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Horse’s Mouth

June 13, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #195, June 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
June 7, 2018

3/4 of the garden looks great! I have to say I’ve been genuinely taken aback at the amount of interest in my birthday. Thanks to all of you for remembering, I just figured 79 would be no big deal. It’s not 80 – is it? So, for the sake of not boring you – I’ll just say – thank you to all for your good wishes.

Dave Drew says he’s covering a few of my tunes at Bartini’s in Babylon, L.I. Goodho.

Brian Feeney: ‘H.B. – come back to Charleston, S.C.!’

Kevin, Pauline and Virgil – their parrot has mastered the opening riff to ‘Dudes’ – thanks.

Col Spikings: H.B. ‘What chance of MTH at ‘Giants of Rock’ in Minehead?’ Dunno.

Marty G: Sorry, no Winery this year – perhaps next.

Keith Nickless: If you do a birthday gig next year – notify us, please.

John Frawley: ‘Did you do anything special?’ Nah – meal with Tru, Rick ‘n’ Steff and rehearsal with the band yesterday after which we all went out for a meal. Jess came up! Bit under the weather today!

Mike Constanza says I get a mention in Richard Lloyd’s (Television) book. ‘Everything is Combustible.’ That’s nice.

Birney K. Brown: There are scavenger hunters around who take advantage of people who – for one reason or another – sign stupid agreements. Some don’t even get permission and just go ahead hoping no one will notice. These people take advantage when nobody else is apparently interested. Musicians – being what they are – just like their stuff out there – even if nothing is coming in. Not much fun, but there you are. I remember at one point – a few years ago – threatening to sue K-Tel. They just said, ‘join the queue.’

Danny G likes me ‘n’ Bob.

Keith Nickless says there’s some great bands playin’ with us at Ramblin’ Man – Blackberry Smoke, The Cult and Government Mule.

Paul Rivers: ‘Will the full band play with Luther and Morgan?’ Yup.

Anthony S: ‘I know who doesn’t give a shit about HoF – but songwriting? You’ve killed it for damn near half a century!’ Like I said, I don’t have managers that smooze and neither do – a waste of time and energy.

Doug Lighthall: Thank you for two of the best concerts of my life – how many guitars have you got?’ Dunno.

Philly Bob is partial to ‘Ghosts’ off of ‘Fingers Crossed’.

Peter Jordan: ‘What are the rest of the Rant Band doing this year?’ What they always do – stuff all over the place. It’s hard to get a rehearsal in.

Lee Ann: ‘Will you do a book signing tour?’ It hasn’t come up.

Gary F: ‘I have a 45 minute session recording of you with John Cale, and Mick Ronson from 1978. Can you remember where it was recorded? Was it a one day session or several?’ It was Bobby Neuwirth’s studio time. Bobby got stuck (airline problems) on the west coast so we used the time. It was in Manhattan – the word or name ‘black’ comes to mind. I think it was over a couple of days.

John Dalton: Are you a fan of the Premier League – do you have an allegiance to any particular club? Did you play when you were a kid?’ Every working class kid played – it was the only free entertainment around. Plus, maybe, you’d get lucky and make a few bob at it. I tried, but I was useless. My brother, Bob, fared better – he was quite a gifted goalie in his time. I don’t have a favourite premiership team – my teams are in the lower leagues, but I love what Mr. Klopp is doing at Liverpool. A match made in heaven!

Big Rab: ‘Hey – just listened to ‘Rip Off’ great song -love it – not having it as all you sing about is ‘England’ and green and pleasant land. Us jocks are sussing you out and the SNP will be on to you! Scottish my arse! Lol! Play it live big man – busking on Sauchiehall Street for a laugh!’ Away!

Vidal Sassoon – the LA. Loon: moaning about my hair in some picture – says its ‘aerodynamic! Suggests I get a new barber.’ My hair varies according to wherever Susie Ronson is geographically. I don’t let anyone else touch it.

Steve Abs: M5 – your sister’s right.

Andrew Whalley: Actually I got it wrong didn’t I. It was Arthur Askey who I met in Blackpool, not Charlie Chester (who I actually met but in Great Yarmouth).

Bob Boyle: Dunno.

Nickolas Malcolm: ‘By the way, Alex Chilton wrote ‘The Letter’ at age 16 – songwriting ain’t a competition, but it’s a great song.’ And so it is.

Diane McKenna saw MTH on Broadway with Queen opening. ‘What are the chance of Florida?’ – you never know, but there isn’t much demand for us down that way. ‘Do you miss the good old days?’ Never really think about it, truthfully.

Bob Knight: The Arthur Askey thing – yup, I realized all too late.

Otto Greenleaf: ‘Read ex- Guns ‘n’ Roses drummer, Steve Adler’s, book. He spoke very complimentarily of you and said your ‘Diary’ was required reading for fans-musicians alike.’ Nice one.

