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Horse’s Mouth

October 19, 2018

Horse’s Mouth (Issue #198, October 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
October 15, 2018

Sorry I’m late – our esteemed Webmaster took a well deserved sabbatical so I took a couple more weeks. Hope a good time was had by all, Justin!

Bruce Bergmann – thanking me – I think.

Danny G: I’m not at all humble – I just don’t see the point.

Bob Murray: No problem.

Geoff Symonds: We have pencils in, but I have to wait for something to take place before I commit.

Paul – There were two ‘H’ guitars. Overend remembered me wrecking the first one (I don’t) and I’ve got the second (the Yamaha version) on loan to Rick in his shop, Guitar Hangar.

Greg: ‘Any CT dates?’ Not yet, but there will be.

Pat: ‘Hey Ian – nice review in Mojo for the book. Watching ‘Kill the Messenger’ – 15 minutes to go and ‘Sea Diver’ comes on. Very nice! ‘ There’s always a couple on the go.

Carlo Mathews: ‘Do you consider Dylan an influence?’ He’s the yardstick. ‘What do you think of his latest work?’ Dunno – haven’t been listening lately. ‘Favourite song’ – I usually say, ‘Jokerman’ – but there’s so many.

Martyn Jones: ‘What was your address when you lived in Oswestry?’ Was only there for a few months after I was born – forgotten the address.

Matstorm Johansson: ‘Was the gargle sound on Lynsey dePaul’s voice on ‘Roll Away the Stone’ intentional on ‘The Hoople’? On the single, it was clear as crystal. Been wondering all my life.’ No idea, although I can see why it might have. Singles in those days had to be ‘singles’ and was probably remixed.

Alastair Paterson: You had John Cale on ‘Bastard’. Did you ever work with him again at any time and would you like to again?’ We did a tour together and we’ve recorded together. I’m a big John fan – music oozes out of his pores.

Gary McVeigh: ‘I was at Ramblin’ Man – it was one of the highlights of the year. The show needs to be seen by a wider, more dedicated audience. Any chance of Hammersmith/
De Montford Hall or is that it for MTH? I met you after your Milton Keynes gig. They say never meet your heroes, but you disproved the theory!’ Never been a fan of festivals, but they pay and, sometimes, that’s the only way you can put something together. We’ll see.

Martin Chisholm: ‘Was lucky enough to be at Ramblin’ Man – the set was brilliant. What is the origin of ‘Rose’? Brilliant song, and Morgan played it beautifully. Strange one for a live set – but it works!’ There are two reactions to a live show. The first one is the ‘get up and clap your hands ‘n’ get off’ reaction, and the second reaction is more important to me.

Gary C: ‘Still off the smokes? (Yup). Reason I ask is that your vocals sound stronger than ever. If you said you’d stop now, I’d be heartbroken.’ Thanks.

Jj Haggar: Noted.

Karen in NJ: ‘Play the Tabernacle!’ We were offered it this year, but I’m off the road, so we’ll try and do it in ’19. Beautiful venue; well run.

Robin Mayhew: ‘Just thought you’d like to see this.’ Thanks.

John Gill: ‘How do you manage to find such great guitarists? M.C. Bosch the latest in a long line. Is it because you know what you want (I do) or are they queuing up?’ Dunno. James Mastro recommended Boschie and it turned out great. I only ever auditioned for guitarists once – most of the time it’s word of mouth.

Jeffrey: Keep at it, Jeffrey – we’re all rooting for you!!!

Matt Parish wants ‘Diary – part two.’

Mark F: ‘2019 touring plans?’ Taking place as we speak.

Sebastien Charlot: ‘Will you play France?’ Every time I’ve played France people stand and look at me and don’t get it! So, sorry, no.

John Rohana: Yeah, John. Just opened it. How lovely – thanks a lot!!

Bruce CB: ‘Golden Opportunity?’ Joe Elliott does a good job on that one.

Douglas: Thanks for listening.

Matt Nojonen: ‘Still go to gigs?’ Yup – ours!

Matt Parish: I think Mick produced Pure Prairie League as well as arranging.

Mark F: ‘Bono lost his voice at a concert in Germany recently – has that ever happened to you?’ In Europe once and our then tour manager (the superb Craig Goetsch) concocted a cauldron which magically worked. In Canada, I actually mimed a complete show once – tapping the microphone impatiently as if blaming the PA. Nobody minded!

