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Horse’s Mouth

March 6, 2019

Horse's Mouth (Issue #201, March 2019)


Phillip Grant wants the Rant Band in Atlanta. We’re fine with that.

Mike Pecucci: Do you have a vinyl record collection? Not many. I think it’s great (the vinyl revival). Nice smell. BTW look for ‘MTH Live’ in vinyl – soon.

Snit Fitzpatrick: Do you think diet and exercise is the reason you are still able to do what you do? It’s a lot to do with genes, but obviously if you’re thin, there’s less of a load on the body and if you eat well, it’s less of a load on the system. A lot of people don’t eat for their bodies – they eat for their taste buds. I’m lucky – food doesn’t particularly interest me. It’s just the energy that keeps me going. I’m not that brilliant at looking after myself, so Trudi has a lot to do with it as well.

Chris White: How did you get Andy MacKay to play sax on ‘Memphis’? Roxy were in the next room and Andy liked Mott. It was easy.

Danny G: Persistence is what separates the men from the boys.

Josh Caswell: Birthday at the same facility – they move afterward. Watch this space for announcement.

Andreas Borchman: 1. wants MTH recordings. Too problematic. 2.The trio record with Andy and Dave is ready to go. We need to decide how it’s going to be released.

Connor Peters ‘Favourite song on the Mott album?’ Begins with M.

Liam: ‘Any desire to do a Christmas album?’ Doesn’t compute.

Mark F: ‘Album and fall tour?’ The Rant Band want to tour in the fall and will record in the summer. That probably means album released next year.

Jeffrey: Glad all continues to improve.

Nicholas Malcolm: ‘Chris Blackwell owns 3 hotels in Jamaica. The main one is Golden Eye where Fleming wrote the Bond books. If you saw Chris – would there be humour?’ Probably not.

Drew Cantrell: Happy with the Hardback.

Wayne Klein: Were you involved in ‘Mental Train’? Nah. Yes. I have revisited demos and completed them (on the box set I think).

John Dalton: ‘Have you ever interacted with ‘The Police’ over the years?’ No. ‘Are you a fan? ‘ Loved the singles.

Mondo: ‘How’s the great Mick Ralphs doing?’ ‘Bout the same. Hoping to see him when I’m next in the UK.

Roy Symonds: ‘Finally read your book – loved it. Read lots of bios and enjoyed yours the best. I also think you’re underrated! Thanks for the many hours of listening. Saw the Queen movie – liked it but had hoped they’d show more of the early years and not gloss over it the way the movie did. Do you see Brian and Roger any more?’ Now and again.

Dirk: 1. ‘Do you watch American football?’ No 2.’Have you read a James Burke novel?’ No. 3. Do you ever play Muddy Waters?’ Now and again. ‘You should do all of the above.’ Why?

Mary Dwyer: I live in Montana but I don’t know if you would ever play there. How about Salt Lake City?’ It’s up to our agent and promoters.

Ted: On the civil war – ‘Have you seen ‘They Shall Not Grow Old’ (Peter Jackson) ? Great historical record. My grandfather was in the Muese-Argonne offensive and the movie spiked my interest?’ Sounds good; I’ll have to have a look.

Dave Drew is going to the Beacon on 4/10. ‘Best of luck with the tour.’ Ta.

Erik: No U.S. West Coast tour – routing didn’t work.

Ron Arold: Florida? Again, routing – and we didn’t really know if there would be any interest. Happy to say, the response has been great.

Phillip Grant: MTH not doing Atlanta, but me ‘n’ the Ranters will try and get down there. Great town.

Matt Parrish – haven’t done that song in a while.

Kevin Aasgaard: Real reason – ‘Why did you turn down ‘Suffragette City’?’ We were looking for a single and we didn’t think it was strong enough.

Mill and Fee – much love

Matt: ‘The Beacon it is then – bless you!’

Rob Ward: I’ve said it before, Toronto is difficult tax wise – especially for only one Canadian gig.

John Rohana: 10 ½ to 11 (thanks for the portrait – it’s lovely!!).

Shaun Stuart went to Swan Hill for the obligatory photo! Wants German dates, but there aren’t any.

Phillip Grant: The follow up to ‘Fingers Crossed’ is in the works.

Steven C: Great to hear ‘Sea Diver’ in ‘Kill the Messenger’. Pretty good movie – and the use of the song – fantastic.

Matt Nojonen: Happy about the MTH tour.

Mike Sodi: We normally allow photos for the first song only.

John Gill says MTH box set is fantastic. ‘Does CBS have anything?’ There were rumblings.

