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Horse’s Mouth

June 18, 2019

Horse's Mouth (Issue #202, June 2019)

So – don’t get on me – I’ve been busy!! Sorry, but we are so far behind and there were so many, I’m starting with May 1st. Here goes.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Only 2 volumes of authorized biog? Hoping for a volume 3 in a few years if I’m still here.’ Who knows.

Andy Smith: Take Wreckless Eric with a pinch of salt; he’ll say anything for a laugh. P.S. Amy was fab at the Winery.

Pasquale on culinary cuddles with Boschie.

Arthur Temlett enjoyed Leamington and the Barrowlands and also the Winery. You and Hazel really get about!

Jeffrey: I never got out of bed until noon; consider it a perk.

Andrew Dickson: Manchester – a triumph!!! Cheers.

Baffled: ‘Did Ronno ever explain why Dylan barely let him play on the Rolling Thunder Review?’ Mick, being shy, would be feeling his way in. I heard Bob liked what he heard when mixing.

Thomas Greco: ‘Beacon – simply amazing. Question – noticed lyrical adjustments in 3 songs – I would do the same thing.’ Times change.

Mike Costanzo: ‘Enjoying Morgan’s ‘road movies’ very much….give that man a camera and he’s dangerous!’

Joanne Rishton: Appreciated.

Mick McKenzie: ‘A blast – absolutely superb.’ Ta!

Keith Nickless: ‘Shepherd’s Bush was truly awe inspiring.’

Danny G: ‘Did you have fun?’ We sure did – that’s why we did it.

Adam Gaucher brought his Dad to Minneapolis and had a blast.

Geoff Bryant: ‘When might the Ian Hunter/Andy York/Dave Roe acoustic album come out?’ Dunno – it’s done and ready. I guess when the time is right.

Gary Menzer wants a ‘Havana’ in New Hope gig. We’ll see.

Stuart Groves: ‘I’ve seen you pretty much every tour in the last 15 years and at some time during the evening you take two tablets. At the MTH show in Birmingham you took 4.’ VOCAL ZONES – throat lozenge (you can get them at Boots – behind the counter).

Bob Boyle: Tom Jones uses vocal zones too.

Liz K: Hope all went well, and that you like the book. And yes, I did – I’m now ampi continental.

Tripp: ‘Loved Cleveland. Did you feel you were on all cylinders when you hit the UK?’ The Beacon was as good as it gets, but we seriously enjoyed each and every one of them.

Neal: Thank you!

Birney K. Brown: Rant Band gigs are structured to two keyboards – myself and Dennis. Mott shows already have Morgan and Dennis, so, you adjust accordingly. It’s music.

Thomas Lyday: ‘How did you feel after that tour?’ Thrilled, actually. ‘Ever thought of playing LA?’ Yes, actually.

Andrew Welch: I don’t rate ’em Andrew. It’s all a blur!

Tina: Live album from MTH tour (please say yes). Don’t know.

Matt: I literally ran into John Hawken at your Beacon show. He has long been a ‘Hero and Heroine’ of mine. Hope you two had a chance to catch up.’ Don’t think so.

Keith Hollinshed says he’s been following in my footsteps for 45 years and still hasn’t met me.’ Catch up, lad!

Tripp: ‘What’s your favorite champagne?’ Actually, I’ve been doing French Rose sparkling wine of late. The bubbles are smaller, not so rough.

Robert Paulino: ‘Any dates this year or next?’ Working on it.

Liz K: Looks like you’re going to make it. Liz likes Morgan’s movies too.

Tom L: ‘Philly show – the heart of Rock ‘n’ Roll.’ Thanks.

William Wallace: ‘How about a movie – the screen play based on the book MTH featuring your/Mott’s music. Johnny Depp as Mott and loads of cameos of your friends – followed by a Broadway musical.’ Pigs are gonna fly!

Ooer Wullie: ‘Still reeling from the Mott shows – had an absolutely fantastic time. Thank you for indulging us yet again. HB – have a great time.’ Nah problem atta. My daughter-in-law got me the Ooer Wille Broons annual, BTW.

SpankyMyPickle: ‘Greetings and happy birthday. In dog years you would be 560 years old – hope that makes you feel young at 80!’ Thanks for that. Cheered me up no end.