Rex: ‘Did you sing lead on ‘Rock + Roll Queen’ or Mick?’ That was me.

Rich Michi: With material you never really know where you are with it – it’s stop and go. As fast as you think you’re making headway, something else comes up – especially, lyrically. All I can tell you is I’m working on it.

Bob Boyle: You might want to ask Morgan Fisher about this. I’m not aware of anything that far back. It does ring a faint bell, but that’s about it as far as I know.

Alan in Portlandia: I’ve seen those photos. Looks like Guy to me.

Wayne Klein: ‘Do you have a musical director?’ I guess Andy York is in charge of that department, but everybody pitches in.

Slappy McDingus (LA gottabe): Kinda keen on Cazal shades. Loved the ‘Fats’ doc on PBS.

Bob Crawford wants Philly.

Shugster: Cheers.

Graham Stark: All signed, individually, by me.

Colin Thayer: ‘Is ‘Soap ‘n’ Water’ about Dale Griffin?’ S’all water under the bridge.

Glen Weisberg: They’ve got to ask me!

Maarius H. Johannessen: Joe Elliott and his ‘Down ‘n’ Outs.

Mgdriver: ‘Ever talk to Keith Richard or Ozzie?’ Only said hello to Keith. Ozzie was great fun in New York years ago – liked a bevy. ‘Who was the screwiest musician you ever met?’ Never met a ‘screwy’. I’ve met great ones and I’ve met ‘insecure ones. I’ve met ones who were supposed to be screwy, but they were ok with me – so – who knows?

Anthony P: ‘Is there a longer version of ‘Lounge Lizard’ (Mick Ronson version)? Wouldn’t think so. If he hit something special, we would have kept it in. ‘Learned ‘Boy’ on an acoustic. How did you write it?’ On an acoustic.

JerseyGaz: Nearest I can say (and it’s NOT positive) April.

Hal: Played with them once at Ronson’s Tribute concert. Lyricist came to my apartment in New York once, but it never worked out. Ya win some, way lose some. Glad all is well in the other department. Continued success!!

Jeffrey: Things are looking up!!! Well done, lad!!

Huntingdon: No idea – it’s what it came with. Never changed it.

Bill Milks says Todd Rundgren talked me up to him. Thanks, Todd.

Michael D McCowin: ‘Just want to say ‘All American Alien Boy’ is my all time favourite album’ Cheers.

Mark Perryman: ‘Named my son after you – he’s 32 now (Jeez!). Any chance of him seeing you play?’ We’re working on it.

Wang Luin Kalamazoo: Any particular incident spark ‘Looking Glass’? If there was, its long gone.

Keith Lloyd: ‘What’s the story behind ‘The Outsider’? How did it come about (I love it by the way – and that guitar!). It was one of a batch I wrote for ‘Schizophrenic’. Mick always excelled on the slower stuff I always thought – classy.

Martin Harris: ‘When will you do Hartford ‘n’ Norfolk?’ All I can tell you is it’s all being worked on as we speak.

Peejay: ‘Don’t retire – your silence is spooking me!’ Well, I’m writing – that’s half the job. We’ll take care of the other half next year.

Jed Goldman: (i) ‘Did Guy Stevens give musical direction to MTH or did the band figure it out?’ Guy played us stuff and generally kicked our arses – we did the rest. (ii) Were you immediately accepted into the band?’ No. That came later. (iii) ‘What was the songwriting process like?’ If one of us had something we’d mess with it at rehearsals or sound checks and if Pete and/or Buff caught onto it – we’d develop the idea from there. (iv) ‘Your thoughts on the early Mott era albums.’ Honest mistakes, desperation, truth. (v) ‘Why wasn’t the band filmed on Broadway?’ Money. ‘Army of your fans in Las Vegas – when are you coming?’ Don’t know.

Russell Taylor: ‘The Proper Box set sets a new standard. Unbelievable. Any chance of South Carolina?’ There’s always a chance – it’s up to the promoters.

Matt Parish on the Japanese fan with his hands down his pants incident: ‘Whizz Kid’; ‘Don’t Let Go’; ‘I Get So Excited’; ‘Something’s Going On’; ‘Stretch’ (a personal fave).’ Great stuff.

Ooor Wullie: Yes – we were down there at a festival a while ago (SXSW). Ian McLagan was playing a club down there. Great stuff!

Eric the Earwig: ‘Love ‘Welcome to the Club’ it had to be a blast – you and Mick playing together!’ It was lot of fun with Mick, but when it came to the music we’d get serious. Annoying.

