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Horse’s Mouth

January 12, 2017

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #180, Jan 2017)

The Horse’s Mouth
January 6, 2017

Morning All – 2017! Thanks to everyone who voted for ‘Dandy’ – came in number three!

Colum Thornton: ‘Cardiff awesome! Next time Liverpool?’ Yup.

Danny G enjoyed the ‘Speakeasy’ Joe Elliott interview. (Danny – you only have to send your emails once.)

Louise Comtois: ‘Box set and new album are magic.’ Ta.

Kevin (Shawn in San Diego’s brother!) is very keen on ‘Fingers Crossed’.

Daphne: ‘Is ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’ about how all the good chord progressions have already been done?’ It’s what you put on top.

Tripp enjoyed ‘American Spy’ at the Atlanta Winery.

Danny G: ‘#23 Classic Rock – cooler than cool.’ Well ‘Classic Rock’ has unfortunately gone under. Hope Mr. Rowley gets another gig – he knows his stuff.

Phil Waller: ‘Brill show at Holmfirth – fantastic album – am I a sycophant?’ Hopefully, yes.

Kevin Baggott wants us in Vancouver or Victoria.

Steve Hynds wants one of my old guitars…..anybody? I’m using mine.

Bradley Brown: ‘Congrats on Rolling Stone Magazine’s David Fricke placing ‘Stranded in Reality’ at #9 for the year.’ I like David Fricke.

Saperstein: ‘When Ronno and Miller Anderson were gigging for the ‘Voice’ were they aware that the Process were full of Satanists?’ They didn’t think they were Satanists – they just thought they weird people who paid for equipment and got them a van. As soon as it got sticky – they were out!

Kevin Dennis wants Denver on the West Coast run. We’ll see.

Ian Edmundson: ‘Thanks for Holmfirth!’ Thank you.

John Rohana: ‘Ardmore was incredible – I’ve changed my mid – ‘Fingers Crossed’ your finest hour.’

John Dalton: ‘In current political systems, would you consider returning to the UK to live and work?’ It seems a silly time world wide. Where do you go?

Richard Johnson, Atlanta: It’s true that ‘Hoople’ was more keyboard based than ‘Mott’. I would not agree that this was Luther’s fault. Morgan Fisher was subconsciously steering me towards keyboards and most of ‘Hoople’ was written on the keys as opposed to guitars. I was experimenting. I liked the idea of cellos fighting it out with saxes. We were doing this before pretty much anyone else. Luther was fine with everything – it just seemed like the next step at that time.

John Rohana: ‘First off, the new CD is just as good, if not better, than the first solo LP. Second, the band are incredible; Mark was a goldmine find.’ The one doesn’t have to be better than the other. They’re different – different time; different place. I agree about the band, though.

Steve M: ‘Where will your final resting place be?’ Your backyard?

Tim Anderson wants the lyrics to ‘Mr. Bugle Player’. Too far back.

Steve H: ‘Your songs are slow burners – always takes me a while to get into them and then I get it – question – during the lean times were there offers to get MTH back together?’ I remember once we all got together at a place I had on the South Coast. Must have been offered something, but I can’t remember what. Anyway – it never happened. As for the slow burners – I wish they’d burn a little quicker, but I guess it’s the way I write. Can be annoying; you can lose casual passers by.

Terryvee: Your music got me through a terrible time – thank you so much. How do you manage to get through ‘Picasso’ without welling up?’ It’s been a while and time heals.

Martin Ward did five of the UK gigs. Best set we can remember you doing. Please don’t come back in June as we’ve booked our hols in Spain. May or July would be much better. It’s going to be bloody expensive flying back for the gigs.’

Jackie Rohana enjoyed the Ardmore in PA (younger sister of Mr. Rohana).

