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Horse’s Mouth

September 7, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #197, September 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
September 1, 2018

Just to clear something up – the republished ‘Diary’ book cover is as you see on my website. Amazon is posting the wrong one and it may take them a while to change it.

Danny G is fond of what I do.

The Lorax is on about trees; I’m surrounded by them, and they have a habit of falling onto my house – so we’re not speaking.

Doretta says I’m gorgeous!

John Caswell: What did Mick Ralphs think about your song ‘It Ain’t Easy When You Fall’? (You wrote it about him?) Yup – I did – just before he joined Bad Co.!!! I don’t know what he thinks about the song . We never broached the subject!

Joe S: I see Alejandro has a new album coming out soon. Have you heard it? (No.) Did he ask you to play on it (nah).

Peter O: ‘I hope the recent Mott shows were recorded.’ Dunno – I think they were videoing the Spanish gig. I saw cameras moving along cables but we didn’t record anything.

Steve Jeal doesn’t like MTH part TWO.

Ooer Wullie: ‘I was thinking ‘Barrowlands’ actually, never done it. (Wullie does like Mott part two!)

David Thompson: Wait ‘n’ see!

Make Scerri: ‘Just read the blog – yikes. Anyways, you gotta come by some evening – I’ll supply t he food and booze – you can bring your road stories!!!’ Actually the off road stories have been a little scarier of late.

S. Mel: ‘Saw the Mott list – short ‘n’ sweet. (75 minutes to 90 at a stretch.) ‘How does the Rant Band compare to the Hooples?’ (That was then , this is now.) ‘Go West young man…..subliminal message (who knows). I read that Ray Davies and the Kinks plan to reunite….he said in an interview that you were his inspiration to keep the rock rolling….he also mentioned that the Rolling Stone also inspired him….go figure….’ Good. He’s great – we need ’em out there!!!

Bill C: ‘Watching Luther was amusing as he wandered around the stage.’ Actually, they both did a bit of wandering – that’s what they do! ‘How hard was it to stay on task during ‘Rest In Peace’? Not a problem. This is fun now and that’s what I like about it. ‘Needless to say, if you bring them to the U.S. – I’m in!’

Seth Purvin: ‘You and Amazon are killing me. Ian Hunter – Diary of a R+R Star (1-1-2000) $1800.81. Only 3 left in stock – order soon.’ This can’t be for real.

Danny G loves the Rant Band too. And Why not.

Mark F: ‘Did Mott ever play Alaska or Hawaii? Have you ever been to either of these states on holiday?’ Nover played them. Trudi and I have sampled Maui – it’s lovely when not raining.

John Dalton: ‘Are you a fan of Community Theatre or Broadway/off Broadway productions?’ Not really.
John Campbell: ‘When you write a song then go play/record it with the band, do you tell the other members how to play it or do you let them use their experience to bring sound to the song?’ There’s no set rules. Andy and I have a pretty good idea what we want to do initially, but then the guys come in and sometimes it changes – sometimes it doesn’t. We’ve always operated loosely. As for solos go, Boschie and James have free reign. Steve’s always up for alternative approaches, as is Paul. Dennis is the glue and has a photo memory for harmonies (which I sometimes forget). All in all, it’s a nice situation. Marketing is entirely another matter.

Sarah Donahue: ‘With all the downed trees, did you get anything made from one? A souvenir other than insurance papers?’ Got a new roof ‘n’ gutters – that’s good enough for us!

John Fawley: ‘Loved MTH reunion. ‘Rest in Peace’ was outstanding – especially the intro with Morgan on piano and organ (that was Morgan on piano and Dennis on organ.). Some of Ariel’s leads a little low in the mix. Ariel seems quite a character!

Paul: ‘A collaboration between you and Ray Davies would be quite interesting – any history with Ray or the Kinks?’ Mott opened for them in the early days.

Anders Chevalier: ‘Really liked Dalhalla, Sweden in July. Will any of your older albums be released on vinyl?’ No idea – I don’t keep track of the older stuff.

