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Horse’s Mouth

August 6, 2016

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #176, August 2016)

The Horse’s Mouth
August 4, 2016

In the car en route to the dentist. Not fun, is it?

Danny G thinks I’m fab.

James Kleinheksel: ‘Will you ever play ‘Pearl ‘n’ Roy’ again?’ We might if there’s room. Don’t have a problem with it.

Dave Hancox: ‘What is the split between you and the label?’ It varies according to contracts.

Kevin Busch: We’re touring the U.S. in October.

Nick Price: ‘Now is the time to bring ‘Gun Control’ back into consideration?’ What is the point.

Nigel: Same as above.

David Goodman: ‘The world needs you to write a Bowie song.’ Just did. ‘What would the first line be?’ Check it out on U-Tube.

Matt Parish: ‘Jane/Dudes nicely done, Ian must have been rough for all of you when Joe left the stage. Glad he’s ok and the rest of you could soldier on and not close the shop early.’

Lee Ann: ‘Saw a picture of Johnny Depp with a copy of your book. Has it ever been optioned for a movie?’ No. We’ve had interest though.

Catryce: You’re delusional, kid.

John O’Rourke: California next February or March

John Dalton: ‘Ever met Bernie Taupin?’ No. ‘What do you think to his lyrics?’ (good – very good). ‘Ever considered collaborating?’ I’m not that kind of songwriter.

Mondo: ‘Do you speak to Mick Ralphs often?’ Not that often, but we’re very close in a way.

Peter Jordan: I would think babies speak in the language of need.

Dave Hancox wants ‘Venus in the Bath Tub’. Don’t know about that.

McClenaghan: ‘What’s the weirdest thing a fan’s ever done for you?’ One time a guy prostrated himself in front of me and I was tattooed all over his back! ‘Do you have a special pre-show ritual?’ A cork pops – the band chorus ‘What’s that sound’ – we all have a drop and then proceed.

Ian Mack: ‘What was the first concert you attended and where?’ The venue was Shrewsbury Music Hall. I think it was ‘The Chessmen’ – very good, but the hall was echoey.

Seth P: ‘Picture of Johnny Depp holding up ‘Diary’. I had Hunter sign this book in ’88. I handed it to the door guard at the dressing room entrance to get it signed and a minute later he returned saying Ian wanted to meet me. I walked in and looked up with a certain quizzical look ‘n’ said, ‘I just wanted to meet the one person in America who bought my book.’

Liz K: Short and to the point as usual! Glad things are looking up. I think we’re in Chicago in October.

Wang dootin: We’ll be out there next February. You write fun emails.

Edward Shirley: ‘Your famous – have you ever said, ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ Don’t think so.

Robert DeCilla: We’ll be back in October.

Wade Stapp: It was funny – somebody said they had a kidney for sale. I just thought I’d elucidate.

Charlie Thetunafinger: It’s all over this site.

Mitchell: ‘Best gig ever?’ Oh, I don’t know. Some of the recent ones take some beating.

Daphne: ‘Ever written a song and then found out it was already written before?’ Not really – I usually nip them in the bud if they sound familiar.

Jim Tuyls: ‘How’s Milwaukee looking for the next tour?’ Not good and I’m not happy about it. I really like playing Milwaukee.

Jim Veolski: ‘The Winery’s already up on their site.

Julian Richards: U.K. is in November. Dates are up – check our website.

Peter Jordan: ‘Been listening to ‘Another Fine Mess’ – was it really that bad?’ Yup.

Kitty and Todd: That’s good! Well probably be up there sometime.

Richard Usher: ‘ ‘Brothers in the Blues’ – fantastic! ‘ He’s talking about my ultra talented mate, Miller Anderson and his mate Bob Brookes. ‘Why isn’t Miller a superstar?’ He can’t be bothered.

Dave Drew: One day, mate, – one day.

David Gardiner: ‘Looking forward to the UK gigs. Play ‘Picasso’! The box set is way underpriced!’

Corinne Scott: Glad you enjoyed Joe and me nattering on PBS. I think the Club Helsinki – Hudson gig is on September 30th.

Rich Michi: ‘Looking forward to ‘Fingers Crossed’. Enjoyed Sellersville.’

Paul Duggan: ‘Do you have time to explore the towns/cities you play in or do they all just merge into one?’ it varies. If you’re not playing on a day off you’re sometimes in a hotel out of the city because it’s more economical. Having said that, I have a pretty good memory of most of the cities we’ve played. I forget the venues, but I remember the cities.

Jeffrey: Our house is good – it’s in the shade.