John O’Rourke: ‘Through mutual love of your music, I have friends all over the world – Europe, Australia – and all over the U.S. I hope you realize an international community has arisen round you and the Rant Band over the last 15 years. It’s been a wonderful growth experience. Thank you for opening up the world to me.’ You’re very welcome.

Tim McKenna: ‘Did Roger Daltry, Robert Plant and yourself ever exchange hair styling tips back in the day? Who had the full on rock style perm first?’ The first rock star I met with a perm was David Bowie, actually. It didn’t suit. I never had a perm – I just let it grow. It kinda of stuck out either side of my ears for a while, then it suddenly fell and I was all hairy. Everybody was. Looks a bit daft now, but styles come and go.

Roger C Reale: Enjoying recent music. Says I’ve remained true to form. ‘Missed you in Hartford; I was out of state.’ Great venue.

Wayne in Vancouver: ‘A girl I know just adopted a pair of pups male -male and female. I told her to call them ‘Pearl’ and ‘Roy’.

Phil Bentley: ‘Big thank you for ‘Fingers Crossed’ and fantastic gig at Shepherds Bush. Having Graham Parker and Brinsley made a special night more special. Thanks for signing stuff.’

Matt: You got your back back!

John Caswell: ‘When you wrote, ‘Lisa likes Rock ‘n’ Roll’ did you ever think she would end up as a singer in her own band? I know Mick would be proud.’ Actually, I’m proud of her too. She’s a great girl and she’s just past her CPA exam – so she’s smart as well as talented.

David M. Nagy: ‘Where does Ian get his hats?’ Mostly from this chap in Cleveland, but my hats pale in comparison to the Rant Band hats. I’ve tried to get DiBrizzi into Fezzes, but he’s not having any of it.

Jed Goldman: ‘Impressions – comments please – on Spooky Tooth (great band), Mike Harrison (great singer), Joe Cocker (great singer), British Lions (good band), Ian Gillan (extremely nice gentleman), Deep Purple (never saw them).’

Kernan: ‘Why isn’t each box set individually numbered?’ (That’s a good idea – now you tell me!) Fabulous, anyway!

Vic Pyle: ‘Love ‘Fingers Crossed’ wish ‘Dandy’ would get some air play.’ (It costs money to ram it down radios throats and I don’t play that game.

Geoff Jenke: ‘Please, please, please come to Australia.’

Ian McClenaghan: ‘Primary reason for getting into music in the first place?’ I loved what was going on in music at the time. ‘When did you first start to believe you could be a success?’ Dunno. Probably when Mott signed to Island Records.

Ooer Wullie: You sent this six times, so you must be feeling no pain!

Gary Dedoussis says I’m wearing a Seinfeld ‘puffy shirt’ on Dr. Pepper. God the ignominy. In my defense, I loved the P.J. Proby look; obviously not working. ‘Always a trend setter, Ian!’ Up yours.

Bill Adair: ‘Love ‘Fingers Crossed’ – my first digital download. Now I have your music on vinyl, cassette, CD and digital – keep it coming.’ We’ll try.

Gerry Campbell: ‘Glasgow, brilliant. Did you ever visit Glasgow from Hamilton as a kid?’ I remember being taken to the pictures in Glasgow when I was about four. The cinema had a tree growing right up the middle of the foyer. My mother worked at Boots in Glagow and I lived with my Aunt and Uncle in Hamilton. Dad was away at war.

John Caswell wants ‘Something’s Going On’ at the Winery in June.

Trevor: ‘Were you ever on the ‘Old Grey Whistle Test?’ I was on in June 1974 with Bob interviewing me about the Diary; then in 1975 they played the Sony ‘Once Bitten’ promo film. I also recall trying to do an interview with Ann Nightingale at a hotel in Kensington, but we were interrupted trying to get Pete Townsend out of a police car!

John Herkes asks, ‘What was the intro music used on the last tour.’ The artist is Huun-Huur-Tu and the song was called ‘Prayer’ from the album ‘The Orphan’s Lament’. Courtesy of James Mastro.

