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Horse’s Mouth

August 4, 2019

Horse's Mouth (Issue #203, August 2019)

The Horse’s Mouth – August 3, 2019

Bit on the hot side so I thought I’d do one……

Rick Graves is well happy with the Winery shows. ‘Got to see friends from different parts of the U.S., England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Australia and Italy.’

Jerry Ross: ‘Enjoyed Milwaukee. FM Radio DJ WDRV in Chicago wished you Happy Birthday and said it was great. Said you were 80 goin’ on 20.’ I’ll take that.

Danny G: ‘Dylan, Cohen, Ian Hunter!! Lyrical genius; guess I’ll stay minority.’

‘Do you feel slighted you weren’t asked to contribute to any of either volumes of Jerry Lee Lewis’ tribute albums – after all, he was probably your main influence?’ Never knew these were made. I was a fan in the 50’s and 60’s. He was great. Different neck of the woods.

Philly Bob: ‘Saw Chicago, Philly and NYC. Each show presented a unique, unforgettable experience and all were brilliant. This was absolute Mott the Hoople – there before my eyes – anything close to this from your perspective?’ Better – much better – than expected.

Matt – Loved June’s Horse’s Mouth.

Jeffrey: My regards to Mr. Dyer. Weather’s ok – a bit too hot.

Joe Natiello: Well – Bob doesn’t speak to most people so that’s par for the course. Ain’t easy being Bob!

Tom McGarry: ‘Heard ‘Laugh at Me’ at the Winery celebrations. Please include it in up and coming gigs.’ Not a bid idea.

Fat Wally: ‘Do you get nervous before you go on stage?’ I wouldn’t say nervous – I do get a buzz – if I didn’t get the buzz – I wouldn’t do it.

Fat Wally II: ‘What songs did you record you wish you never did?’ ‘I Need Your Love’ is annoying (Short Back ‘n’ Sides) – there’s a few!!

Tom McGarry: ‘Where do you go from here?’ The basement!! ‘Do some Mott this fall.’ I’ve just got myself a manager so I guess he’ll tell me what to do next!

Jon Carlson is in the nursery business and has kindly offered to send us a small Japanese Maple ‘in honor’ of my 80th birthday. How lovely!

Jim Wysocki: ‘Great job on the Hoople reunion Part II. Got to ask after watching the Rolling Thunder Review – is it true Ronno never spoke to Dylan on the first leg of the tour? One thing for sure, the movie won’t hurt his legacy.’ It’s not that big a deal. There were a lot of people on that tour and Bob stayed kind of separated. Mick was not the talkative type either.

Mike Scott: How’s it goin’? Did an album with Mike way back when. Be well!!

Danny G: Acoustically, I like Astral Weeks.

LaVerne Kreklau: ‘Were any of the Mott’74 shows recorded?’ I think a couple were, but what’s the point with U-tube? Obviously there’s a bunch of phoners, and if I could ban them I would. Mott the Hoople’74 is a band you have to experience live. Everything else is too normal. If you fancy it – the address is P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752.

Bland Odell: First off – Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta !!! I took two friends with me who were not aware of your music to the Variety Playhouse last time you came through and they both swear it was the best concert they had seen. So add Atlanta to your list (we did!). Me and the Ranters really enjoyed Atlanta and St. Louis – that’s why you’re getting Mott’74 next, and us later.

Bill Gibbs: ‘Is Mott’74 over for good after April? Caught it in Chicago – fantastic show.’ Thanks – we’re extending!

Matt Nojonen: Nice one, Matt! Love ‘Shots – shots – shots – like hands clapping.’

Whalespoon: ‘Got a ticket to see ‘Ringo ‘n’ the All Stars’ next month. I understand you toured with Ringo – what was it like?’ I just remember coming home one day and Ringo was on my answering machine. Still get the chills remembering that. The one I was on was kinda eclectic, but we had a ball. Ringo – a total gent. Lovely family.

David Moe: No idea, but glad you enjoyed Minneapolis.

Michael K. Schelin: Safe and sound!

Laurent Moitrot: Sorry about that – next time.

Bob Krouse: As above.

Mark Vieaux: I’ve passed this onto Trudi. c/o Jesse John Music, LLC – P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 06752.

