi-pro bands for a while before it occurred to me that maybe I could actually write a song myself. In those days, we just copied American records. I kind of dabbled but when I joined Mott it became a full on job. Pete wrote, Mick wrote at that time so I started contributing as well. They encouraged me to do it more and so it just started taking over my life and I became a songwriter. It’s been a long road and I’ve lost count of the songs I’ve written, but all I can tell you is you put your aerial up and hope for the best. It can happen any time of the day or night – usually early morning. Must be in the DNA.

Pertti Tampere: ‘Finland?’ I think we were coming at one point but there was some kind of routing problem.

Kevin Taylor: ‘Byron Bay NSW Australia – wife’s birthday spent at City Winery September 21-22 2013. Thank you.’

Daphne: ‘What do you think about writers subconsciously rewriting songs?’ I thought I wrote a song that was fantastic, then I realized it was ‘Dream; by the Everly Brothers. Has that ever happened to you?’ It’s not much fun when you get an idea and you genuinely think it’s yours then you find out it’s been done before. It’s happened – you just move on. What else can you do?

Wynn Kapit came from New Orleans to see the June 25th show at the Winery; wanted ‘Rain’. Sorry we didn’t do it, but we have done it in the past.

Bill C wanted a load of songs on the 25th that we never did. Apologies!

Whalespoon: On Humble Pie – ‘did we play with them?’ Nope. ‘Did I know Stevie Marriott?’ I knew him a little. ‘What was he like?’ Lovely when sober. What a voice! I preferred the Small Faces.

Barry Gray: ‘Still time to rehearse ‘Silver Needles’ for Sellersville.’ Alright Already!!

Don Butler wants ‘The Outsider’ at Shepherds Bush Empire. Also wants a ‘Brain Capers’ reissue. Not sure who owns that anymore.

Gerard York: ‘Ever thought of doing an album of standards?’ No. ‘Come and see us in Florida or at least Atlanta.’ We’re coming to the Atlanta Winery later this year. I’d like to do Florida, but they ain’t paying enough!

Margaret Finch: Father’s Day was here. ‘Looking forward to Leamington and Buckley.’

Danny G: ‘What song took the longest time for you to write?’ ‘Ships’ took six years.

Nick Tinari Jenkintown, PA: Thanks for your interest.

Eddie Handibode: ‘All the best rock fans who remember the glory days live in Florida. PLEASE make a point of touring down here!!’ As far as I know, Florida promoters don’t share your enthusiasm at the moment!

Steve H.: ‘Having never visited America and given recent events, it looks an unsafe and ‘edgy’ place to live – knowing if your neighbour is having a bad day. Have you always felt safe living and working in the States?’ I’ve never had a problem so far, people everywhere are gracious and generous – if a little hyper. If you want to go looking for it – it’s there, but you’ve got 350 million people living here – there’s bound to be bad stuff. It’s the same all over. Politically, the country is split down the middle – but isn’t everywhere. Isn’t it more the have’s and the have nots? Greed is a major problem for me.

Peejay: ‘Were you in Spain? Sunday, 5th June 2016 – could have sworn it was you?’ I franchise.

Corinne wants us in Hudson again. I’m fine with that.

Bruce: ‘I was lucky enough to catch your full Isle of Wight performance in 2013 via the web. It seemed to me the entire set was the best I’ve seen from you and the Rant Band. Congrats on your Box set – Detroit rocks!!!

Hal Freiman: ‘Did you decide to change the name of the new album from ‘Seein’ Red’ to ‘Fingers Crossed’ because of the up and coming election in the U.S.?’ Nah, both are titles to songs. ‘Seein’ Red’ lost out to ‘You Can’t Live in the Past’ as we tried to hinge the ten track album together. ‘Seein’ Red’ became an extra. There’s another ballad called, ‘Fingers Crossed’ which came on really strongly in the finishing stages. That, and the fact we always have our fingers crossed when any album is released decided the title. Hal goes on to rhapsodize about the Winery shows which we enjoyed just as much as you all did. Thanks for coming and selling them out!!

Tony V: ‘Will the new box set be available at shows as I’m coming to Holmfirth.’ No way!! They weigh a ton! You get the Box Set direct from Proper – there’s a link on this site. You will be able to buy the new record though – ‘Fingers Crossed’ – trust me – you’ll love it!!

Paul: Toronto’s on the maybe list.

James Kleinheksel: You’re looking for music publishing companies. Google them.

Purvin sends me the entire Steve Miller comments about the RRHOF: ‘This whole industry f_ _ ing sucks and this little get together you guys have here is kind of like a private boys club and it’s kind of a bunch of jackasses and jerks and f__ing gangsters and crooks who’ve f___ing stolen everything from a f___ing artist, telling the artist to come out here and tap dance.’ Like Groucho Marx said ‘I refuse to join any club that would have me for a member.’

Chris Hetherington wanted ‘Arms ‘n’ Legs’. Sorry Marie.

Ivo: ‘Do you have final say on total of album – artwork – etc. or is it the record company?’ Me.

Stephen Grayce: ‘Has a ‘problem fan’ or ‘stalkers’ ever spooked you? Yes.