Graham on remembering certain gigs. I remember a few from here, there and everywhere – but usually because something extra curricular happened.

James: ‘Favourite Kinks song?’ ‘You Really Got Me’. Not the finest lyrically, but the big breakout one. Knocked everybody sideways. Great.

Semki_Ukr: Writes a long one, but in a language I’m not familiar with – thanks anyway.

Anne-Marie: The book comes out in the U.S. in the spring of 2019.

Bruce CB: ‘ ‘Golden Opportunity’ – live?’ Nah.

Dale Kawashima: (songwriterUniverse LA) ‘Watched several of the videos on U-Tube of recent MTH shows in Europe. With Ariel and Morgan – fantastic! Great to hear the classics performed again. Have you considered bringing this lineup to the U.S.? I believe your fans would love it!’ We’ll just have to wait and see.

Bill C: I’ve always preferred political decency – unfortunately money talks and it seems you can’t have both in the ‘new world’. As far as statues are concerned – I’m ambivalent.

Jeff Gress: Don’t do favourites or the others sulk.

Key Ritchie – how’s it going!! Hope all is well.

Matt Parish: ‘Was there any conversation regarding the similarity between the riffs of ‘Bitch’ (Stones) and ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Queen?’ Not that I recall.

Colin Thayer: ‘Have you ever been horseracing in the U.S.?’ Yup. (with my Dad, actually – so it’s a while ago – he was a betting man).

Stonefly: Analog warmer. You have to warm up’ digital. Digital is cheaper and more convenient. S’all money!

S.mel Misak: Originally (and the reason I got into this) was Jerry Lee Lewis. In retrospect, I’m loving Fats Domino – his attitude – his finesse – his band – that lazy coolness and New Orleans charm. In two minds now!! Fats was first. Well, him and Elvis.
Logs piled up away in the woods. #4 – ok by me.

Graeme Rintoul: ‘Any chance of the Royal Albert Hall?’ I don’t think they like us.

Jim K: ‘Listening to Letter to Brittania’ from ’76. Maybe 2018 – time for a letter to America?’ Letter to Sam?

Connor Peters: ‘What do you remember most about the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert?’ I remember quite a lot actually. We were rehearsing for a week beforehand. Fitting tribute to Fred. He would have loved it.

Shari Lee: Amazon? Proper Records (UK)?

Pat: ‘Did you forgive Bowie over Mick’s treatment?’ Really – it was none of my business – but as his mate, I was – as they say – a little put out.

Tom Hammond says he was at a Bridlington gig in 1967 and a chap who looked like me did a show with his trousers around his ankles. I’ve always believed in a good pair of braces myself, so I don’t think it was me.

Jeffrey’s on about the weather again – back to normal!

Gregg Prescott: Do Florida!!

Thomas Semioli: Page is not renowned for falsetto, sad to say – because we got him in for that very reason.

Carol says the full moon is Wednesday, October 24th and it’s called the Hunter moon. Tru’s birthday is the 26th and our anniversary is the 27th. It’s all happening that week.

Seth Purvin: It’s supposed to be four nights – Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Thomas Semioli: ‘Why is it that my pals, Steve and Paul Page, are the only ones who don’t wear hats?’ Rhythm sections – they’re always the last to go!

Peter Jordan: You know Peter, I don’t think like this. It was what it was and now I’m somewhere else. If any remixing needed to be done – that all went when Buff passed.

MO: 80th at the Winery, NYC.

Phil Huband: ‘Just got ‘Fingers Crossed’ on CD. Still remember lyrics from 40years ago. References reviewer Paul Nelson in his Rolling Stone review of ‘Schizophrenic’.’ Don’t remember this. Tres flattering!! ‘Do you or Trudi keep scrap books?’ Trudi says she still has the scrapbooks she put together in the MTH era as well as my Mum’s (limited to UK), and she still saves stuff – so, yeah.

David Drew: You’re welcome.

Pat: ‘Saw album cover in Mick Rock’s documentary. How did that come about?’ Mick was probably the official Gunter Grove photographer – and a very good one, too. I like Mick. He’s been good to me and I don’t forget.

Matt Nojonen: Some bands menaced – some bands were fun – I favour the latter.

Phillip Armstrong: Heard ‘At the Crossroads’ at the Isle of Wight in ’69. Which version?

And so to bed!!!

The Horse’s Mouth.

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