Dr. Dave Harms: The people who made those marionettes did actually contact us (Roger Ruskin Spear) but it was too late to act upon. Maybe someday.

David Edgar: ‘Is ‘The Road to Birmingham’ about Dr. Martin Luther King?’ It’s a long time ago now, but that rings a bell.

Joan: Sorry to hear Leamington Spa has closed down. It was getting a little funky backstage (although interesting). We’ll be in L.A. November 1st at the Orpheum Theater.

Mike Sherman: Bremen High School, Midlothian, Illinois Class of 1970 is having its’ 50th Reunion in 2020. Can I send a message of congratulations to the class? ‘Here’s to all the Dudes who went to Bremen in 1970 and listened to WLS Radio in Chicago who played us back in the day. Hope you are all still Rockin’.’ Ian Hunter

Kevin Beaumont: ‘Any plans for Norwich Waterfront?’ Don’t forget the smaller venues!’ We shall see.

Alan Portlandia: ‘Crossroads’ was really at the beginning. I think we went to Germany for this. They had a weekly show and we were on it. ‘Beat Club’ I think it was called.

Jed Goldman: ‘My wife and I flew from Las Vegas to see Mott’74 in Chicago. Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll show we’ve ever seen. Life transforming – still talking about it!’ Well, we’re not playing Vegas, but we are doing four on the West Coast – hope you can make it.

Graham: ‘Glasgow to the City Winery, NYC. Joy unconfined! What a privilege to be there. Met Steve Holley and gave him a book on Hamilton.’ I’ve got it!! You can see my old bedroom window in one of the photos!! Thank you so much!

Bob Leiser on why is ‘Memphis’ on the black notes? Because it sounds better than the white notes!! Simple as that.

Francis L: Regarding the Beacon show in NYC. ‘Outstanding…’

Donald Mease: ‘You’ve been done wrong. Wyoming Public Radio just played three Kinks songs in a row honoring Dave’s ‘mere’ 75th.’ They’ve just got to get themselves together.

Mark F thought he saw a couple of the chaps from Mumford and Sons at the Milwaukee show. Dunno. We do get lots of musicians at gigs and many are too shy to come back. I’m the same.

Jerry Lee Lewis: Got a feeling this is our L.A. name of no fixed abode checkin’ in. L.A. – here we come.

Stuart: ‘Ian – would you write a song for me?’ Dunno.

Steve Law: Don’t remember this. Not saying it didn’t happen.

Keith Hollinshed: Sorry, Keith – no idea.

Richard Wallace: Is that place still going? I know the guy that used to run it now runs another club in NYC. Not an easy venue to be honest.

Matt Parish: ‘Hey Ian – not sure if I ever sent you this link: Lots of good photos!

Rick Goward: ‘Did you happen to watch the All Star Celebrity softball game? Drew Carey gave you a shout out on National TV.’ That was nice.

Armand: MTH’74 – The Fox Theater – Oakland, CA November 3rd.

Neil McCormack: Manchester gig – absolutely fantastic. I can now say (with the exception of Ronno) I’ve seen every ex MTH member on stage live! Listening to ‘The Word’ on Moody Blues album – phrasing brought ‘Shades Off’ to mind – any influence there?’ None, whatsoever.

Anne Marie: ‘Keswick was Phenomenal!!! We had a blast. Also finished your book and it sure did bring me back in time. I loved reading it.’ So all is well.

John Dalton: Were you surprised by the massive success ‘Great White’ had with their cover of ‘Once Bitten’? Ever met ’em?’ No, never met them. I think if Ronno and I had had the same team behind us – as they did – the song would have been just s big for us. People don’t realize just how much marketing plays in success or failure. This isn’t sour grapes – it’s a matter of fact. People will always go for what’s stuck in front of them.

PJay Plutzer: Check out my site for all touring dates.

Doug Moss: ‘Are there going to be any special editions of your forthcoming two volume biography – similar to the hard back re-issue?’ I don’t know – I didn’t write it so it’s his version of me! This is Campbell Devine’s book – up to him.

Swag: Wow – quite an epic – this one. Anyway, it’s all good! Cheers, Stuart.