Lentz: Washington was fine as far as I can remember.

Paul: ‘My wife and I loved the Tramshed in Cardiff – just brilliant. What did you think of the venue?’ It was fine.

Graham Stark wants another book – only Pre-Diary. Could be more interesting, actually. Crazy days.

Johnnyboy: ‘Brilliant evening at SB Empire – thank you. What’s the story with the desk bell?’ It’s all DiBrizzi’s fault. He put it on there – I’ve no idea why – and I gradually got use to it. It serves no purpose and I missed it recently when the original was lost. Now I have a new one! I guess it’s a useless inside joke.

Larry Jordan: ‘I’m still getting through ‘Stranded in Reality’ and I’m blown away by it. The set is the sound track of my life (and mine!). Packaging’s great – the book and the paper interesting and the music and videos are awesome! Although I have the previously released disks (and more) the whole thing seems new, while familiar at the same time. Good stuff. Kudos to everyone involved in this project. Thanks for the memories!’ As much as some people moan about the price of SIR – people who have it aren’t moaning and that’s a good thing.

Bill: ‘Planning a tour of the U.S. – any dates in Jersey?’ We’re working on it.

Rick Graves: ‘Are there certain songs you won’t play because they don’t fit the make up of the band?’ Not really. You can give the Rant Band any song and they’ll develop it into their own. It might be different and it should be.

Gust: ‘What is the secret of the Scandinavians? Why are Holland, Germany and Belgium left off the tour schedule? What do we have to do to get you here?’ Your promoters have to come up with dates that make sense financially. We have a good foothold in Sweden and Norway – it’s been so long since I was in Germany they’ve probably forgotten I exist.

Constance Van beek (and a lot of others!) ‘Merry Christmas and Happy New Year – how are you celebrating Christmas?’ Tracie was over with her chap, Drew and Jess was up with Karen and family. Then we had friends here as well. James and Dennis dropped by. ‘You made 2016 a happy year for me.’ Goodho.

Jeffrey: ‘Christmas Day 14 year ago watching my brand new Ringo’s new all star band DVD. It was like finding a room in my house I never new existed.’ Actually, I have found a room in my house I never new existed!

Shug Laverty: :Do ‘Morpheus’ next time in Glasgow.’ OK

John Frawley: ‘I was looking at J. Geils Band fan reviews from 2015 when the Rant Band opened and most of the reviews were raves for you as well as J. Geils – whether or not they were familiar with your work.’ Nice one.

Olin Jenkins: ‘Why the change in the box set order on ‘Rant?’ They must have used the American version. I preferred the UK tracking, too.

Jack Pells: Re: Crazed fan front row SBE. ‘Mission accomplished! This is a free service I can provide at all future gigs if needed! For the record – I’m not a nut job – blame it on the beer!’ It was fun, – just be careful – it could have gone the other way! Good job, though!!

Tom Semioli: ‘Why’s the amazing Mark Bosch with his fabulous size 12 two- tone shoes afforded more space on stage than the other Rant members? Since he joined the band (its been 10 years) – never seen MB sans fedora. Has Mark Callinan permanently fixed the bonnet upon Bosch’s noggin?’ We give him a bit of room so he can do his ‘shtick’. Hats are in apparently – easier than washing your hair daily. I’m seriously thinking of adopting one.

Mike Turner: Suggestion for future title: ‘Things that go Trump in the Night.’ Ouch.

John Frawley: ‘After the untimely passing of George Michael, I was watching his outstanding version of ‘Somebody to Love’ in ’92. You were on the same show playing ‘Dudes’. Do you recall who gave you the official invite to the show?’ (Roger and Brian). ‘Was that your last show with Mick?’ (Probably)

And so……thanks to all of you for the Seasons Greetings and thanks for all the cards as well.

Wishing you all a healthy and happy 2017.

See you soon


The Horse’s Mouth

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