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Horse’s Mouth

November 14, 2019

Horse's Mouth (Issue #205, November 2019)

The Horse’s Mouth – November 1st 2019

Sorry I’m late.

Tina: ‘Ever considered working with Mick Jones again?’ Saw Mick in May. He’s still working away at some of his own stuff – seemed very up.

Jeffrey: ‘Friday, September 6 2019 Ian, do NOT send me updates on Hurricane Dorian. Have a great weekend.’ That was when the tinnitus started.

Jojo: ‘Who played the waitress on ‘All of the Good Ones’ video?’ She was the director’s girlfriend.

Tom McGarry: ‘Should one release tracks as they come instead of doing albums?’ Probably. I prefer the latter.

Keith Nickless: ‘I was at 3 of the Winery shows and met a lot of people – well balanced – successful – they made my trip to NY wonderful. Also met Dennis – nice guy too. Did you realize you have an almost completely asshole free audience?’ Yep – and it’s appreciated.

Daphane: ‘Do you know the fabulous Conte brothers? Have you ever played with them?’ John was the bass player on the ‘Rant’ album. I think Steve’s turned up a couple of times – both real nice chaps. Talented to boot!

Guy Portelli: You can send additional information to: Jesse John Music, LLC. P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 07804.

James Williams: You can send it to: Jesse John Music, LLC. P.O. Box 245, Bridgewater, CT 07804.

Dan Baker: ‘MGM Casino, in Cleveland played your version of ‘Cleveland Rocks’ inside as promos. Heard it twice in 4 hours.’ You were there that long! ‘Did you buy another place the UK?’ Nah.

Gary Olivieri: Jeez – that’s way before my memory kicks in, Gary. Be well!

Liz K on her eventful Winery visit. Says she could have flown home without the plane!

James Baker: ‘Thank you for the music to percolate 1001 great nights. Do you ever consider the profound way you’ve been a part of so many lives?’ I hope so – and we’re all the better for it! Thank you.

Margaret Finch: ‘Any favorite venues in England you love playing?’ Not really, most of them are fun in different ways.

Jojo K: ‘Florida misses you – please bring Mott here soon.’

Joanne: ‘Please, extend your 2019 MTH tour to come to south Florida. So many devoted fans here.’

John Dalton: After the release of ‘Sweet Jane’ – did you ever get any feedback from Lou Reed?’ He was there when we did it – he never complained, so I guess it was OK. It was mainly Bowie’s idea.

Danny G: Keep at it.

Carl Corbin: Cheers.

Polly Bell: Stuck at the moment – can’t travel – tinnitus. Best to all.

Scott Spencer: ‘You obviously admire Bob Dylan, have you ever attempted to reach out to him for a joint collaboration? I think it would be awesome!’ It would have been nice.

Steveabs: Hey Steve, sorry to hear about your health. You should contact the open Facebook appreciation societies. Best to you.

Gary Dedoussis: ‘You have been – and still are the voice of our generation Mr. H – thank you for never selling out. I can’t imagine how it feels to walk into Walmart practically unnoticed – yet the hero to thousands. You’ve managed to pul it off and I say bravo to you, sir. Hope you’re here for many more years and I wish you health and happiness. Thank you!’ Actually it’s great to go into Walmart unnoticed. I like a bit of both!!

Hank Hill on what should have happened in the fall.

Barnsley Phil: ‘New album?’ On hold.

Colin Thayer: ‘If money and travel was not an issue – which recording studio in the world would you like to work it?’ There’s a lot of great studios – I’d probably plump for the Power Station (as it was) in NYC.

Nic C: ‘Ever thought of doing an acoustic play like Springsteen on Broadway? Could use extracts from the book etc.’ Not sure anybody would turn up! Can’t do anything at the moment.

Steve Abbott: Did we get on with the Faces and the Who (at the Oval). Yeah – in the general way you do when you meet people on gigs.

Russell: ‘Did West Coast music have any influence on you?’ No – I was a south of Memphis fan, but Mick Ralphs loved the West Coast chaps.

Stuart Groves: ‘ ‘Girl From the Office’ – true story?’ Yup. Re: Tattoo – go for it.

Wade Harrell: ‘How do you write songs?’ Dunno.

Marc Furman: ‘Considered working with Verden Allen again? Well – I can’t play with anybody at the moment, but he’s a great player – right up there.

Andy wants Jimmy Page to produce me and the Ranters.

