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Horse’s Mouth

August 9, 2017

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #186, August 2017)

The Horse’s Mouth
August 4, 2017

Anthony P: on Lennon’s death – Sinister? Conspiracy? – Nothing so exciting – and I know someone who was there.

Sandra Richmond: Excellent!

Matt: OK!

Ian Edmundson: ‘There was a gap in the middle of your career – why was that?’ Labels thinking they could take over the musical side of things and a general apathy combined with laziness. I let everything fall away. ‘What was the catalyst that made you start over?’ The death of Mick Ronson. ‘Thanks for the Liverpool show. Did you see much of the Pool?’ Not really, though I have been a few times over the years (starting in 1956 when we use to buy fruit and veg off the ships).

David Torres: ‘Sometimes I can’t understand your pronunciation of the lyrics – do you have them listed somewhere?’ Try google.

John Sellers: ‘I caught your amazing gig in Frome and bought ‘Fingers Crossed’ afterwards. Awesome album – can’t stop playing it – keep going Dude!’ OK

James ‘Tripp’ Pair III: ‘How do you do it all?’ With considerable help.

Colum Thornton: ‘Thanks for a great show; Hope you enjoyed your return to our fair city, LIVERPOOL not Dublin.’ Enjoyed LIVERPOOL not Dublin.

Marcus Dohle says ‘Winterhude’ is just a district of the City of Hamburg. Hope people are not confused about the gig.

Eric: ‘Congratulations, you’ve made it – 8 down in the New York Time crossword puzzle!’ Oh bliss!

Jackie Rohana wants us in San Antonio.

Geoff Bryant wants a Rant Band DVD. We were going to do it but heat took over. Actually, not a DVD, but a CD. DVD? Dunno.

Pat Fitzgerald: Re: NYT crossword. Pat’s the drummer from Martins Folly (Page’s old band) and Sour Jazz. Hope all is well, Pat.

Paul – (Not our Paul) ‘My wife and I have been following you for years – she took our daughter to see Coldplay – should I forgive her.’ Nope.

Nick Malcolm: ‘Ian – the Canadian Brits and loyalists burned the White House in 1812 – part of it was black then.’ Our current fearless leader proclaims it a tad funky these days – not like his Tower digs at all!

Greg from Boston: ‘My wife and I love the City Winery show on 6/4. On our visit to NYC I bought the Ian Hunter table wine with the autograph – do I drink it? I’m leaving that up to you!’ Of course you drink it – then you buy another one when we come to Boston!

Greg Groves: ‘Saw the Ark show and was blown away I missed out on MTH, Hunter/Ronson and the Rant Band until this show! Thanks for the music from a lifelong fan!’

Peter Jordan: ‘Preston was great. Loved ‘Guiding Light’ as the oddity. ‘Memphis and ‘Fingers Crossed’ special mention and love use of ‘nefarious’. When you wrote it did you wonder whether to use it?’ Yes, I did actually – well sussed! Peter wants ‘Wings’ more often – that depends on the venue – the higher the ceiling, the more likely I’ll do it.

Kevin Quinn: ‘ Do Tramlines festival in Sheffield.’ We’ll see.

John: ‘Did you give away a pair of gold boots in ’73?’ Dunno – don’t think so. Gold boots a bit much for me.

Craig Cahoon wants us to go to Minneapolis. Promoters have to want the show. If we do, we’ll have a look.

Bob Boyle: The ‘Mick Bolton’ who played with MTH was a keyboard player – not a guitarist. He lives on the South Coast of the UK.

Jeffrey: I have no idea what you’re talking about. Not a fan of gyms – too many bugs. Summer is good, although a bit steamy.

John Dalton: ‘Were you a fan of ‘progressive rock’ bands that came out of the 70’s – Yes/ELP/King Crimson etc.?’ I always thought ‘Yes’ songs were intros and endings with nothing in the middle. These people knew how to play, but I didn’t get the songs at all – the exception being King Crimson – they were scary good.

Brian: ‘Any chance of ‘When I’m President’ being released on vinyl?’ Bit late in the day. [Webmaster’s note: It was released on vinyl … UK Proper Records Proper PRPLP104]

Phil Grant: Phil Grant wants us in Atlanta and so do we. Really enjoyed Atlanta nd St. Louis.

Todd Huber: ‘David Werner/High Class Blues’ – one of my favourite vocals of you from that era. The man has disappeared. How did you hook up on this one?’ I remember David – nice guy – but I don’t remember singing this. Oh, well.

Josephine: What is this you’re saying?

Janet Mitchell: Sat in 23A Swan Hill – listening to 23A Swan Hill. No ghosts xx’

Rockin Martin: ‘Australia?’ Seems nearer than it ever was, but still nothing certain.

Charles wants ‘Girl From the Office’ or ‘Life After Death’ – you never know – these have been included in the past.

Bill Milks: ‘I always believed the measure of ones leadership is the ability to attract top talent. Your solo career has certainly been evidence of that. When you rehearse what different ideas or attitudes do your two excellent guitarists bring?’ There’s a lot of homework involved – none of us like to rehearse. James likes the intricacies – the subtle things that make a difference while Boschie is more concerned with the power end of things (although James is all over ‘Bastard’!). They’re both great at what they do and understands dynamics. Everybody comes to the party. I just say no now and again. It’s a personality thing. They’re all different from one another and that makes life so much more interesting.

Peter Johnson: Your songs are not bound in adolescent concerns but range over bigger issues – a sense of the eternal has crept into your work over the years – does God play a part?’ No idea. It comes from somewhere – I thought a mixture of the genes perhaps. Could be anything.

Mark Bloomstein – how nice!

John Caswell wants ‘Salvation’ in Boston. Dunno.

Phil Lewry wants us in Australia!

Brit Fan wants ‘Sea Diver’ in the set.

Adrian: Working with the E-Streeters was a lot of fun. Mick Ronson was co-producing and John Cale helped out. Bob Clearmountain was great – on the whole – one of the more positive experiences.

Peter Papadopulos: ‘Consider playing Space Theater in Westbury, Long Island. Great acoustics – we’ll guarantee to pack the place.’ Mmmmmmmmm

J.C. Finn: ‘Why did the British Lions fail as a band?’ I’ve no idea. I was busy doing my own thing – not my business.

Rick Goward is going to all three West Coast gigs. See you there.

Steve Abs: A family affair in Berlin – enjoy!

Colin Thayer: ‘When 9/11 happened were you in the city or Connecticut?’ Connecticut. ‘In your song ‘Rain’, is Billy (who died at 23) ‘Stretch’?’ No, they knew each other (his name was Biddy – not Billy).

There we are – up to date!

Thanks for checking in.


The Horse’s Mouth

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