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Horse’s Mouth

May 8, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #194, May 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
May 1, 2018

Hello Playmates!!!

The opening line Charlie Chester always used to use. Charlie was a famous and well liked comedian in the UK in the UK. Met him once in Blackpool with Mott the Hoople. Lovely chap.

John Dalton: ‘Did you ever cross paths with Alvin Lee – a complicated dude, and guitar maestro!’ He was in a band called the Jaybirds – out of Nottingham – then formed ‘Ten Years After’ – and wound up in Spain. Don’t think Alvin was much of a mixer.

Jeffrey: Up and down like a yo-yo. 75 today, though.

Francis C wishes us well in Sweden.

Danny G – making no sense, whatsoever.

Pasquale wants ‘Trudi’s Song’ in Dalhalla.

Margaret Wyatt: ‘Any update on Mick’s recovery?’ Not at the moment.

Mike Scerri: ‘Who’s ‘Bastard’ about?’ That would be telling.

G Mick Smith on ‘Testosterone’ – it sounds like Ian says, ‘your turn Jesse – who is Jesse? Your son, Jesse? Although he sings he’s not known as an instrumentalist (Jesse plays bass, guitar, drums and sings). Jess Roden? Jess Malin? From the ‘Artful Dodger’ Norway sessions – no one is named Jesse. Who is Jesse or am I hearing it wrong?’ Dunno.

Dee: Never saw Mott in the U.S. Did I miss something? I just saw you in Montclair, NJ with the Rant Band – Brilliant!! Can’t get enough so Roll Away the Stone and give us a tour.’ We’ll see.

Blair C: ‘Ian – any update on the Omni release of your book? Is there a link where we can pre-order? Can’t wait – thanks for all the amazing music.’ I’ll ask Trudi about the pre-order, but the latest I’ve heard was that it was coming out the end of the summer.

Phil K: ‘Any plans for Philadelphia in 2018?’ Perhaps 2019.

Andrew Dow: Ian – I really hope this doesn’t offend you, but as I write I’m listening to your ‘Havana’ gig from May 2017. It’s just amazing – ‘Fingers Crossed’, ’23A’, ‘Bastard’ ‘stand out as do the crowd singing on ‘Alien Boy’. You and the Rant Band were utterly stonking that night. Have you any idea when you might be in the UK next?’ I loved ULU last year so much I went to see you in Southhampton. ULU was the best gig of my life. Thank you and hope you’re having a great time wherever you are. Love an admiration!’ Well, isn’t that nice. We are in Kent for the ‘Ramblin Man Festival on June 30th.

John Frowley: ‘Where are the practices with Luther and Morgan taking place? In the States or elsewhere?’ Elsewhere. ‘Will you being playing electric?’ Not so much, but I’ll have my moments. Have you played ‘Sons’ ‘n’ Daughters’ live apart from on the ‘Welcome to the Club’ album?’ Can’t remember. ‘Heard ‘Boy’ on Sirius XM today.’ Nice one.

Claude Mayers: Claude wanted to use ‘President’ for his book video. I realize I’m a little late with this, but – go ahead – if you haven’t already!

Jules S: ‘Favourite stories of touring with Queen in 1974?’ Fred whacked me at table tennis – nobody told me he was a champion. Fred was most impatient – ‘when will the silly buggers catch on’ was one I remember. They were all lovely people and it was a pleasure closing for them.

TmZ Mc: Nobody’s run away to join the circus.

Bart: Does where you live remind you of England. Not really.

Lee Carroll: Ian, I’m a huge fan. First saw you in Bristol with Queen as support – a memorable night for not only a great gig, but my bird finished with me on the way home. Her loss as I’ve carved out a career as a stand up comic – still at it. Seriously, wanted to ask you if you have a fitness regime cos you look brilliant (blush). I’m 60 soon and well overweight and hammered. I’ll catch one of the Mott shows in the summer. Keep doing it; saw you in Birmingham last – still amazing. Thanks for the wonderful years – sorry about Mick, my mate, Robert Hart worked with him too.’ As far as fitness goes, you’re not just given free reign in life – you have to pay to play. I know it’s hard for comedians – especially as it can be solitary on the road and junk food can easily become a habit. There’s no secret to all this weight stuff – eat less – eat proper food and get yourself a walk in – at least a couple of miles a day. It’s all habits. There’s good ones and bad ones! Might have been better if your bird hadn’t finished with you – they nag and make you eat good stuff!

Jason Warburg: ‘Been a fan since ’77. Thanks for the great songs and memories over the years. My Mother passed recently and ‘Picasso’ helped me through it.’ Sorry for your loss, glad the song was some comfort.

Ray and Leanne Banks: ‘Hope you can organize your 80th it would be fantastic. If you do can you please announce with plenty of time so we can organize from Australia. Cheers.’ Well, that’s what the plan is so far. I’ve talked to the Winery and it’s seems all good, but it’s too early to confirm as of yet.

Alan in Portlandia: Mott didn’t really have a front man when we first started. I came in on piano/vocals and that’s why and how you saw the original stage set up. After a while, Guy Stevens, was moaning because we didn’t really have a front man, so I took over and started playing guitar as well as piano. As for some of the PA being stenciled ‘Mott the Hoople’ and some of it not – our PA probably wasn’t’ big enough for the Albert Hall at that time so more PA would be added for that particular show. I remember we had a ‘WEM’ PA early on.

