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Horse’s Mouth

February 27, 2020

Horse's Mouth (Issue #207, February 2020)

The Horse’s Mouth
February 19, 2020

Bit late – taxes and all that stuff…

Maurice: ‘When are you coming to Connecticut?’ I’m already here.

Jeff: And a (belated) Happy New Year to you, too.

Remy Miller: Thanks for the thought, Remy, but we’ve already got more than enough.

Stuart Stuck: Glad you enjoyed.

Gary Emmins: The original Maltese Cross was made by an organ company (Thomas, I think) looked good – sounded below average. Joe Elliott had a couple of custom made replicas made – he gave me one – and it’s amazing. Too powerful for Rant Band gigs, but it’s great with MTH’74.

John Swanner: ‘Favourite Dylan song or album?’ ‘Oh Mercy’ comes to mind – but it’s too vast a catalog with Dylan.

Rick: ‘Someone you haven’t worked with you wish you had?’ Leon Russell.

Kurt/Michelle Stromquist says I’ve helped them through. The good and the bad.’ Goodho!

Keith Isaacson says he went to see the play ‘Almost Famous’ a few months back and they gave me a couple of mentions. Congrats on the ‘Rant Band’ Fantasy Football honor!!

Bob Boyle says to have a look at December’s ‘Rock Candy Magazine’.

Dougie Wells: I did give a guitar to the audience – security retrieved it and brought it back to me. I then gave it to the audience again and as far as I can remember – they dismantled it!

Ian Mac: ‘It Ain’t Easy When You Fall’ was about Mick Ralphs, bless him.

Lance: Me thinks I recognize this chap. Peroni, weed no more.

Patrick Curran: No chance, I’m afraid.

Steve K: ‘All the Young Dudes’ just used on the Simpsons. What an honor!

Jimmy Ringland: ‘Any plans to re-release ‘Stranded in Reality Box Set’? As far as I know – it’s still available – go to Proper Records website to order.

Greg Groves was at the MTH’74 show in Detroit – ‘Best ever!’.

Lionel Avery: Thanks for the tip, mate.

Steve Daniels: ‘At an Atlanta show last year, Todd Rundgren called you a ‘musical treasure’ and said he’d like to do a gig with you again like you guys did 40 years ago.’ How lovely – Todd’s amazing. Eric, Todd’s manager, got in touch about doing something, but I’m still out of commission.

Bill Wood – asking about my health. I’m healthy – I’ve had every test imaginable and I’m totally fit apart from the tinnitus. Although it’s improved – it’s still there. Working on it with a cranial D.O. and an acupuncturist.

Jim K: I stay put unless I’m touring.

Sarah Donahue: Nah – I’m English! Thanks, anyway.

Tom McCool: Like I said, a DO. And an acupuncturist – plus loads of vitamins – especially the B family. Nobody really knows – masking doesn’t work for me. Don’t fall for the cons on google either.

Tony C: ‘BTW, the book is fantastic and well written.’ Kudos to Campbell Devine.

Luke Gillard: ‘Seen you twice – once in Liverpool (with the Rant Band) and once in London with Mott. You’re the Man!’ Ta.

John Channing: Never went to a Marc concert.

Marc: ‘Was your experience working with Jaco Pastorious amicable?’ Oh, yes. He was a lovely guy – just 21 years old at the time. Lived with us and played 8 hours a day. Great joke teller to boot.

Kevin Lami: ‘Mott’74 was the top!’

Morris Murray: It’s hard to explain; you just get on with it. I wouldn’t wish it on anybody. There are loads of people with worse. I am of an age!

Nigel Edridge: You’re welcome.

Mick Browne: Wishing me well on my health.

Darryl Flack says ‘Once Bitten got to No. 20 in Australia when he was 15. Never knew that. Darryl wrote a book about 70’s Australian Motorcycle Racing, and is sending me one at some point. Cheers.

Thom: ‘Did you know Neil Peart?’ No.

Matt Nojonen: Did he understand it?