Norm Alsyzcock: On the odd occasion that Elton and I have crossed paths he’s been an absolute gent. Nuff said.

Bill C: ‘Great weather … if you’re a lizard!! Not long after you played a modern version of ‘Rain’ live – ‘Ta Shunka Witco’ showed up on an album. Did one thing lead to another?’ Nope. ‘Why do Brits do it with 2 fingers and Americans do it with 1? Dunno. I do it with ten.

Mike Scerri: Sorry for your loss. You’ll be fine – it takes a little time.

Jeffrey: I don’t mind the heat wave as much as I mind all these idiots on TV continually ramping it up. Unwatchable!!

Glenn: ‘The lyric ‘pain with the New York Dolls’ specifically refers to what?’ Dunno – it’s gone. Loved the Dolls.

George Miller: ‘Touring this fall? Florida?’ Unfortunately, Florida doesn’t really seem to ‘get us’. How about Atlanta?

Daphne: ‘Do you dance or do you do you just sing and play?’ The only time I dance is when I’m totally out of it in some faraway club and they play ‘Brown Sugar’ very loudly. It’s not a pretty sight.

Colwobbly: ‘Lord Hunter. You won me over in ’71 (age 15). As a 63 year old, gotta tell you that when I feel achy and tired I think of you, ya spring chicken and Keef Richards and age falls away. Inspirational. Anyway just wondering are you still songwriting? (Yeah). Any new stuff for us to hear?’ Not yet.

James Zemba: ‘Was blessed to attend the first 7 U.S. gigs of the MTH’74 tour and then the Sunday night day before the birthday gig. Everything about this was simply incredible! Your 80th was my 80th show!! Thanks to everyone for this latest joy ride. It couldn’t have been any better!’ How lovely!

Joseph Zavilla: ‘My heart soared and tears of joy fell from my eyes. Thanks for bringing the Hoople back to L.A. I suppose ‘Henry and the H. Bomb is pushing it a bit!’ How lovely.

HJ: ‘Come to Florida.’ As above – come to Atlanta!

Rick Goward: ‘Now MTH’74 is coming to LA – do you have any plans to guest on Steve Jones radio show? As you know he is a huge fan and plays MTH and your solo work all the time.’ I’m told they’ve already been in touch. It’s just a question of time limitations.

Phil Holmez has been playin’ some of my songs in Costa Rican bars n’ clubs. Nice one Phil Holmez.

Phil Holmes: Phil’s in a band called ‘The Nothings’ which I’ve previously mentioned. Anyway, they’ve put out an album called ‘Lovely’ in which the above mentioned, Steve Jones, is featured on six tracks! Plus they do a couple of covers of MTH, so give them a listen.

John Martin: Nothing in N.C.

David Parry: Which 3 albums would you take to a desert island? 1. Leon Russell, 2.The Band 3.Bob (this could change any second).

Perry Ganter loved the Milwaukee – and we were just getting started!

John O’Rourke just paid $116 for a pair of shades. 1) am I stupid? (Not if you love them.) 2) how much do you pay? (I pay somewhere between 3 and 400 – but they last a lifetime and I like them very much so what if I’m stupider!

Ed: Check the site – 11 more dates.

Sam: Any chance of Northern Ireland? There’s always a chance, but they have to make an offer.

Jim Kristof: ‘Saw you in the Raleigh/Durham area (2014-2016). Any chance of anything this year?’ Afraid not.

Paula: So here we go!

Oor Wullie: Doin’ this for the time being, Wullie – working on stuff. It’ll be when it’s right.

Olav Dyrli: Really, I’m not the guy to ask. Once it’s done – I’m onto the next thing.

Joe S: Sod off it is!

Keith Hollinshead: I was actually with Andy York yesterday when we heard the news. Most upsetting. Great guy on the road – fun to be with. When we toured he had the great pub guide down to a tee. Cuddles – as tall as Gibbo was short was his comedic companion. Good times. So sudden. He was only 67. Our hearts go out to his family – and the Kinks. Great player. Sorely missed.

John Rohana wants the Tower in Philly. I agree, but it ain’t up to me.

Awlrighty then…..until next time….hot and sweaty….

Ian Hunter
The Horse’s Mouth

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