Graham: ‘I will be at the Sage, Gateshead. It’s about time you experienced Hall 1. It’s going to be off the scale. Nearly sold out – packed to the rafters (that’s good). We don’t mix it up that much with Mott’74, but we do with the Rant Band.

Russ Maziarka: Don’t do meet ‘n’ greets, but if you happen to bump into us we’re happy to take selfies.

Stonefly: Excited about the U.S. tour. Cleveland is sold out. Do you compose on guitar and piano? Both, but prefer piano.

John Shea: Hope to take you up on that someday!

Patricia put my quote on ‘Life’ at the beginning of her second book ‘Aufgehoben’ and people love it. Lovely!

Sheila: We can’t add any tour dates because of the UK dates which follow immediately.

Tamara: The Birthday gigs are on – just not announce yet. She wants the Rant Band to tour in the fall. MTH should be fun.

Andy: No Canadian date, eh? Talk to your government.

John Horan: ‘Any NYC dates this year.’ Keep your eye on the Winery.

Dave Griffiths (MBE): No idea. What was his Mother’s name? Which side of the family? You never know.

Keith Sparbanie: ‘Phoenix.’ Not so far.

Jim McConnell: Can you confirm the Rant Band in the autumn? Too early to say.

David Pederson: 1. This is the first time it was possible 2. No live cd’s planned.

John Kingston: Sadly noted.

Will Thomson: ‘The family of Pete Watts put up 70 of his guitars for auction next month through Gardiner Houlgate. To be honest, apart from a couple – none of them great.’ (that was not the point with Pete. Pete went for the ‘oddness’; he loved oddities. His house was knee deep in them – you couldn’t move). ‘I was really shocked he had so many.’ Oh, yes – I ‘roadied’ for him on several occasions – it was worth it for his company. ‘How many guitars have you got?’ Not as many as Pete.

Bob P: ‘Got my ticket for the Beacon. Should be amazing!’ Whaddya mean ‘should’?

Bob Boyle: ‘What were the circumstances involving yourself and Roy Thomas Baker burning down the guest lodge at Le Studio in Quebec? Is this mentioned in the diary?’ (No – it happened after the diary was written.) ‘Did Roy fall asleep smoking his pipe or what?’ Still, to this day, I don’t know what happened. I was in the lower level with a couple of the crew and we got out just in time. All credit to Earl Slick who was racing round to get us out. Had we still been sleeping … Nobody owned up to that one.

Seth Purvin: 1. ‘Who designs your backstage passes?’ Young James Brown gets the credit for that. 2. ‘Are MTH songs harder to sing than Rant Band songs?’ About the same. 3. ‘Best Freddie story?’ For nothing?!

Michael B sends greetings from Seattle: 1. ”Rose’ – real or fictional?’ I really can’t remember. 2. ‘Any chance of Roger Spears Robots making it?’ They are long since dismantled (they were inverted hoovers!). 3. ‘Does anyone now where they are?’ No idea. Mott never played the Beacon, but I have, and it’s just right!!

Charley – life long fan. It’s a mighty long way from a seat in the gods for Broadway in ’74 to orchestra front and center at the Beacon in 2019. I’m…how you say? Dead chuffed – break a leg!

Mike Burnett: ‘Can you name your 8 desert Island discs?’ Not at the moment!!

Matt Parish: I spotted the devastatingly talented Sam Brown in an older Dudes video with Jools Holland….How did you meet? At the show – huge fan of her and her Dad.

Mark F: Stages are a factor.

Kevin: It’s not like we didn’t want to play the West Coast but we had time constrictions.

Jeff D: I doubt it – it’s a very busy schedule.

Kevin Shannon is seeing us on his 62nd birthday in Detroit. Are the Rant Band planning any shows in Detroit later on? Don’t know.

Tony Day wants ‘Foxy Foxy’.

Phil Heiderman is going to Milwaukee.

Neil McCormack: I would see him at a club once in a while.

Costanza: Laryngitis and strep – flights – (you catch lots of bugs on flights) but we pretty much soldiered through all of them. The only tour I remember actually cancelling was because of back problems. I was laid up for 3 months.

Joseph Zavilla: ‘No LA!! Guess I’ll have to wit for Las Vegas residency!’ Most amusing.

John H: ‘Any NCY gigs in the works? The Bell House is always excellent.’ Keep an eye on my site.

