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Horse’s Mouth

April 9, 2017

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #183, Apr 2017)

The Horse’s Mouth
April 5, 2017

Decidedly undecided weather.

Danny G is happy we’re going back to the Winery.

Phil Grant wants us back in Atlanta – me too.

George Saadi: Stalking is a problem – a bit silly at my age.

Colum Thornton says a load of Dubliners are going to the Liverpool gig. The more the merrier!

Wendell Dolittle wants Florida.

Doug in St. Louis: Thank you!

McClenaghan: ‘Why do you think – for all but a few – commercial success is a fleeting event? In your opinion, is commercial success and the quality of music related?’ It’s extremely difficult to be successful commercially for any length of time – especially if you write on your own. Partnerships seem to fare better – two head are better than one. It’s hard enough finding quality material to record on a regular basis – let alone commercial ‘hits’.

Ian Mack: ‘Having worked with many greats, what one artist do you consider should have been place up there with them?’ It’s all opinions, isn’t it.

John S.P. Walker wants ‘Words’ and ‘How’s Your House’ at the Winery. A ‘Shrunken Heads’ man.

Eoghan Lyng: ‘What do you regard as MTH’s best record and what’s your favourite MTH record?’ ‘Mott’.

Dick Guzingia: ‘California.’ September.

Tony O’s: ‘Play ‘Rose’ on the UK dates.’

Johnny Martin: ‘Come back to the Cats Cradle, North Carolina.’ We’ll try.

Seth: ‘How about a paragraph or two each month on the world according to IH? Everybody would love it. Or at least 5 things you’re listening to.’ I don’t’ know; the older I get I realize the less I know. Last thing that knocked me out – ‘Octahate’ (and that was years ago) and ‘Could Have Been Me’ by the Struts – great stuff. I don’t listen that much.

Matt: http//www/ – very cool site – enjoy.

Graham Percival: 1) ‘Ever felt the urge to do a covers album?’ Not really, no. 2) Any contemporary artist you’d like to record with?’ If something came up I’d have to give it a look. There are some great people out there. See you at the Stables!

Stan: ‘AAAB is my Desert Island record – thank you for making it. Hope Mick Ralphs is getting better.’

Bruce Hawkins is coming to the Chicago gig.

John Eastwood: ‘How can I get a copy (CD or vinyl) of your Hammersmith 1979 concert? I understand it’s included in the box set, but I can’t afford the box set. Is it possible that it’s released singularly? P.S. Thank you for every song.’ The record company (Proper) spent a lot of money licensing all those albums so are reluctant to split the contents up. So I don’t think it will be released in bits and pieces.

Lynne: ‘Sincere condolences regarding Lord Overend Watts.’

Greg Miller: ‘Can’t tell you how glad I am you’re coming back to Pittsburg. Your last show was one of the best I’ve seen in years. See you in May!’ Looking forward to it.

Ray: ‘Just got my ‘Stranded’ box set from Proper Australia = Great – and may I say – thank you for a life’s work. I’ve travelled with you.’ Moving!
(Trudi just cartwheeled into my room – Steve Bannon’s out of the Security Council.)

Birney Brown: Yes, I have finally quit smoking, Birney!! (Birney says write a song about it!) I actually quit – finally – during the ‘Fingers Crossed’ sessions; so I’m 15 months clear. I had some kind of flu for five or six weeks – that gave me the start I needed. Worst habit of all!!

Paul Rivers: ‘Recall you saying something about discussions with the BEEB to do something with ‘Diary’. Is it getting anywhere?’ I’ve met with the ‘Beeb’ three times and I still don’t think they know what to do with it. On a lighter note, we’re in the middle of contract negotiations with a major publishing company so we should be back out there soon.

Mark Silverstone: Pete definitely lived his life.

Jeffrey: ‘Sorry about Richie.’ Me too.

Matt Nojonen: ‘Well, you’ve been up all night again! Nice one.

Trevor: ‘Gutted – can’t believe you’re touring and not coming to Newcastle.’ We’re pretty near on a couple of occasions.

Andrew Hosey: ‘Are you interested in our ‘March Madness’? Can you golf at your age? Ha Ha.’ Couldn’t golf at any age.

Chris: 1) ‘What’s the best piece of advice you were ever given as a musician?’ Hang in. 2) ‘Who does the cooking?’ Trudi.

Travis Dahl: ‘Trying to find the original owner of a guitar my Dad’s owned for 30 years. IH carved on the back of the headstock. Could it be yours?’ I doubt it. I’m not the type to carve initials.

Steve V: ‘Do you feel ‘different’ when you perform back home?’ It’s not so much the country it’s more the actual gigs. You mention the Tabernacle, in Morris, NJ- it’s a gig where quieter songs work better. Shepherds Bush is kinda the opposite of that so you get a different performance. I like both.

Alan Dryden: ‘Read somewhere you always visit Equis when in Glasgow; what’s your favourite ice cream?’ I actually go the original Equis in Hamilton; I’ve been going there for going on 75 years. It doesn’t really matter which flavour ice cream – they’re all amazing!

Shasha: ‘Can’t believe how much I’m enjoying the box set. Got all the albums (the early ones on vinyl) and had wondered – but not for long – whether to buy it. Needn’t have worried – it’s worth every penny. Shepherds Bush last year was one of the best of countless gigs I’ve been to – starting at Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1975. Any chance of ‘Dead Man Walkin” on the coming tour?’ The problem with ‘Dead Man Walkin” is – it’s slow!! And we have ‘Fingers Crossed’ songs to consider (Fingers Crossed, Dandy, Morpheus) all these songs are slowish too. If I put too many slow songs in the set it doesn’t work. I love doing ‘Dead Man’ but there just isn’t room.

