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Horse’s Mouth

March 6, 2017

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #182, Mar 2017)

The Horse’s Mouth
March 5, 2017

Here we go again!

Lisa Meltzer: This would be entirely up to you.

Larry Woodside: It will happen in coordination with gigs.

Jeffrey: Frank Short was the leader of ‘The Apex’. Extremely managerial. I liked Frank a lot. Would have made a great manager – very fussy and into detail. Frank, sadly, is no longer with us.

Pat was happy with both Winery shows. ‘Nice remembrance of Pete.’ (Watts; by Mastro) ‘Was just watching a doc on u-tube on ELO. Somebody driving around LA for the first time and what did I see but a giant billboard of ‘All American Alien Boy’. It warmed my heart. Like Joe Elliott I was a teenager when it came out. Unlike Joe – I loved it straight off.’

Randy McNeil: ‘Second show at the Winery was amazing – band gets tighter and tighter – shows always great, but this one was magic.’ What happened was the people who run the Winery rang up in a panic – they’d had a cancellation – and asked if we could put it together in nine days? Everybody (luckily) was around, so we dove straight in. First night was marred by poor sound, but we had it solved by the second night. Glad you enjoyed it.

Ken: ‘Blown away at the Winery a few days ago.’

Nocturnal Creature: ‘Is it cool or creepy when people follow you around?’ It’s cool if they’re fans – it’s creepy if they’re stalkers.

Paul Scott: Check the gig list.

John Dalton: ‘How involved are you with the art work?’ I know good people. I don’t know what I want but I know what I don’t want. Fortunately, it works out most of the time.

Mark F: ‘I’ve read conflicting reports – which came first – ‘Cleveland Rocks’ or ‘England Rocks’?’ I’ve said it so many times, but people either don’t believe me or ignore me. I can remember where and when and the instrument I wrote ‘Cleveland Rocks’ on.

Big Al: ‘Coming to Hull – should I start crying before, during or after?’ Awe c’mon – it’s not that bad!

Peter Jordan: ‘Delighted you’re back in Preston; who said ‘ere’ on ‘Justice of the Peace’?’ No idea.

Paul Worrell: ‘Did you know – Ronno was born at a maternity home opposite the Welly Club, Hull – where you’re playing in June (got my ticket this morning).’ No I didn’t.

Rick Goward: ‘I’m playing ‘Beg a Little Love’ off ‘Live BBC’ to death. Fantastic. Hope to see you on the West Coast.’

Rikki Flynn: ‘Sorry about Pete Watts. As an adopted American, any thoughts on Mr. Trump?’ Divide and bunker.

David Crisfield: Happy about Frome. ‘Belated condolences on the passing of Lord Watts. How grateful I am to have seen the reunion shows.’

Dennis: Is ‘Still the Same’ about your wife?’ One of many.

Max Carter: ‘Do you drive?’ (Yup.) What type? (Mini Cooper.) ‘Do you drive in the UK when you’re here?’ Pete Mason drives us when we are on tour in the UK.

Celtic Eddie: What brand eyewear do you use?’ It varies; Cazal most of the time. ‘When – if ever ‘ will you perform in South Florida?’ When somebody comes up with the necessary.

Jim K.: ‘Anything going on in the world of politics these days that stir the creative juices?’ We’ll have to wait and see.

Darren: ‘Please – Toronto!’
Vytauta Iskeliunas: What brand guitars are you playing? Will you ever go back to solid body electric?’ I play Martins, Gibsons and Rainsongs. I don’t play solid body with the Rant Band because that would complicate the sound. I played solid with MTH because it was just Ralpher and me as guitarists.

Matt Nojonen: ‘Quite a lineup for ‘Sweden Rocks’. Have you been on such a large bill before (yup) – it must be a bit of a circus.’ Yeah, I’m not mad about festivals; they pay well though.

Bencroft: ‘No London this summer?’ Check the website.

Wade: ‘Hope to see you and the band on the West Coast soon. Any chance of a live album with the new songs?’ Haven’t got that far yet.

C. Hoffman: ‘Fan since the 70’s; you’re the best.’ Ta.

Dave Doughty: ‘Shepherds Bush gig just slipped into my top ten gigs of all time. Great, great night.’

Jonathan: ‘The Mott BBC ‘session’ for Bob Harris (16-10-72) is supposedly made up of tracks from ‘Dudes’ that were remixed from the original multi-track masters. Who remixed them? Is this when the multi-tracks went missing?’ I’m the wrong person to ask – my head doesn’t’ work this way. Buff may have been able to shed some light on the matter, but he’s no longer with us. Sorry.

Joe Allen: ‘F___s sake, Ian – after that fantastic gig at the Garage in Glasgow – how can you possibly not play Glasgow again?’ Promoters say – too soon. The plan was not to go back to the places we played last fall – mixing it up a bit.

Tom L: Can’t remember.

David Bennett is bringing his 18 year old to Birmingham.

Arthur Tremlett: ‘Hazel and I were lucky enough to be at both nights at the City Winery. Thought James Mastro’s tribute to Pete Watts was a perfect way to remember him. As you said, Pete is, and always will be, a rock ‘n’ roll star. Your set on Tuesday was superb. Who joined MC Bosch during ‘Dudes’?’ That was Andy York on guitar and Tony Shanahan helped out on vocals.

David Gamlin: ‘Thanks for Frome – it’s so close to Bristol.’

Terry Hyland: ‘Holmfirth this summer?’ Too soon. Bingley?

