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Horse’s Mouth

January 11, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #206, January 2020)

The Horse’s Mouth – January 4th 2020

Hope you all had a fine Christmas and here’s to the New Year – 2020!

Keith Hollinshed – wishing me well. Ta.

Daniel Costa – also wishing me well. Ta.

Raine: ‘Hope you’re feeling better.’ It’s better than it was.

Scott McKenzie: How you doin’ Barbara!

Eddy Pearce: Hope it went well with Slickie.

George Manglaris: ‘Am I calling it quits?’ Dunno yet.

Bob Boyle: I think the Diary is available if you do a google search.

Thanks for buying it – it’s done really well.

Jeffrey: Snow? What snow?

Gary W: ‘What inspired ‘All of the Good Ones are Taken?’ I just latched onto the title. The groove was wrong on the original record; got it right in Oslo later on.

Paul Wilner: Did Mott ever do ‘Suffragette City’? Nah.

Liz K: We got it, and we opened it Christmas Day. Thank you!!

Matt Parish: Have you ever worked with Colin Earl?’ No.

Dave Griffiths says Niall Horans latest single songs very much like ‘I’m the Teacher’.

Neil Wilkes: Noted, with thanks.

Joan ‘n’ Bill wishing me well. Thanks.

Joseph Zavilla is disappointed about LA. ‘GET BETTER!’ I’m trying!

Carol: old T’s – go for it!

Robin’s brother died recently and they used ‘Michael Picasso’. Condolences to you and your family.

Maria A. Moffa: It’s up and down – better than it was.

Seth Purvin: ‘Yankees broke my heart this year.’ It’s a circle. You’ll soon be prepping for the spring.

Peter Hornberg: Several Universities are working on it. Thanks.

Henrik H: Weak eyes.

Mike West: Sometimes it’s kinda like both.

Matt Parish: ‘Walmart – I can’t imagine seeing you there.’ I’m going to become a greeter.

Julian Richards: ‘Get well soon.’

Freddy Miller: Sounds good.

RC Smith: Keep in touch with Rick.

Kelli Uldall: ‘What’s your hat size?’ Extra large – Bighead.

Rex Patton: Can’t remember!

John Gentile reviewed the Mott show at the Keswick and said it was absolutely magical. One of the coolest thing he’s ever seen. His review is here:

Simon Wright: No idea.

Gary: ‘Good health and happiness.’ Ta.

Phil Bonell: Are there any tracks by Mott/British Lions you were particularly impressed with?’ Yes, there was some good stuff on those albums, but it’s a long time ago.

Tom L hopes I’m getting better. As do I!!

L’Packer: Favourite sport: Soccer. Favourite painter – different guys for different reasons.

Bill C: Anybody’s guess, really.

Danny: ‘Get better, soon.’ Thanks.

Keith Hollinshed: ‘Why ‘Apathy ’83’? From a conversation I had with a very famous bloke.

Margaret Finch: Thanks for your concern and good luck to your son.

Connor Peters: ‘Did Bowie and yourself keep in touch after your Mott days?’ Very rarely. We were different types of people. What interested him didn’t necessarily interest me. Having said that, it was fine when we did meet. Same as usual.

Alan in Portlandia: We started using Marshall stacks early on. It was a mess. One day, late for sound check – they’d only put one 4 x 12 behind me and one behind Mick. That was it! Ronno liked a 50 Watt Marshall overloading a 2 x 12.

Andy Knight: Sure I remember the Robin Hood. A fan had come all the way from Australia with a load of Mott stuff – and it was all nicked from his car. We felt really bad for him.

Mike: Roundwounds – I know because I played bass on ‘Born Later ’58’.

Terry says, ‘Thanks for answering my questions’, but he hasn’t got one.

Peter Jordan: ‘Do you ever have the urge to write at the moment?’ I do – but it doesn’t like it.

Paul Dunford: ‘Is a normal gig risky?’ I wouldn’t want to try it at the moment.’

Jim Scully: Thanks, hope you had a good one, too.

Col Spikings: Thanks

Donald Mease: Thanks.

Wade: Appreciated.

John Dalton: Thanks.

Graham Stark: I talked to Stan Tippins a couple of times and he said Phally’s prognosis is good. We all wish him the very best. Great musician.

Jeffrey: Condolences to you and your family.

Hal: ‘LOVED the recent vinyl releases. Sound great and also quality of the package is also great.’ Yeah! I’m told they are selling well and now they are coming out Stateside. This whole thing was so well organized.

Oooer Wullie: Yeah – there’s a lot of bum steers out there. Hope yer still kickin’

Scott Spencer: ‘Most favourite place and least favourite place you’ve played?’ Dunno – I’ve play awful dives with great audiences and monster places with awful audiences.

Tom Doeing: Thanks.

Vic Pyle: Thanks.

John Caswell: Thanks.

Kevin Quinn: Thanks.

Andrew Deutsch: Thanks – best to the kids.

Fred Burkhardt: Thanks.

Mike Costanzo: Ever consider a ‘Christmas’ single?’ If it comes – it comes. Brenda Lee must be the happiest carol singer in the world.

Lynne: Workin’ on it.

Phil Holmes: Cheers, Phil.

Stephen (KC): Thanks.

Steve Parsons dreamt I was singing ‘O Holy Night’ – haven’t sung a carol since school and I probably lip synced then.

Erik Huth: Thinks a musical based on me would be a good idea. Unfortunately, my base is a tad smaller than Fred’s or Elton’s!!! Thanks for the idea though. Erik’s got a whole synopsis here.

Nanci: Thanks.

All these ‘thanks’ are for you chaps who wished us Happy Holidays and voiced concern for the tinnitus. I’m only saying thanks – but it is really appreciated.

Therese Carew: Sad story,Therese – glad the song helped.

Rolly Hough: Mott never tried Suffragette City.

Kevin Smith: Thanks.

Bruce Bergmann: ‘I don’t think you ever lost anything on ‘The Journey’ – just reinvention – take care – 2020 – less ‘orange’ ?’ Thank you Bruce – how nice! Don’t get the ‘orange’ bit.

Ray Mitten: ‘Bastard’

John Mercuro: It’s better than it was initially, but I still get bad days.

Rob Mend with a terrific review on the Campbell Devine authorized biography of moi. Thank you for this Rob and Campbell thanks you as well. He sent an email to that effect.

Dylan Freedom Guthrie says I’ve got to keep going for several different reasons. That’s a good lookin’ name you’ve got there.

Danny G: It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Pasquale: Trudi’s Mum was from Schladming in Austria.

Jeffrey: And to you.

Nigel: Thanks.

Keith Nickless: Ta.

Gareth: ‘Considering ‘all the good times you and Miller enjoyed’ – why have you never worked with him or recorded with him since?’ Well, basically he’s a ‘blueser’ and I’m not. Miller’s great at what he does and he’s a big deal in parts of Europe. So why would he want to play ‘parts’ with me. Ralpher had the same problem. Miller sings his ass off too – he doesn’t need my holler! We’re still best mates as are our wives. Different styles.

Daphne: Smallest chap – hugest chops – shouldn’t have drank.

Thomas Brecht: Thanks.

Dave Crisfield: Thanks.

So, short and sweet!!

The Horse’s Mouth

If you would like to hear it “straight from the Horse’s Mouth”, you can Ask your question here.