Col Spikings: Rock Gods never age. Great night in Gateshead – see you in the autumn?’ Dunno.

Colin McDonald: ‘Did you see the greatest comeback ever after Mott the Hoople – Liverpool 4/Barcelona 0. Amazing group and team!’

C. Tamai: I like Les Paul Juniors; they’re simple. I use Martins and Gibsons acoustically I have several Rainsongs as well – mainly for open tuning.

Barry: Awesome show at the Keswick on April 8th. Loved ‘Alice’. Tell Ariel we don’t need his man boobs hangin out (he hasn’t got any). Great guitar playing through. Come back soon.

Greg/Boston: ‘How about the class of ’74 recording a new album?’ Nah.

John O’Rourke passes along a greeting from Luke Spiller of the Struts. Luke’s got the attitude. I know it when I see it.

Jim Asker: ‘Any chance Mott will do additional dates in the U.S.? The short answer to that is long, so I’ll keep it short – maybe.

Alastair: ‘Thanks to you and the band for an outstanding gig in Glasgow at the Barrowlands. Morgan and Ariel on top of their game – all flowing through yourself. Must mention the Rant Band, too (superb players). Seen you many timers in Glasgow, but this was stunning!’ Thanks, Alastair.

Joe McGrath: ‘Coming back to L.A. area?’ Yup.

Karen in Nashville received the ‘Stranded’ box set from her husband for her birthday. ‘Best gift ever. Presentation first class. I’ve been a hard core fan since ’74, but there are still a few surprises – even for me. Any chance you’ll come back to Nashville?’ Hope so.

Dutch Peter: ‘Classic Rock mag says more MTH gigs in August. True or false?’ False.

Dan Baker: ‘Ian, in the last three months local NE television have been playing your version of ‘Cleveland Rocks’ nightly for the Hard Rock Casino ads. I hope you’re getting royalties as they just sold to MGM and the ads have stopped. Also, did you ever live on Long Island?’ Thanks for the info Dan. Trudi comes from Long Island – I’ve never lived there.

Zac Mc Feegle: It was Dan Loggins (Kenny Login’s brother) who voice the intro to ‘Golden Age’.

Peter Jordan seemed to have enjoyed himself in Gateshead after all!! That’s what Rock ‘n’ Roll is – fun. Not to be confused with various knock offs.

Bill Rush: ‘Any chance of adding Morgan and Luther to your new LP?’ Well, it’s not as if they live round the corer, is it?

Matt Parish: ‘Way off topic, but I had to share. I was at a wedding yesterday and a grandmother fell down walking back up the aisle after the ceremony. She was fine, but embarrassed and a bit startled. There was an EMT there (one of the guests) and he asked her 3 questions to test her mental stability. ‘What day is it?’ GM: Sunday’; ‘Who’s the president?’ GM: that asshole – and the whole place cracked up.’

Lee Ann: Rd Steward and Roger Daltry are model railway enthusiasts – do you have any hobbies?’ Music.

Mark Hughes and family wishing me a HB.

A lot of mail is about the BD, so I won’t repeat – but I do appreciate all of them.

Steve Parsons: ‘Older than Dylan and still sounding good.’

Anna Prizer went to the Keswick and thought we were absolutely amazing. Her favourite album is till ‘Mott’ but she loved the show – 5 rows from the front. ‘The energy in the room seem to make everybody age backwards. One of the most well rehearsed bands I’ve ever heard.’ Anyway, Anna is 15, so thanks for coming, girl!

Jeffrey: All is well!

Ole Evert: Norway this year? Don’t think so.

Matt Nojonen: ‘Great to see your shows selling out. Do you ever get flashbacks?’ ‘Picasso’ is difficult lately. I think I’ll leave that one alone for the time being.

Wade wants us to do the West Coast.

Tony was struck down with sciatica after booking his hotel and buying Shepherds Bush tickets – so he says we’ll have to do it again. Sorry to hear this. I know what sciatica is like. I was due to opener Steve Miller a few years back and had to cancel the tour. Pain in the ass – financially too. Hope you are on the mend. My doctor said, ‘Go to bed.’ I did, and it worked.