John Holcomb: ‘One of my biggest regrets is not seeing the Hunter/Ronson Band that played on your first solo live. Were any of the shows recorded?’ We did a German show that was pretty good, but that was later.

Anthony S just discovered ‘Michael Picasso’ – brilliant.

Jeffrey – Do NOT talk to me about the weather!!! Wants me to check out a song on U-tube. I’ll have a look sometime.

Neil Broadley: ‘What are your favourite Cazal shades?’ Big ones.

Oystein: Talking about ‘The Outsider’ and why don’t we do it. It’s really simple – we have a surfeit of slow songs we’d like to do and you can’t do too many or a set get boring.

Bart: ‘Did you ever meet Leonard Cohen?’ No, unfortunately.

Stonefly: ‘Did your ‘six-string razor’ truly take a ride to ‘Memphis’ – no, but Rick Ralph’s did.

Julie Carpenter: John Cale did ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ and I remember Todd and I did ‘Eight Days A Week’ – that’s all I recall.

John + Dede Caswell can’t wait until the big bash next year.

Rich B: ‘What do you think about the Royal Wedding?’ I don’t.

G. Mick Smith: I’ve tried to put a positive slant on my stuff a lot of the time as it is, after all in public.

Glenn: ‘Who’s playing you in the ‘Queen’ movie?’ I don’t think we’re in it.

Anthony S: ‘How was Epstein to work with?’ Who are you talking about? ‘Will you be president soon? We really need you.’

Phil: ‘Went to see Styx in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1979 – you were the opening act. Blown away – life long fan ever since and never listened to Styx again. Why were you opening for Styx?’ We played 3 nights there – they didn’t need us – the gigs were all sold out. A true tribute to Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

Mick McKenzie: Apparently we did do ‘Sons + Daughters’ at the Hammersmith Odeon in November 1979. ‘I hitchhiked from Stockport and back. It was worth every minute of standing, shivering and trying to stay awake in strangers’ cars.’ Thanks, Mick.

Doug Moss: ‘Any plans to record MTH shows with Morgan and Luther.’ Nah.

Staale: ‘Any chance of having more of your music formally published as sheets? MTH had one a few years back.’ Wouldn’t think so.

Thomas: ‘Do ‘Ballad of Mott’ or ‘Saturday Gigs’ in Sweden.’ One out of two ain’t bad.

Pasquale – ‘Who sang ‘RnR Queen’ on Motts debut – you or Mick?’ Probably Mick.

Dave Shaw: Enjoyed ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’ on ‘Billions’. Does ITV get permission beforehand?’ Yes – it’s a whole contractual thing.

Dave Britz loved Ann Arbor – come back soon. OK

Mike Scerri: ‘Did you get offered the Wilbury’s?’ Nah – wish I had!! Ever thought about your own super-group? Nah – I’m cool with the Rant Band.

Joseph Jackson: ‘Saw you in ’79 at My Father’s Place. You recorded 4 new songs for ‘Welcome to the Club’. You came out and played each song 3 times or more. Was this a dream?’ No – that happened and the audience was cool enough to put up with it.

Daniel Halferty: ‘ ‘Mother’ on Billions.’

Ooor Wullie: ‘Any chance of further MTH gigs this summer?’ Nope. ‘Hoping for a Winery gig next summer.’ That’s what we want to do.

Tom V: ‘Will these festivals be recorded?’ No.

Mark F: ‘I suspect you have no interest in doing it, but if you were to play one of your albums in total – which one would it be?’ I don’t really think like that. Songs come up when we’re going out and they’re usually different from albums – so that’s what we wind up doing. I can’t think of any one album, specifically.

Tom Flynn wanted to let you know that the web site today listed ‘Strings Attached’ as one of the 10 best road trip albums for a holiday weekend – right in between Humble Pie and Paul Simon! Cheers Tom.

Jed: ‘Come to Las Vegas!’ Dunno.

Rolly Hough: ‘Do you follow any kind of health regimen?’ Yes, but I won’t bother you with it as everybody’s bodies are different.

Lydia: ‘Canada – East Coast?’ Not at the moment.

Gavin Black: ‘Any new live albums?’ Nah.

Seth Purvin: ‘ ‘Mother’ on Billions! What was the oddest thing anybody ever threw on stage?’ It’s been a while since that happened! I never was a Tom Jones!

Paul Page: Paul’s a character – he ‘gets’ his stage persona – and we encourage it. People love Paul.

Colin Thayer: Bowie only lived a few blocks from the Winery. Had your relationship soured?’ Not at all. I never thought to ask him and he never asked to come. We were never ‘mates’. We just had a creative time together all those years ago. He had his world and I have mine. ‘Do you get royalties from ‘Billions’?’ Yup.

Once again, thank you all for remembering. All the best – Off to Blighty


The Horse’s Mouth

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