Malc: ‘ ‘The Faces’ best live band ever – discuss!’ I never saw the Faces. I saw the Small Faces and they were fantastic. We placed a show with the Faces, but we had to leave before they went on – so I don’t know. My three favourite live shows were Ike and Tina Turner at the Waldorf in New York City, The Who (supported by Elton John) at the Roundhouse and Little Richard and Sam Cooke at Kettering Granada.

John Frawley: Maybe ‘Silver Needles’.

Scruffysteve: ‘Keep yer chin up, lad.’

Pat: Cheers, Pat

Dr. Dave Harms: I still have one of the two ‘H’ guitars. One was crap so it got trashed. The remaining one hangs in my mate, Rick Tedesco’s shop. I loaned it to the Cleveland Rock Hall for a few years, but now it’s back in Connecticut.

Danny G: So do I!!

Curtis: Ever hear from Mike Scott of the Waterboys these days?’ Not recently.

Maria Moffa: Ta.

Alan Jones: ‘Is there a cover song you play at sound check, but don’t perform on stage?’ No.

Gary: Who knows.

Mitchell: ‘Aerosmith has refused to let the founder of the band play with them again due to his health issues. When it comes to loyalty – what say you?’ I don’t know enough to comment.

Mark F: ‘Toughest song to perform – either vocally or instrumentally.’ ‘The Loner’ comes to mind vocally – and ‘World Was Round’. Instrumentally, I just strum along, so it’s pretty easy.

Dylan Freedom Guthrie: ‘What was your experience like overall in Mott the Hoople?’ I think I experienced just about everything! A lot of it’s a blur, but the highs were pretty much up there, and the lows were miserable – same as most bands – perhaps a little crazier.

Jeff: I just look out the window. What’s with these weather ‘personalities’?

Richard Cornacchio: Thanks for listening!

Connor Peters: ‘Ronson’s finest work as a songwriter/performer?’ I think Ronno’s finest work was as an arranger – the playing comes a close second.

Matt Nojonen: Thanks, Matt.

Joe S: On the Roxy shows in L.A.: I can’t really remember the actual shows. I remember the people sitting on the street all day waiting in line and we used to say hello. Jack Nicholson and celebrities upstairs, Cher walking out after we did ‘Laugh at Me’ (still don’t know why) – it was a good version.

Eddy Pearce: He’s a good lad

Joe: Thanks

John Dalton: Genya was recording in the same studio as Mick and me on 57th Street in NY and she wanted Mick to do a solo and told him Van Morrison was doing the guy part, but he was held up for a couple of weeks. Mick said to try me and it worked out well. Great song. Tracie did a good version of it later with Joe Elliott.

Marty G: Thanks!

Vyvyon Styles thinks my stuff gets better as time passes. Why don’t I do Dublin (it’s all down to promoters). Believe me – we would have been there if we could have worked it out financially.

John Ellsworth gave up on Mott as a kid. Found them again in 2009 and now a renewed fan of Mott the Hoople and the Rant Band. Good show!

Steve Engyel: ‘Buffalo? Canada?’ Dunno.

Eric Westphal says got him through some tough days and happy nights. Ta.

Bryan C: Haven’t heard any Ronno stuff lately. Glad you enjoyed the ‘Artful Dodger’.

Craig Murray: ‘Why isn’t ‘All of the Good Ones’ on Spotify?’ I don’t know. ‘Detroit’74 – fantastic show – will never forget it.’

Nanci: We’ll see – I’m in good hands.

Scott Spencer: ‘What inspired, ‘Memphis’?’ It was a show in Memphis we did just before Christmas. Tickets weren’t selling and the band were all in different places for some reason and the word was Mick and Phally were stranded in a snow storm and Mick hated flying. All the band – and the gear finally made it – and the show was a sell out and I think we had some personal stuff stolen at the local hotel. I ended up wandering into Elvis’ house with Phally and Joe Walsh (Barnstorm opened for us). Food for thought.