Oooer Wullie: ‘UK tour beyond excellent!’ Cheers, Willie.

Richard Rehborg: ‘Green Bay, WI?’ Maybe someday!

Brent Coursey wants a legit IH video.

Daniel Halferty wants Mott in Kansas City. If only…

Keith Lloyd: Is there a back story behind the writing of ‘Jerkin’ Crocus? And if so – what is it?’ I think Pete Watts knew a tramp in Herefordshire by that name.

Keith Lloyd: ‘Have any of your songs lingered for years before emerging as a fully formed song you were happy with?’ ‘Ships’ took 6 years.

Julian Richards: ‘Would you ever play ‘One More Time’ in the future?’ I don’t even remember that one!

Bro: ‘You and the Rant Band at the Tabernacle in 2019?’ We wish.

John J Orourke: ‘Did you know Ric Ocasek? No – condolences to all that did.

Colin Thayer: Do you ever see Mick Rock these days? Once in a blue moon.

Mike Costanzo: Have you got versions of all your world wide records? Trudi’s got a few. I’ve got half a dozen – need them for lyrics if and when I tour. I’m not the collecting type – but Trudi is.

Nanci: You just wrote your own ‘Michael Picasso’ – well done!

At this point the cancellation of the tour was announced. There are so many posts, I can’t answer them all individually. Let me say thank you all for your understanding and kind messages. I’ll look for the odd questions in between.

Connor Peters: ‘What did you appreciate the most about working with Mick Ronson?’ His talent and his sense of fun.

JC Finn: It varies – usually we take our own instruments – the rest is at the gig. No preferential treatment.

Otto Greenleaf: ‘I love the song you did for ‘Fright Night’. Did you meet the actor Roddy McDowell?’ No, I did the vocal in New York – the track was already done. I remember it was a little high in range vocally.

Terry: I hung out with the Payolas in Vancouver when Mick produced them. Sounded good to me.

Paul Worrall: ‘Were any of the songs that you recorded with Mott written before you joined the band?’ None of mine were – don’t know about the others.

Spanky McKnoodle: Jerry Lee Lewis.

Steve abs: Good luck, Steve.

Kevin Marron: Ct? Who knows.

Kevquinn: Doing this twice a week – thanks.

David Gray: ‘Hamilton Accies 6th consecutive season in the top flight of the Scottish football. What’s your prediction for the season?’ The usual.

Bob: ‘How did you write ‘The Journey’ as a young man?’ I wasn’t all that young – over 30. Wrote it in our Wembley flat.

Chris Bayley: ‘Who decided on ‘Jupiter’ as your opening?’ Pete Watts.

Bart: ‘How did your appearance at the Hall of Fame induction ceremony come about? How did it feel?’ Joe Elliott rang me and laid it out. Joe’s great, but we were rehearsing MTH’74 – and didn’t think we could do it. Joe was ok with that, but the H.O.F. kept ringing my attorney, Josh Grier, daily. When they said I could get there late – it was the game changer. I could do the Mott rehearsal – miss the rush hour – and still do the final song. No sound check, but everybody knew I would be singing it a semi tone down. It was fun. Got to meet a lot of old mates. Went to a bit of a do afterwards and that was that.

Dan Sebald: Doing ‘Flavanoids’. I think it could possibly be barometric.

Mike: ‘Have you met ‘Irene Wilde’ recently – or since you were 16?’ Nope.

Michael Flanagan: ‘Sweet Savage Grace’.

Robin, Rachel + Oliver – That would be nice.

Eoghan Lyng: ‘You worked with Ellen Foley on the electric Night Out. How was it to record?’ Well – ‘Effel’ as I called her has magnificent chop. At the time she was a little more ‘Broadway’. Mick and I concentrated on making her ‘feel it’ more. I think it worked out well. I did the blood and thunder bits and Mick did the subtler tracks. She sold a lot of records. I remember it fondly.

Howard: I’m on the ‘Flavanoid’. I am seeing a D.O. for cranial manipulation twice a week. I’m taking lots of vitamins. Nobody really knows.

Michael Wolf: Never met Jeff Lynne. Your thought on recorded/live music? Are you aware acts do this?’ It’s up to them.

Pasquale: I don’t remember.

So – that’s it for now. We’ll have to see how it goes. It’s not much fun, but plenty of people have worse situations. Thanks for all the goodwill and the prayers.

A special thanks to John Carlson – only hope we can maintain!!

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