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Horse’s Mouth

July 27, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #196, July 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
July 18, 2018

John Frawley: ‘Doing anything special on your birthday?’ Didn’t this year.

Mike Costanza says I recently made Richard Lloyd’s (Television) book, ‘Everything is Combustible’. Apparently everybody ‘great and cool’ was in there – including moi!! Thank you, Richard.

Birney K Brown: There’s plenty of scumbag labels out there. It’s good if you pay attention. Trudi does.

Seth Purvin: ‘Did you know ‘Billions’ was going to use ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’? Yes.

Seth Purvin: ‘What was the oddest thing anybody threw on stage?’ The usual stuff – nothing really ‘odd’.

Bill C: Re: ‘Paul Page interview: seems like a guy you want in the bunker with you.’ Oh, yes.

Gary Charles Herman: He and his daughters want us back in Cleveland. We’ll be there next year.

Seth: ‘Remember 80 is the new 50.’ Yes, but I never thought I’d make 50. ‘You should do an all acoustic show at the Winery on your 80th and arrange for members of your site to get pre-sale tickets.’ Well, that’s sorted then. ‘Will you go the the Queen movie ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ when it’s released in November?’ I don’t know.

John: ‘Moved into 23A Swan Hill two weeks ago. Already seen a fan having her photo taken at the front door. Sad you hated this place – we think it’s a great location, but obviously very different circumstances. Which was your room? Top floor? You’re welcome to drop by if you’re in the area.’ My only dislike of my life at that time had nothing to do with 23A. Dad got that as a freebie as he was station sergeant at the time. I shared the front bedroom on the second floor with brother Bob for five or six years until freedom beckoned.

Joe S : ‘I came across a Guardian article that rated the 20 best glam songs and Mott’s ‘All The Young Dudes’ placed 5th.’

Trudi says – In ‘The Ultimate Genre Guide -Glam’ – (put out by the publishers of UNCUT) – 40 best Glam Singles – Mott’s ‘All the Young Dudes’ came in #1 – and ‘Honaloochie Boogie’ came in #29.

Steve Lloyd: ‘Any plans to release a DVD of ‘Finger’s Crossed’? Nah.

Matt: ‘if Mick is a Cadillac, what car would you be?’ A Mercedes Sprinter – with beds and A/C.

Chris Campbell: ‘San Francisco in the near future?’ Next year, I hope.

Mike Scerri: Ta

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.

Gerard Bradley: ‘Glasgow?’ We’ll be there.

Jeffrey: Safe we are.

Bob Boyle: Can’t remember the name of the newspaper- it’s now defunct. However, I was there three months and was fired because I couldn’t do the shorthand.

Bob: ‘I find myself questioning reported facts, don’t you?’ Yup.

Your favorite Baker: (How are you!!) ‘With all the amazing guitarists you’ve played with – who were you most comfortable with?’ I don’t like to get into these kinds of conversations really. They were all different and they’ve all had their individual strengths. Anyway, I can’t choose one or all the others will start bitchin’!

Michelle Frye: ‘Missing Mick – binged on Mott/Bowie interviews.’ OK

Thunder Clap Destin: ‘West Coast on the itinerary ’18 or ’19?’ Probably 2019. ‘If Paul and Ringo got knighted, why not you?’ No! No! NO! – not for the likes of me.

Terry Blake: ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’ is – many people tell me – a song about a former love. (No). After listening to ’23a’ I can’t help but think ‘I Wish’ is a hymn for a childhood you couldn’t enjoy because of your father. Am I thinking too much?’ Let’s not go there.

Tamara Guo: If I were to do the Tabernacle this year it would mean a whole lot of work for me as I’m in writing mode. Tell George we’ll be up for it possibly next year. Beautiful place.

Roxette Hubbart: West Coast? Next year.

Pasquale’s at the Vatican wishing me HB. Been there – isn’t it amazing!

Russell Berryman: ‘Did you write a tribute song for Mick Ronson like you did for David Bowie?’ I did – ‘Michael Picasso’.

Peejay is trying to get to the MTH Spanish gig – ‘lovely area – proper Spainish!’

Danny G likes my stuff

Stuart Groves: ‘Any UK plans for this year?’ Next year, I’m thinkin’.

Bart Smith: ‘The blog was awesome!’ I was bored!

Barry Wilkinson: ‘Brain of Britain – BBC4, Halfway through your name and Shrewsbury Town come up in general conversation – you are everywhere!’ Wow, posh!

David Shasha: ‘Freddie Mercury is quoted as saying, ‘Mott taught us how to behave as a band and how to survive over a long period.’ As members of Mott and Queen are both out on the road this year (Morgan was once a member of both bands – ed) it made me wonder what if….(I know the answer is no, but the thought of you singing ‘Radio Ga Ga’ did give me a laugh)’. My tutu’s too tattered.

