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Horse’s Mouth

September 10, 2019

Horse's Mouth (Issue #204, September 2019)

The Horse’s Mouth – September 6, 2019

Perfect weather around here – not so good down south.

Pat – on the similarities between myself and John Prine.

Rob Mend: No remembrance of what Mick Ralphs used. He’s a Les Paul lover – back then he played a Junior. He loved Mountain’s Leslie West.

Colin Powell: Glad to see – vast improvement – we shall see.

Matt Nojonen: There you go!

Rick Goward: Dunno about Steve Jones show as of yet; timing issues.

John Dalton: ‘Have you ever crossed paths with Dion?’ Nah, but DiBrizzi keeps us both in line.

Graeme Walker did the Barrowlands. ‘Did it live up to your expectations?’ It was great.

Wei Chen: Las Vegas!!! Nah.

Lee Norlund: Glad to have lightened up the office!

Dan Robison: No prob.

Mark Michel: Don’t know.

Bruce Bergmann: down to promoters and their offers.

Joe S wants a ‘sod’ off. If I remember….in Oakland, but don’t bank on it.

Keith Hollinshed: Regarding Gibbo.

John Rohana: We would have loved to do the Tower Theater in Philly, but it didn’t work out. Sorry.

John Caswell: Mick’s about the same. He’s well looked after – in good hands – and so it goes.

Jeffrey – losing it!

Olof on ‘The Band’ ‘Dixies’ a masterpiece. Met Levon a few times. Lovely man. Steve Holley couldn’t take is eyes off him – great drummer and singer. He’s right up there for me.

Helge C. Lubbert: No idea at the moment.

John M: Every bit of Mott was scary – annoying – great – hilarious – triumphant – despondent – everything a band should be. That was it. I don’t like to pin down a best moment. It is actually all a bit of a blur.

Ben Dover: ‘The Orpheum Theatre is very beautiful. Are you planning to switch songs?’ Maybe. You’ll get the Rant Band after MTH’74.

Chris Vivalda: ‘Saw you guys in Boston – F’ing amazing. Any more tours coming to the U.S.?’ Check the dates on this site.

Gary Walden: ‘How many times did you weep when you wrote ‘Michael Picasso’? The best song I’ve ever heard about friendship.’ I was too busy trying to do him justice. It can get a little hairy live at times. Wasn’t much fun in Hull, but I had to do it.

William Rush wants ‘Whiz Kids’ or ‘Hymn for the Dudes’. Says thanks for ‘Sucker’.

Seth Purvin says ‘Once Bitten’ is on Shazam and asks if I got paid.

Jeffrey says Dorian is on the way. Hopefully dying out as it moves north.

Mark F: I’ve sat with Jacob a couple of times – lovely bloke.

Geoff: ‘Thought ‘I am What I Hated’ would make a massive country hit. Any interest from anyone covering it?’ For covers you need to be on a major label or songs very seldom see the light of day. There’s little radio airplay – therefore only a few people hear the song, let alone want to cover it. Maybe this changes now, but I’m computer illiterate – so there!

Richard Caddington wants MTH’74 back in the UK! ‘You’re well loved – it makes sense – though, yes, your Rant Band shows are hugely anticipated too.’ (2) ‘It’s very generous, but why are almost half the vocals on ‘Dirty Laundry’ shared with other members?’ Well, for a start, it’s not really an I.H. album. I signed up to do a Mexican flavored album with Casino Steele. Then, I’m in the studio with Vom, Honest John, Darrell and friends. So the record kinda morphed into ‘Dirty Laundry’. Bjorn Nessjo was the producer – and it came out on a small Norwegian label – distributed through Universal I think. Some good stuff on there. Love Darrell’s ‘Never Trust a Blonde’ and ‘Scars’. Again nothing goes far on a little indie label. An enjoyable experience!

Richard Mills: ‘You’re in rock and roll for the music – anything fun happen when making a video?’ When we were shooting ‘All of the Good Ones Are Taken’ inn Central Park, there’s a scene where I’m standing in a boat on the lake – the boat is sinking – largely due to my overweight companion. The black box gave out as the water rose and I lip synced as we sank! As to Charlie Watts famous quote – he is – as always – right on (2) ‘Why the ‘hellos’ at the beginning of ‘Once Bitten’?’ Out of one situation into another the spot. (3) ‘How much say did you have in album covers?’ I remember Buff used to get heavily involved in the artwork – credits etc, but the labels came to the party, too. (Apart from the American cover of the ‘Mott’ album which I still think is bloody awful.) There was an artist/designer at CBS, Roslav Szaybo and we loved his work. Of course there’s the MC Escher cover. Actually, the covers were probably the only thing we never argued about. I remember Phally had an issue with one of them, but that was about it.

Rick Goward says Steve Jones is down to one day a week on his LA radio show. We’ll see – it’s the routing and the fact that we have no time. Be well.

Tom Davies: I remember Roger didn’t have any decent clothes, so Greg Lake and me dragged him out shopping. I think he’d been living in the desert.

Matt: Yeah – Roy’s version was really Springsteeny – that’s why we didn’t use it. It was good – just a little too close to the mark.

Jim McConnell: ‘Will the Rant Band tour the UK in 2020?’ Dunno – under new management – we’ll see what transpires.

Clem: Our L.A. spooner. ‘Make a movie out of the book.’ I think we’ve had enough of them already. ‘Ever think of skipping warm up acts and doing two sets?’ In a word – no.

Jeffrey: ‘Friday, August 23rd – waking up this morning I realized my Mother was 16 when you were born, you were 16 when I was born, and I was 16 when I heard ‘Dudes’. Thought that was interesting!’ Once a weatherman, always a weatherman.

Paul D: I’ve met Jimmy Page on occasion. I think Mick Ralphs has met him more so. He’s been extremely courteous, not only to me, but to my family. Sat with him at an award show and he made a fuss of Jess without being asked to do so. I’m not sure I would be the right fit for Jimmy. I think he likes those singers with 4 octave ranges. He’s certainly unusually brill!! Different neck of the woods, perhaps.

Craig Annan: Glad to have been of service, Craig. Be well.

Kevin Baggott wanted us in Vancouver, but is going to Portland. Excellent.

Tony Grist: ‘So, more Mott in the USA, any more Mott in UK?’ Dunno, not too keen on playing where we’ve already played.

Tripp: ‘Traveling to see Rant, MTH or MTH74 has always been a blast. Atlanta is home and growing up here, I’ve considered it a ‘small’ town. Any fond memories?’ I’m actually very fond of the Atlanta audiences. I’ve had some great times there with the Ranters. Looking forward to it!!

David Crisfield: ‘Sorry to gush – actual Birthday celebration night was sensational and up lifting. Good luck with the U.S. tour.’

And on that note….

The Horse’s Mouth xxx

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