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Horse’s Mouth

January 6, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #190, January 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
January 3, 2018

Hope you had a good one. We did!

Terry H. ‘Hi Ian – you’ve probably been asked this many times , but do you ever intend to retire? (hope you don’t). Also, are you touring in the UK in 2018?’ At this moment – dunno.

Danny G is wishing us all the best. – same to you, Danny.

L.A. Bloke is wishing us all the best – same to you.

Wayne in Vancouver: ‘Will Mott get a mention in the Queen movie?’ They’d better!

Jim Madden: ‘It’s been 20 years since you played in Ireland (wow!) – any chance of a return on the next tour. Been a fan since ’73.’ Not really up to me, Jim if the routing is right and the money works – we’ll be there.

Mike Thompson: ‘Saw you in Whitley Bay – what a great show. ‘Standing in My Light’ – outstanding! One question, how the heck do you keep going? I packed up playing 10 years ago when I reached 64!’ It’s a combination of a few things – I try to keep in shape etc. I guess a lot of it is luck and I do enjoy what I’m doing with the guys in the Rant Band.

Eoghan Lyng: ‘What was John Cale like to work with?’ Great. John’s got stuff oozing out of every pore. He has a contrary nature – which I find fascinating. Plays gorgeously, but prefers to bash out punk chords on a crap guitar! Scenic. I started writing ‘Ships’ when John was in the room.

Dow enjoyed the ULU gig so much she popped down to Southampton a couple of days later for a second one. Wants a large Escher T-shirt. That’s not my department, but I’ll pass it on.

Derrick Edwards wants London (lives in Thailand). We did it in 2017 – nothing planned as of yet, but watch this site for developments.

Anthony Schultz: ‘Are you most proud of Mott – your solo career – or your stuff with the Rant Band?’ I’m thankful to Mott the Hoople, Guy Stevens, and David Bowie for giving me a break; I’m thankful to all the amazing musicians I got to play with as a solo artist (including Ronno, Jaco, the Queenies, David Sandborn, Chris Spedding, the E-Streeters, Mick Jones, Dennis Elliott, John Cale, etc.) – and of course I’ve loved hanging out with the Rant Band these last 17 years. There’s been some lows, but I’ve long forgotten them. Most of all, I’ve loved the characters I’ve played with – I place more on character than talent – it’s more fun that way.

Danny G sends his best to Mick Ralphs and family. I talked to Mick for a while before Christmas. He seems more animated and interested these days and more comfortable than he was awhile back.

Stephen A. Barrell: My pleasure.

Tom McGarry wants us in Scotland this year.

Tall Paul: I was playing a ‘Rainsong’ with the damper taped in.

Keeps asking: ‘Short Back ‘n’ Sides’ was pretty much salvaged by Mick Jones from the Clash. It came too soon after the prior album and it was ‘different’. Didn’t go down well with the label or management. Mick and I had been working hard and we didn’t have much energy left. We just let Mick Jones have his way. I thought it was great fun working with Jonesey – it widened the horizon. However, widening horizons is not good for business. People don’t like it when you pop off up some side alley. I’ve done it a couple of times because I get bored doing the same sort of thing over and over. It probably cost me, but what can you do?

Thomas Mzik: ‘Are you coming to Cleveland in 2018?’ Dunno yet.

Keith Nickless: ‘Thanks for the great gig at Milton Keynes – hopefully next year?’ Still getting over the last one!

Daniel ‘ Christmas greetings.

Terry Arnold: ‘I was privileged to see you live in Delaware (2013). You signed my gold Maltese Cross – they’re not good guitars, but they look great – don’t they?’ They most certainly do. Joe Elliott had two made – one for him and me for my 70th birthday – and the are amazing. The originals were pretty bad – I don’t think mine even had a truss rod on it.

T.S. I was there.

Tony S: ‘Been playing anything I can find on You Tube – feel guilty – want you to profit – if just a few cents.’ Dunno really – don’t pay much attention to all that.

Ross: Fan number 2 in Italy (but he is British). ‘Mezzago’s one of the best – why do you keep doing ‘Sweet Jane’ when you have so many of your own?’ It’s a band thing.

Anthony Lamb: ‘If you do go to Australia, please try to pop over here to New Zealand.!’ We’ll see.

Fred Burkhardt: Seasons Greetings.

Gary Sawruk: Cha gang (Lomas). The real thing, Gary enjoyed the Montclair show. So did we.