Mitchell Kaufman: ‘Let’s put a Hunter/Escovedo show on in Dallas, what say?’ I’m up for it when the time is right.

Jeffrey: The stumps will be ground down. I can’t do it – I’d be lethal with a saw. Jeffrey says it’s ‘fun’ chopping up 60′ trees. No, no, no!

Sean Nichols: ‘Will Mott ever play the U.S. again?’ Dunno .

Mike Reid: You went to the wrong place. 23a was never Tudor, nor is it now. You should maybe talk to John above.

David Pronger: ‘Any future MTH or Rant Band shows?’ Not at this time.

John Dalton: FYI….Sirius XM – channel 27 (Deep Tracks) is not shy about playing some great MTH and Ian Hunter solo gems. The DJ’s are always very complimentary about you and your career. Kudos to them for acknowledging your contributions to music. Radio is still alive and well!

Larry Woodside: ‘H.B. – you’re looking great.’ Ta.

Jimmy G: When you play concerts in different cities, do you ever recognize people from past tours?’ Oh yes – God bless ’em!!

Martina: ‘Are you my neighbor? I live on an island on Upper Greenwood Lake – I could swear I’ve seen you fishing in the area.’ Fishing? Nah.

Peter Jordan likes Vonnegut’s ‘God Bless you Mr. Rosewater’ which he says is nothing like ‘Slaugherhouse Five’.’ I’ll have a look.

There’s been numerous, lovely comments about ‘the blog’. Please don’t think I’m gonna do this more than once in a blue moon. It’s hard enough doing this!

James P. McCabe: ‘I’ve been hearing ‘When the Daylight Comes’ being played on the PA in the NJT waiting room at NY Penn Stations some mornings. Think you have a hit on your hands!’ Whatever next!

Matt Nojonen: ‘Any plans to record MTH reunion gigs?’ Not that I’m aware of. Matt’s reading the Greeks – ‘strikingly similar to how modern ‘prosperity theology’ works.’ We’re doomed.

Drew Hosey: ‘Will you have time for the Hollywood Vampires during the MTH tour?’ I actually got up with them in Birmingham. Good fun!

S Mifinger:’ West Coast?’ Most definitely, but not in the immediate future. I do enjoy a beer – quite fond of pilsner – but Champagne ‘agrees’ with me more.

Tripp: What’s been your favorite birthday present ever? 70th was good- Joe Elliott gave me the white Maltese Cross – GREAT guitar – not like the original.

Jordan: Mott played with the Kinks a few time but only in the U.S. They weren’t easy to open for. We got on OK. Very gifted people. I wrote ‘Henry ‘n’ the H Bombs’ in Kink style. We weren’t that far apart, actually. They had amazing songs.

Babinga: ‘Spain…..f___ing Brilliant.’ Our first review!!

Todd: Wait and see.

Mark F: I’m all in favor of letting people do what they’re good at. In this case, I sat down with Rick (our lighting tech) and basically offered a couple of idea and then let him get to it. He pretty much knew what he wanted to do before we me – he’d done his homework. Nice one, Rick. In fact, all the crew were fab. Pete Dutton’s been with us for years and knows what to do and his kids, Jamie and Dan were up for it. Seb was great on monitors; Alistair was a genius with the keyboards; and Mike had guitars well covered. Then there was the ever vigilant, Pete Mason, guarding us all. Can’t forget to mention Rolf – our Swedish driver who’s still trying to figure out the Great Ariel Bender! Can’t thank them enough – festivals ain’t easy.

Steve Karmazin: Yeah…The 3 Stooges. Ronno used to say it a lot around that time so we just used it. A lot of people didn’t get it.

Anthony S: I’ll pass it on. ‘Any news on when our book is going to re-published?’ The book is coming out on Omni in the UK later this year and in the U.S. the following spring – with a forward by Mr. Depp, no less!!

Jo Rishton: Ian Hunter ‘n’ the Rant Band – my favourite rock band ever along with MTH – dream line up . Love Dennis’s pics.

John Horan: ‘Any NYC shows this year?’ Next year.

Sandra Richmond gave her husband, Tom, the ‘Stranded in Reality’ box set for his birthday – which he opened in the intensive care unit in the hospital – his 60th. ‘I’ll never forget the look on his face when he saw what the gift was. He’s out now and doing well.’ Well, if that didn’t finish him off – nothing will!! Best to both of you.

Jeffrey: ‘Watchin’ the videos – Ha – ya still got it. Reuniting with Morgan and Luther with the Ranters – freakin’ brilliant move.’

Rob W: ‘Do you live in a white house?’ Nearly.

Kevin Newcastle: Went to see the Stones in Edinburgh. ‘Best gig I’ve been to in years – still at the top of their game. 21/2 hours non-stop rock and roll. How do you ‘mature’ guys keep it up?’ It’s quite logical and also a secret!

Colin Thayer: ‘Now is the Time….Can you please put Jesus on the M25 – it needs a miracle to go round it with no delays.’ I’ll have a word.