Mike Sosna wants us to go back to North Carolina – says last one was smashing.

Judy Anstess: I remember Albert King and Freddie King – only played with BB King in Chicago. Memories play tricks!

Jonathan Bailey: ‘Ever met Dylan or had a conversation with him?’ Yup.

Steve Artiszewski: ‘Any chance of you playing out in the Pacific Northwest – Portland, OR?’ Working on it.

Tom Doeing: ‘You fuckin’ rock!!!’ Close your eyes, Anna!

Steve: Thanks for the MTH gigs – you guys looked like you were enjoying it s much as the audience.’ We were.

Patricia/Germany gets fed up with Euro Radio when they only play ‘Dudes’ and nothing else. Join the club!!

Al Johnson says I’m an inspiration! Ta.

Mike Scerri: ‘Just got ‘Strings Attached’ DVD – awesome. Please come to Toronto.’

John Frawley: ‘He’s to 20 more years!’ Oh, God.

Shinobu Kokubun: ‘ HB – In Japan being 80 is called ‘Sanju’. The literal meaning of ‘Sanju’ is the umbrella age (life). It seems funny, but the Chinese character of ‘san (umbrella)’ has a simplified form that looks like the Chinese character of eighty. Hope you have a special day!’

Joe Niznik says I’m one of the most prolific songwriters of our time!! Thanks, Joe.

Donald Mease: You got twice the air play on Wyoming Public Radio this year. They played ‘Once Bitten’ and ‘President’ back to back.

Jeffrey: Monday, June 3rd – Your name is Ian Hunter and we just shared 80 years of your life!!!

Tom Maronski: ‘HB – enjoy this day as much as I have enjoyed your music.’

John + Dede Caswell: ‘Can’t wait to celebrate tonight.’

Pat: ‘ HB Ian. Really enjoyed the last 3 shows at the Winery and looking forward to #4 tonight.

Jane Adams: ‘Enjoy tonight!’ We did.

Bill C: Your rocket is the Ranters, but the spirit is the same.

Brian Feeney: ‘HB and many more.

Amanda: Thanks for making the bad times bearable.

Irina: ‘HB – keep on being wonderful.’ Oh, stop.

Steve Baratta and Dora: ‘Keep enjoying what you’re doing – it’s great.

Dave Drew: ‘Sir! The MTH’74 show at the Beacon KILLED!! Missed Winery shows (had shows at the Bartini Bar in Babylon, NY). After show stands – I’ll send a limo!

Pasquale says I’m ‘the man who wrote the main musical nutrition for the journey of my life.’ – that’s different.

Mike Saunders: ‘Loved every minute of Birmingham.’

Augusto Bottacin was in a musical MTH cover band. Likes me ‘because I haven’t become a grotesque character of myself.’ You haven’t seen me early in the morning!

Hunter Tremayne: ‘HB – I was on the radio in Madrid and Barcelona on a Desert Island Discs sort of show where they ask you about your life and play your favorite 8 records. I chose two of yours: ‘God Take 1’ and ‘Central Park ‘n’ West’. Enjoy the royalties.’ I will – thanks!

Michelle Peace: HB – have a great time!
Guildford) in the near future?’ Not at the moment.

Antje and Martin: Keep on Rockin’ (good title).

Kieran McPeake: HB

Shari Lee: ‘Did you know Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx is a long time fan of yours as well? I was excited to hear this recently.’ I actually liked the movie – it was honest!

Bryan: ‘Philly show amazing (brought ears to my eyes) and inspired!’

Sheila Sheehan: Aah. Sorry, what can I say. Glad you’re still hangin’ in and making friends. Stay well.

Bill Adair: ‘Keep it coming.’

Jo Rishton: Sorry about your Mum. It was all good. See you next time around.

Fred Pettersson and the Hat People: ‘London concert fantastic. Great to see you.’

Ian Martin: ‘The best in the business! I’ll take it!

Thomas Brect/Germany: ‘Best of health.’ Thank you.

Otto Greenleaf: ‘HB – you’ve earned it.’

Patrick Curran: ‘All the best.’