Kevin Quinn: ‘Congratulations on the amount of gigs you’ve done this year. Glad you included Sheffield – would have loved Spain – but passport ran out.’ I actually looked at the schedule at one point and thought – no way. But off we went and we did them.

Steve Mulcahy: ‘Was there any influence on you/MTH by the band Family? Sound is different, but lyrics, tone and mood similar.’ Nah.

Jan Peter Reeves: The painting will (eventually) be at my house. Mick Brown is keeping it secure until we can retrieve it.

Jules Ashbone: ‘Thanks for inspiration.’ No prob.

Kevin Franklin: I liked the ‘Undertones’ book. Dedicated to failure – just like Mott!! Mine comes out next year on Omni.

Bill Adair: Seasons Greetings – ta!

Rick Graves: How lovely!! We do the Wineries quite often and they always go out of their way. Boston was really difficult for them (and us and you!) but they try their best to make things right. See you there if the weather doesn’t do us in.

John Dalton: ‘Back the day, NYC was your primary residence; do you miss the energy, beat and organized chaos of the Big Apple?’ I was brought up in the country. I lived for years in London and in New York, but the air is crap and the traffic is annoying! I go in now and again, but it’s really not for me – that phase of my life is over.

Harry Pickle (LA Bloke) says McCartney hasn’t made a decent album in 30 years and all mine have been top notch – thanks for making me feel good!!

Kevin: You’ll need a capo which you should put on either the third or fourth fret (or it might be the second) – starts in E min – C etc.

John: ‘What’s ‘Dead Man Walkin’ all about then? Ageism?’ Time.

Andy Keane: We’ll see you then.

Marc Hunter: ‘Life long fan – pretty much grew up with you. You should be rewarded as an influential songwriter – given me so much inspiration and good times. So glad you’re still with us. Rant on dear friend.’

Anthony H. wants to buy a shirt – none in my size!

Iain Hamilton: ‘I wanted to say I took my Italian girlfriend to Shepherds Bush Empire last year – she was knackered – it being a Friday – she said she didn’t know your music, but she just told me it was her favourite concert ever!!! And her a big Bruce fan too!!! ‘Fingers Crossed’ – amazing. I listened to ‘Rant’ the other day and ‘Morons’ and ‘Ripoff’ – still relevant. Loved Mick Ronson programme on Sky arts – much as I hat Murdoch – it’s a good channel. All the best for 2018. (Ta) I go to all the London shows – best to you and family – sheer poetry!’ See that’s a real award!

Donald Mease: No chance of that – I was terrified of her!

Jeffrey: Dreaming again. It’s bloody cold!

John Boiselle: We did a gig at the Felt Forum in NYC and The Dolls opened for us. They were 40 blocks from home and they didn’t even get an encore – we blew the place apart. The following week the Village Voice did a massive review of the gig – we got three lines at the end. New York will always look after the Velvets and the Dolls and that’s fine, but it probably stung at the time. P.S. I loved the Dolls – we all did.

M: Hey Sam – knock ’em dead. Margaret and David – Happy New Year. Don’t know if we’re touring as of yet.

Jim and Patti: Same to you!

VicPyle: ‘Saw your show in Norwich and came away blessed that you are still out there kickin’ ass. No questions – (greetings) you and your band mates.’ – Yup – my band mates are the main reason why I’m still kicking ass!!

Shugster: We had a good time – pretty busy. Tracie was here with Drew; Jess was up – numerous friends who are close. Brother Bob and I still playing phone tag. He’s always down the pub by the time I get up!

Bruce CB: Nah – Joe and the Down ‘n’ Outz do that one good.

Keith Hollinshead – 2018? Dunno.

Angela: ‘I first heard you at the Stone Pony in Asbury Park in May. Then had to see you again in San Francisco and Montclair, NJ. Now I have many of your albums – love ‘Fingers Crossed’ but I’m entranced by ‘Live in the UK’. I have mainlined ‘Flowers’ on the way to and from work every day for months. Lastly and simply – the Rant Band is amazing. Every single musician is ONFIRE and together they and you are absolute magic. Thank you!! P.S. Come to Anthem in D.C.’ See, that’s an award.

I didn’t put ‘Merry Christmas’ and Happy New Year’ all over the place, but thanks to all who took the time during this busy season.

The Horse’s Mouth

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