Carlo Mathews: ‘Any special memories of the years in NYC?’ Too many to mention. We lived at the end of East 25th Street; you could feel the pulse. But that was then.

Cat: ‘When did you write ‘Where Have All The Good Girls Gone?’ and what inspired it?’ I’ve no recollection of this.

Phil Monaghan: Buffoon’s should do something else.

Dave Hancox: You know, I’ve been doing this so long and I still don’t understand how it works. I’m just grateful, that’s all.

Steve Kettell says I get a mention on Eggheads (BBC2) and a week later on ‘Pointless’. Good-oh.

Jim McConnell: There has been talk of Italy, Spain, Germany and France – but so far – nothing concrete.

Rob Woodford: All for a bit of decency!

Colin Thayer: ‘Open the set with ‘Death and Glory Boys” Cheerful.

Joe Finnie: ‘Next time at the Garage, can I buy you a pint?’ You most certainly can!

Kevin Green: ‘Your song ‘Boy’ opens with ‘genocidal tendencies’ – Bowie’s ‘Future Legend’ from ‘Diamond Dogs’ (released before your debut) ends with ‘this ain’t Rock ‘n’ Roll this is genocide’. Coincidence?’ Coulda been – too far back – don’t remember it being anything other than coincidence.

Jim Mulligan: ‘Fingers Crossed’ is amazing. Seriously good job, brother. Keep moving forward.’ Say, hello.

David S: ‘Absolutely love 2010 Live album. You have an amazing band. Please release another live album. Live performances – unbelievable. Would be great to have some ‘When I’m President’ and ‘Fingers Crossed’.’ We shall see.

Jim Morrison: ‘Any U.S. dates before you go to Europe?’ Keep watching the web site.

J.C. Finn: ‘Have you ever played a Gibson Flying V Guitar? What do you think about them?’ I’ve actually played Albert Kings Flying V (the first ever). They’re good for some things, but not for all.

Pasquale: How are you doing? Still messing about with Euro dates. Hope you make the Winery – bit of a schlepp!

Ahmed ElAmin: ‘Any chance of Brussels?’ Not heard of anything.

Phil Grant: ‘I just wanted to thank you for making a live show (the Atlanta Winery) at 63 feel even more exciting than it did at 18.’ Thank you.

Bob Adams: ‘Enjoying ‘Stranded’. How long did it take to do the track by track portion of the book? Did you have notes or do you just have a phenomenal memory?’ No notes and my memory pretty much stinks except I do seem to remember things about most of the songs. Weird, isn’t it?

Matt: ‘Ever work with Al Stewart?’ Not that I recall.

Francis L: ‘You said the trouble with actors playing musicians in the movies is they’re not musicians – what about Johnny Depp?’ Well Johnny is and was a musician BEFORE he was an actor – your point? ‘How was it showing him the chords to ‘Sweet Jane’?’ Don’t remember showing him ‘Sweet Jane’; I thought I showed him ‘Bastard’. ‘Did you know you’re a songwriter’s writer?’ Never really thought about that.

Alan Taylor: ‘Told that upcoming UK tour will be your last – is this true?’ Could be – but not if I have anything to do with it.

John Rohana: ‘Is that you singing on the Coke ad?’ Nah.

Vic Pyle: ‘It seems you don’t want to come to Toronto anymore, so I’m coming to Norwich. Know of any cheap digs?’ Go onto my website forum – they are pretty good at helping out.

David M. Nagy: ‘Have added ‘Once Bitten’ to karaoke nights. Took a while for people to get it, (why?) but they love it. Powerful tune.’

Danny G: ‘When you’re up on stage I feel the presence of greatness.’ When I’m up on stage I feel the lack of AC.

Mark Silverston: ‘Remember Pete’s house in Acton? Went to a party there – he spent most of the evening doing what he loved doing (and what was that?). Did you ever visit his house?’ Pete invited Trudi and me round one evening for dinner. He produced this monster silver platter full of Indian food and then proceeded to plonk a small dollop on each of our plates – immediately demolishing the rest himself. I just liked listening to him – he never stopped. I’d be aching. Madly intelligent.

Barry Gray wants the Ardmore again prior to June. We’re up for it – let’s see if it pans out.

Nick Malcolm: ‘Did you know that Banjo Patterson is on the Australian ten dollar bill?’ Thank you for that.

Big Walt: ‘As I write – why no Scottish dates in June?’ No idea. I imagine the Scottish promoter thinks it’s too close to last autumn.

David Morgan: ‘Really enjoyed Dennis’ photos from the last two tours. Why don’t you write a book about the upcoming tour and use Dennis’ photos?’ He costs too much.

John Elisworth: ‘Love the new album – haven’t played anything else since I bought it. ‘Ghosts’ is my favourite. Please don’t’ forget the West Coast. Sorry to hear about Pete’s passing; fondly remember him egging on the crowd in Manchester. Got me in spite of security.’

Cecile Piverotto: ‘Will you be participating in ‘Turn and Face the Strange’ honoring Mick Ronson in Hull in August 2017? Just do it or you’ll be harassed incessantly.’ Geographically it’s not possible, but we’re coming to Hull in June – hope to see you then.

Mike B: ‘Your show at Shepherd’s Bush truly astonishing. Ever had much contact with Roger Chapman and Family (nope). See you at the Stables in June.’ (Yup!)

That’s it for now. Some emails asked the same questions as other so I didn’t duplicate.

Be well!


The Horse’s Mouth

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