Bill Milks: ‘Songs that end with a mighty riff or fade out – how do you decide?’ If you can’t think of an ending – you just fade out – simple as that.

Danny G: There’s still jukeboxes?

Adam Hammond: Not to my knowledge. I was never much of a listener (Dylan and the Stones being two exceptions.) Maybe somebody else in the band did – dunno.

Matt Parish: ‘What did you think to the Sex pistols music?’ Pretty damn good.

Tripp: Never met Ray Stevens. Give him my regards!

Andrew Carn: ‘Shrewsbury 2 Liverpool 2.’ Amazing!! Pity about the replay!!

Evans: Cleveland? As soon as possible!

Elaine Eaves: ‘Ever think about moving back to London – ever feel ‘the pull’?’ Nah. I’m there now and again and it’s great, but that was then and this is now. I do know the London ‘feeling’ and the ‘smell’ is unique.

Janet Kaplan: Glad you both enjoyed!

Carlo Mathews: ‘Ronno’s documentary seems to suggest Mick was hard done by Bowie.’ I don’t know if it was actually David or Deepfreeze, but somebody legally screwed him. You signed stuff in those days because you were in the bubble – too good to miss.

Glen MacLeod: ‘Is there a time of day for songs?’ Early morning – 4 am – it’s quiet. ‘Guitar or piano?’ mainly piano these days.

Brad Hollenbeck: ‘Any memories of Mott’74 Chicago concert?’ Great audience.

Andreas Borschman: ‘New stuff?’ Working on it.

J.C. Finn: ‘Are you a member of the UK/USA Musicians union? Absolutely.

Dave Grant – on tinnitus apps.

Geoff Bryant: on tinnitus apps. This theory doesn’t work for me. I thought phasing would work, but it doesn’t.

John Larue: Tinnitus doesn’t hurt – mine seems to be barometric – it’s influenced by the weather.

Steve Fisher: Haven’t found anything on the web except 20 minute scams and cons.

Mark S: Enjoyed Norwich.

Mark F: ‘Is the Rock Hall of Fame starting to get it with Def Leppard and T. Rex?’

Edward Shirley: ‘Was it you that said Mary Hopkins was too pure to have an anus?’ Sadly, yes – but her former husband later informed me that she did.

Kevin Baggott: ‘Can you put me in touch with someone who prints your tour posters?’ Mick Brown would be the man.

Colin Thayer: ‘Which of the London Hotels is your favourite.’ We loved Berners, but sadly they’ve ‘done it up’ so we don’t go there anymore. My grandad stayed at the Berners, too. Nowadays we rent an apartment in Kensington if we are there for any length of time.

Michael Flanagan: ‘Do you anticipate your induction into the Rock Hall?’ It’s a long show – I don’t think I could sit through it. The wife thinks differently!

Michael Flanagan: ‘Was Mick’s guitar ever recovered?’ I don’t think it was.

Lynne: There’s tinnitus and then there’s chronic tinnitus – big difference.

Jeff Midnight: ‘Mott’74 Cleveland gig was a dream come true. I proudly wear my t-shirt round town and get a lot of compliment. Is there anything we can do for you?’ Hang in, Jeff – hang in.

Neil Broadley: ‘Loved Gateshead gig last year. Sounded awesome from the seats. Was it a good venue for you and the band?’ They were all fine.

Colin Thayer: ‘Is ‘Ships’- the song written by you, earned you the most money?’ Nah.

Crazy Horse: Thanks, mate.

Stephen Jeal says I deserve a break – so I’m getting it.

Pasquale: Much appreciated – thank you!!

Tim: ‘Do you ever write a song and then discover it’s rather like one you write before?’ No.

Thomas Eriksson: ‘Watching ‘Strings Attached’ again. Better than ever. Make sure you make it back to Sweden before you pack it in.’

Let me make myself clear here. I’ve no intention of stopping. I just have to find a way around this – and it’s difficult. Working on it.

Gavin: I’m still writing – albeit slower. Played Andy York a new one yesterday, and he was smiling – that’s always a good sign!

