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Horse’s Mouth

November 24, 2018

Horse's Mouth (Issue #199, November 2018)

The Horse’s Mouth
November 20, 2018

OK – so for anybody wondering about U.S. “Class of ’74“dates – we’re looking at offers from Boston, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, Philly and New York. If we can make these work financially and routing wise (which we’re in the middle of figuring out as I write) we will let you know.  If it’s going to happen – it will be early April 2019.  Anybody enquiring about these dates – I’ll leave out of the Horse’s Mouth.

Jimiang:   “Ever hang out with Slade?’  Noddy told me we were the reason they formed – he said, “If you lot could do it –anybody can!”.”

Phil Grant wants Atlanta.  So do we.    “Is ‘Mental Train’ being issued in the U.S.?”  No.  Is ‘The Diary’ being released in the U.S.?”  Yup – spring of 2019.  “Any chance of a signed limited edition of the book?”  I did 500 and they’ve sold.

David Britz:  ‘Any chance of new music in 2019?”  I’ve written new stuff  – don’t know when we’ll get around to recording it yet.

Big Steve:  “Pittsburgh?”  Dunno.

Anthony Prendergast wants ‘Lounge Lizard’.  No problem.

Paul Zolter wants Pittsburgh as well.  Things are lookin’ up.

Bob Boyle:  Wouldn’t know about this.

Connor Peters:  “How did you come across Queen?”  We were a popular live band – use to sell out everywhere in the UK.  A lot of bands’ managers would want their up and coming bands to open for us to get the exposure.  We would then vet these bands and pick who we like the best.

John Caswell:  ‘John Lennon tribute in NYC on November 30.  Any chance you’ll be on the bill?”  Busy elsewhere.

Jim McConnell:  I’m up for it!

Hank Gilman: “A few years ago you did Darryl’s House with Andy York – great show.  Any chance of another gig there?  Dunno – we’re both busy.

Chris: “Do you remember doing the Weeley Festival in ’71?”  If it’s the one I’m thinking of it was a mud bath and we were scared of the mikes.

Ed the Shrew:  Telling me where I was born!  I think you’re correct.  Thanks!

Owen Kelley:  Takes too long.

Anthony S:  I was there.

Stonefly:  On about Guiness.  I know it’s been ‘medically proven’ and all that, but I’m not a Guiness chap, however, Dennis DiBrizzi sure is.

Kenny mac:  Doing ‘Barrowlands’ in Glasgow next April with the class of ’74.  The Ferry sounds good.

Paul Spencer: “Any chance of a book signing for the new book?”  Don’t know if we can fit that in at the moment.

Mike Burnett: “Always thinking about my dream dinner party with my heroes (you’re sitting next to film director, Michael Powell). Can you name 4 people outside family – here or gone – you’d love to have to dinner?”  Mohammed Ali immediately comes to mind – Spike Milligan (if he was in a good mood), Peter Sellers and Michael Caine.

Jeffrey is improving by the day!!

John Dalton: “Were you influenced by Elvis?” Not really – I liked the harder stuff – Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard.  Don’t get me wrong, Elvis had it all – but I am not too keen on the movies or his manager.

Danny G:  “The point of being humble – follow your heart.”

Raymond Sabetto loves the Beachland Ballroom in Cleveland.

Michael Saporito: “Can’t stop listening to the ‘Dudes’ album!  Quite amazing after all of these years.”

Peter Jordan:  1. “When was the Golden Age of R & R?”  the fifties.   2. What are the odds of it being yet to come?”  Zero – different time.

Spanky DaNeudle:  Cazel (and less of the albino).

Peter:  Massachusetts in 2019!

George Miller: “We live in the Tampa area.  Can you swing a tour with Graham Parker down here? Nice small theater in Clearwater called the Capitol.  Nice down here in January and February!”  Unfortunately, one has to  get there from the grim North and Graham is back in the UK.

Bruce CB:  “Helsinki on Hudson again?”  We’re out in the fall of 2019 – it’s up to them.

Dave Pitt:  “Any chance of the Robin II?”  There’s always a chance.

Jeff Pavlock says he still remembers being 13 and floored by ‘Half Moon Bay’.

Big Licks:  Go for it!  Been watching the Beebs banned records and Mott are on it.  For all the Rants and Stabs you’ve ever made – you get banned for advertising ‘Marks ‘n’ Sparks’.  You and George Formby were a right pair of rebels.”  My Mum said George Formby lived around the corner from her in Bispham.

Colin McDonald:  “The Bank of England are to re-issue new 50 pound notes and are asking the public to suggest who should be on them.  I nominated you!  Hope you don’t mind.”  When I was a kid a 5 pound note was a massive white sheet with gold lettering that you never got to hold – only look at rarely!  Times change.

Colin Thayer: “I first saw you on the Overnight Angels tour…prior to that did you do any live shows to promote AAAB album?” Nah. I rehearsed with the Fabulous Rhinestones, but it didn’t work out.  It would have been just too quiet live.  “How do you rate Paul Cudderford?”  Seriously good at what he does.  Had some great times with Cuddles – scintillating wit.  Class act.  He was playing with Steve Harley last time I saw him.

Sebastien Charlot:  Hey Sebastien – we’ve tried a few times – it just doesn’t work – from MTH all the way through.  Obviously you are an exception and I’m glad you are!  The guy who booked Bowie tried to do it around ‘Fingers Crossed’ and it didn’t work out.

Ian Saunders: “I was at Chathom Central Hall in ’73 when Queen supported you – probably the best gig I ever saw.  Don’t suppose you’d play Australia?”  We’re looking into it.

Colin Blades: “If you ever had a chance to co-write and duet with somebody on a song – who would that be?  Dunno – Elton would be a leg up!!!