George: ‘Saw the interview you did with Joe Elliott on ‘Speakeasy’. What a treat! Laughed at the story about your daughter and the Dead Boys at CBGB’s. Cheetah Chrome told me the same story and I didn’t believe him!!’

Carl: ‘Fingers Crossed is fantastic – an amazing achievement. ‘Dandy’ superb tribute and makes e think of Bolan as well as Bowie. Any chance the videos of the Box set will be released separately?’ Dunno, many of the videos were licensed from the majors (another reason for the price of the box set). I wouldn’t hold your breath.

John: ‘Unlike some other artists, your lyrics, for the most part are non-political. Is that a conscious choice on your behalf?’ Well – there have been moments! But I’m not sure my lot want politics thrust down their throats from me on top of all the other outlets. Having said that, I’m all for a bit of decency and it’s getting harder to find these days.

Francis L: ‘Fingers Crossed is lyrical gold.’ How nice!

Ken: ‘Always loved ‘Jupiter’ opening with MTH – how did you choose it?’ That was all Pete Watts. If you listen to the crashing guitar at the end of it – that’s Pete. Fabulous idea.

Carlo Mathews: ‘Ever cross paths with Alice Cooper?’ Yup. What are your impressions of him as a songwriter and singer?’ The singles were amazing – just never heard the albums. Didn’t the band write too? Alice – as a person – is a great guy – no front and highly intelligent – a pleasure to talk to him.

Erik would like to hear Long Time/Big Time medley. Jeeze! ! I forgot about ‘Long Time’ – I’ll have to have another look.

Steve Wagner: ‘When are you coming to North Carolina?’ Whenever the routing works and it’s financially viable.

Jeffrey: ‘Saturday, March 18th 2017 – sorry to hear about Chuck Berry. He made it to 90. Tchaikovsky won’t like the news – R.I.P.’ Chuck had it all.

Donn Deniston: ‘Wow – return to the Ark so soon! Had to miss the last one, but have tickets for this one.’ Good venue – enjoy!

Alan Henderson: ‘Vancouver!’ (Don’t see it at the moment – sorry).

Not a Winery Fan: Oh, dear – definitely not! They’ve been very good to us over the years. Sorry you don’t like it there. We are doing Bay Shore on Long Island on May 6th…..

Lefty Knuthuge: Wishful thinking? See you in September.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Any chance of ‘Still Love Rock ‘n’ Roll’ – because you obviously do. Seeing you at leas four UK gigs.’ None too keen on this particular song, sorry.

Mark F requests for Milwaukee. You guys are always requesting stuff I’m not doing – it’s uncanny!

Mike Vose: ‘Absolutely loved Gateshead in November. Over the moon you’re playing my hometown on June 14th. I run a pub around the corner.’ (What’s the name if it- the Rant Band love a pint). ‘If you fancy a look in after the show – the drinks are on me.’ (I can feel Rant steam rising!) Dennis will be there at noon.

Johnson: SEE – ‘Violence’ or ‘Marionette’ ‘Morpheus’ (the Winery). I’ve written for too many songs. Maybe one of the three.

Hugh Johnston: ‘How about Inverness?’ I don’t see it on the itinerary – sorry!

Col Spikings: ‘Just got the box set for my Birthday (60); see you in Sheffield.’

John H: ‘Any shows at the Bell House this year? Such a great venue.’ Not this year.

Oooeer Wullie: Have a good time in Texas. Hear they’re having a spot of rain at the moment.

Peter Jordan: ‘What looks to be a lengthy spring/summer tour. Do you feel you need to pace yourself more these days? Does your voice need any special pampering to keep going like this?’ Well, you can’t just pop off and do it. There’s a deal of preparation involved. I try to get body and voice pretty much used to what’s involved before leaving the house.’

Pete Lewis: ‘Well, I’ll be 55 soon – seen lots of changes since buying my first single at Smiths in Bridgend, South Wales – Roll Away the Stone – to the state of the British charts today. Buy hey; it isn’t so bad – you’re still around!’ Ta.

Pete Lewis: ‘ says he’s spearheading a campaign to make me a ‘Sir’!! How lovely – but to no avail I fear!!

Todd: ‘Why would a rich rock ‘n’ roll star like yourself drive a Mini Cooper? Just asking.’ It’s like a go car – I love it.

Richard Bruciati: It’s odd you mention Bill Nelson – he’s a fan of MTH.

Bob Boyle: It’s been so long – I don’t even remember doing it.

Dennis: ‘ ‘All American Alien Boy’ has been in the set for a while now. I don’t know if it will be played in Chicago, but it’s in the mix.

Joe S likes ‘The Other Man’ off Dirty Laundry. So do I.

Larry Woodside: Noted.

Pete Mason: ‘Delighted you’re playing Harpenden.’

You’re probably wondering why we’re doing all these gigs this year but it’s pretty simple. We believe in ‘Fingers Crossed’ and we want as many people as possible to hear it.

Gary Sawruk: ‘Heavy tour schedule!!! Hope you are writing until you’re 100 (heaven forbid). Keep on keepin’ it on.’

Dave Shaw: ‘Looking forward to Frome. A rare outing of ‘Who Do You Love’ would be fantastic.’ SEE. Another one.

Rich Goward: I’m OK with this if it can be worked out with Frank.

Phil Bob: Do ‘Stranded in Reality’. ANOTHER ONE!!

I can’t believe we’re doing none of these songs you are requesting! It’s always something………


The Horse’s Mouth

P.S. Sorry if I missed you. Keep ’em coming.

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