David Riske: ‘Thank you for every note, every sneer, every laugh – every tear.’ Nice one.

Mark Van Name: ‘As one of the first ‘Dudes’ have you any idea why most of your contemporaries have given up and have nothing to say? If we ever needed help with our voice – now is the time!’ I don’t know. Some of it is money, some of it is illnesses – some just grow up!!

Andrew Deutsch: Cheers, Andrew

Joe Basile: Thanks, Joe

William Houghtaling has Meniere’s disease (not nice – my Dad had that) and has been on a low salt diet, and cut out caffeine for about 15 years now. I stopped salt and sugar in the 70’s (can’t remember why) and my levels are fine.

Bob Truax: ‘Can’t find ‘Death ‘n’ Glory Boys’ on i-tunes or Spotify.’ Really? We’ll have to look into that.

Steve Roger: Glad you like it all.

Robert Sharpe: I don’t want to get into ‘blogging’, pissing trolls off and all that stuff. If it’s something like the house falling down, maybe I’ll give it another shot!

Robert Knox: ‘When will you be ready to tour – Glasgow misses you.’ Dunno.

Patrick Considine: ‘ I ‘Wish I Was Your Mother’ – lyrics first or music first?’ That’s a long way back, but I think it all came in one piece. That the best way – but only happens rarely.

Les Gustafson: ‘Remember the safety curtain gig at Hammersmith?’ I do.

Matt Nojonen: You must have a books worth by now?

Alec Henry: Where is your favourite place to perform (I’m thinking the bog) NO! There’s too many to recount. OK – Cleveland – Detroit – Glasgow – London – New York – I can’t pick one out – all of those places we’ve been – Norway, Sweden, Germany, LA – Atlanta – St. Louis – it’s too impossible to answer. New Haven has a lovely room!! I can’t take this seriously; we’ve played gorgeous places and we’ve played dives- a club in Bilboa where the crowd sang ‘The International’ long after we’d left the stage. The Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Hammersmith, the Bush …

Colin Thayer: ‘Which album brings back the fondest memories of recording?’ Mott, Schizophrenic, Rant, President – again it’s so difficult to choose. There’s a couple I wasn’t too keen on, but stuff happens …

Mike Flannagan: the word is ‘tail.’

Alan Schneider: I’m not sure I’ve ever met Fripp, but I’ve been told by others he actually was a Mott fan. Strange but true. His lot were amazing.

Bryan: ‘Been buying ‘Diary’ as a gift for friends and the feedback has been just great. Still hanging onto my original copy, though!!’ It’s weird, a lot of people don’t get my stuff at the time – it seems to click later. I wish I could remedy that, but I can’t.

HonestLee: ‘Do you have any tatoos?’ No, and I honestly don’t get it. Jesse’s got a few – at least they’re good ones, but I just don’t see the point.

Steve Rager: You’re asking me stuff I can’t remember – too far back – sorry.

Geoff S: I’m writing – nature will take its course. Plus in ear monitors that work.

Ray Sabetto: Not yet.

Pasquale: ‘Happy Valentine’s day to Ian + Trudi and the Ranters and their families.’ Thanks.

Jim Scully: ‘We love you, Ian! Thinking the best for you and the Patterson clan, always.’ Thanks.

Helga Lubbert: I think it was Mick Ralphs.

John Lipnick: ‘MTH could have reached new highs and really cemented themselves as one of Rocks all time great bands had you guys been able to work it out with Ronno on lead. Your thoughts.’ I know this is meant well, John, but it’s a bit daft, really. The band were totally knackered at that time and the two managers were never going to work things out – let alone the two labels. I was in no mood to write – Mick was fed up because the band itself weren’t 100% committed as Bowie had been. No regrets!! The premiership is usually full of train wrecks!!

So now I’ll go and get my head ‘craniated’ (plays havoc with the hair) and then have pins stuck in me (actually, it’s fine). Keep takin’ the vitamins and hopin’ for the best!

You’ll manage.

The Horse’s Mouth x

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