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Horse’s Mouth

September 16, 2017

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #187, September 2017)

The Horse’s Mouth
September 2, 2017


Kevin (Newcastle): ‘Overnight Angels’ is my least favourite album along with a couple of others. Slicky was, and is, a great guitar player – his Dad was a NYC cop: he told some hilarious stories. Here’s to you, Frankie!

Bruce: ‘Double Dog Dares’ me to play ‘Pearl and Roy’ – all in good time.

Yucca Flats is happy about Boston.

Rolf Brunner is happy about Switzerland.

Mark Baxter: ‘You’re still aspiring oldsters and youngsters alike.’

Tim Kearns: ‘If you’ll come to Christchurch, New Zealand, I’ll sell my kidneys, my house, my wife and kids to be there.’ Steady on!

Joachim: ‘Dortmund has only 81 tickets left – should sell out.’ Excellent!

Ian Mack: ‘What has been the most personally profitable song you’ve written?’ Dunno – ‘Once Bitten’ has been covered a lot and then there’s ‘Cleveland Rocks’ and ‘Ships’ – but I really don’t know. ‘What song gets the most airtime?’ Well, probably ‘Dudes’.

Ken Sager: ‘Play Florida.’ Who’s booking?

Neil McCormack missed Liverpool (family clash) and heard it was a cracking , boiling evening.’ It was in some kind of metal building. I said to the bloke – ‘it’s too hot’ and he said, ‘you should try it in the winter – it’s freezing.’

John Dalton: ‘Recently saw the movie ‘Dunkirk’. How difficult was it to move forward from that experience?’ I remember some of it, but I was much too young to understand the seriousness of it. We could have lost. Must have been dreadful for parents. I remember D Day – we won!!!

Tom Semioli: ‘Does the Rant Band devour Bosch’s infamous food sculptures after he posts images on social media?’ Nah – he’s fingered the stuff.

Neil Wilkes: ‘Have you considered 5.1 mixes of some of the classic albums?’ Not up to me and I believe it would be expensive.

Donny Geronimo enjoys the music. Thanks.

Carlo Mathews enjoying ‘I Need Your Love’

Marjorie Brown is working to have Ronno inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and is asking me how to do it. Marjorie – I haven’t got a clue how you do it and it’s not the measure of the man. I know how good he was.

Maritza sends a long letter in her own language – which I don’t understand, but thanks anyway.

Dave Ross; It’s true we did have Guild Guitars. They sponsored us at one time and we were given them for nothing for a while. It may have been removed ‘without permission’ but it’s too long ago to worry about it. Enjoy!

Tall Paul wants us in Phoenix. Haven’t seen any promoter offers. Pity; we played there a few times back in the day and it was most enjoyable.

Mathews: ‘Would you consider working with Mick Jones again?’ Of course – as he says I’m the master and he’s the apprentice.

Colin Thayer: ‘I know it was very hot, but how was your first visit to Frome? Hope you enjoyed it as much as my lot.’ Beautiful neck of the woods. Enjoyed it.

Steve: ‘How come you selected Paul Page for the band?’ Easy; he’s Steve Holley’s favourite bass player and he had wanted to play in the band for years (always a plus). Aside from that, he’s a great bass player and a great guy.

Jane Medler’s, son and husband came to Norwich and apparently I signed a canvas of Mick Ronson and myself from a gig in 1990. This is an email to thank me. Thank you!

Rick Goward: ‘Will you do Steve Jones radio show in California?’ He plays you a lot on the radio so he’s a fan and you’ve done this show in the past.’ They’ve been in touch but Steve’s not in LA when we’re there. We are trying to work something out for San Francisco. Don’t know yet if that will be possible.

Francis L : (1) ‘When you wrote ‘President’ in 2012 what do you think your main character would be saying to Trump today?’ F. O. (2) ‘Are the Ranters part of your word process or is it mainly a musical democracy. It’s a democracy, but if I hear something I think would be better, I’ll say it. Then again, everybody in the band does that. Not sure what you mean by ‘word process’. (3) Would you consider MTH the ‘Senate’ or ‘House of Representatives’? I’d pick the latter.

Jan O Kolbjoernsen suggests ‘The Other Man’ for Trondheim. We have done this song and at the moment other slow songs take precedence Sorry.

Pjb: ‘Have you read Overend’s book?’ He gave me a signed copy and it’s brilliant. I laughed out loud in places.

Dave: ‘Writing any new music these days?’ Bout the same as usual. When touring I don’t write much – in a different head – but I collect bibs and bobs if they arise naturally.

Rocket Man: ‘Shades Off’ was a poem that I’d written long before. It wouldn’t leave, so we stuck it on the end of ‘Fall’. They’re bits that come from somewhere that gives me a buzz. Now and again you have to write them down or you forget them. Not sure I can take the credit for all this. I have a retarded imagination – perhaps that’s it!