Dean Prescott: ‘Do you feel writing’s as important now as it was in the 70’s and/or 80’s?’ Dunno. Quite frankly, I think the vast amount of people like music to dance to, have a good time and get buzzed. I’m more over on the lyrical side and I don’t think yer average kid gets too involved with words. Pete Watts use to say to me, ‘I never knew what you were going on about – we just rocked out! I get this, but I do like to play with words. Obviously, some people really like lyrics, but I’d say they’re in the minority as far as Rock ‘n’ Roll is concerned. So I don’t think writing’s as important as the overall effect. This applied then, and applies now – with obvious exceptions- Dylan and Cohen – to name but two.

Stale Valvatne Einarsen: ‘Fantastic shows in NYC; attended Sunday and Monday – ‘All the way from Norway’. How did you come up with the lyric to ‘Fingers Crossed’ – not a typical rock theme?’ It just sort of ‘came’. I actually didn’t want this lyric as it was left field, but it just decided on its own that that was what it was going to be. I honestly can’t remember
what kicked it off. Probably the first line. The chorus came later.

Audra Driscoll: HB. My sister Karin and I have been going to see you since you played in Queens in the 80’s. We were at the Winery on your birthday and you all sounded great. Nice to see Andy again. I thanked you once before, but as a NYPD officer who was there in the aftermath on 9/11/01, I appreciate you keeping ‘Twisted Steel’ in the repertoire.’ Say hi to Karin and thank you.

Matt Parish: ‘Such a thrill to have witnessed 6-3-19. So many highs – such an intimate show. Your song selection played like a musical autobiography, and we were witness to decades of brilliance. thank yo from the bottom of my 61 year old heart.’ Thank you, Matt from all of us.

Phil Juge: Great gig in Birmingham on my 60th – specially with ‘Rose’ in the set list. Great support band, ‘Tax the Heat’. Rumoured you chose them personally? If that’s the case, how did you hear about them?’ A few bands were mentioned and I googled ’em till I found one I liked. Nice guys too. Hope it opens up for them – they’re on the way!

Dave McCormick: Another rave. You write ’em and I have to ‘print’ ’em!! ‘We went to see Mott’74 in Detroit and we weren’t expecting a lot. The band was just one record – but hey – I can say I saw Mott the Hoople. What happened surprised both of us. The energy was amazing. The combination of Luther and Morgan with Ian….it was magic. I thought it was just us, but the next morning I was getting calls and texts from old friends – did you see Mott last night? OMG – it wasn’t just us. The energy of this reunion was off the charts to us fans. And a big nod to the Rant Band who carried it all in what seemed to be a place of honor….Ian…..I cannot expect you as a performer to know how impactful that performance was to fans – I know you grew up with Little Richard and Chuck Berry (and Jerry Lee Lewis!), but you and Mott were that for me. A cornerstone of my musical journey. Thank you – just thank you.’ And that – in a nutshell – is why we do it! Thank you, David.

Bill Nickerson: ‘Do you ever plan on doing Daryls House in Pawling NY?’

Lynne: ‘Loved seeing Joe Elliott and Christine Ohlman – and you, of course! Hope you got the the shirt and tea (yes, we did!). This time the bottle actually had a label on it! Yah!’ Thanks, Lynne.

Gav Black: Thanks and not yet.

Janette: Yup – still at it. Keep in touch with Phil – he’ll keep you appraised of what’s going on. Best.

Robert Forlini – Saratoga Springs! We’ll see.

Mike Costanza ‘Was wondering if Morgan, Luther, or yourself ever fooled around with writing anything new on the tour. Enjoyed Morgan’s tour videos.’ What with the routing and the jet lag,we were lucky to survive, let alone write a song. This was strictly for fun. We enjoyed it immensely and judging by this Horse’s Mouth, you did too!

Karen/Nashville: ‘Stretch’ was written for a very close friend of mine (pre-MTH) back in the Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. Trudi and I got married around 47 years ago.

Carol S. like many of you, couldn’t get tickets to the Winery shows and wants a DVD! A lot of it is on U-tube already in one form or another, so it wouldn’t make much sense financially. Lovely thought though!

So that’s it; we’re all up to date. Now we’ll be lookin’ at how to make a record.

If you would like to hear it “straight from the Horse’s Mouth”, you can Ask your question here.