Matt Parish: ‘If the CD is one tenth as good as ‘Dandy’ and that stunning cover photo, then it will be your best one yet – which is really saying something. Congrats in advance. Cannot wait till September.’ I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Ashley Pynegar: Just listened to ‘Dandy’ – best song in years and deserves proper air play and for you to get recognition long overdue. Saw you in Wrexham in January – brilliant show. Come back?’ We’re back in the UK in November.

Wade: ‘Just listened to ‘Dandy’ – love it!’

Tom Davies: ‘Looking forward to the new album. Saw backstage video of you and the Hollywood Vampires – sounded great! How was the show?’ I thought it came off pretty well considering what happened with Joe.

Paul Brian Ordelheide: ‘What drives your reactor?’ Fear of irrelevance.

Michael Wolf: As above ‘any goal you’ve yet to achieve?’ I don’t really have goals. I probably did when I was younger – make a few bob etc.

Steveabs: ‘Just heard ‘Dandy’ – beautiful song.’ Thank you.

Matt Nojonen is on about Sam Phillips’ book. If I see it, I’ll get it. P.S.- lyrics good as ever.

Fraser: ‘Overend says you actually wanted to get Paul Rogers to join MTH while you moved to keys and backing vocals. He’s having a laugh, right?’ Dunno – Pete has a very good memory, but I don’t remember this.

Bob Leiser: ‘Did ‘Roll Away the Stone’ start life as a ballad?’ Nah, but with a good song you can do this. I guess the rockabilly party bit would change into a solo.

Blaut: ‘Any chance of the Roxy again?’ Fine by me.

Ian Mack: ‘Current fantasy line up band?’ I’m playin’ with them.

Peejay: ‘Who took the picture of the album cover – very cool.’ Ross Halfin’s a good mate of mine and he’s also a great photographer – he shot the cover in Tokyo.

Steve Bishop: ‘Why no Birmingham?’ Because the date was taken from under us – double booked. Not our fault – ask the Town Hall.

Cecile: ‘ Tell us a Mick Ronson story.’ When our dog did its business on the best carpet in the house, Mick said optimistically, ‘Well it keeps the flies out of the kitchen.’

John Caswell: ‘How was it playing with the Hollywood Vampires?’ Lovely people in the band – made us very comfortable. John was particularly gracious as was Bruce and Robert Dedeo, Alice and Joe. No sound check – we just went for it.

Greg: ‘When will you play Connecticut? I remember you standing on a table at Toads Place.’ We’re playing The Infinity in Hartford on October 1st!

John Dachik: ‘It seems you always put a lot of thought into track sequencing – especially the opening cut. Is that something Guy Stevens taught you?’ Not really – I just like it to flow. I’m particularly happy with ‘Fingers Crossed’. The grooves are great.

Ivo: ‘Oh my gosh – ‘Dandy’ is great! I hope it will be a hit. How as was it composed? An instant idea?’ I was working on a song called ‘Lady’ when it happened with David, and so I change it to ‘Dandy’. The lyric came easily – a couple of days at the most. Fan’s eye view.

Ken Hess: Go for it and send me a copy when done!

Peter Jordan: ‘I’ve spotted a trend in your more recent stuff which is to write about history/historical characters more often. I wonder if you know why?’ I like characters – not too many of them about today – gone corporate. Corporate wrecks everything. Anybody seen a monopoly commission around lately?

Bill H: I’ve not given the album to any label in the U.S. as of yet. It’s too good for the deals the labels are offering.

Thore: ‘Will you sell the new Box Set at the upcoming gigs in Norway? Preferably signed, please.’ No, they are only for sale on Proper’s website in the UK. They are too heavy to carry. Every box has a lithograph personally signed by me – and no two signatures are the same.’ We may have sample one on display if Proper will lend us one.

Brad Brown: ‘WHEN you’re elected into the R’n’RHOF what song would you perform?’ I don’t think that way.

John: ‘What’s the chance of republishing ‘Diary’? We get a lot of offers, but the deals are not satisfactory.

Chris White: ‘You’ve influenced many bands over the years – what are you most proud of?’ It’s a lot of fun when some big names credit you as an influence – one of the perks.

Bart: ‘Your definition of ‘Dandy’? Dandy is a well -dressed dude who is witty, and confident – cover of the ‘Dudes’ album.

Rich B: ‘Please post your U.S. dates.’ They are posted.

Dave Hines: ‘Love ‘Seein’ Red’ ‘n’ ‘Dandy’ – can’t wait for ‘Fingers Crossed’.’ We’re doing the other Infinity this time – in Hartford.

Bobby: ‘Hi ya big man; you’re my God (gulp). Any chance you’ll play ‘Alice’ – give you a tenner in Scottish notes if you do.’ Too early to say.

Vosmo: ‘I was just listening to Mott reunion 2010. Was there any chance of new songs?’ Not as long as three of the guys retain their manager.

Got to go back for two fillings – major bummer.

The Horse’s Mouth

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