John Rohana:  “ ‘Fingers Crossed’ – best solo album since the first – hands down. Also, ‘The Loner’ – I keep asking.”  We shall see!

Andy Cowin:  April.  The forum got tired so we stopped doing it.  I think most people go to the Appreciation Society pages these days.

Robert Mihalik: “Significant was Kid Leo and WMMS 101 FM?”  Enormous. They put us on the map initially in the U.S.  Great bunch of people, sadly, eventually, corporatized, but they fought until the end. Cleveland International were great around the ‘Schizophrenic’ period with Steve Popovich – one of my all time heroes.  Unfortunately, they got fed up with me when I did ‘Short  Back ‘n’ Sides’.  Cleveland has always been and always will be indelibly printed in my brain.  Got two keys to the city BTW.

Ian Lowes:  The plan is to do four nights at the Winery – the last day of May and June 1, 2, and 3.  It’s not in concrete yet, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going to happen.

Dave Tyndall: “Just back from 7 months tour of duty in Syria with the IN peacekeeping.  I’ve asked before – any chance of Dublin?”  First of all, thank you for what you’re doing.  As far as Dublin is concerned – when a promoter comes up with a workable offer – we’ll be there.

Jeff Gress:  “Is there a specific band or type of music you like to listen to?”  It’s from when you’re 14 – 15 years old.  It’s whatever gets you then – that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Gav Black enjoys Alejandro Escovedo. “Have you collaborated with him on anything other than Por Vida?”  We did SXSW a few years ago.  He came to my house to write with me, but we drew a blank!  It happens.

Johnnyboy says Clive Arrowsmith posted a set of pics from the Roono/Mott period.  Good article from a great snapper.

Ooer Wullie:  All sorted then!!

Andy B: “Any plans for ‘Diary’ to be issued as a hard back?”  They did 500, but they’ve gone – don’t know if they’ll do more.

Danny:  Not bad at all!

Patty Woltz:  Haven’t seen it yet.  Everybody says it’s great.  Trudi says hi.

Graham Stark:  It’s not my department.  My publisher, Omnibus,  allowed Pledge and Coles to sell the book.  I’ve no idea what is going on with the Pledge people, but I have let Omnibus know there is a problem and they tell me they are dealing with it.

S.P. Hincter!:  “What do you think of the Queen movie?”  Not seen it as of yet.  “When you first heard ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ did you think it would be a huge success?”  Initially (I was at a mixing session) it was so enormous it confused me – didn’t know what to think.  It was well long (later crudely edited and totally over the top – and, of course. Number ! !!! In Brian’s immortal words, ‘Brill’.

Pat:  Hey Ian – on the same page as a five star review of your book is a book on Peter Grant. Did you ever cross paths?”  The first night we did the Uris Theater on Broadway Led Zep turned up and there was a brief altercation back stage.  After it was all over, Peter wandered over to me and apologized.  I’ve always wondered if I was the only person in the world that Mr. Grant ever got an apology from him.

Al Johnson:  “What would you say is the one song you wished you had written?’’ There are loads of them.  Today it would be ‘Avalon’.

Otto Greenleaf: “After extensive listening to both songs I’ve come to the realization that the drums on ‘Just Another Night’ and ELO’s ‘Don’t Bring Me Down’ are exactly the same.  Both songs released in 1979.  ‘Just Another Night’ is the better song by far.  Have a great day!  Cheers, Otto”  Otto – you’ve just got to get a life!!!

Bryan Jones:  “We’ve had Roy Orbison tour s a hologram and now Amy Winehouse is going to hit the road.  Can you envisage an Ian Hunter/MTH hologram tour in 2038?”  We’re already doing it – you can’t tell the difference!

Neil Wilkes: “Just got ‘Stranded in Reality’ – blown away.  Just outstanding – thank you most sincerely.  I really didn’t have that much to do with it.  Campbell Devine, Ian Crockett and the great crew at Proper Records got together on this one and it wouldn’t have ben done without them. Glad you like it!

John Caswell: “Once in a while bands open for you – do you have a say in this?” – I approve.  “Trying to persuade my wife to go to a London concert.”   If you’re thinking of going to London – I hear it’s selling quickly – just so you know.

Mike Costanza:  Chrysalis were basically two people – Chris Wright and Terry Ellis.  I found them to be good – they didn’t pay huge amounts of money to artists – but they were thorough.  I was with Chris Wright and Roy Eldridge (a stand up chap) – others were with Terry Ellis so I can’t speak for them.  I admire Chris Wright – he’s for real.  I never felt ‘pushed’ with Chrysalis.  It was actually quite exciting for a while.

Graham’s got his tickets – Happy Days!  Yup the Ranters will be there.

Peejay:  We used to act up for the press, but that was all it was.

Eli:  Always great to see 20 year olds getting off on our stuff.

Simon Wright says he wants to play 7” vinyl singles between bands at Shepherds Bush.

Rick Graves:  Never been crazy about ‘Honaloochie’ but it did the trick at the time.

Steven Jaques: No idea (Steven says ‘Artful Dodger’ was removed from Apple Music). 

Charlie Stannett: Nah.  Got one that works!!!  How’s it goin’ Charlie?

John O’Rourke:  I didn’t think the Struts were that new.  I like the Struts – have done for a while.  Singer reminds me of Fred – super confident.

Brigitte Bouloy heard ‘When My Minds Gone’ on ‘This is Us’ episode 6 and wants to know if I get paid.  Yes, we do.

Sara:  “Have you seen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ yet?”  Nope!

Netflix must see”  The Road to Calvary and Babylon Berlin.

S’all for now!

The Horse’s Mouth x

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