Carlo Mathews: 1. ‘Are there any more live shows of you and Mick from the 70’s that could be dusted off and released?’ Dunno. 2. ‘Did you ever wish to join someone else’s band after Mott rather than go solo?’ No. I just wanted to work with Ronno. I did have a couple of offers from other bands, but I was fed up with the arguments you get in a band environment. Fancied being solo so I could get my own way! 3. Favourite restaurant in NY?’ I don’t have one.
Juan out in LA keeping me clued up. And, yes I do.

Joe S: Thanking us for U.S. shows. Enjoy!

Edward Gerecs: 1. Heave does mean vomit 2. Takin’ the piss means makin’ fun of 3. I don’t remember, but two outa three ain’t bad.

Peter Jordan: Mainly, ‘The Hoople’ and the live album.

Erron Geer: Enjoying ‘Y.U.I. Orta.’ I’d have liked to jam with Leon Russell and Levon Helm. A lot is made of my love of all thing ‘Bob’ but truthfully, it’s ages since I actually sat down and listened to him. He’s the best is all I’m saying.

Matt Parrish: On the Elvis ‘visit’. I didn’t really want to meet Elvis at all. It was just the thrill of having gigged – Joe Walsh opening for us – a few beers. It was just fun – and Elvis – well – he was ELVIS!

Paul Page just gave me Jerry Scheff’s book. He played with Elvis and talks about him a lot. He had a lot of respect for Elvis.

Lydia: How nice of you to offer, but if you look at our schedule for April, there’s hardly any down time. 16 gigs in 31 days on two continents – and we’re not spring chickens!! Enjoy Boston.

Jim: ‘When was the last time you played Minneapolis?’ I remember playing there with Mick Ronson – no idea – late 70’s – early 80’s? I’m told your town is hot!

Laverne Kreklau: Officially – no. (Sorry.)

Tony: Get yer ass over!!

Jeff Gress: Most memorable gig ever? One of the best was Freddie Mercury’s Tribute at Wembley with Ronno. But really – too many to mention.

Pasquale: Nah – she’d have to educate me. Too much drama!!

Thomas Hicks: As above.

Sally: Mott songs only.

Rick Gershon: As above.

Bob Milks: If you are not coming to Toronto, then I’ll have to come to Detroit and Cleveland.

Jeffrey: Thanks – hope you are on the mend.

Heaney: ‘Why did Simon Fox play drums on ‘Roll Away the Stone’ on German TV? Probably Buff didn’t want to play on some daft disco show – (actually – Buff was sick).

Randy: Check my site.

Mike Hardison: We’d love to play Kansas City. Hope it can be sorted.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Rant/Hoople hybrid – awesome. Do you like reggae? Ever thought of doing a reggae song?’ (‘Theater of the Absurd’ /Short Back ‘n’ Sides).’ I don’t feel reggae up in the frozen north, but I’ve been down there and I began to write that way naturally. Geography does affect one.

Birney K Brown: Re: ‘Ballad of MTH’ At the time the Motts were in our little gold fish bowl, and so we were all I had to write about. I can’t remember writing this track specifically, but it is a really nice song to perform on stage. Nice dynamics.

Jack Siegel: Why!

Steve Harmon: Unfortunately, this is what happens with theatres these days, and I don’t like it any more than you. I’ve talked to promoters and there seems no way out of this. It’s not decent and it’s not right. We live in strange times. (ticket scalpers – Cleveland)

Michael Engros: Any chance of out takes and live discs from ‘Stranded in Reality’ being released separately? ‘Proper’ are pretty strong about this – no chance at all.

Terry Long: We are aware and want to go back as we enjoyed St. Louis and Kansas City. Hope it can be worked out.

Stuart Otto Hyde: ‘Always loved, ‘The Outsider’. I had read the Albert Camus book of the same title just before the album came out. Did it influence the song in any way?’ No. ‘The Outsider’ was a chord sequence at first and imagination at second. I remember thinking at the time ‘this isn’t anything to do with me’, but sometimes they just come that way.

Carl: Follow up to ‘Diary’ – Dunno

Effigy: Any plans for a Scottish Festival this year? None. We are playing ‘Barrowland’ in April.

The Brush: I know the line, but I can’t remember what its in.

Bob R: Babylon Berlin Season II – yes!

Kevin (Newcastle) says new cars have no CD players. Well – this is the new us. Use yet robot!

Carlo Mathews: Yes, I’m a fan of ‘Purgatory’ too. Not a groove I’ve used much. Don’t agree about ‘I Need Your Love’ – it came out very average.

Brit Fan: Really?

Ian Clydesdale: Will the shows be recorded? Don’t think so We just want to have fun!!

All done. Looking forward to seeing a lot of you.

The Horse’s Mouth xxx

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