Matt Parish: ‘Was there a reason other than scheduling that Andy MacKay wasn’t on ‘The Hoople’? Just curious, ‘cos he killed it on ‘Mott’ and had mentioned in an interview that he was thinking of leaving Roxy to join MTH around this time frame.’ I remember something coming up around that time, but stuff was happening all the time – everybody was busy!

Matt Nojonen: ‘What do you think of ‘Bad Company’? Was it a real split?’ I knew they’d be OK – Paul Rogers has one of the finest voices in British Blues/ Rock and Mick had a suitcase full of songs that were perfect for them. I think Mick was feeling a little guilty about leaving – we saw much more of him when he wasn’t in the band. What can you do – a fortnight to find a replacement! Enter the Great Ariel Bender!! Luther and Mick used jam together in phone boxes (no amplifiers needed) so Luther fit in pretty well. We never felt a sense of rivalry at all – they were a different kind of band and we all loved Mick so it all evened out pretty smoothly. The only regret I have is I couldn’t sing his songs to their full potential – Paul could.

G Mick Smith: Busy with other stuff and the poetry I was referring to has been long since lost. I don’t keep much I don’t use.

Robert Sharpe: P.S. mines 10 years old and still rockin!!

Greg from Boston: Promoters – promoters – promoters!!

Carol Clark McMullen: Have a great time in Sweden.

Jim McLernon: ‘It’s April 29th – 25 years since Mick Ronson passed. I remember all those great shows at My Father’s Place, The Ritz, Central Park and many other NY venues. Listening to Ronno’s solo work and ‘Picasso’ in his honor. I did get to meet Mick a few times and he was always friendly – gone but not forgotten!’ That’s the drag about aging – either you go or you don’t go – and others do. I see the wonderful Yvonne Staples (sister of Mavis and her constant companion) has passed recently. Another old mate and one of my original idols, Roy Young, wandered off the mortal coil. And so it goes.

Tom Joyce: Thinking of how Ronno and you ROCKED together. We remember the Saturday gigs and Picasso more than ever.

Paul: Sorry to hear Roy Young passed. Roy was a wonderful musician who actually turned down an offer to join the Beatles in the early days (TRUE).

Condolences to Carol from Trudi and me xxx.

Anthony S: ‘Did you ever interact with Lou Reed?’ Nah. (ii) If one doesn’t ‘kiss ass’ in this business, then one should make sure he or she has a manager that does. I don’t.

Anthony Caminiti: ‘What’s a normal day like when you’re not recording or touring?’ Well, today this is what I’m doing – sorting out some old clothes I don’t want. Researching on how we did the Hoople album for press next week. Champions League will be on TV soon – second leg – semi final. Trudi’s doing a spot of gardening and I marched my daily couple of miles – basically the same as what every body else does. Then down to the studio – currently sorting out songs and lyrics for the upcoming shows. I’m pretty lazy, if I can get away with doing nothing I will.

Nick Price: ‘Please put out a new album. My 6 year old daughter won’t let me play anything else but ‘Fingers Crossed’ for the last year! Now I’m a fan, but there’s a limit!’ Fascinating though, isn’t it. Why would a 6 year old like an album by a 78 year old? Amazing thing, music.

Anthony S says old copies of ‘Diary’ are going for $80 – so hang on for the Omni version.

Wade: BTW – I think it’s great you’re doing shows with Luther and Morgan. Hope you have a great time.

Brian Mayer: ‘Thanks for the music – the fun – and the long run!’ Ain’t over yet!

Tom McGary: ‘Given the importance of your first solo album, were you under any pressure to put music to it from the record company or anyone else?’ I’ve never taken advice from any label as to what I might do on any particular record – I’m not that type of artist. With the first album we went in with one set of tunes and six weeks later we finished up with completely different ones. CBS never bothered us once. We did it and gave it to them completed. Dan Loggins or Dick Asher may have heard a couple of tracks along the way, but these guys were always supportive. Only downer was at a CBS meeting in New York discussing the record with all these executives. They were highly enthusiastic until I said that Ronno was as responsible for the record as I was. This was met with an eerie silence – Mick was on RCA. Welcome to America!

J C Finn: ‘Where is the statue situated that you were sitting on in ‘All of the Good Ones are Taken’ video?’ The statue is in Central Park, New York – the boat scenes on the lake were done there too.

Andy: ‘It’s our 40th anniversary September 30th – there’s a party on the 29th in Limoux, France – do you fancy it?’ Happy Anniversary, but it’s not exactly round the corner – is it.

Matt Schaffer: August this year, or so I’m told.

Chris wants me to invite all you lot to my house on my 79th being as I’m not doing the Winery this year. He thinks I’m slipping!

Campin Patty: At the end of ‘Flowers’ did you say Ms. America – take a bow? It cracked me up – is that what you said?’ That’s for you to say C.P. – I couldn’t possibly comment.

Dave Griffiths MBE: Actually, if I remember correctly, Steve showed me my brick in the wall. We did play there once. The gear broke down at one point and at a loss for something to do I said, ‘Do you want to hear a joke?’ 300 Liverpudlians immediately yelled ‘no’ in perfect unison.

And so to the semi-final

2nd leg!!!

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The Horse’s Mouth

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