Dan Hartman: ‘How about a month where we ask Trudi the questions?’ I don’t think that would go down too well. ‘My question to her would be, ‘What was your parent’s reaction to ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’? Her Dad said nothing, her Mum said, ‘Get rid of him’.

Jim Concannon: Chicago’s in – the Winery.

Elisha E: ‘I was raised on Rock ‘n’ Roll, Big Band Jazz, Old school country and southern gospel. Anyway – your music reminds me of all the great music that I was raised hearing. You keep Rock ‘n’ Roll fun – like it was meant to be. So thanks and please come to South Carolina.’ Thank you – you made me feel good.

John + De De Caswell: Congratulation on your 35th!!!

Drew Hosey: As far as gigs go, I’m up for anywhere Frank Riley sends me (within reason!) – and yes, I do see Lisa Ronson often. Saw her a few weeks ago. She’s a great girl – known her since she was a baby.

Dave Grant – on the lithographs in the Box Set. I decided I would not sign any of the lithos exactly the same way. After I’d signed around a hundred, I realized what an idiotic idea this was and – to my knowledge – no two are identically signed. Check ’em out!

Bruce loves the live version of ‘President’ on U-Tube. Ta.

Nathan: ‘Ever read the book that inspired the name ‘Mott the Hoople’?’ I did at the time.

Anthony Aruffo: Condolences.

Mark F: ‘When can we expect U.S. dates?’ I’ve just seen some, but we haven’t finalized as of yet. They’ll be on this site when all is agreed. They are before the UK dates – in October.

Dave Hines: Were looking at September for the new album release.

Rikki Flynn: ‘I can relate to ‘Ships’ ‘.

Richard Usher: No we haven’t – and neither have you!!

Jeffrey: ‘First Day of Summer’ – no monologue!!

Wade: ‘Thanks for emptying my wallet! (Just ordered the Box Set from Proper.)’ The trouble with the box set is that every label I was ever on wanted paying – per track – and this all adds up. Those of you who think anybody is doing this for the money is sorely mistaken.

Lynne: Enjoyed the Winery and gainfully employed. Excellent!

Ritchie C.: I have them here but haven’t had time as of yet. James said maybe there’s an ‘intro’ on there somewhere.

David S: ‘What are your thoughts on Aerosmith calling it quits?’ Don’t really have any. I knew and liked all the guys in the band. In fact, I’ll be seeing Joe in a couple of days. It’s been a long time – maybe run its course.

Hal loved the last three weeks at the Winery. In retrospect, we could have done more – I was getting into the habit!

John Dalton: ‘This was the strongest performance since 2001 – you and the band are extremely in sync, sound incredible – rockin’ like the Crash Street Kids!’

Jack Ripple: ‘What are your feelings on Brexit?’ Mixed. I didn’t want to go in in the first place. As for leaving – I don’t think I’m qualified enough to figure that one out, but it does seem a bit ‘populist’. However – isn’t everything a bit ‘Populist’ these days?

Janey Todd: Red.

Rex Loyet: ‘Come back to St. Louis – please, etc…. I don’t see it on the gig list and we’ve sent an email to Frank. I ‘frankly’ don’t get it.

Jim Thomas: It’s going to be the Winery in Atlanta.

Barry Gray: ‘Thanks a lot for ‘Silver Needles’ at Sellersville! It was a wonderful version.’

Alicia Giambron: ‘It made me incredibly happy and meant a lot that you took the time out to meet me after the gig at the Winery on 6/25 and sign the ‘Ian Doll’. I hope you got a kick out of it. I had to chuckle when I got home and saw you’d signed it to ‘Heidi’ ‘ That doll was beautiful. Sorry about the ‘Heidi’ – the dressing room was very noisy). Bring him back sometime and we’ll put it right.

Bob Bandhead: ‘Up and back from Philly for each of the three Winery shows – it was absolutely worth each and every mile. You and the Rant Band were phenomenal.’

Matt: ‘Were you an A) Ali B) Frazier or C) boxing is dumb. I’m still a Frasier guy.’ I’ve always been with Ali.

Jim K: ‘How important is TV exposure?’ People say it’s important but is that your audience?

David Goodman: ‘The world needs you to write a song about Bowie.’ Well, I don’t know quite why the world need me to do that, but I have anyway, and it’s on ‘Fingers Crossed’.

Jeffrey: 1) ‘Did you survive the onslaught of severe weather last evening?’ Must have. 2) ‘have a great weekend and enjoy the 4th of July.’ Same to you Jeff.

John Reh: ‘Baltimore or DC?’ We’re tryin’.

Phil Wood: ‘Just ordered the Box Set – with complete recording of Hammersmith show in Nov ’79. Best gig I’ve ever been to. Any memories?’ Nothing that stands out.

Griff: ‘My R+.R. awakening was seeing you at the Warfield in San Francisco in 1980. You were amazing at the Fillmore last year. Outstanding band and you’re better than ever. Any chance back in SF soon?’ Early next year I hear.

That’s it for now kids – sorry if I missed you x
The Horse’s Mouth

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