Jacqueline Rohana: ‘Sha la la la push push (Roll Away the Stone) – were the girls in the room when Trudi was in labor?!’

Jeffrey: Elvis – 40 years ago today. R.I.P.

Tall Paul: ‘Was Overend anything in real life as he projects in his book- a total over the top, full on, non stop nutter?’ He could be frustrating, but we all loved him to death. And we still do.

Wade: R + R Hall of Fame – don’t care – but songwriters Hall of Fame – you should be there. Does it matter?’ It matters if you’re not connected – and that’s why it’s silly.

Dave Huckerby: The ‘Diary’ will be reissued next spring on Omni.

Daphne: ‘What was your ‘a-ha’ moment early on in becoming a rock ‘n’ roll musician?’ I was basically a fan – never thought I could be good enough. I guess my first inkling was playing bass with Freddie Fingers Lee in Germany in the 60’s.

Rikki Flynn: ‘Glasgow, Apollo – Alex Harvey band supporting. What was it like playing for them in their home town?’ Alex and I got along great. He brought his Mum and Dad and brother, Leslie to the sound check and I got to meet them all. Alex could be ornery, but we seemed to gel.

Margaret Finch: ‘Dublin’.

Daveluton: ‘Well done for MK Stables. Christ it was warm. Ever thought about putting lyrics on a backdrop? Sometimes it’s like they’re wasted.’ Nah. I know what you mean, but nah. M.K. = sweat bath!!

Bob Boyle: ‘Do you believe the Diana tunnel accident happened the way the international media reported it?’ I just don’t understand why she was hanging out with those people in the first place.

Shawn/San Diego: Rob Sommers (vintage art dealer) exposed as a MTH fan!

Tony V: ‘What’s the story about you signing an autograph for Tommy Bolin? Dunno. Was he considered for guitarist in MTH at one time?’ His name came up, but certain members only wanted English .

Colin Thayer: ‘Do you go home between Japan and Germany.’ Briefly – if we’re still in existence.

Liz K is moving – not a bad idea.

John Rohana: Sounds like Overend’s or Buff’s – not mine.

Chris: I run songs passed Andy York – and have done for 18 years. He is an encyclopedia.

Bill C: I often give Boschie dirty looks; it’s either volume or show biz. The volume thing’s solved, but he still does his party piece when I’m not looking. What can one do? He’s great.

Ron Sexenian: Ah – you’ll hear ’em soon enough.

Nicola Healy: Tell Terry, ‘Don’t Let Go’. New stuff is turning up all the time. ‘Don’t Let Go’.

Sam: Play ‘Through the Looking Glass at the Fillmore’. Nah. Sorry.

Brian Karmelich: ‘Impressions of the Kinks in 1979?’ Can’t remember. Not easy to tour with as most brothers don’t get on in bands for some reason. Met Ray off stage a couple of time and he seemed very quiet and nice. Dave tended to shut himself away on tour.

Otto Greenleaf: How did you get Dennis Elliott to play on ‘Overnight Angels’? When Mott the Hoople split up I formed a band with Mick Ronson’s help and Dennis was our drummer until we packed it in. The guy we had for ‘Overnight Angels’ didn’t work out, so we got Dennis to do it. He was recording ‘Foreigner’s first album and ‘Overnight Angles’ at the same time.

Jon Bailey: No, but wouldn’t it be lovely!

Dan Baker: ‘Do you see your Grandchildren often?’ Saw them a couple of months ago. All great kids.

Mike Scerri: ‘Toronto.’ I know, I know.

Ian Edmundson: ‘Jim Lea of Slade said in an interview a while back that he thought of you as one of his favourites to replace Noddy (circa 1990). I loved Slade, but I can’t imagine that working – bet you can’t either.’ Jim Lee’s a nice guy and Slade were a good band – but your instincts are right.

John Sutton: ‘Was there a time you bred dogs?’ We loved Alsatians – a long while back.

John Blackman: ‘Does most of your income still come from covers or touring now?’ Dunno – it all adds up and there’s other stuff as well.

Bill Golembeski ran into Alejandro Escovedo in a local Wisconsin pet store and had a chat. One of the only guys where I can sit through a whole set. Shakespeare bit is lovely!

John Caswell can’t wait for San Francisco. Pretty soon now.

Matt Nojonen: Read it!

Margaret: ‘Do New Day Music Festival in Kent.’

Thomas Brecht: Actually, I do remember you. See you in Berlin.

Danny G: Got a lyric from Chicago gig.

Graham: Perhaps next year.

David Riske: ‘When you wrote ‘Roll Away the Stone’ were you conscious of the biblical reference?’ No – and I’m still not.

Dave Drew: No – never met Jorma or Jack; regards to the band.

That’s it for now. Wish us luck on the road.

IH and the Ranters
The Horse’s Mouth

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