Alan Austin: ‘The time you take with your fans through this column speaks volumes. Hope to see you back in the Carolinas soon.’ On the contrary – we like to keep in touch.

Rick Goward: ‘Glad to hear the West Coast is possible in 2019. Any possibility of James continuing on sax?’ (I just said that very thing to him – gives us an extra color.) ‘A Mott small club tour would go over very well here.’ (Wouldn’t go over very well with me.) Don’t forget Tom in Australia (we don’t). ‘You keep playing – we’ll keep buying (OK!).

Mark Ziolkowski says I’m a nice chap if you happen to meet me. He did (with his so). Thanks.

Boy Boyle says the ‘Pretty Things’ are retiring on December. Sorry to hear it.

Alan in Portlandia: ‘Every picture of your R.M.I. piano shows it as beaten to bits. Did you have several of them over time? Also, do you recollect if Ralpher played an Epiphone Coronet at the Albert Hall?’ The R.M.I. was the ‘nearest you could get’ to a piano on a mobile keyboard in those days. I didn’t respect them and they didn’t respect me! I use to up end them – send them flying. I broke toes when they would land on my feet, sometimes. Painful business piano playing in the early days! I really don’t recall what Mick played at the Albert Hall.

Matt Nojonen: It must never be corny. That’s a must to avoid.
Rock music – will it continue?’ Dunno.

Rick Graves: ‘Any chance of Mott U.S. shows?’ Wouldn’t think so.

Davy: ‘Next tour – Northern Ireland. Had to go to Manchester last time – but it would be brilliant.’ Not down to us – down to the promoter.

Jimmy Andrews: ‘Head about ‘Turn ‘n’ Face the Strange’ the Mick Ronson story that was in Hull? Great concept – back for a run in April next year at Hull New Theatre. Any chance of you guesting?’ Dunno – Isn’t it great that Mick’s name isn’t leaving!! Have you seen Joe Elliott’s tribute? It’s lovely!!

Peter Jordan: ‘Best vocal performance on record? I like ‘Bluebirds’ and ‘Too Much’ from ‘Artful Dodger’ – Have you done ‘Bluebirds’ live?’ (I don’t remember ever doing it.) Actually, you picked a couple of good ones. Never understood why ‘Bluebirds’ didn’t make any headway. My managers at the time didn’t like it. Then some other bloke came along with a ‘flying’ song and it was huge! Best vocals yet to come.

Ed: Didn’t suit.

Mike Constanzo: ‘Any Johnny Depp stories – ever met him? Your book is going to be around long after we’re gone.’ I’ve met Johnny a few times – and he’s great. Knows how to play, too. We get pissed, so I’ve forgotten any stories.

Greg Becker: Our man in Chicago!

Tony: Thank you – and there is!

Fenwick: ‘Was Ian ever on holiday at Butlins, Clacton in 1973?’ (Nah)

Danielz: ‘Will the updated version of ‘Diary’ be available here signed by Ian?’ Nothing is signed on this site.

James Ball: ‘Are you in writing mode?’ Yup.

Paul Walker: Tell him I was asking after him and I hope he doesn’t mess up the speech. Congratulations!

Lee Houch: Please come to Wilkes Barre – Scranton area!!

Bob V: Will you ever do a Mott tour in the US. (Probably not) Please never retire (probably will – but not just yet.)

Matt Parrish: Regards to Robin!

David Morgan: Are you planning a new album in 2019, and a tour to promote it?’ Ideally, yes; but you never know. I don’t write to order; I’m streaky as a writer – we’ll see.

Angie: ‘How and where is Nigel Benjamin? Heard S. CA..’ Dunno.

Dave Hancox: ‘Listening to Willie Nile’s latest – have your paths ever crossed?’ Yeah, I know Willie – true blue rocker – dyed in the wool.

Kenneth Shea: ‘Any plans for NY or Boston?’ I’d like to do my birthday at the New York Winery. Working on that now. We have fun there – been doing it for years.

Keith Isaacson wants us in San Diego (but will travel). Goodho!

Dave Pitt: ‘Any chance of a live video of the acoustic trio being released?’ Not a video, but a CD is in the works.