Matt Parish: ‘The Golden Age of Rock ‘n’ Roll! Brilliant performances by all. So proud of you – so happy for you – so jealous of the luckiest fans on the planet. You can never grow old!

Alan Workman: ‘I was at Ramblin Man Fair for your Mott show; it was amazing. Just wanted to say thanks for making my dreams come true. Look forward to your solo shows.

Tripp: ‘Recent video made me smile. Seeing the Rant band playing under MTH doesn’t surprise me. Very cool to see both bands coupled as one – but seeing Jim playing sax made me wonder. How many instrument are you efficient at playing comfortably (quite a lot, actually). Thanks for the delivery of my favourite R.R. music.’

Matt Schaffer: ‘Listening to ‘God’ the other day, and it reminded me of Dylan – was that a coincidence or was Dylan an influence on your work?’ I don’t think I’d have had a shot if Bob hadn’t opened the doors. So – yup.

Gary Dedoussis: ‘That chemistry with the Rant Band is pretty special; it lifted Luther and Morgan effortlessly. Damn fine job, Ian!’ I know them all. They were all in the right place at the right time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Hats off to Luther, Morg and the chaps. Well Done!!!

Geoff Bryant: ‘Any chance of one of the fantastic MTH reunion gigs being released on a DVD. Really loved Ramblin Man – you and the band on great form.’ No idea.

Matt: ‘Not a question – just a comment – BRILLIANT footage of the shows on U-Tube. Congrats x a million!’

Bob Kleb says I’m too modest. You don’t know me!

John Macko: ‘MTH could do a week in Cleveland.’

John DeSalvo: Hey John – how nice to hear from you. I’m not living there anymore, but you could send it to me P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752. Cheers.

Pasquale: ‘A pleasure – both for ears and eyes.’ Glad you could make it.

Gavin: ‘Come to Darlington.’ We’ll see.

Tony: ‘Lots of rumors saying next year will be your last year of touring.’ Rumors are just that – rumors.

Pat: Re: Happy accidents. They can happen – someone can have the radio on in their car and you just hear a chord sequence out of turn as you’re passing. I’ve heard songs coming off cymbals – sometimes you can pick up on an instrument and it tells you what to do. You go places that are not relevant to you normally. It’s all a bit of an accident really and sometimes they can be happy.

Jim: ‘What topic would you like written about you?’ Oh dear; I don’t think I like that. I really don’t. Sorry.”

Tony Grist: I didn’t expect anything – it’s a festival!

Matt: ‘You and Alice – a dream come true. I know the past – Dunaway/Tedesco connection, but how did the Birmingham show come about?’ I first got up with them in New York. Johnny Depp invites me. Lovely bunch of chaps. I was rehearsing the Mott shows in Birmingham and they happened to be playing there.

Danny G: I like the Band, Dylan country and Chuck Berry rock.

Elaine Eaves: ‘My favourite all time is ‘Roll Away the Stone’ and ‘Michael Picasso’ is truly magnificent, but I love your version of ‘Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square’ – what inspired this cover.’ Please come back to Manchester.’ I use to hear ‘Berkley Square’ on the wireless when I was a kid. It’s sooo London. I can smell London in that song and London was my first goal.

Lorelei: ‘Do you know how much I love you? You wrote so many songs that feel as though they’re just for me!’ That the general idea!

Paul Pofahl: Likes the ballads.

G Mick Smith PhD: ‘David Ormsby-Gore had a 1,500 acre estate in Oswestry, Shropshire. Do you remember it or know it? David had a very famous friend; JFK visited his friend’s farm in January 1960 and the locals remember him walking to church with his wife. It was reported in the Shropshire Star.’ I was born in a two up, two down in Oswestry and moved to Scotland three months later, so the chances of meeting DOG would be slim, but what a lovely name.

John Horan: ‘Any more ‘Bell House’ gigs in the works?’ Not at the moment.

Ralph Cohen: ‘Down the boozer the other evening Mr. Aspinall and I turned to the subject of good music. We couldn’t work out if the song ‘I Wish I Was Your Mother’ was about anyone in particular. Any chance you can shed some light?’ The light shall remain unshed.

Daphne: ‘Can I just tell you that you’re the rockingest Dude? Also can you advise as to what has enabled you to continue s such a fab rocker for so long attitude wise or other wise?’ I’m 15.

Nigel Edridge: Loved Ramblin’ Man. Thought the band tight and the set a good choice reflecting Morgan and Luther’s time with Mott plus plenty of other classics. My question is what next? More Mott – New Rant Band stuff – what ever it is I look forward to seeing you young man. Thank you for the sound track of my life.’ Yer welcome.

And that is that! Sorry it’s a bit late but we’ve been busy. If I missed you, sorry, it’s probably because someone else wrote the same sort of thing.

And so we shall see.


The Horse’s Mouth

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