Stuart Hyde: I haven’t changed much – still motivated. It’s what I do!

Ling Dong Duck: ‘Looking forward to the book – perhaps they could make a movie out of it.

Colin Thayer: ‘Going to New York on my own – first time – in September. Apart from having enough money – any advice?’ Keep an eye out. Find out what’s on – and go!

Jed Goldman: ‘Are you working on a new album?’ Working on songs. ‘Will Luther and Morgan be included?’ Dunno. ‘Difference between U.S. and European audiences?’ None. ‘Favourite area to hang out in New York?’ Brooklyn!!! ‘Favourite films’ factual. ‘Favourite bands’ Little Richard – Fats Domino ‘Have you worked with Mick Box?’ No. ‘Have you worked with Roger Glover?’ We both wrote for Francis, Day ‘n Hunter – in the early days. Very nice chap. ‘When will you rock Las Vegas?’ Dunno.

David Ratcliffe: ‘Queen were great – but Mott were greater!’ Ta.

Dave Drew: ‘Finally bought the Bartini Bar in Babylon L.I.’ Congratulations!!!

Jeff Gress: ‘Midwest?’ Too early to say, – hope so.

Cath White lost her album collection in storage. ‘Any chance ‘Brain Capers’ may become available again? Cheapest CD version I can find is over 86 quid. Album’s over 200.’ Who’d have thought it. I think Universal is going to put out ‘Brain Capers’ as part of the Island Years box set later in the year.

Joe Crow: ‘Any plans for MTH box set?’ Island days – as above.

Dave Shaw: ‘Any chance of signed copies of the Diary – from your online store?’ Not at the moment.

Ken H.: ‘Chicago on your next U.S. tour?’ Sure.

Peejay: ‘Ian it’s all quiet – what are you up to?’ Something.

Connor Peters: ‘How did you meet Mick Ronson?’ The first time I met Mick – Miller Anderson introduced us – way back when. We got to know each other better during the ‘Dudes’ album.

Stonefly – On fishing – not my area of expertise. You would have enjoyed Overend Watts’ company. Pete loved fishing.

Gregory Sterling: ‘I DJ at a bar in Columbus, Ohio called The Boulevard. This past Saturday night 08/19/19 a guy came in claiming to be you. He bragged a lot, hit on our bartender, signed a few autographs and got drunk. I told everyone it wasn’t you. It wasn’t you – was it?’ NOT ME !!!

Margaret Finch: ‘Any British tour news?’ (in the making); ‘Would you do an acoustic tour?’ If the timing was right. ‘What music are you listening to at the moment?’ My own – new stuff.

Jamie Hawkins: ‘Went to ‘Ramblin Man’ with three friends – all in our 20’s and had never really heard your stuff. We were completely blown away by you and your band. Your guitarist is a nut job (tell me about it). When I told an old guy at work I’d discovered your band he kicked my arse for not finding out about you sooner. Will you ever play Glastonbury?’ I’ve been offered Glastonbury a couple of times, but we couldn’t work it out. So – who knows.

Barry Humphreys: ‘Flew Aer Lingus to the States a few weeks ago. ‘All the Young Dudes’ was one of their classic albums. I felt proud for you.’ How nice of you.

Fred Petterson: Hey Fred!! Glad you’re feeling better!

Mike Scerri: ‘How can I go somewhere to get you to sign a copy of my book?’ I don’t know – maybe a gig?

Neil McCormack: What a poignant story – lovely!

Barry Whaites: ‘Any chance of ‘Butlins Giants of Rock’ again? There’s always a chance.

Ivar Samset: Try her on ‘Irene Wilde’ or ‘Waterlow’ or ‘Fingers Crossed’ or ‘Black Tears’ – ballads, first.

Gavin Wordsworth wants gigs up North in the UK. We shall see.

Just heard one of our regulars is seriously ill. Jeffrey’s in a bad way at the moment and we all wish him a speedy recovery. C’mon lad!! How am I gonna know what the weather is?

And on that sobering note……be well – the lot of you!!!

The Horse’s Mouth

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